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Femme Fatale First Daughter

Femme Fatale First Daughter

Author: Lian Shuang Genre: Fantasy

She was disfigured and her mother died an innocent death. A cup of poison wine was not enough to kill her and she had to die by plunging into burning flames! Before entering her next lifetime, she vowed to change history and get her revenge!

When she opened her eyes again, she was 13 again. Her mother had just passed and her father had yet remarried. To prevent history from repeating its...

Chapter 199 Lan Xinru's Challenge 2019-10-27 22:27:37
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Reborn Through Fire Chapter 2 The Black Hearted Aun Chapter 3 First Meeting at an Inn Chapter 4 Secrets in the Old Manor Chapter 5 Flying Thieves in Ziteng Garden Chapter 6 Punishing Xuetong's Naughty Maid Chapter 7 Planning to Gift the Orchid Chapter 8 The Plot Deepens as the Carriage Approaches the Ca Chapter 9 Fight at the Capital Gates Chapter 10 Defeating the Hypocritical Elder Sister Chapter 11 Goodbye, Mo Huawen Chapter 12 Auntie Fang's Plot Revealed Chapter 13 Auntie Fang's Defense in Lihe Gardens Chapter 14 Enemies Meet Again Chapter 15 Mo Xuemin Got Rejected Chapter 16 The Fight Between Sisters of Qingwei Garden Chapter 17 Cousins of the General Manor Mee Chapter 18 Meeting Bai Yihao for the First Time Chapter 19 The Meeting Chapter 20 Sparing and Transaction Chapter 21 The Sisters Fight and were Punished Chapter 22 Auntie Plots Again Chapter 23 The Note in the Old Book Chapter 24 The Weird Repayment Temple Chapter 25 Meeting an Old Friend at the Buddhist Hall Chapter 26 The Bastard Plots in the Temple Chapter 27 Plot Within a Plot. Using Her Illness to Plo Chapter 28 The Falsely Solicitious Elder Sister Falls for th Chapter 29 The Falsely Solicitious Elder Sister Falls for th Chapter 30 Xuetong Interferes in the Defense in the Study Chapter 31 Shifting the Blame to Auntie Chapter 32 The Mess at the Family Rites 1 Chapter 33 The Mess at the Family Rites 2 Chapter 34 Helping Father Plan His Legacy Chapter 35 Princess Royal Mingzhu Chapter 36 Mo Xuemin Pretends to Be Ill Chapter 37 Injuries against Illness, Ruining Mo Xuemin's Plo Chapter 38 The Plot Behind the Banque Chapter 39 The Reverse Plot. Checkmate Chapter 40 The Mother and Daughter from Fuqing Garden Plots Chapter 41 The Banquet in the Palace Chapter 42 Miss Ling Mingyan Chapter 43 The Main Daughter is Indeed the Main Daughter Chapter 44 The Beautiful Men who Are Like The Moon and the D Chapter 45 You Yuecheng's Anger Chapter 46 The Competition Chapter 47 The Empress at the Flower Appreciation Banque Chapter 48 The Princess Royal Grows Angry Upon Reminiscing A Chapter 49 You Will Sing While I Enter the Stage. It's All a Chapter 50 The Concubine's Daughter Who Tried to Seduce King Chapter 51 Spending the Night in the Palace Chapter 52 The End of Mo Xuemin's Lofty Dreams Chapter 53 Mo Xuemin's Tattered Reputation is Made Known Far Chapter 54 Miss Xu Chapter 55 The Unexpected Appearance of Someone from the Pal Chapter 56 The Mysterious Desolated Courtyard Chapter 57 The Empress Sends Beauties to King Xuan Chapter 58 The Empress' Scheme Chapter 59 The Problem With Those Clothes Chapter 60 Xuetong the Matchmaker Chapter 61 the Concubine's Daughter Pretends to Be Filial an Chapter 62 Plotting to Become the Madam and the