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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Author: Su Su Su Ru Yi Genre: Historical

Subei would not have thought that if he temporarily arrested a “driver” to get married, it turned out to be Lu Heting, the head of the dignified Lu Group. After marriage, she took her twins to work ea...

Chapter 2007: Extraordinary Twins 2021-02-07 11:33:14
Chapter List
Chapter 1: Ruined Chapter 2: You are enough Chapter 3: Lose all trust Chapter 4: Go straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau Chapter 5: Find the most pleasing Chapter 6: Work with a certificate Chapter 7: pregnant? ! Chapter 8: Return the child to the father Chapter 9: Make an appointment to see the driver? Chapter 10: Why come back! Chapter 11: Find a mother for the child Chapter 12: Can't let her have any chance! Chapter 13: Vulgar powder Chapter 14: A hidden gift Chapter 15: Have we been married? Chapter 16: Five years of anger, can it disappear in a momen Chapter 17: Subei accepted this challenge! Chapter 18: Daily disposable man Chapter 19: Do you know more Chapter 20: I would rather give it to herself Chapter 21: I actually have a sister-in-law! Chapter 22: How could it be you? Chapter 23: Subei’s presence is a threat Chapter 24: Sprain the foot easily Chapter 25: Just a wild model Chapter 26: Has nothing to do with yourself Chapter 27: Miss Su, your shoes are here! Chapter 28: Limited edition Chapter 29: Subei hasn't come out Chapter 30: What is necessary to say before? Chapter 31: How could it be her? Chapter 32: Inexplicable panic Chapter 33: If virtue is not matched, it will suffer Chapter 34: She likes drivers, he is the driver Chapter 35: Can you be my wife? Chapter 36: Can anger solve the problem? Chapter 37: A subtle look Chapter 38: Give her a hand and let her **** it? Chapter 39: What about mutual understanding? Chapter 40: Knights of the Middle Ages Chapter 41: Risky Finalist Chapter 42: First place! Chapter 43: I believe you Chapter 44: Because you are Subei Chapter 45: Photos of girls Chapter 46: We come to Japan for a long time Chapter 47: Xue Renjia Domineering President Chapter 48: Improper means Chapter 49: Replaced Subei’s position Chapter 50: It's okay, you still have me Chapter 51: do not leave Chapter 52: Afraid to open? Chapter 53: I have a son, but no woman Chapter 54: Talking is not a dog Chapter 55: Why are you calling Chapter 56: Evened out! Chapter 57: Goodbye, Mr. Lu Chapter 58: You owe me, you have to pay it back Chapter 59: Are you going to be slapped? Chapter 60: Beibei is my wife Chapter 61: Do you like children very much? Chapter 62: Invite him to move in Chapter 63: game Chapter 64: Kiss each other Chapter 65: He's so powerful at a young age Chapter 66: How to explain to eldest brother? Chapter 67: Full of home Chapter 68: Liquidated damages up to one million Chapter 69: Use Subei’s scandal to resolve your own crisis Chapter 70: Sooner or later I can only become a wild model Chapter 71: See the fate of the breach Chapter 72: Higher turning point Chapter 73: You can't stimulate her! Chapter 74: You can't play Chapter 75: Gorgeous debut Chapter 76: This turned out to be Subei! Chapter 77: Stand by your side Chapter 78: So, what is the truth? Chapter 79: The Birth of the Wife Guardian Chapter 80: No drugs found Chapter 81: I don't need anyone to support Chapter 82: To treat his body in his own way Chapter 83: Come back home Chapter 84: I hope you call me Chapter 85: Also help me raise my son Chapter 86: Never work with you again Chapter 87: Very convincing Chapter 88: Authority and impartiality Chapter 89: He is satisfied Chapter 90: No one can come in without a pass Chapter 91: Mrs. Lu! Chapter 92: It is his honor! Chapter 93: Difficult new agent Chapter 94: The secret behind Chapter 95: There must be a man willing to pay for her Chapter 96: Progress comes from taking the humiliation Chapter 97: Subei can't take it away Chapter 98: Does she still have a face? Chapter 99: Even the manager was alarmed Chapter 100: Cost at least 30 million Chapter 101: Give it to me Chapter 102: Silently added three points to him Chapter 103: I'll clean up Subei Chapter 104: lost heavily Chapter 105: Need to pay huge sums of money Chapter 106: Until I hold her in my arms Chapter 107: The feeling of being directed by my wife Chapter 108: Serve his wife and son Chapter 109: Can't find out the details of Lu Heting Chapter 110: Knowing Chapter 111: Charter Chapter 112: Just a driver after all Chapter 113: Reasonable and legal couple Chapter 114: I have the final say here Chapter 115: Don't have different portions Chapter 116: How bad is the choice made? Chapter 117: She can't bear Chapter 118: Dead end Chapter 119: Much better than he expected Chapter 120: Petrified Chapter 121: His girl is the best Chapter 122: How can you help me? Chapter 123: Hard to resist my invitation Chapter 124: Subei, you are fired Chapter 125: Are you short of money? Chapter 126: Can make girls tempted Chapter 127: Let Subey continue Chapter 128: Hit a huge discount Chapter 129: Extraordinarily dull Chapter 130: Everyone has a sad face Chapter 131: Little fire extinguisher Chapter 132: Risk your life to approach Chapter 133: I'll pick you home Chapter 134: This is not love Chapter 135: His Subey Chapter 136: The resentment almost ran away Chapter 137: Beibei bravely fly, the shell will always follo Chapter 138: Anyone named Dabao is not immune Chapter 139: Can you grab it? Chapter 140: More valuable than anything Chapter 141: So amazing? Chapter 142: No one invites partners casually Chapter 143: Stolen limelight Chapter 144: Charged him Chapter 145: This suits you well Chapter 146: No more contact with Gungun Chapter 147: Even a little bit Chapter 148: My heart is about to break Chapter 149: Most famously Chapter 150: I want to give you a monkey Chapter 151: A man with all kinds of poison Chapter 152: has no meaning Chapter 153: Charm is evident Chapter 154: God is really unfair Chapter 155: Otherwise, no one has to do it Chapter 156: I always wanted to be Dabao's father Chapter 157: Bitter woman Chapter 158: Not being in C is to protect her Chapter 159: Worthless for the boss Chapter 160: Caring to destroy the world in my heart Chapter 161: Subverted her thoughts during the day Chapter 162: Man is a man Chapter 163: Another man's name Chapter 164: No appetite Chapter 165: Busy with socializing last night Chapter 166: Express your attitude Chapter 167: Know right and wrong, understand right and wron Chapter 168: Couple suit Chapter 169: One sentence thing Chapter 170: Must have a grudge Chapter 171: Plan destroyed Chapter 172: Huge hidden danger Chapter 173: Peel! Posing! Chapter 174: Inferior Artist Chapter 175: Must be a conspiracy Chapter 176: It's not fair Chapter 177: Waiting for idle change but old heart Chapter 178: Face like a peach blossom, heart like a snake Chapter 179: Who the **** is it? Chapter 180: Incompetent bungler Chapter 181: What kind of fairy artist is this Chapter 182: Headwind Chapter 183: Have the opposite sex Chapter 184: That'smine! Chapter 185: Take good care of her Chapter 186: I want to find out what he is looking at Chapter 187: Weakness that can be broken Chapter 188: Well deserved Chapter 189: Power up a large part of the audience Chapter 190: Why, she is everywhere Chapter 191: Did Subei endorse? Chapter 192: Confirm from the side Chapter 193: Slaps come too fast like a tornado Chapter 194: You are more beautiful than the splendid costum Chapter 195: So impatient Chapter 196: Can't hear clearly Chapter 197: Test his concentration Chapter 198: Best passing Chapter 199: Indulge in this morning Chapter 200: Who is the top leader Chapter 201: Innocent and white a white lotus Chapter 202: I am pregnant Chapter 203: See the existence of Dabao Chapter 204: Match up Chapter 205: My wife is back Chapter 206: Take the responsibility on yourself Chapter 207: He also has this kind of deflated time Chapter 208: I'm at the end Chapter 209: Where there is no grass Chapter 210: The Theory of Punishing the Heart Chapter 211: Can afford to give birth to as many as she want Chapter 212: So happy today Chapter 213: Animal behavior Chapter 214: To cooperate with her childish game Chapter 215: Buy the whole building Chapter 216: Beibei's favorite man Chapter 217: I really like it Chapter 218: Reunited with Duro Chapter 219: Delicate maintenance Chapter 220: Everything is good, a little bad Chapter 221: Forever Chapter 222: I didn’t look back, but now I regret being like Chapter 223: Beautiful Chapter 224: False pregnancy Chapter 225: If you mess up, come see you Chapter 226: She doubled her worth Chapter 227: That's my sister-in-law Chapter 228: Sister-in-law belongs to the older brother Chapter 229: Rich and small sincere Chapter 230: Subei is already famous Chapter 231: I’m a big brother’s driver Chapter 232: Business exchange Chapter 233: A little envious of Lu Weijian Chapter 234: Subei Chapter 235: Get frugal Chapter 236: Ridiculed by the entire network Chapter 237: Chapter 238: Get a knowing blow Chapter 239: Growing up in slander Chapter 240: I'll have another appointment with Subei next t Chapter 241: What kind of fairy Chapter 242: Can't bear the risk of losing her Chapter 243: Where to go Chapter 244: Lu Family Exclusive Sub Beibei Chapter 245: Fire escape Chapter 246: Other abilities are not good Chapter 247: Bring the rival to your side Chapter 248: Dad becomes a fan Chapter 249: Outside (nei) bend of elbow Chapter 250: What to pretend? Chapter 251: Can be submerged by him but not submerged by me Chapter 252: Laugh too much Chapter 253: Ask for your blessing Chapter 254: Enough atmosphere! Bright enough! Chapter 255: Scheming boy Chapter 256: Not leaking Chapter 257: Dare to go to the sky, shoulder to shoulder wit Chapter 258: I want to know how he died Chapter 259: Heartbroken, single dog Chapter 260: I really want to see him Chapter 261: It's not troublesome for me Chapter 262: Old paternal tone Chapter 263: Fengze is here Chapter 264: Stupidly confused Chapter 265: Blind woman Chapter 266: Walking killing machine Chapter 267: Wife caught rape Chapter 268: This is not scientific Chapter 269: Single dogs are not worthy of ice cream Chapter 270: My name is Lu Bei Chapter 271: Really a friend from nothing Chapter 272: As long as I am not dead, I have to come Chapter 273: Public speaking Chapter 274: No middleman makes the difference Chapter 275: Lu Weijian tears Fang Shaocong Chapter 276: Harassment of men by women Chapter 277: Shredded Subei Chapter 278: Subei apologizes Chapter 279: Calm things down immediately Chapter 280: Both of you get out Chapter 281: Eight o'clock, unwind Chapter 282: Love rivals should not be underestimated Chapter 283: I lose if I take off fans Chapter 284: Pheasant Chapter 285: Unexpected news Chapter 286: Successfully steal a kiss Chapter 287: Biological Chapter 288: Large-scale powder removal site Chapter 289: Deep disappointment Chapter 290: Bankruptcy warning Chapter 291: The prodigal son will not change Chapter 292: Strangled the fragile throat by fate Chapter 293: Husband and wife Chapter 294: Worthy of Subey Chapter 295: good looking! Chapter 296: Dabao come here tomorrow Chapter 297: A day of making sugar Chapter 298: What are you eating? Chapter 299: Big brother's reduced version Chapter 300: Great God, please be worshipped by me! Chapter 301: Have you been stolen again? Chapter 302: Su Zhuoqian Chapter 303: Don't like being kissed at all Chapter 304: Illogical vs reasonable Chapter 305: Must apologize Chapter 306: There is no better gift than this Chapter 307: That's my duty Chapter 308: The most regrettable decision in this life Chapter 309: Was photographed whereabouts Chapter 310: Super complementary Chapter 311: Thank you for giving me a wait Chapter 312: Doubts about billowing genes Chapter 313: Spoiled Chapter 314: The genes of the Lu family Chapter 315: I like it the more I look Chapter 316: Give you some support Chapter 317: Rich enough to impress me Chapter 318: Can I sleep with you? Chapter 319: Obviously left out Chapter 320: Thank you for being in my life Chapter 321: Degree of popularity Chapter 322: Yan pressure everyone Chapter 323: Distribute gifts Chapter 324: You and me under the lemon tree Chapter 325: Zombie fans Chapter 326: Picasso of the East Chapter 327: Give my love Chapter 328: Don't change the daughter Chapter 329: To whom Chapter 330: Aborted Chapter 331: Can you point your face Chapter 332: Sorry, the child did not keep Chapter 333: Want to give birth to a son Chapter 334: Murderer! Chapter 335: Protect her Chapter 336: Pain is only temporary Chapter 337: Inciting emotions Chapter 338: Is it a coincidence Chapter 339: She is not pregnant Chapter 340: No plans yet Chapter 341: Lies are self-defeating Chapter 342: The ill-gotten gains will eventually go away Chapter 343: Tell the truth Chapter 344: There is a god Chapter 345: Proactive apology Chapter 346: It looks good in a sack Chapter 347: Must be guilty Chapter 348: The Theory of Punishing the Heart Chapter 349: Testify at the scene Chapter 350: Give everyone an explanation Chapter 351: To repay grievances with virtue, how to repay v Chapter 352: A burst my shell Chapter 353: We can’t terminate the contract if we don’t agr Chapter 354: Right now, right now Chapter 355: Mixed feelings Chapter 356: Dispensable existence Chapter 357: Make her unable to extricate herself Chapter 358: Strange sight Chapter 359: When will the wedding be held? Chapter 360: Feeling like a roller coaster Chapter 361: I have paid too much for this family Chapter 362: Maternal worries Chapter 363: Men at the bottom of the food chain Chapter 364: The balance in the mind Chapter 365: Little brother Chapter 366: I already have two hearts Chapter 367: You still have a way Chapter 368: Turned out to be a charter Chapter 369: Where to eat is not to eat Chapter 370: Really sour Chapter 371: Unlimited future Chapter 372: No regrets in this life Chapter 373: Perfect glory Chapter 374: Hostess today Chapter 375: For Miss Su Chapter 376: I am most afraid of the sudden silence of the a Chapter 377: Only the chef knows Chapter 378: Thank you all Chapter 379: Customized for Miss Subeisu Chapter 380: Don't choose the right one, just choose the exp Chapter 381: You make a price Chapter 382: Hard to say emmmmm Chapter 383: Unable to receive profit, fear Chapter 384: I haven't changed my heart Chapter 385: The little prince Chapter 386: Change her way to pet her Chapter 387: Change Subei's dress Chapter 388: Are you saying I am fat? Chapter 389: Return to the original owner Chapter 390: People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people Chapter 391: Subei’s temper is the stone in the latrine Chapter 392: I saw the fairy go down with my own eyes Chapter 393: Yanfen Online Collection Chapter 394: Subei wears knockoffs Chapter 395: Take care of Qingrencheng, and then take care o Chapter 396: Does the face hurt? Chapter 397: Lucky for a lifetime Chapter 398: Arrange for the driver to pick up people Chapter 399: I won't live anymore Chapter 400: Will you call me Mommy from now on? Chapter 401: Someone wants to be my mom Chapter 402: Let me call you mommy Chapter 403: The shining light that can't be blocked Chapter 404: Can challenge with your IQ Chapter 405: It looks like he is planning to abandon the exa Chapter 406: After all, it's you and me Chapter 407: I'll beat you down first Chapter 408: You hit me! Chapter 409: Little star Chapter 410: Subverted cognition Chapter 411: Not biological Chapter 412: Crit Chapter 413: Real emotions Chapter 414: Can't you push that event away? Chapter 415: Snob Chapter 416: Sorry, I will not change! Chapter 417: Don’t you have ears? Chapter 418: How much real feeling can you have? Chapter 419: The man with the least family status Chapter 420: Keep pulling Chapter 421: Be kind Chapter 422: You wait for me Chapter 423: Use power to suppress her Chapter 424: Suppy Chapter 425: I don't mind going one more time Chapter 426: With envious eyes Chapter 427: Subei, I only like you Chapter 428: Cai Anying robbed Lu Weijian Chapter 429: Black and red is also a kind of red Chapter 430: You are not worthy to be a model! Chapter 431: Subei got married? Chapter 432: Scheming **** no doubt Chapter 