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Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Author: Slight Uplifting Genre: Romance

Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Lin Yiqian, he carried the child in his arms. “Where is your Mommy?” He asked. Calmly, the child pointed a finger at the screen of his phone. “There. She’s performing at a concert.” Coincidentally, the screen was displaying how a we...

392 Gu Nianshen, You Big Jerk 2020-06-01 11:20:21
Chapter List
1 Married to Him at Las 2 It Must Feel Bad to Wake Up Alone 3 Insanity 4 Conflict with the Adulteress 5 I Don't Want to be Your Friend 6 Who is She Speaking Sweetly to? 7 I Won’t Pay Her Phone Bill 8 Mister, Let’s Compare Who Can Urinate Further 9 No Wonder Dad Died Young 10 Mister Who Urinates Very Far Away 11 Always Copied But Never Exceeded 12 Why Do You Still Care About Her Existence? 13 Dispelling the Rumor of a Mistreated Wife 14 A Great Opportunity to Restore Gu Family's Reputation 15 Random Findings on the Interne 16 Your Brother Won't Help You With Cheating 17 Who is the Mister Who Can Urinate Very Far Away? 18 Does Xiaoyu Want a Daddy? 19 To Give Xiaoyu a Normal Life 20 Even Reserved Men Are Tempted 21 The Streak of Moonlight in His Hear 22 Blowing Their Own Trumpe 23 The Mister Can Pee Three Meters Away 24 Please Let Go of The Child 25 A Familiar Feeling 26 Sorry, I refuse! 27 Liking Mister Gu 28 Do You Like Mister Gu? 29 Discovering Something Differen 30 I Won’t Care 31 I Have Never Seen an Artist Like This 32 Call Me Great Grandfather 33 I’m Not Capable 34 Lin Yiqian, Are You Mad? 35 Calling His Name the Second Time 36 You Are Mine 37 You Pushed Me Off the Bed When I Was Drunk 38 This Kid is Venomous 39 The Man Next Door is a Better Match For Your Mother 40 Xiaoyu Wants a Father 41 Planning for Xiaoyu's Future 42 His Boss Took His Chocolates 43 Being Slutty 44 Forced Kiss at the Airpor 45 Hats of Forgiveness 46 The Youngest Uncle Returns 47 As Sweet As Honey 48 Deliver These Chocolates to My Wife 49 Chocolates from a Dog 50 This is the Last Time I’m Calling You Changlin 51 Let Me Indulge in Your Beauty 52 Matching T-Shirts 53 Will You Continue to Help Me? 54 Growing Further Apar 55 Joke of the Year 56 You Are Responsible for Hurting Her 57 He Is My Husband 58 Her Entire World Fell Apar 59 A Low Profile Bachelor 60 Removed from the Group Chat by Gu Nianshen 61 Selected by the Goddess 62 The Best Daddy Candidate 63 This Dog Must Have Rescued the Universe in Its Past Life 64 I'll Ask Mommy to See You Once You Have Decided 65 Her Ex-Husband Must Have Been Killed This Way 66 You Have Two Days to Consider 67 Did God Bless Him with Narcissism? 68 Pervert! 69 Forced to Curse 70 The Wife Pays 71 A Small Puppy Before Lin Yiqian 72 I Must Be Blind to Have Fallen for A Jerk! 73 She's Not Only Blind But Has Moral Issues Too! 74 Has Nianshen Forgotten Whom His Uncle Is? 75 You Are More Obedient Than My Dog 76 Consider This Compensation for Missing My Wedding 77 His Wife 78 Remember, I am Gu Nianshen's Wife 79 Lack of Basic Emotions 80 Be More Considerate When You Speak 81 I Agree With All Decisions Made By Her 82 Of Course You Must Give In 83 Let Me Help You Ou 84 You Actually Fed It to The Dog! 85 Out of Sight, Out of Mind 86 The Person Happens To Be Me 87 This Is Your Brother-In-Law 88 It is Inappropriate to Bully A Single Person 89 Huh, Men! 90 He Must Have Been Crazy to Come for Her 91 An Argument over Food 92 Speak Louder And Be More Confiden 93 Did You Know That I Am Allergic to Alcohol? 