Arrival of S Chapter 63 The Enemies Mee Chapter 64 The Animosity of the past and the Hatred of Today Chapter 65 Counterattack Chapter 66 The Annoying King Xuan Chapter 67 Yun Yiqiu Was Asking For I Chapter 68 The Agreement Between Father and Second Uncle Chapter 69 Bai Yihao's Plans Chapter 70 Mo He's Emotions Were Made Use Of Chapter 71 Mo Xuetong Forced To Learn the Qin Chapter 72 Old Madam Mo Is Back Chapter 73 The Biased Old Madam Chapter 74 Yu Sirong Checks Out the Mo Manor Chapter 75 The Eviction of the Unreasonable Yu Sirong Chapter 76 King Xuan Meets His Lover at Nigh Chapter 77 The Concubine's Daughters Cause Trouble Chapter 78 The Mean Mo Xueqiong Got Struck Chapter 79 Go with the Flow and Another Scheme Chapter 80 Meeting King Xuan Again in the Plum Blossom Fores Chapter 81 Reminiscing. King Xuan Asks for a Repaymen Chapter 82 Mo Xuemin's Backup Plan Chapter 83 Trouble in the Mo Manor Inner Courtyard Chapter 84 Mo Xuemin Pretends to be Pitiful Chapter 85 Expose the Toxic Mo Xuemin Chapter 86 Mo Xuetong Kneels in the Ancestral Hall as Punish Chapter 87 The Sad and Jealous Gentle Cousin, Yun Yiqiu Chapter 88 The Two Jealous Women in the Duke’s Manor Chapter 89 I Will Help You Climb Chapter 90 Fire at the Mo Manor Chapter 91 King Xuan Plots as He Watches the Fire Burn Chapter 92 Mo Huawen’s Promotion Chapter 93 Auntie Fang Announces Her Pregnancy Chapter 94 Mo Xuetong Faints Chapter 95 Xuetong Loses the Will to Live Chapter 96 An Invitation from Mo Xuetong’s Cousin and Bai Yi Chapter 97 King Chu Visits King Xuan’s Manor Chapter 98 Ten Miles of Lotus Flowers, an Incredible Scene Chapter 99 The Knot in Mo Xuetong’s Hear Chapter 100 A Private Conversation in the Nigh Chapter 101 A Night Scheme Between the Mother and her Daught Chapter 102 Scheme Arose Chapter 103 There Was No Way out, And Mo He Was Ousted Chapter 104 A Trip to Qingliang Temple Chapter 105 In the Temple, Mo Xuetong Got Trapped in a Schem Chapter 106 Yu Sirong Was Blamed for Her Failure Chapter 107 Trio initiates a devious plan Chapter 108 Yu Sirong's Bad Desire Chapter 109 A Good Place to Disfigure Her Chapter 110 Yu Sirong Was Disfigured Chapter 111 The Princess Royal Appears Suddenly and Helps Ou Chapter 112 The Fragrance of Plum Blossoms from Qingliang Te Chapter 113 Stubborn Mdm Yu Who Plots Against Mo Xuetong Aga Chapter 114 Karma for Those Who Try to Frame Others Chapter 115 A Devastating Counterattack Chapter 116 The Mystery of Xuetong's Embroidery Shop Chapter 117 Auntie's Lovingly Made Pouch and the Jade Chapter 118 Another Vicious Plot from Mo Xuemin Chapter 119 Another Incident When Admiring the Plum Blossoms Chapter 120 Another Incident When Admiring the Plum Blossoms Chapter 121 Auntie Fang lost her child in Qingwei Garden Chapter 122 Safflower was Found in the Pillow Chapter 123 The Evil Mother and Son Drove Xuetong Ou Chapter 124 Women's Hearts were the Crueles Chapter 125 Auntie Fang Paid for Her Own Evil Doings and Los Chapter 126 The Cold and Bleak New Year's Eve at the Mo Mano Chapter 127 Cheer Up, Traveling in the Snowy Night Part 1 Chapter 128 Cheer Up, Traveling in the Snowy Night Part 2 Chapter 129 The Beauty of Ding General Manor Chapter 130 Lady Jin's Sword Hairpin Chapter 131 Each with Their Own Ideas and the Accidental Dis Chapter 132 a.s.sa.s.sination of King Xuan on the night befo Chapter 133 Pretending to be Gracious