433: I'm sick, I'm reasonable Chapter 434: Opened my heart Chapter 435: Fake sick leave Chapter 436: Never work with Sun Man again Chapter 437: Extraordinarily cp sense Chapter 438: I am here Chapter 439: Good things are coming Chapter 440: Picking feet at home Chapter 441: A flash of jealousy Chapter 442: Swallowed a lemon Chapter 443: I will pay her Chapter 444: Have you ever seen the affection of peers? Chapter 445: This is her husband Chapter 446: Mi and by Mi Chapter 447: Everyone gets hit Chapter 448: Dabao looked like this when he was young Chapter 449: Must take away the child Chapter 450: If you want to tear it, you have to tear Subei Chapter 451: Relying on the child, there is no fear Chapter 452: Started to be cold Chapter 453: Didn't make her feel better Chapter 454: Threw the phone out Chapter 455: Even if i die Chapter 456: Treat her as a friend Chapter 457: I say yes Chapter 458: Who dares to move Subey? Chapter 459: I don't want your consent Chapter 460: Xiao San die Chapter 461: Family beyond friends Chapter 462: Take a fight with Lu Heting Chapter 463: Dong Shi Xiao Ning Chapter 464: Believe in his abilities Chapter 465: Need you to come and check Chapter 466: Don't be merciless Chapter 467: Large Shura Field Chapter 468: We all blamed her Chapter 469: The worst is the man Chapter 470: Block my guns and carry mines Chapter 471: Key evidence Chapter 472: Have a good show Chapter 473: Stay away from scumbags for safety Chapter 474: What kind of skill Chapter 475: No one can get long-term love from a man Chapter 476: Slide to the edge of the cliff Chapter 477: Don't need you to do anything Chapter 478: Take care of each other, love each other Chapter 479: Turned out to be an old friend Chapter 480: Is it really affordable? Chapter 481: wrong password! Chapter 482: Unusually important name Chapter 483: Send you back personally Chapter 484: Afraid of crying Chapter 485: Is her only debt Chapter 486: Fall in love with Subei Chapter 487: You raise me Chapter 488: Never let me see her again Chapter 489: Advanced gastric cancer? Chapter 490: Can't hold his wife Chapter 491: No matter how hard you have to find Chapter 492: The only end Chapter 493: Who said it could not be found? Chapter 494: The moment I started, I was already a dead pers Chapter 495: Already in the bag Chapter 496: Take away whoever you want Chapter 497: Have a marriage certificate, great Chapter 498: Don't know to cherish Chapter 499: Girl who loves you more seriously Chapter 500: Don't be naive, Lu Heting Chapter 501: Can't bear to disappoint Chapter 502: His heartache Chapter 503: Knife in the heart Chapter 504: Talk less if you can't speak Chapter 505: I have never been able to withstand scrutiny Chapter 506: can see you Chapter 507: Like an iceberg melted Chapter 508: Take Xiao Wuer away Chapter 509: Life is so good Chapter 510: I just missed it Chapter 511: Grandstanding Chapter 512: Improvisation Chapter 513: Love and give Chapter 514: Are you in love? Chapter 515: Letter to Gungun Chapter 516: Who bullied you? Chapter 517: What is heaven? Chapter 518: Mourning Chapter 519: Your own son is more important than your own br Chapter 520: She will always be Chapter 521: We come to mourn Chapter 522: Things happier than happy water Chapter 523: Make wedding dresses for others Chapter 524: Subei is not from the Su family Chapter 525: Don't take it lightly Chapter 526: Give it back to me Chapter 527: Money can't cover up Chapter 528: I don't have enough money to buy things Chapter 529: Can't stand the trouble Chapter 530: Unusable Chapter 531: Really blind and confident Chapter 532: I think you are sick Chapter 533: Otherwise, who do you think it is? Chapter 534: All waiting is valuable Chapter 535: worth Chapter 536: Super dog food with gold content 999999 Chapter 537: Pull it out for comparison Chapter 538: Kill me Chapter 539: Long-awaited job Chapter 540: Enhance the status in the country Chapter 541: Find someone to clear the relationship Chapter 542: Met over the rules Chapter 543: Somewhat tricky Chapter 544: More messy Chapter 545: Forbearance, enough Chapter 546: It's too late Chapter 547: White-eyed wolf Chapter 548: Wait to die Chapter 549: Slap Subey Chapter 550: Need a embrace Chapter 551: Empty mouth Chapter 552: He came to announce the result? Chapter 553: Find the answer by yourself Chapter 554: Still quite convinced Chapter 555: Good man no doubt Chapter 556: Subei is not innocent Chapter 557: The sisters have always had a bad relationship Chapter 558: DNA verification report Chapter 559: What a benevolent one Chapter 560: If you lie, the sky thunders Chapter 561: What about the evidence you compiled? Chapter 562: Adopted Chapter 563: Can't wash it off for a lifetime Chapter 564: Defamation, understand Chapter 565: Black material Chapter 566: Where do you come from? Chapter 567: We have nothing to say Chapter 568: Expose one's weakness Chapter 569: Yes she has a home Chapter 570: A little contempt Chapter 571: Absolutely scum Chapter 572: I can't read it wrong Chapter 573: Is a freak Chapter 574: Resistance will breed Chapter 575: I don't want to see her! Chapter 576: Try it yourself Chapter 577: She should blame me Chapter 578: Unusual contradiction Chapter 579: Who knows how to say face Chapter 580: Don't wear it every day Chapter 581: Too good to be too good Chapter 582: For detailed information Chapter 583: You know me too Chapter 584: Reckless Chapter 585: Mass content Chapter 586: Very disappointed Chapter 587: My dear love Chapter 588: Not very concerned Chapter 589: People with ulterior motives Chapter 590: Want to fight fast Chapter 591: War without gunpowder Chapter 592: Give Subey a thunder strike Chapter 593: Golden thigh investment Chapter 594: Really scandalous Chapter 595: Subei is not popular, and the law of heaven is Chapter 596: This must be shady Chapter 597: The dog food that God rewards Chapter 598: Don't know, it's not me Chapter 599: Half your credit Chapter 600: Already immune to this Chapter 601: I will miss you Chapter 602: Is it right? Chapter 603: Can only be in a hurry Chapter 604: Again! Chapter 605: How hard have you suffered Chapter 606: Put him on Chapter 607: We Lu said Chapter 608: Repeated doubts Chapter 609: Very high aesthetic value Chapter 610: The sound is a bit familiar Chapter 611: Is your grandpa Chapter 612: Are just small misunderstandings Chapter 613: What a waste thing Chapter 614: Such a big secret Chapter 615: Reactive Chapter 616: Made him panic Chapter 617: You be more stable Chapter 618: The ability to smooth the hair Chapter 619: The history of Subei Chapter 620: Do things like a child's play Chapter 621: Husband, they say you are old Chapter 622: Are you worthy of your profession? Chapter 623: Is my granddaughter of Tang Chapter 624: No one’s success is for nothing Chapter 625: Both break the contract Chapter 626: Ways to protect Subei Chapter 627: kill him Chapter 628: Hungry Chapter 629: I'm out of home, don't know where to go Chapter 630: Subei is moving away? Chapter 631: Hurried Chapter 632: Don't say anything that shouldn't be said Chapter 633: Too much brain supplement Chapter 634: I never want to fight with you Chapter 635: Out of sight out of mind Chapter 636: The **** of blood Chapter 637: The relationship is too far Chapter 638: Just pick and choose Chapter 639: The more you live, the more exciting Chapter 640: Cold attitude Chapter 641: Don't watch the rest Chapter 642: I don't dare to think Chapter 643: She really has a face too Chapter 644: Take your tatters and go ashamed Chapter 645: Defaulted to her noble status Chapter 646: She has to swell these people's faces Chapter 647: Knowledgeable Chapter 648: Butler, see off Chapter 649: You will always be my beloved girl Chapter 650: Bring some bad rules into the door Chapter 651: District artists come to participate Chapter 652: Finally brought this moment to Pan Chapter 653: It's disgusting! Chapter 654: I don't think Subei is worthy Chapter 655: Randomly selected among the garbage Chapter 656: Thanks to Subei Chapter 657: Sensation Chapter 658: Vulgarity Chapter 659: Still can't trouble her Chapter 660: I am writing