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Almighty Doctor

Almighty Doctor

Author: Wo Shi Fen Nu Genre: Other

Li Huachen is a genius who has been cultivating for years. Ying Ningning is a socialite diva from a fabulously wealthy family. They are from different worlds. But an arranged marriage has forced them together. Could this be the start of something good? Or will Li Huanchen's life change for the worse?

Chapter 81 Friendship Eaten 2020-10-29 06:04:45
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Damn Baby Chapter 2 Meet for the First Time Chapter 3 Circular Trap Chapter 4 There Is No Bottom Line in Embarrassment Chapter 5 Break Through the Bottom Line Chapter 6 Rejuvenate Oneself Chapter 7 Gods Battle Armor Chapter 8 It's About Honesty Chapter 9 Clever Rescue Chapter 10 The Cripple Chapter 11 Chameleon Chapter 12 A Cripple's Leg Chapter 13 A Desktop Dilemma Chapter 14 Puzzlement, Puzzlement Chapter 15 Number One on the Beauty Rankings Chapter 16 All-round Beautiful Young Maiden Chapter 17 Perceived Danger Chapter 18 Once Again, He Was Unable to Extricate Himself Chapter 19 Business Is Business Chapter 20 There Is Not a Single Explanation Chapter 21 Plan And Plan Chapter 22 Guild Choice Disorder Chapter 23 The Future Is Dark Chapter 24 Goddess Of Love Chapter 25 Challenge Attack Chapter 26 Things Have Changed Chapter 27 Either Win the Horse Or Lose the Saddle Chapter 28 Something Strange Happened Chapter 29 Divine Assistant Chapter 30 I Don't Want To Chapter 31 Eldest Young Miss Had an Idea Chapter 32 Celebrity Effect Chapter 33 Get Face For Face Chapter 34 Compassion Chapter 35 In A Good Mood Chapter 36 The Gap Between People Chapter 37 Personal Grudge Chapter 38 Who Can Take This Chapter 39 Driving Without A License Chapter 40 That Is to Say, I Don't Understand Chapter 41 Have a Way of Making Money Chapter 42 Less Money Won't Do Chapter 43 Billion Repeater Chapter 44 Position Interchange Chapter 45 Instructor Li Huachen Chapter 46 An Incomprehensible Bizarre Situation Chapter 47 Inch By Inch Chapter 48 Golden Cicada Shell Chapter 49 Wrestling Power Chapter 50 A Furious and Deserving Letter Chapter 51 Distinguished Guest of Ying Manor Chapter 52 A Useless Recipe Chapter 53 Discuss Countermeasures Chapter 54 New Plan Chapter 55 Nightmare Black Cloud Chapter 56 Tyrant Gongyang Song Chapter 57 Life Crisis Chapter 58 At A Critical Moment Chapter 59 Campus King Chapter 60 Genius! ? Artist! ? Tyrant! ? Chapter 61 A Shocking Inside Story Chapter 62 The Price Of Provocation Chapter 63 Gongyang Ge's Endurance Chapter 64 A Confrontation Between Siblings Chapter 65 Blatant Provocation Chapter 66 As Long As There's Meat Chapter 67 Second Time Chapter 68 Don't Hit My Brother Chapter 69 In Exchange For Peace Chapter 70 Return Of The King Chapter 71 Wang's Analysis Chapter 72 It Was Different from What He Had Imagined Chapter 73 It Was Such a Coincidence Chapter 74 Pre-war Information Collation Chapter 75 Make Enemies Everywhere Chapter 76 Meat Is the King's Way Chapter 77 The Advantage of the Eight King Fist Chapter 78 Murder Kills The Heart Chapter 79 Final Stance Chapter 80 Data Is King Chapter 81 Friendship Eaten