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CEO's Mistaken Wife

CEO's Mistaken Wife

Author: Jiu Shi Chan Mian Genre: Romance

Jane thought that she had married an ordinary man, but who would have thought that this man would transform into the CEO of her company. Not only that, he was also the most mysterious successor to the...

C671 You don'st dare to do what you deserve 2020-01-11 13:12:48
Chapter List
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 C11 C12 C13 C14 C15 C16 C17 C18 C19 C20 C21 C22 C23 This was what a real kiss was like C24 Like a dream C25 See the Old Man C26 wounding and being arrested C27 I don't know who I offended C28 Believe me C29 Everything has me C30 Need a secretary C31 Years of Love C32 She is Mrs Qin C33 They are legal couple C34 Why Marry Jane C35 Showy Love C36 Emergency C37 Qin Xiaobao a man who caused trouble C38 Strict elder brother C39 Gossip C40 I met the south view again C41 People who want to live their lives forever C42 So it was a misunderstanding C43 conspiracy calculation C44 Your Mr Qin C45 cold shower C46 severe hyperpyrexia C47 The husband be ill but be unable to accompany C48 Don't want to be a little widow C49 My wife was brief C50 a love speech that is not a love speech C51 LeoQin Good Woman C52 amelioration C53 Who dares to touch her C54 Good timing C55 Do you want to fall in love C56 Special gift C57 Pull to blacklist C58 Wife Jane Xin C59 I've never seen her settle down C60 Mrs Qin Mr Qin calls you to dinner C61 Hand in hand teaching shrimp skinning C62 Be old and ugly together C63 dress butterfly C64 Marvelous Charity Dinner C65 I met human dregs again C66 tearing scar C67 Threat C68 uncontrollable C69 Familiar and unfamiliar phone calls C70 To become unlike oneself C71 Who is the Clown C72 Past memories C73 If you want to be disgusting who doesn't know how to C74 I'm married C75 Let's go shopping together and meet colleagues C76 It's so good to have him around C77 Accompany me double pay C78 feed me C79 What is unable to be here C80 Say the name of another person C81 He's my husband C82 Calculations at dinner C83 Shameless Xiao San C84 Relationship Exposure C85 Mrs Qin you can't afford to offend her C86 Mr Qin cooked in person C87 Feeling is Gratitude C88 Tie you a lifelong tie C89 Come out and work together C90 If you dare to touch him I will destroy your entire fami C91 Your big boss is LeoQin C92 Bye Mother C93 The situation is not optimistic C94 Absurd Decisions C95 I don't like your daughter I just like her C96 I want to give you a baby monkey C97 Become the real Mrs Qin C98 Blisters of happiness C99 The mother be take away C100 Back to Jane's House C101 Unlucky Message C102 set up space C103 Are you LeoQin C104 A disguised smile C105 see mother for the last time C106 Former boyfriend? C107 Gu's crisis C108 First in history Shameless C109 their calculations C110 Famous Psychiatrists C111 My wife is a simple woman C112 If I marry you I might just be a substitute for you C113 Take you to the most beautiful scenery C114 Special Ring C115 Discarded Chess C116 make the best use of things C117 Find me if you need anything in the future C118 Work together C119 accident C120 Can't protect her well C121 Awkward help C122 It is not an accident C123 Back to Jiangbei C124 Little girl who always gets into trouble C125 Take Little Treasure home C126 a strange way of meeting C127 She is your sister-in-law C128 not biological C129 simple aversion to vinegar C130 Two Worlds C131 travel be angry? C132 stagnation qi C133 Move into a new house C134 Prepare a gift C135 I met the parents of the Qin family by chance C136 Official Visit Parent 1 C137 Official Visit to Parents 2 C138 The fear of happiness C139 The child let nature take its course C140 wedding ring C141 Let's go fetch Grandfather Qin C142 to try to match them up C143 Get Pappy's approval? C144 Qin's party C145 Happiness comes too soon C146 disfigurement C147 early illness C148 Big BOSS behind the scenes C149 reunion meal C150 Like a man you hate C151 He didn't want to see her C152 After disfigurement C153 Understand the situation C154 Always sleepy C155 Is it coming? C156 pregnant C157 clear sky thunderbolt C158 Never leave him C159 There's good news for you C160 Mr Qin reacted coldly C161 Mr Qin was stupefied C162 overtension C163 Gu Nan Jing died C164 pregnant vomiting reaction C165 They used to be them(1) C166 They used to be them(2) C167 Best husband in history C168 Return to Kyoto C169 Mr Qin is angry C170 Expressions C171 Encountering danger C172 Abduction C173 It's Little Treasure