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The most powerful being dies and his soul trsnsmigrate back to his body on Earth. After the great battle against his archenemy, A powerful being pays a huge sacrifice to save his world. His action leading to the utter destruction of his physical body. Through a mystical encounter and a great coincidence his soul returns back to his comatose body on Earth, years have passed since that day.\...
The newest chapter: 30 Chapter 30: The fourth~
Astral haven Author: Lazy_leon Genre: Xianxia
Feng Mei a college graduate from modern Earth? open his eyes to suddenly find himself standing near a cliff as a monotone voice of his golden finger rang in his head. \“Either Get your head Decapitated or jump down the cliff\“ That“s how Feng Mei journey to the apex of cultivation ?The realms dominator? began. The system is not a system I repeat the system is not a system. _________...
The newest chapter: 63 Break the blank Gate