for you Chapter 661: Slapped her face hard Chapter 662: It's too late Chapter 663: Beauty has become a static Chinese painting Chapter 664: Then there is no need for a blind date Chapter 665: Because you are Subei, you are the best Chapter 666: Such arrogance Chapter 667: Holding Jia Shiyun personally Chapter 668: Change the battlefield Chapter 669: This role is left alone Chapter 670: Allow me to sell it Chapter 671: To know the truth Chapter 672: Control everything in Subei Chapter 673: To highlight her youth? Chapter 674: Am I familiar with you? Chapter 675: Was cut off by someone like Subei Chapter 676: As good as Chapter 677: Subei, it's so average Chapter 678: No more injuries Chapter 679: Selfish evil is activated Chapter 680: It can't be solved by spending money Chapter 681: I go on my own Chapter 682: I'm out of control Chapter 683: I'm feeling better now Chapter 684: Because you are not brave enough Chapter 685: Meaning always different Chapter 686: Even faceless to see people Chapter 687: Shot extra heavy Chapter 688: It's better to disfigure her face and break her Chapter 689: Restrained myself Chapter 690: It's worth coming again a billion times Chapter 691: Can't help but feel very distressed Chapter 692: Vicious plan Chapter 693: Framed Subey Chapter 694: My face is allergic Chapter 695: too frightening Chapter 696: Withdraw from injury Chapter 697: Find out Chapter 698: You can just stay out Chapter 699: What magic did he use Chapter 700: When it's a turtle Chapter 701: Give the public a truth Chapter 702: Aroused widespread sympathy Chapter 703: Not afraid of people talking Chapter 704: What are you fighting for? Chapter 705: I'm unlucky and have to pull a back Chapter 706: Only click to stop Chapter 707: What went wrong Chapter 708: How could it be a small problem Chapter 709: Is it purely vicious? Chapter 710: Lu Heting has to call me brother Chapter 711: Can it be solved with hot pot? Chapter 712: Count Subei's Ten Deadly Sins Chapter 713: I'm so angry Chapter 714: Prove Subei's innocence Chapter 715: I blamed Subei Chapter 716: I have you Chapter 717: Let Subei die together Chapter 718: Ruined overnight Chapter 719: Worth my time to deal with you Chapter 720: She is a broom star Chapter 721: Subei Chapter 722: Without you, there would be no soul Chapter 723: Are all superstitious Chapter 724: I can only match Tang Yue Chapter 725: Bring the check and follow me Chapter 726: It's Lu Ye Chapter 727: The Lu family is still afraid Chapter 728: Dismantle one's own station Chapter 729: Did you pick up some pheasant activity? Chapter 730: Is there no reward? Chapter 731: Everything is one step behind Lu Heting Chapter 732: Don't look at whose brother I am Chapter 733: The life of a rich man is boring and happy Chapter 734: Best treatment Chapter 735: Die with a gentleman Chapter 736: I don't mess up, just take a look Chapter 737: You are weak, you are reasonable Chapter 738: Selling yourself may not be able to afford it Chapter 739: I don't want to compensate Chapter 740: I'm afraid it takes a **** to fix it Chapter 741: Things that violate the Three Views Chapter 742: Kind of mindless Chapter 743: I found someone to fix it Chapter 744: Failure in failure Chapter 745: Admire is of course admired Chapter 746: It's really impossible, and I don't force it Chapter 747: No hot pot, spicy strips will Chapter 748: The biggest shame in my career Chapter 749: What did they do Chapter 750: Fat House Happy Water, for you to drink Chapter 751: Should belong to her Chapter 752: The little princess holding herself in her hand Chapter 753: Become a big joke Chapter 754: What kind of vision is Subei? Chapter 755: Thousands of dollars Chapter 756: This annoying Chapter 757: This is also an opportunity Chapter 758: Helpless Chapter 759: That look Chapter 760: I take the liberty to ask Chapter 761: The identity of Lu Heting Chapter 762: This is the feeling of being loved Chapter 763: Let's fight it Chapter 764: Dare you? Mr. Lu! Chapter 765: You win! Chapter 766: Never in a lifetime Chapter 767: Feel particularly interesting Chapter 768: Came alive all at once Chapter 769: The big man doesn't want mother-in-law Chapter 770: Sprinkling things Chapter 771: Is this too fun? Chapter 772: Do you want to pick it up? Chapter 773: Do whatever you want Chapter 774: Make more money to support him Chapter 775: Ask her opinion Chapter 776: I can't get this hand Chapter 777: Don't you consider me a friend Chapter 778: Talk about money hurt feelings Chapter 779: In case you encounter a bad guy Chapter 780: The friend I want to make the most Chapter 781: Waiting anytime Chapter 782: It's our own business Chapter 783: It's painful Chapter 784: Do it for me Chapter 785: The secret cannot be revealed Chapter 786: Has been unclear Chapter 787: Help people to the end, send Buddha to the west Chapter 788: I also contribute Chapter 789: What difficulties have you encountered in life Chapter 790: Reminds her of her daughter Chapter 791: Fate is in your own hands Chapter 792: This ulterior motive Chapter 793: Don't carry this pot Chapter 794: Clean up the mess? Chapter 795: Hand it over to Subei Chapter 796: Is there a problem with the brain? Chapter 797: Let's rest together Chapter 798: Can the girl accept it? Chapter 799: I am impressed Chapter 800: Handwriting that does not belong to Subei Chapter 801: Giving up rest is the right choice Chapter 802: Kill two birds with one stone Chapter 803: It's amazing Chapter 804: Tell us about Chapter 805: She deserves it Chapter 806: Eat anywhere Chapter 807: I don't want to listen sorry Chapter 808: Follow the rules Chapter 809: Go and apologize to Miss Han immediately Chapter 810: Are rules important for making money? Chapter 811: I said I don't want to Chapter 812: I was crushed by this scene Chapter 813: Can it be superior Chapter 814: Don't like being hugged, OK? Chapter 815: With his IQ Chapter 816: It's so strange Chapter 817: His dad has good genes Chapter 818: Teach by example Chapter 819: It's the father's fault Chapter 820: I trust character more Chapter 821: Is the workplace an ideal country? Chapter 822: What a joke! Chapter 823: Naive, naive! Chapter 824: You can not come Chapter 825: If she doesn't appreciate it Chapter 826: Hearty Chapter 827: The choice of the minded person Chapter 828: Ate this amway Chapter 829: You are the best Chapter 830: What flower come out Chapter 831: Still not your good friend Chapter 832: Don't last long Chapter 833: Come on stage with me Chapter 834: Completely shocked Chapter 835: Surprise, no small thing Chapter 836: Any questions Chapter 837: Indeed Chapter 838: All you get is white eyes Chapter 839: Heavier than anything Chapter 840: Do not break their words Chapter 841: On the Cultivation of Strict Wife Control Chapter 842: Thinking about it Chapter 843: I'm not important, right Chapter 844: To become an international master Chapter 845: Actually rejected him Chapter 846: Underestimated this woman Chapter 847: Grabbed the woman Lu Ye liked? Chapter 848: We go home first Chapter 849: I know it was wrong! Chapter 850: Responsible to the end Chapter 851: Mistress of Emperor Star Media Chapter 852: Far from satisfied Chapter 853: The red wine in my hand is more fragrant Chapter 854: Can't be called Subei Chapter 855: I'm so hard Chapter 856: Avoid suspicion Chapter 857: Speak up Chapter 858: Happy and quiet Chapter 859: Best room Chapter 860: All vigilant Chapter 861: A dripper Chapter 862: Give Jia Shiyun enough face Chapter 863: Very complimented Chapter 864: How much is a bottle Chapter 865: The gap is like a moat Chapter 866: Kill her in the limelight Chapter 867: The difference between cloud and mud Chapter 868: The importance of Jia Shiyun Chapter 869: Maybe you will be selected Chapter 870: Look at him more Chapter 871: The only cp Chapter 872: Wasted by Subei Chapter 873: For further glory Chapter 874: It's not my turn to come Chapter 875: Squeezed Subei again Chapter 876: Seven months after appointment Chapter 877: She doesn't feel bad at all Chapter 878: Able to grow old Chapter 879: So who will she invite? Chapter 880: Can you come together Chapter 