and the Plot in the Pr Chapter 134 Mo Xuemin Pretended to be Pitiful to Frame Her S Chapter 135 All Gethered at Xiangman Tower Chapter 136 Good Plays, One After Another Chapter 137 Xuetong Watched Stealthily in the Dark and was S Chapter 138 Feng Yuran Got Hurt and Treated Chapter 139 The Minister's Manor Asks for Mo Xuemin's Hand Chapter 140 The Gulf Between Father and Daughter Chapter 141 The Beautiful Snake Begging for Sympathy in the Chapter 142 Rumors Were Sometimes Extremely Unreliable Chapter 143 Sima Lingyun's Other Woman Chapter 144 Li Youmo, the Outrageous Young Sir Chapter 145 Mo Xuemin was Beaten Up Chapter 146 You Yuecheng's Misfortune Chapter 147 Being Threatened, Sima Lingyun Went Back To the Chapter 148 Four Great Manors Were All In Trouble Chapter 149 Lan Xinru Entered Mo Manor Chapter 150 Being Dishonorable, She Conducted Seduction in P Chapter 151 It's Impossible To Be Her Aun Chapter 152 The Collision in the Palace Chapter 153 The Accident! Mo Xuemin Enters the Palace Throug Chapter 154 Who Would Become the Crown Prince? Chapter 155 A Chance Meeting, Annoying Marquess Mingguo Chapter 156 You Yuecheng Threatens Mo Xuetong but is Shamed Chapter 157 The Contest Between the Imperial Concubines and Chapter 158 Two b.u.t.terflies on a Splendid Dress, Rouge wa Chapter 159 The Love Poem at the Banque Chapter 160 A Secret Date in the Palace, and the Maid Sent a Chapter 161 To Find Out Who Wrote The Love Poem And The Secr Chapter 162 Trapped In Trouble After The Feas Chapter 163 A Gentle Trap In The Darkness Chapter 164 Get a Good Spot to Watch an Affair Chapter 165 The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion Chapter 166 Yu Mingyong's Rashness Chapter 167 The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion Chapter 168 Who Is the One Conducting the Affair Chapter 169 They Brought the Duke Along to Have a Look Chapter 170 Quietly Stayed Alone in Mingzhu Palace Chapter 171 The Royal Brothers Chapter 172 The Beauty Who Followed After Chapter 173 Resentment. The Chaos Starts Again Chapter 174 Kidnapped. The Scuffle Outside the Palace Chapter 175 Fleeing the Carriage and The Struggle between Li Chapter 176 Saved. The Trashy Couple Chapter 177 A Deeper Check and A Mess Chapter 178 To Whom is the Chaos Beneficial Chapter 179 Duchness Zhenguo Came Over to Start a Figh Chapter 180 Feeling Ashamed, They Returned to Duke Zhenguo's Chapter 181 The Evil Beauty Employed an Artful Ruse by Infli Chapter 182 Another Flattery in Qingwei Garden Chapter 183 There Were So Many Pieces of Jewelry Chapter 184 Losing Control, They Started to Plan for Their O Chapter 185 The Sachet, A Token of Love Chapter 186 Committing Crimes, Sima Lingyun Gets Caugh Chapter 187 Changping Palace, the Fifth Princess' Jealousy Chapter 188 The Secret Behind her Mother's Sudden Death Chapter 189 What Happened on New Year's Eve Chapter 190 Mo Xueqiong Creates Trouble in Qingwei Garden Chapter 191 An Anecdote From Fu General Manor On a Grand Ban Chapter 192 The Root of Trouble was a Strange Flower with Th Chapter 193 Shocked at the Murder Case in the Back Yard Chapter 194 Behaving Stupidly, Fifth Princess was Filled wit Chapter 195 The Intelligent Grand Secretariat's Daughter Chapter 196 Breaking News. The Imperial Consort Selection Chapter 197 The Odd Flower Chapter 198 Mo Xuemin's Secret Meeting Chapter 199 Lan Xinru's Challenge