who wants to tie him up C174 Righteousness and Ruthlessness C175 colored heart C176 salvage relief C177 Tooth for tooth C178 It's none of my business if you like me? C179 Who is the biological father C180 fetal stability C181 What a silly heroine C182 sibling recognition(1) C183 sibling recognition(2) C184 worshiping parents C185 The baby is moving C186 Going on a business trip again C187 Conspiracy C188 Is there a future? C189 Simply gone? C190 Their Past C191 I have to find her even if I have to search the entire C192 New Designer C193 With Father C194 great and small C195 perfect miss C196 Father and daughter C197 Glancing C198 double suture C199 He is not in her memory C200 Inexplicable Familiar Reasons C201 A game of cat and mouse C202 Piglet get up C203 Ask her to design a dress C204 family of three C205 Of course of course of course C206 What if he just looked like Jane C207 Fried Gossip C208 You don't want to catch me? C209 Strategy change C210 Your Freedom C211 Picked up a man C212 Old Friend Goodbye C213 Please take it easy to eat C214 A professional brother goes out C215 sleep together C216 Sister-in-law is everything to me C217 Reasons for amnesia C218 room meeting C219 strong kiss C220 lonely backside C221 The best men she ever met C222 Sympathy eaten by dogs C223 Break and need to be mended C224 hospital fortuitous encounter C225 The Pitiest Man C226 Tens of thousands of points of damage C227 tracking bug C228 Suitable Man C229 Simply believe me C230 see dead wife C231 Seek Your Opportunity C232 Restart C233 Destroyed by Junzheng C234 To be spurned by size C235 Mister Qin was angered C236 Compromise C237 Special Boys C238 Protect her with your life C239 Midnight Call C240 Appointment C241 Common memories C242 Time alone C243 After a night of vigil C244 Capture Jane Ching C245 Until C246 Unspeakable secrets C247 A fleeting image C248 hospital examination C249 Shopping shopping C250 initial memory C251 Fear and Helplessness C252 bite C253 presence sense C254 Not a coincidence C255 Of course I want my mother C256 Be my girlfriend C257 Beat into a pig's head C258 He was the one who taught her C259 Asking for secret C260 No shame C261 discovery C262 Who am I? C263 Help her find her memories C264 Some memories C265 The same kiss C266 Reason found C267 I feel sorry for him C268 Find clues C269 Fear of memory being distorted C270 teaching bad children C271 sleep together C272 latent rule C273 A person who cannot be offended C274 If you want to rob me rob me C275 Grandpa Qin Return C276 play a good part C277 found bug C278 Ask about the past C279 Always soft-hearted C280 To travel alone to Kyoto C281 Goodbye Jane Xin C282 Back to the Old Residence C283 Reminds me of the past C284 repentance C285 It's you I'm not afraid C286 Do not have a great-grandfather C287 Unless he died C288 Just follow him C289 wear the wedding ring again C290 Escape from danger C291 is to kill her C292 Only she was identified as a single person C293 You are not allowed to bully my daughter C294 mother and daughter recognition C295 about coffee C296 You never thought of being born? C297 I've been looking for people for over a decade C298 Reminds me of everything C299 Arrive in time C300 I am willing to do everything with you C301 There's a spy around C302 Spousal C303 Action Together C304 The condition of speaking a secret C305 The real murderer C306 real cause C307 Death of Jane Ching C308 Intercept Message C309 Don't hurt that child C310 Get help from your brother C311 Is ring a clue C312 Fact Gossip C313 It wasn't the war who kissed her C314 There is a man sitting at home C315 No contact with surnamed Pei C316 It's not just drinking C317 I've been looking for a guy C318 Little Treasure's parents C319 Pushing into a dead end C320 Don't tell me C321 Something happened to Qin Yue? C322 Suspected Objects C323 a few lifetimes of good fortune C324 multiparty opposition C325 I want to regain control of the world C326 Message disclosure C327 No one is worthy of Qin Yue C328 Complete identification C329 recurrent wave C330 Don't play dirty tricks on me C331 What qualifications do you have? C332 In the end who was the murderer C333 Let me hold you C334 Sorry for being late C335 The secretary is young and beautiful C336 boyfriend visit C337 Spying C338 I hope your daughter will grow up C339 How about a fierce husband? C340 Early selection of son-in-law C341 Promise me one thing C342 Talk about love and affection C343 Is he my biological grandfather C344 Get close to him as a married man C345 Who is the old man now C346 poison