94 You Are Very Embarrassing 95 I Don't Intend to Discuss It with You 96 What’s In It For You? 97 There Is a 90% Chance She Likes You 98 Men Sent Over by Gu Nianshen 99 Lin Yiqian, You Are in Trouble 100 Your Brother Is on My Side 101 The Lin Family Does Not Lack Members 102 She Had Never Been Disappointed by His Immaturity 103 You Don't Look Good with Long Hair, Cut It off 104 A Semblance to Soldier Boys 105 Have You Seen Someone This Shameless? 106 Dumber Than A Pig 107 Actress Su 108 I Won't Accept Anyone's Help 109 Where Is the Hair Salon? 110 Feeling Tricked 111 An Open-Minded Man 112 Gu Nianshen Would Like It Slightly Longer 113 You Don't Have A Choice 114 A Dress Personally Chosen by the CEO 115 Color of Temptation 116 Worthy of Chief Lin's Exquisite Beauty 117 Stealing the Thunder Without Even Speaking 118 Miss Su Makes A Living With Her Appearance 119 Looking For My Wife 120 My Wife Doesn't Need to Demand Respect from Anyone 121 His Assistant's Public Display of Affection 122 The Outcome of Being Blacklisted by the Entire Industry 123 Who Was the Senior? 124 Uniquely Famous Catwoman 125 I'm Married And I'm Afraid of My Wife 126 Bosses Are Meant To Be Ruthless 127 Refusing to Live the Dreams of Millions 128 Exhausted to the Point of Giving Up 129 She Wants To Exchange A Rose For You 130 Dance For My Wife 131 A Protective Husband 132 Call Me Husband 133 His Gentle Behavior Was All an Ac 134 Physical Attraction Comes Before Emotional Connection 135 Live Happily As Gu Nianshen's Wife 136 Who Was That Man? 137 When Do You Plan To Have Kids? 138 He Might Be Upse 139 Xiaoyu Misses You A Lo 140 It's Time to Have A Child 141 We Met in the Restroom 142 Working Hard for the Company 143 I Know That You Have Cheated Before 144 Xiaoyu is Missing 145 He is With Your Husband 146 The Father of My Choice 147 Xiaoyu is Upse 148 It's Normal To Have an Illegitimate Child 149 I’ll Only Wait For An Hour 150 Ask His Family To Pay One Million In Ransom 151 I’ll Sell You Off If You Don’t Let Go 152 That's the Nail in My Coffin, Mrs. Gu!! 153 Could He Be Your Illegitimate Child? 154 Forever the Beam of Moonlight in His Hear 155 I Want Mister Gu 156 Gu Nianshen, You Jerk! 157 She Stole I 158 She Worked Hard To Be By His Side 159 Does It All Smell Like Xi Xia? 160 I Urinated Nearly Two Meters Away 161 You Should Behave Like A Son 162 It Feels Really Bad 163 He's Probably Adopted 164 Call Me Daddy 165 Did He Just Reject Xi Xia? 166 Send Xiaoyu to the Police Station 167 A Secret Between Father And Son 168 His Identity Can't Be Kept A Secret For Long 169 Daddy Once Wore Pink Underwears Too 170 Let's Sleep Together 171 He Wished He Could Offer Her the Entire World 172 He Can Eat, Sleep, and Set People Up 173 She Had Xiaoyu Whom Xi Xia Did Not Have 174 Why Do You Have Her Wechat Contact? 175 A Post Without Tex 176 I Have Never Seen Such Shameless People 177 Did Our Chief Lin Ruin Your Company? 178 Of Course I’ll Hit You 179 Gu Nianshen, Will You Have Lunch With Me? 180 Your Husband Is Really Protective 181 Indulge in Gu Nianshen’s Beauty 182 Fang Heyang Was Laid Off 183 Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian 184 It's Fine If You're Busy 185 Mrs. Gu Said You Are Handsome 186 Gu Nianshen's First Cousin Sister 187 Return Home Together 188 My Wife Can't Drink Alcohol 189 Counting His Heartbea 190 The Bed Is We 191 He Must Have Really Fallen In Love 192 Taken Over By Lus 193 Have You Been Regularly Falling Sick for the Past Five Y 194 Did Grandfather Really Set the Will Up? 195 I Didn't Choose To Come On My Own 196 Matching Couple Outfits 197 Embarrassed 198 I Was Busy With Marrying Your Granddaughter-in-law 199 Your Cousin-in-law Has To Agree 200 Highly Possessive 201 I Hope My Cousin Sister Successfully Becomes the Champio 202 The First Blessing 203 \Lin Yiqian, Why Are You Sleeping In My Bed? 204 Pig-like Sister 205 Remember, Pigs Can't Talk 206 I Really Like This Fellow 207 Buying A New Mattress Today 208 Everybody Is A Dog But Me 209 He Wanted to Have All of Lin Yiqian 210 The Young Girl Had Actually Kissed Her Husband 211 Having Green Hair Without A Boyfriend 212 Exploding Eardrums 213 Could They Actually Change the Format? 