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Daoist Changes the World

Daoist Changes the World

Author: Bei Shui Zhu De Qing Genre: Eastern

Yi Heng learns that the book, I Ching, could be used to cultivate. He embarks on a solo tour to find I Ching with his Bagua. During this journey, he survives many disasters and difficult situations. Will he become the best in the divine world?

Chapter 81 Violent Grizzly Bear 2020-10-29 06:04:48
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Soul Piercing Off-place Chapter 2 Final Battle Chapter 3 Passing by Immortal Master Chapter 4 Rich and Honorable Immortal Fate Chapter 5 Poisonous Wild Fruit Chapter 6 The Old Affairs of the Continent Chapter 7 The Difference Between Immortals and Mortals Chapter 8 Introductory Cultivation Method Chapter 9 Immortal Sect Difficult to Enter Chapter 10 Crisis Again Chapter 11 Roadside Teahouse Chapter 12 Excellent Perception Chapter 13 First Knowledge of Spiritual Qi Chapter 14 Imperial Flying Chapter 15 Cosmos Hall Chapter 16 Outer Sect Disciple Chapter 17 Introduction To Cultivation Chapter 18 Cultivation Genius Chapter 19 Yi Men Sect Gauge Chapter 20 Common Sense of Immortal Cultivation Chapter 21 Bluff With Evil Chapter 22 Air Entrainment Chapter 23 Clean Mortal Body Chapter 24 Qi Refining Fourth Layer Chapter 25 Cultivate A Spell Chapter 26 Great Success of Spells Chapter 27 Sect Mission Chapter 28 Downhill Mission Chapter 29 Liu Clan Village Chapter 30 Jianghu Expert Chapter 31 Fierce Mountain Bandit Chapter 32 Qing You Dagger Chapter 33 Kill The Bandits Chapter 34 Black-clothed Cultivator Chapter 35 Abscond All The Way Chapter 36 Ten Thousand Miles Chase Chapter 37 Qi Refining Level 5 Chapter 38 Win By Fate Chapter 39 Jedi Survival Chapter 40 A Place Of Healing Chapter 41 Soul Refining Technique Chapter 42 Meet an Old Friend Again Chapter 43 Reunite Again Chapter 44 Jade Book Invitation Chapter 45 Enter The Inner Door Chapter 46 Elder Summoned Chapter 47 Mystical Soul Refinement Chapter 48 The Beginning of a Storm Chapter 49 Alchemy Preparation Chapter 50 Want to Compete for Personal Transmission Chapter 51 Heaven-defying Effect Chapter 52 Battle Arena Chapter 53 Win The First Battle Chapter 54 Battle Another Seven Floors Chapter 55 A Brutal Victory Chapter 56 Eight Layers One Strike Chapter 57 Attach Great Importance to Emotion and Righteousn Chapter 58 Foundation Establishment Recall Chapter 59 Seventh Layer of Qi Refining Chapter 60 Soul Fusion Chapter 61 Killing Move Again Chapter 62 Medium-grade Pills Chapter 63 Breathing Control Chapter 64 The Might of a Single Strike Chapter 65 Double Reward Chapter 66 Direct Disciple Chapter 67 Beginning Worship Chapter 68 Miraculous Formation Chapter 69 Purpose Of Yi Sect Chapter 70 Junior Sister Xi Yin Chapter 71 Jade Book Offer Chapter 72 Master Gifts Magic Tools Chapter 73 Counter Attack By Plan Chapter 74 Three Steps To Fame Chapter 75 Successfully Keeping a Low Profile Chapter 76 Medium-grade Magic Tools Chapter 77 Misty Forest Chapter 78 Forest Distress Chapter 79 The Might Of Dongxiao Chapter 80 Cultivate Desperately Chapter 81 Violent Grizzly Bear