881: Everything should be low-key Chapter 882: Lu Heting is Lu Ye Chapter 883: Because you are Subei Chapter 884: It's an honor to hit the day Chapter 885: Won't let Subei enter this door Chapter 886: Where do you want to live? Chapter 887: You are the hostess Chapter 888: Was beaten off the first time Chapter 889: That's called Pengxun Shenghui Chapter 890: Maintenance of her Chapter 891: Is it really being treated harshly? Chapter 892: Why is she here? Chapter 893: I don't want to call like that Chapter 894: Don't go Chapter 895: It's so fun Chapter 896: I dont like it either Chapter 897: Investor Father Lu Ye Chapter 898: Your check Chapter 899: Calculate with Subei Chapter 900: It's impossible to guard against Chapter 901: The genes are really good Chapter 902: A genius Chapter 903: Has been harvested by him Chapter 904: Dabao is too handsome, right? Chapter 905: Not a joke Chapter 906: Boasting is more appropriate Chapter 907: Such an imposing little boy Chapter 908: Routine operations of rich men Chapter 909: After hitting the left cheek and hitting the ri Chapter 910: Future successor Chapter 911: A little like her Chapter 912: Does Lu Ye like himself? Chapter 913: The most perfect Chapter 914: scandal Chapter 915: One big and one small replica Chapter 916: Home flower does not smell of wild flowers Chapter 917: Don't worry, i will fix it Chapter 918: Xiao San should have been condemned Chapter 919: Change it sooner Chapter 920: You are the one Chapter 921: The shameless person Chapter 922: Focus on fright Chapter 923: It's done Chapter 924: Everything is over Chapter 925: Ugly Chapter 926: The remedy was quite successful Chapter 927: Anger starts from the heart Chapter 928: All depends on you Chapter 929: Why don't I give Subei Chapter 930: The fragrance of dog food Chapter 931: All wasted Chapter 932: Unless you have no choice Chapter 933: Exceptional dissatisfaction Chapter 934: Great news Chapter 935: Disgusting yourself Chapter 936: Wasted a great time Chapter 937: not bad Chapter 938: Submissive woman Chapter 939: The most beautiful focal point Chapter 940: Perfect manners Chapter 941: Why is it so cute Chapter 942: Smiled reluctantly Chapter 943: Little fairy Chapter 944: Harvest tonight Chapter 945: Can be regarded as heart-to-heart Chapter 946: The dream of a pro Fangze Chapter 947: Surrender mind Chapter 948: So embarrassed Chapter 949: When did you change your mind Chapter 950: Don't take it too seriously Chapter 951: She is our friend after all Chapter 952: Shake it up Chapter 953: She still has face Chapter 954: I'm not jealous Chapter 955: Can't help but beat him on the spot Chapter 956: Gave him the whole spring Chapter 957: Do you want to borrow my wife's car? Chapter 958: Lazy Chapter 959: Then don't touch it Chapter 960: Capital to settle down Chapter 961: You didn't receive it Chapter 962: There are so many pink eyes Chapter 963: Some are true, some are false Chapter 964: Don't ask, ask is to eat dog food Chapter 965: Broke the financial crisis Chapter 966: Boss ran away Chapter 967: The Du family is going bankrupt? Chapter 968: Subei is too much Chapter 969: How come you guys too Chapter 970: Can it be considered invalid? Chapter 971: Apply for bankruptcy settlement Chapter 972: What is the difference with Xiaosan? Chapter 973: Get cheap and sell well Chapter 974: It's nice to have a husband back Chapter 975: Self-evident innocence Chapter 976: Temporary worker Chapter 977: What do you mean? Chapter 978: The cost of doing something wrong Chapter 979: Treat each other as dead Chapter 980: Rolling play is for sure Chapter 981: I will arrange Chapter 982: Came to the hospital together Chapter 983: No personal emotions Chapter 984: Completely shattered Chapter 985: I have no choice Chapter 986: I am not bankrupt Chapter 987: Final ending and end Chapter 988: Guest mentality Chapter 989: Does it hurt? Chapter 990: Hostess Chapter 991: Can choose him Chapter 992: How long can i stay with you Chapter 993: But no one believes Chapter 994: Don't like it so much Chapter 995: Completely achievable Chapter 996: On the billowing face Chapter 997: Attitude changes Chapter 998: It's a good thing Chapter 999: Forget the cubs Chapter 1000: Dabao's mother Chapter 1001: What serious matter Chapter 1002: Not related Chapter 1003: Last time Chapter 1004: It's not a bad thing Chapter 1005: Not in his life plan Chapter 1006: Stimulated the desire to fight Chapter 1007: What is the result of tearing Chapter 1008: They all look good, and they all get in the wa Chapter 1009: Just waiting for this Chapter 1010: So young and promising Chapter 1011: For Subei Chapter 1012: Nothing will happen Chapter 1013: Stay away from bees and butterflies Chapter 1014: Don't disappoint Chapter 1015: Forced it to him Chapter 1016: Crushed by your son Chapter 1017: The absence of fatherhood Chapter 1018: I just like it Chapter 1019: More distance Chapter 1020: literal meaning Chapter 1021: Obedient little cat Chapter 1022: Don't praise me? Chapter 1023: Do this Chapter 1024: Lost at the start Chapter 1025: Give back to him Chapter 1026: Love of life Chapter 1027: Husband's rights Chapter 1028: Don't hesitate to fight against me Chapter 1029: Won't come to see her temporarily Chapter 1030: If you can do it Chapter 1031: Family relationship Chapter 1032: Is the best choice Chapter 1033: Not in your car for nothing Chapter 1034: You fight again Chapter 1035: Tried to despair Chapter 1036: Level has risen Chapter 1037: up to you Chapter 1038: what's the situation Chapter 1039: Know it so soon? Chapter 1040: Just a hand Chapter 1041: Can't hold my mind Chapter 1042: Hurt yourself to digest Chapter 1043: What else do you want to ask? Chapter 1044: anything else Chapter 1045: who's that person Chapter 1046: Fainted Chapter 1047: I'll try Chapter 1048: Then you stay with me Chapter 1049: Express an apology Chapter 1050: I have to apologize to you Chapter 1051: How serious Chapter 1052: Several souls live in one body Chapter 1053: Not necessarily without hatred Chapter 1054: Good people can't stand Chapter 1055: Due punishment Chapter 1056: Hit both Chapter 1057: The devil in the heart Chapter 1058: And two children Chapter 1059: Make mistakes again and again Chapter 1060: So handsome for whom Chapter 1061: Should die Chapter 1062: I am sorry Chapter 1063: Coming back soon Chapter 1064: It really takes courage Chapter 1065: Free and bright Chapter 1066: Too high-level and no one can participate Chapter 1067: Will get better and better in the future Chapter 1068: Must be able to recognize the goods Chapter 1069: Nothing happened at all Chapter 1070: More and more spoiled Chapter 1071: There is an easter egg Chapter 1072: Will you be angry Chapter 1073: I am convinced Chapter 1074: Best in the world Chapter 1075: best gift Chapter 1076: I can fall asleep when I get tired Chapter 1077: Propped up the soul of this movie Chapter 1078: Not satisfied at all Chapter 1079: Run this award Chapter 1080: So reluctant Chapter 1081: The footsteps are still a bit vain Chapter 1082: No one is so afraid of death Chapter 1083: Invite you to the top Chapter 1084: How can you play on the red carpet Chapter 1085: You have this relationship Chapter 1086: He is everywhere Chapter 1087: She is worthy and worthy Chapter 1088: So I'm not dreaming Chapter 1089: Some retreat Chapter 1090: It's really not in vain Chapter 1091: Own destiny Chapter 1092: Photographed Chapter 1093: The award must be bought! Chapter 1094: Jia Shiyun Chapter 1095: who do you think You Are? Chapter 1096: I won’t let my boyfriend take care of it Chapter 1097: It's not as important as Subei Chapter 1098: Worthy of your son Chapter 1099: Hit it off Chapter 1100: The basis of cooperation Chapter 1101: Want to buy personality for ten million? Chapter 1102: Have its own way Chapter 1103: Don't let him know how he died Chapter 1104: Subei is jealous Chapter 1105: Dominate the entire market Chapter 1106: She didn't believe her long ago Chapter 1107: The toad doesn't bite but responds Chapter 1108: Of course my wife plays well Chapter 1109: The rich world Chapter 1110: No doubt a winner in life Chapter 1111: Explore this question Chapter 1112: Got hooked by such a brat Chapter 1113: Why are you so free? Chapter 1114: I can't let you go there Chapter 1115: Look at your big brother Chapter 1116: Set her free Chapter 1117: Subei picks her feet at home Chapter 1118: Mockery in the circle Chapter 1119: There is no cave inside Chapter 1120: Look at a chess piece Chapter 1121: Makes her very unwell Chapter 1122: Don't post the draft Chapter 1123: Half brother Chapter 1124: Can't hold back vanity Chapter 1125: illuminator Chapter 1126: Do not spread rumors or believe in rumors Chapter 1127: Guiqiu Subei as a beauty Chapter 1128: Man Han Banquet vs Congee and Side Dishes Chapter 1129: Don't like her Chapter 1130: Speak with acting Chapter 1131: Really rare Chapter 1132: Don't be kidding Chapter 1133: Speechless Chapter 1134: Very amazing Chapter 1135: Really good calculation Chapter 1136: Very explosive Chapter 1137: Try not to hurt her Chapter 1138: Inferior Chapter 1139: Just right Chapter 1140: If you are better than me, I will convince you Chapter 1141: You don't have to pay Chapter 1142: See how good I am Chapter 1143: Solve in a foolish way Chapter 1144: I didn't try my best just now Chapter 1145: Did you beat someone? Chapter 1146: Extraordinarily confidential Chapter 1147: Lu Heting's personal exclusive Chapter 1148: Out of personal affair Chapter 1149: Sube Chapter 1150: Sleeping Chapter 1151: Large sharing scene Chapter 1152: Promotion Ambassador Chapter 1153: Was robbed by Lu Heting Chapter 1154: Thanks paparazzi Chapter 1155: Millions of refined pictures are now refined Chapter 1156: Exactly like Meitu Chapter 1157: Surprise Chapter 1158: Can't refuse his wife Chapter 1159: Lu Heting is so mediocre Chapter 1160: The young master Chapter 1161: Nothing to like Chapter 1162: Extraordinarily high profile Chapter 1163: Is a good opportunity Chapter 1164: Misjudgment Chapter 1165: The future can be expected Chapter 1166: It depends on who you compare Chapter 1167: He should be proud Chapter 1168: Charming taste Chapter 1169: Wife's praise Chapter 1170: Convince you Chapter 1171: Can you keep up? Chapter 1172: Buy out Chapter 1173: Contempt of the enemy Chapter 1174: Lifetime Chapter 1175: Speak to count Chapter 1176: Give me some color Chapter 1177: Enough for the battle of the last century? Chapter 1178: Super high level Chapter 1179: Guiqiu true face Chapter 1180: I only hate being young and uneducated Chapter 1181: Do not advertise Chapter 1182: Unweaned baby Chapter 1183: No one can question her Chapter 1184: Time period belonging to Subei Chapter 1185: I don't, I am not, don't talk nonsense Chapter 1186: Be sure to ask me! Chapter 1187: Not doing business Chapter 1188: Magnanimous look Chapter 1189: Determine a person's nature Chapter 1190: It's not too grand Chapter 1191: Strange? Chapter 1192: Famous daughter Chapter 1193: Can you afford it? Chapter 1194: Don't know better Chapter 1195: You take her and leave Chapter 1196: It's up to you Chapter 1197: relatively reputable Chapter 1198: I do not know either Chapter 1199: It must be fake Chapter 1200: Fame, isn’t it just going to ruin Chapter 1201: Thief Chapter 1202: Initials Chapter 1203: I suggest you call the police Chapter 1204: Of course don't mind Chapter 1205: This is a pair Chapter 1206: Really good Chapter 1207: Can you be convinced? Chapter 1208: I don't know this Chapter 1209: The more humiliated Chapter 1210: Is this next time? Chapter 1211: Tall image of painstaking management Chapter 1212: Just hit the style Chapter 1213: Afraid of wife Chapter 1214: Catch up Chapter 1215: Raise a child for you Chapter 1216: Really useless Chapter 1217: This is her freedom Chapter 1218: Poke a knife Chapter 1219: That's not bragging Chapter 1220: Have a dream, it's never too late Chapter 1221: Don't think about taking shortcuts Chapter 1222: Ugly words first Chapter 1223: Unwilling to promise Chapter 1224: Maximum loss Chapter 1225: No impermeable wall Chapter 1226: Lessons will not be absent Chapter 1227: After you meet Chapter 1228: Excited like chicken blood Chapter 1229: Popularity can be seen Chapter 1230: Like a woman with long tongue Chapter 1231: But so Chapter 1232: Did I hear it wrong? Chapter 1233: Aggressive Chapter 1234: Stingy home Chapter 1235: So amazing Chapter 1236: Beat and scold Chapter 1237: Should not be buried Chapter 1238: Official announcement Chapter 1239: Sugar Chapter 1240: pregnant? Chapter 1241: who is it? Chapter 1242: What's wrong! Chapter 1243: Let her forgive? Chapter 1244: Will it leave scars Chapter 1245: Achieve the ultimate Chapter 1246: Dying Chapter 1247: Everyone is out of luck Chapter 1248: Just a pawn Chapter 1249: Exquisite Chapter 1250: Usually good Chapter 1251: Fierce material Chapter 1252: What adults should do Chapter 1253: But worse Chapter 1254: There are works Chapter 1255: I won't dare again next time Chapter 1256: What a shame Chapter 1257: Beautiful Chapter 1258: Is the focus wrong? Chapter 1259: Fairy fate Chapter 1260: What's worthy of respect Chapter 1261: Nothing to envy Chapter 1262: Not necessarily true Chapter 1263: He hates you too late Chapter 1264: How did you do it Chapter 1265: Not exactly a bad thing Chapter 1266: The more I think, the more upset Chapter 1267: Unparalleled scum Chapter 1268: I won't be scum Chapter 1269: Something wrong Chapter 1270: High-sounding words Chapter 1271: Doubled back Chapter 1272: Sorry for their mother and son Chapter 1273: qualified Chapter 1274: True envy Chapter 1275: The identity of Xiaosan Chapter 1276: Fireproof, anti-theft and anti-girlfriend Chapter 1277: I can't stand you Chapter 1278: It can be seen what people want Chapter 1279: Take it out and have a look Chapter 1280: Not enough Chapter 1281: Shameful Chapter 1282: Look down on that evil kind Chapter 1283: Can't be an irresponsible man Chapter 1284: Hold on for Subei Chapter 1285: Ease the relationship Chapter 1286: Fanned him for a while Chapter 1287: Disappointed Chapter 1288: Don't worry, it will be solved Chapter 1289: Fight together to the end Chapter 1290: Stop making your own Chapter 1291: Underestimate opponents Chapter 1292: I have no plans at all Chapter 1293: How else is it called a dream Chapter 1294: No plan to change jobs Chapter 1295: You hit me? Chapter 1296: I don't want to wait! Chapter 1297: Difficult battle between heaven and man Chapter 1298: Let him dare to be a hooligan Chapter 1299: Finally turned over at the same time Chapter 1300: Pouting everywhere Chapter 1301: special gift Chapter 1302: Clarify it's not you Chapter 1303: Really have such ability Chapter 1304: Poke his heart Chapter 1305: The knife of a loved one hurts the most Chapter 1306: No one can escape Chapter 1307: Agreed to recognize the ancestors Chapter 1308: Took this role Chapter 1309: Don't learn from those people Chapter 1310: I'm afraid of you, I can't take this responsib Chapter 1311: A good son taught Chapter 1312: People can lie, but machines can't lie Chapter 1313: Who wouldn't make false claims? Chapter 1314: Are you weak and reasonable? Chapter 1315: Have a son to ensure status Chapter 1316: The **** separating our father and son Chapter 1317: Also your most sorry person Chapter 1318: My father is dead, who are you Chapter 1319: Little three creatures Chapter 1320: Sorry to interrupt Chapter 1321: How do you thank me? Chapter 1322: That I am not watching the excitement Chapter 1323: Do you think we two are a bit redundant Chapter 1324: Strive to turn curses into cheers Chapter 1325: Don't even bother to target her Chapter 1326: I don't know what's wrong with her Chapter 1327: Don't do such a stupid thing Chapter 1328: I'll choke her to death first, but happy Chapter 1329: Obviously partial Chapter 1330: Let her not die but also peel off the skin Chapter 1331: No surgery, don’t you understand? Chapter 1332: A lively liar! Chapter 1333: Everything is under his control Chapter 1334: Lest you get blocked before you debut Chapter 1335: Seeing parents, suspected good things are comi Chapter 1336: The chemical reaction is amazing Chapter 1337: Tube eat tube wear tube sleep Chapter 1338: Keep a little more affection Chapter 1339: Not happy Chapter 1340: Somewhat unfair Chapter 1341: It's my daughter Chapter 1342: I am not mistaken! Chapter 1343: Don't meet that woman Chapter 1344: Interested person Chapter 1345: Why is there such a thing? Chapter 1346: No more for Subei Chapter 1347: Subei is just a fake Chapter 1348: Can't be my sister Chapter 1349: Don't leave one Chapter 1350: Just do as I said Chapter 1351: Really tried my best Chapter 1352: Listen to the wind is rain Chapter 1353: How can I sell it? Chapter 1354: Bad deal Chapter 1355: Want to vomit blood again Chapter 1356: An integral part Chapter 1357: Why is it not? Chapter 1358: Sparks overflowing Chapter 1359: Allow you to be jealous Chapter 1360: Great warmth Chapter 1361: Fanatical suitor Chapter 1362: Haven't broken up yet? Chapter 1363: Wife Guardian Madness Chapter 1364: Didn’t you die? Chapter 1365: He just joined Chapter 1366: Inevitably a little arrogant Chapter 1367: Everyone knows Chapter 1368: What are you laughing at? Chapter 1369: Who dares to reason with Lu Heting Chapter 1370: From the heart Chapter 1371: Someone wants to take you away Chapter 1372: Let you know what is good Chapter 1373: You can do it Chapter 1374: I can't think of it Chapter 1375: Are you doing this to your sister? Chapter 1376: Blame Lu Heting Chapter 1377: Character and tenacity Chapter 1378: Use it to grandstand Chapter 1379: Smash it Chapter 1380: Occasionally miss Chapter 1381: Useless work Chapter 1382: Clearly fake Chapter 1383: Deceive Chapter 1384: Settle the ledger with her Chapter 1385: Saved the extragalactic galaxies Chapter 1386: Father depends on son, husband depends on wife Chapter 1387: Treat you not thin Chapter 1388: Why are you doing this? Chapter 1389: Somewhat creepy Chapter 1390: Never leave Chapter 1391: Regret Chapter 1392: Is the daughter of He Jiang and Lin Xiruo Chapter 1393: Stop reading! Chapter 1394: It's all a joke Chapter 1395: Become what you are Chapter 1396: Somewhat unpleasant Chapter 1397: Don't plan to bother Chapter 1398: I have friends with Chapter 1399: Not on the table Chapter 1400: So are you thinking more? Chapter 1401: Fight father and husband Chapter 1402: It's my turn to be jealous Chapter 1403: The pigs raised at home can pick up cabbage Chapter 1404: Public status Chapter 1405: Is that enough to thank you? Chapter 1406: Waiting for choice and competition Chapter 1407: Don't trap yourself because of foreign objects Chapter 1408: Invite us to a wedding wine Chapter 1409: He thought, I will accompany you Chapter 1410: He has other dogs outside Chapter 1411: Please strike! Chapter 1412: Beauty beyond gender Chapter 1413: Absolute strength Chapter 1414: Is he better than me? Chapter 1415: Your past love Chapter 1416: Chaos and abandon Chapter 1417: The grace of not marrying Chapter 1418: If you are not popular, you will be stepped on Chapter 1419: Spread rumors with a mouth, dispel rumors and Chapter 1420: Can you make a woman pregnant? Chapter 1421: Be a stepping stone for yourself Chapter 1422: I really don't deserve Lu Ye Chapter 1423: Lu Bei is not worthy! Chapter 1424: The meaning of avoiding the most important Chapter 1425: I won't eat this jealousy Chapter 1426: One-off trial Chapter 1427: unintended mistake? Chapter 1428: Almost done Chapter 1429: Lu Bei is Subei! Chapter 1430: Already married Chapter 1431: Is my forever princess Chapter 1432: Really ridiculous Chapter 1433: Taste Chapter 1434: It's nice to have a daughter Chapter 1435: No more sister Chapter 1436: how do you know? Chapter 1437: Vow not to give up Chapter 1438: A way to intimidate him Chapter 1439: Can you kill both men and women? Chapter 1440: Little aura is two meters eight Chapter 1441: He was really fast, he lost faster than me Chapter 1442: This personality doesn’t remember you at all Chapter 1443: Qualification is so good Chapter 1444: Full of domineering spirit Chapter 1445: Was dismissed like this Chapter 1446: The show is on Chapter 1447: Isn't it an insult? Chapter 1448: No need to care about gains and losses Chapter 1449: Why? Chapter 1450: More threatening Chapter 1451: I am not too dare to say Chapter 1452: Know the people, know the face, don't know the Chapter 1453: Dead dead Chapter 1454: Who is the woman inside Chapter 1455: Get cheap and sell well Chapter 1456: After all, she is richer than her Chapter 1457: Are you satisfied? Chapter 1458: Who painted it? Chapter 1459: Have to cut love Chapter 1460: Will not fail Chapter 1461: Inherited to Subei Chapter 1462: What are you pushing on my head? Chapter 1463: Leave it to me Chapter 1464: You must save me Chapter 1465: Plain man Chapter 1466: Only worthy of foot washing Chapter 1467: So much money? Chapter 1468: There is still the highlight Chapter 1469: Don’t use the suspect, no doubt about employin Chapter 1470: Disaster Chapter 1471: If you dare to sue us, you dare to believe it! Chapter 1472: Just leave Chapter 1473: You have been three times too Chapter 1474: It's okay to feed the dog Chapter 1475: Treat you as a dog Chapter 1476: Something coming off Chapter 1477: Please accept the lawyer's letter Chapter 1478: A fatal blow to the bitch Chapter 1479: Really smart Chapter 1480: She is not qualified Chapter 1481: Not a garbage dump Chapter 1482: How about I fight for you? Chapter 1483: Do you still doubt my ability Chapter 1484: Make a **** road in the industry Chapter 1485: The dowry is getting less and less Chapter 1486: Leaving the Tang Dynasty, dogs are worse Chapter 1487: How could it be that person? Chapter 1488: That's pretty much the same Chapter 1489: Arty tools Chapter 1490: Never denied Chapter 1491: More for myself Chapter 1492: You have your trump card Chapter 1493: I will come back when I have the right opportu Chapter 1494: Shuanglu cp will last forever Chapter 1495: Less relationship Chapter 1496: Discovery! Chapter 1497: Say she is sinister? Chapter 1498: I have no reason not to see him Chapter 1499: Come to see me specifically Chapter 1500: Can cure these two people Chapter 1501: Termination Chapter 1502: Stealing chicken will not lose the rice Chapter 1503: Second best Chapter 1504: Get out of Nirvana Entertainment Chapter 1505: Face slap Chapter 1506: Really disgusting Chapter 1507: The copy is written by Zhiqin Chapter 1508: Take away everyone's trust in you Chapter 1509: How can this be done? Chapter 1510: Although you are already handsome Chapter 1511: Who do you pick? Chapter 1512: Like a fool Chapter 1513: very exciting Chapter 1514: Nothing more to say Chapter 1515: Shameless day Chapter 1516: Anyone with eyes can see Chapter 1517: He knows her knows Chapter 1518: I dare not mess with you Chapter 1519: Lu's face is all shame Chapter 1520: Put gold on one's face Chapter 1521: Snow presses the bamboo head low, lowering for Chapter 1522: Don't want your champion? Chapter 1523: Do you mind if I hold her to sleep in my bed? Chapter 1524: Find out the old things of the year Chapter 1525: I won't play! Chapter 1526: To freeze people to death Chapter 1527: People who are in love really don’t understand Chapter 1528: He can't take risks Chapter 1529: Still keep this hand Chapter 1530: There are still friends in the circle Chapter 1531: I'll take care of it, how about? Chapter 1532: My brain is broken Chapter 1533: Let's go together Chapter 1534: Don't mess with the upper body Chapter 1535: Bullying the weak is extremely cowardly Chapter 1536: Women should not be men’s belongings and posse Chapter 1537: I'm the man you will never get Chapter 1538: What does this mean? Chapter 1539: Multiplayer sports Chapter 1540: Once infidelity, a hundred times without Chapter 1541: Nothing to say Chapter 1542: Hint of snow Chapter 1543: Can this be found too? Chapter 1544: A little fast heartbeat Chapter 1545: And you can't Chapter 1546: The sister of the same mother Chapter 1547: Has been cancelled Chapter 1548: Knowing with reason, moving with affection Chapter 1549: Overwhelming bad reviews Chapter 1550: soul mate Chapter 1551: Don't prevent me from pursuing girls Chapter 1552: Firmly gave her a name Chapter 1553: His confession Chapter 1554: The highest needs of human self-needs Chapter 1555: Do you still need