214 Goddess, I Like You Very Much 215 Absolute Bliss 216 Some Things Require Talen 217 Better Than Those Who Forsake Professionalism For Money 218 They Will Pay For Bullying Her Husband’s Sister 219 Huge Gap In Votes 220 Aren't You Good At Bullying Your Sister-in-law? 221 He Might Have Been Charmed By My Sister-in-law 222 My Sister-in-law Is A Little Slutty 223 Do You Know What the Consequences Are For Framing Him? 224 They Are Here to Apologize 225 You Really Are A Scheming Woman 226 It's A Birthday Gift From Mother 227 I, Song Feifei, Am At Faul 228 She Forced Me To Address Her As Sister-in-Law 229 He's Too Thin, I'm Not Interested! 230 Nianshen’s Public Display of Affection Has Been Missing 231 Do You Want To Fight? 232 I Saw My Brother Kissing My Sister-in-Law 233 Catwoman Is A Gift To My Youngest Uncle 234 Finding Our Aunt-in-Law Is A Shared Responsibility 235 His Cousin Isn't The Main Poin 236 Did you get involved in a gangfight? 237 Girl, This Is Exciting! 238 I Met Your Mother Too Late 239 Let Him Stay In The Hospital For A Few More Days 240 As If I Have Stolen Mr. Gu's Wife 241 I Want Daddy's Hug 242 Did You Pay Attention To Me Back Then? 243 Gu Nianshen, Do You Like Xiaoyu? 244 Can A Tortoise Fall Sick? 245 You Have Two Days 246 The Kid Is Not Hers 247 Because She’s Worth I 248 Her Husband Demands One Billion Dollars As Compensation 249 Gu Nianshen, I Would Like You To Bring Xiaoyu And I To D 250 Conceive More Daughters 251 My Delicious Wife 252 Because My Husband Doesn't Give Me Money 253 Why Don't You Take A Closer Look? 254 I Want You 255 It Was Her Own Faul 256 When Did You Get Injured? 257 He Really Gave Her Two Hundred Million 258 One Morning, Our CEO Was In A Very Good Mood 259 Catwoman Has Actually Sent Someone Over With One Million 260 Money From A Dimwi 261 As Long As I Am Mrs. Gu 262 Would Xiaoyu Become Overweight? 263 Why Aren't You Home Yet? 264 She Wished She Was Xi Xia 265 She Wanted To Have Him More Than Anything In the World 266 Little Yi Might Have Cried 267 She Will No Longer Observe Him From Afar 268 Because She Likes I 269 Her Entire Body Feels Weak 270 Embarrassment From A Moment Of Pleasure 271 CEO, Your Face Is Red 272 She Could Not Afford To Be Proud 273 Because My Husband Is Gu Nianshen 274 But He Has Married Me 275 Your Sister-in-law Is Very Capable 276 My Brother Treats Me Very Well 277 My Brother Fully Supports Me In Being A Matchmaker 278 Gu Nianshen, I'm A Little Upset. What Should I Do? 279 Something She Pursued After Throughout Her Youth 280 Xi Xia Has Been Discharged 281 It Hurts So Badly! 282 How Was He Not Better Than Song Changlin? 283 He Will Make Breakfast For Her Everyday 284 Mrs. Gu Asked Me About Your Schedule Yesterday 285 The Possibility of Lin Yiqian Cheating On My Brother 286 Lin Yiqian, I Am Sorry! 287 You Don't Have To Explain To Me 288 Kneeling on Keyboards and Durians 289 This Bastard 290 It’s Not Easy Being The Little Jerk’s Mother 291 A Heart-warming Attention to Detail 292 You Are My Wife 293 Very Swee 294 This Dumb Woman Did Not Know When to Shut Up 295 I Haven't Played Basketball For Several Years 296 Jealous 297 Family Members Are Not Allowed 298 Lin Yiqian Is Too Powerful 299 His Wife Had Arrived 300 Recruit A Few Baby Brothers To Carry Out The Chores 301 She Wanted To Give Gu Nianshen A Hug 302 He Could Brag About It For The Rest Of His Life 303 Not As Good As Dumplings, Not As Fun As Our Sister-in-la 304 She Would Like to Have Her Husband Send Her Home 305 Could This Person Be Any Less Shameless? 