incomplete? C347 There are no big shifts? C348 Your daughter in exchange C349 Little Treasure is back C350 Don't believe grandpa is a bad guy C351 DNA alignment C352 It's this thing that doesn't work C353 Perpetrators C354 We are destined to make you sad C355 Do you believe in love? C356 Your body is very honest C357 Discernment C358 They all had their own thoughts C359 kinship C360 How to be superseded C361 Face it alone C362 Just who are you to me C363 Clear Reason Key Chapter C364 stand-off C365 If you don't let me live I will kill you C366 drug effect injury C367 If you get angry a rabbit will bite a person C368 Poisoning into bone marrow C369 Last time I called you grandpa C370 An insurmountable chasm C371 severe coma C372 plum flower mark C373 Don't get caught by a bad guy C374 Causes of severe coma C375 Do you want to break down in Jiangbei C376 Try to be a good daughter-in-law C377 Return of Qin's parents C378 He was also a naughty child when he was young C379 psychological tactics C380 Want to see Little Treasure C381 Flashes of eyelashes C382 Try to be sober C383 Love is not what you say but what you do! C384 inner shadow C385 Must get the antidote C386 for the sake of size C387 He didn't want to worry the other party C388 Kiss is not painful C389 This is our Little Treasure C390 He died just like that? C391 I don't like you anymore C392 time of death C393 Killing to silence? C394 Suspected Objects C395 Let you cry and sing Conquest C396 I don't want my brother C397 I'd like to be your eye C398 Birthday Dinner C399 Life is Wonderful C400 Mysterious birthday present C401 Mystery Phone C402 Plotted against C403 To take your life C404 I don't want money for my life C405 Why did you tie me up? C406 Cause of Blood Bleeding C407 retaliation C408 new clue C409 If I die C410 As long as you wake up C411 Let go of me C412 Call me by name C413 You're dead too? C414 thunderstruck? C415 Time selected too well C416 Could it be related to Jane C417 Performing C418 Someone can help Chairman Qin C419 His eyes C420 Just want to kiss him C421 Encountered by a man with a white head C422 I'll bite you if you don't say anything C423 You're dreaming C424 Tooth for tooth C425 Never thought of hurting him C426 Why is it so useless C427 You promised her? C428 Suspected Objects C429 The Mystery Man Call Again C430 kiss scratch C431 rich willfulness C432 More clues C433 Teach you to take a big picture C434 Let's see who is stronger C435 a combination of a dog and a cat C436 Have a baby and play with it C437 Not Willing C438 Love you at all costs C439 concoct the antidote C440 On board a pirate ship C441 rejuvenation C442 fear of black! C443 physiological stage C444 Trap C445 You're not Mom C446 Be at peace C447 Qin Si Ji Ji Ji C448 And then I thought about the old days C449 Mystery meeting C450 Rippling Wind and Wave C451 Solitary Island Danger C452 You are my air C453 decoy C454 Tooth for tooth C455 bitten by snake C456 oral addictive blood C457 I will do whatever you want C458 stand-off C459 escape C460 Rescue C461 unconditional support C462 misalignment C463 grace to save one's life C464 to give up everything C465 underestimate opponent C466 The goal is to be small C467 Big brother Lie died C468 Of course he was waiting for Brother Lie C469 wait to see C470 high fever C471 You have already lost your life C472 Break Your Wings C473 So far so far away C474 estrangement C475 Kill you C476 Someone is playing with me C477 underpumping C478 forced marriage C479 Pointing again to the mysterious man C480 You know each other C481 Two Tigers C482 I'm going to have dinner with my wife C483 Mrs Qin treat me to a meal C484 What exactly is the relationship C485 Threat C486 familiar taste C487 If my father is still alive C488 large swindling paper C489 Father is back C490 Crime committed C491 Bottom Line C492 uneasiness C493 dry vomiting C494 pregnant again? C495 DNA alignment C496 Find Home C497 Don't admit it even if you beat to death C498 My young master can help you C499 Go to hell together C500 Cheetah and prey C501 wind love C502 An unsincere proposal of marriage C503 Wedding preparation C504 Who was the most important person in Qin Yue's heart C505 He is happy to watch them eat C506 Let's see who can endure it the most C507 Father is missing C508 Could it be Qin Yue? C509 Qin Yue is not a good person C510 Unreconciled C511 Same person C512 Don't let anyone know C513 In the end who used who C514 What can I do with you C515 A sensational murder case C516 If you continue to mess around I won't be polite to you C517 will take good care of your baby C518 Is Student C519 hectoring C520 emergency brake C521 Is he the murderer or not? C522 He was disturbed again C523 Dad sorry! C524 I hope Xiao Ran will always be happy C525 I want to throw you down C526 EQ does not improve C527 Killing photos C528 a group photo of a family of three C529 Simply hear the truth C530 a call that was more than twenty years late C531 To settle in the earth C532 Hand over the video C533 Father left it to his daughter C534 Meet Old Friends C535 Selling money C536 Get out of my world C537 drug suicide C538 first episode C539 As long as Big Brother Lie C540 living model C541 Do you have a problem C542 set up a good net C543 It was Qin Yue? C544 Tell you everything C545 You really know Qin Yue? C546 Stop making excuses for him C547 Bye Brother Lie C548 Big Brother Lie didn't recognize her? C549 Brother Lie can't stay with me any longer C550 Find me when I grow up C551 I met her with another man C552 It's all my fault C553 You're driving me crazy C554 I am the murderer C555 Placed by C556 I will pay him back with my life C557 Jane I really like you C558 Couples must advance and retreat together C559 But the baby is a piglet C560 Must find him C561 After all it was a big gift package C562 clue clear C563 Hit you and practice your hand C564 Horrible video C565 Leaving Qin Yue C566 An accident in kindergarten C567 minor injury C568 Who's in charge in Jiangbei? C569 Papa came C570 as in the past C571 What the hell are you thinking about C572 Heartbreak C573 No one but you can hurt me C574 Divorce C575 Who are you to me? C576 The room be leave for you tonight C577 divorce agreement C578 Do not take it lightly? C579 Don't show up in front of me again C580 Escort to airport C581 She never remembered C582 Don't even think about running away for the rest of you C583 They were fighting and making a ruckus C584 Sea Paradise C585 A random witness C586 Weapons used to deal with Qin Yue C587 He arranged everything for her C588 Big BOSS makes you slip up C589 Fear of sleep C590 I want to cut off everything C591 One word snatch C592 Teach you how to sleep with a man C593 Open Relationship C594 Something is wrong C595 Hateful accident C596 Learn to be gentle C597 Reservation of daughter-in-law C598 Parent Video C599 A little secret between father and daughter C600 Take a few days off C601 Private C602 In a nutshell you can do it C603 Star of Luck C604 Papa came C605 Let her fly C606 familiar aura C607 The bigger the matter the better C608 What right did he have to stand by Qin Yue's side C609 They all knew C610 Farewell is a stranger C611 What ability do you have to steal my woman C612 Chairman Qin was angry C613 Let you suffer with me C614 Receive another call C615 I must wait for him C616 A stubborn couple C617 If you're not here how am I supposed to deal with this? C618 Real confession C619 The Meaning of 131224 C620 They were the only two people in his world C621 Because I'm afraid C622 The child arrive early C623 is that you're worried about C624 Emergency situation C625 There is no danger C626 Too weak in attack C627 Always be looked up to by others C628 Do you like me kissing you like this C629 controlling tigers to leave the mountain C630 I want your life in exchange for mine C631 It is your fortune that I have taken a fancy to you C632 If you don't grow up C633 Knock out Ye and Chen C634 Turn around and cover your eyes C635 If you come I won't let you go C636 The bomb be on its way out C637 If you can't live you can't live C638 No Absence from Wedding C639 You can feel me? C640 first encounter of recollection C641 ten thousand years in a single glance(1) C642 ten thousand years in a single glance(2) C643 ten thousand years in a single glance(3) C644 She could hear him C645 She finally woke up C646 His gentleness is only for them C647 A proposal that is not like a proposal of marriage C648 His first time returning to the real Qin family(1) C649 Thank you for not letting go of my hand C650 Make him smile more C651 He must be looking for Little San C652 Let's go to the Aegean Sea C653 See wedding site in advance C654 No more reading C655 On the eve of the wedding C656 On the eve of the wedding(2) C657 On the eve of the wedding(3) C658 On the eve of the wedding(4) C659 On the eve of the wedding(5) C660 Century Wedding(1) C661 Century Wedding(2) C662 Century Wedding(3) C663 Century Wedding(4) C664 Century Wedding(5) C665 Century Wedding(6) C666 Century Wedding(7) C667 sleep with food C668 caprice C669 I prefer Brother Lie C670 No I can'st! C671 You don'st dare to do what you deserve