306 I Would Rather Be Gay Than Expose My Body 307 This Is What Love Feels Like 308 I'm So Happy! What Should I Do? 309 Gu Nianshen Is A Headstrong Male 310 Better Digestion If Two People Eat Together 311 Change the Way You Plead 312 Kind And Pretty Sister-in-law 313 Don't Demean My Youngest Uncle 314 Sue Us If You Want To 315 I Am Gu Nianjia's Professor, Zhang Jingyu 316 The Teacher Is At Fault For Not Being Stric 317 There Won't Be A Next Time 318 Chapter 318 I'm Afraid I Might Forget I Am Your Sister-i 319 Desire For A Daughter 320 The Country Owed Her An Adorable Daughter 321 She Forgot That She Didn’t Even Have A Daughter Ye 322 She Would Only Be Responsible For Giving Birth 323 Do You Want To Be A Father? 324 Where Did the Idiot Go? 325 A Gift For My Wife 326 You Haven’t Given Your Blessings As Mother-in-law 327 She Would Always Have A Weak Spot For Gu Nianshen 328 Do You Not Want Me Anymore? 329 You Can’t Regret I 330 What Right Do You Have To Order My Wife Around? 331 Unaffected Desire 332 Did She Buy the Clothes For Him? 333 Sun 334 Do You Go After Married Women? 335 The First Encounter With A Cunning Woman 336 The Clothes Aren't At the Junkyard 337 The Clothes Look Good On Your Uncle Too 338 You Will Pay For This 339 Why Did You Rummage In the Dumpsters Late In the Night? 340 That's Not Me 341 Do Humans And Dogs Eat the Kind of Foods? 342 Xiaoxiao Is the Only Dog We Have 343 I Become Whatever My Husband Is 344 It's Dangerous For Me To Drive As I Haven't Slept All Ni 345 My Wife, I’m Sorry For the Trouble 346 But You Are My Wife 347 The Master of Disguising As A Woman 348 Get Rid of Him Once And For All 349 Gu Nianshen, Are You Jealous? 350 Gu Nianshen, Why Do You Want To Have A Daughter With Me? 351 Are You Disappointed That He Did Now Show Up? 352 Are You Bullying A Member of the Gu Family Again? 353 Husband, You're Here 354 Her Husband Was a Great Actor 355 Did He Ever Care About Social Civility? 356 Remember That You Still Owe Me Five Kisses 357 He Really Was Shallow-Minded 358 This Is An Exciting Question 359 Catwoman Was Actually the Little Jerk’s Mother 360 He Was Curious About Another Woman 361 I Don’t Need I 362 But I've Already Paid For the Food 363 Are You Aware of This Kid's Background? 364 Three-Meter CEO With Great Stamina 365 Mr. Gu Embarrasses Himself 366 Dominant Top, Please Provide Financial Suppor 367 I Want To Bite Your Head Off 368 Assume Responsbility For One’s Mistakes 369 This Was Probably the Most Exciting Moment In Xiaoyu’s L 370 Daddy Is Not An Outsider 371 I'll Call Them Daddies If They Give Me Money 372 Get Nianshen To Invite Catwoman 373 I’m Her Ideal Match! 374 Forget Those Big Sisters 375 A Shameless Jerk 376 Why Did You Lie To Xiaoyu? 377 Do You Think Of Nianshen As Your Husband? 378 Kiss Her In Front Of Her Mother-in-law 379 Darned Menstruation 380 It's Been A While Since We Last Me 381 My Husband Has A Winning Streak 382 Cheer For Me On The Basketball Court, Chief Lin 383 I Can't Play Without Lin Yiqian 384 Why Did You Change Your Jersey? 385 Look For My Wife At The Parking Lo 386 He Was Picking A Figh 387 I Am Too Shy To Be Naked 388 Mommy Will Give You A Unique Se 389 I Clearly Look Better 390 Why Did You Throw Daddy's Phone Away? 391 This Girl Has Great Taste 392 Gu Nianshen, You Big Jerk