to be reasonable to protect Chapter 1556: As expected of my Lu family Chapter 1557: Castrated him Chapter 1558: I really want to slap my face Chapter 1559: Unjust is doomed to destruction Chapter 1560: The darkest period of life Chapter 1561: You are worth it! Chapter 1562: 18 consecutive ng Chapter 1563: Much more work than others Chapter 1564: Can't tolerate the high demands of movie cafes Chapter 1565: Settle after you get angry Chapter 1566: My legs are soft Chapter 1567: Only when you die will you give people a chanc Chapter 1568: The world's most handsome Chapter 1569: See something suspicious Chapter 1570: Unwilling to hurt conscientious parents Chapter 1571: Doing things hastily will have a price in the Chapter 1572: You are really an honest person Chapter 1573: Say yes but leave it to me Chapter 1574: Children will not lie Chapter 1575: People are selling too well Chapter 1576: What qualifications Chapter 1577: Life is precious now Chapter 1578: So young, so su Chapter 1579: No shelter Chapter 1580: Take advantage of your illness to kill you Chapter 1581: Can only succeed, not fail Chapter 1582: Inferior Artist Chapter 1583: Miserable practice Chapter 1584: Keep accounts fast in your heart Chapter 1585: Knowing does not mean agreeing Chapter 1586: There is no suspense to win Chapter 1587: That person is very arrogant Chapter 1588: It's really harmful Chapter 1589: Isn't it just asking for money? You make a pri Chapter 1590: Caught in a huge controversy Chapter 1591: Refuse to instigate divorce Chapter 1592: Don't touch that girl Chapter 1593: You will look good when you smile Chapter 1594: Do not be a double standard Chapter 1595: What can't you do, eat first Chapter 1596: Your set Chapter 1597: Can i help baby? Chapter 1598: Do you want to have a lot of money? Chapter 1599: You look good, you are right Chapter 1600: Who wants to learn from him! Chapter 1601: Is he in love? Chapter 1602: My mother's last name Chapter 1603: I know what to do Chapter 1604: I really can't find any black material Chapter 1605: Amazing! Chapter 1606: I have the world in my heart, thank you Chapter 1607: Was it worn by a human soul? Chapter 1608: Life-saving grace should be repaid Chapter 1609: Do you think I can do it? Chapter 1610: Shocked! Chapter 1611: Implementation plan Chapter 1612: Infuse him with soul Chapter 1613: Unless he personally said Chapter 1614: Just want to make her happy Chapter 1615: I'm in a mess, just for you Chapter 1616: I just want to be lit by you Chapter 1617: Retouching pictures for wild men Chapter 1618: I'm a serious doctor Chapter 1619: Don't think I can't use the knife Chapter 1620: Although thousands of people, I only want to s Chapter 1621: As if your love is breathing Chapter 1622: More and more? Chapter 1623: She said she has the world in her heart? Chapter 1624: Make you obedient, you don't listen-listen! Chapter 1625: I don’t want to step back, it’s my last tender Chapter 1626: She gave me a new life Chapter 1627: My good girl Chapter 1628: Brother, good night Chapter 1629: I just want to ask questions Chapter 1630: Always have a little green on your head Chapter 1631: I will die with you Chapter 1632: Feed the dog as my time Chapter 1633: Really not worthy of him Chapter 1634: Follow the rules Chapter 1635: Only more, not less Chapter 1636: You don't deserve it! Chapter 1637: Too hard to get it Chapter 1638: If you want to hit you Chapter 1639: Full of water Chapter 1640: Hayashi family! Chapter 1641: Must listen to cp Chapter 1642: Can you point out the reason directly? Chapter 1643: Someone dug his corner Chapter 1644: Don't need to rely on husband Chapter 1645: Slander Chapter 1646: Does anyone need it? Chapter 1647: A belly of bad water Chapter 1648: Subei at the top of the food chain Chapter 1649: Do you need others to teach? Chapter 1650: Throw out the trump card Chapter 1651: It’s best to have it, but forget it Chapter 1652: The wealthy woman is really unfortunate Chapter 1653: It’s better to rely on men than on yourself Chapter 1654: Really smelly Chapter 1655: Do your best Chapter 1656: The spirit of revenge Chapter 1657: What is fatherly love! What is paternal love? Chapter 1658: I am the person in the picture, so are you Chapter 1659: Mean and resentful Chapter 1660: How unbearable is missing Chapter 1661: Consider our embarrassment Chapter 1662: I feel ashamed Chapter 1663: Find the clue Chapter 1664: Is innocent Chapter 1665: Really cool Chapter 1666: Angry under shock! Chapter 1667: Encountered Chapter 1668: Coquettish bitch Chapter 1669: Do you think you can have today? Chapter 1670: Want to cover up Chapter 1671: I must win! Chapter 1672: President Su is crazy, right? Chapter 1673: Self-defeating point Chapter 1674: Warn with eyes Chapter 1675: Not good enough Chapter 1676: Put on the agenda Chapter 1677: Angry Chapter 1678: Feel free Chapter 1679: To repay grievances with virtue, how to repay Chapter 1680: Three silent "born" Chapter 1681: Are you kind of human? Chapter 1682: Changed its original appearance Chapter 1683: Afraid of multiple people taking care of you? Chapter 1684: What if I say no? Chapter 1685: Have you tested Auntie's DNA? Chapter 1686: I also have a condition Chapter 1687: Don't laugh, sister-in-law Chapter 1688: What the **** is this Chapter 1689: Does charging up the phone bill really send ch Chapter 1690: Wish to be one-hearted Chapter 1691: It's not Subei Chapter 1692: Economist’s World Conundrum Chapter 1693: Tell him this surprise personally Chapter 1694: Derailed before getting married? Chapter 1695: Moral corruption! People are lost! Chapter 1696: Any comments? Chapter 1697: I have to make her family miserable Chapter 1698: I have to expose her trick Chapter 1699: Fists ready to move Chapter 1700: Prepared Chapter 1701: Wife guardian madness attributes Chapter 1702: Are they all rumors? Chapter 1703: Appeared halfway for no reason Chapter 1704: Only choose the expensive one, not the right o Chapter 1705: Miss who does her own way Chapter 1706: Not a big problem? Chapter 1707: Xu Zhiqin is unkind Chapter 1708: Glitches during the day Chapter 1709: Got a big bargain Chapter 1710: It’s not a child who is charged Chapter 1711: Somehow put it down Chapter 1712: Can be regarded as offering Buddha Chapter 1713: Family reunion Chapter 1714: I really don’t have eyes and brains Chapter 1715: Love is very humble Chapter 1716: Romantic Chapter 1717: Each has its own merits Chapter 1718: A fire made her hurt Chapter 1719: Poke the pain in my heart Chapter 1720: Give it to me tonight Chapter 1721: my honor Chapter 1722: You really won! Chapter 1723: Come here dad Chapter 1724: Why can't I know? Chapter 1725: The actor is really an actor Chapter 1726: Beautiful mysterious oriental woman Chapter 1727: Can't be bullied Chapter 1728: Time to give me an explanation? Chapter 1729: Oppress people to death Chapter 1730: To meet the gods to kill the gods Chapter 1731: Is there any relief tonight? Chapter 1732: I'm not at a loss yet Chapter 1733: Happy for nothing Chapter 1734: Why? Chapter 1735: Somewhat tasteful Chapter 1736: It seems that the rumors are true Chapter 1737: So in general Chapter 1738: Please be low-key Chapter 1739: The venue was robbed! Chapter 1740: No need to stay close Chapter 1741: You don't have to persuade me Chapter 1742: Foolish dreams Chapter 1743: Why is he so unbelievable Chapter 1744: Clean up her mess! Chapter 1745: Keep your promises Chapter 1746: Good for nothing Chapter 1747: How did it do it? Chapter 1748: The meaning of the words Chapter 1749: More compliments Chapter 1750: Secretly conceived "masterpiece" Chapter 1751: The paintings of the two people are the same Chapter 1752: Violating Lu Heting's portrait rights Chapter 1753: Really can't climb Chapter 1754: Are you credit card or check? Chapter 1755: Disassembled Chapter 1756: Two little boys Chapter 1757: Shock my whole family Chapter 1758: Just do something like this when my husband is Chapter 1759: It won't sound good Chapter 1760: The reputation of Subei and Su Lu Chapter 1761: Nice Chapter 1762: So you think I am beautiful too? Chapter 1763: I don’t call you big brother, but I still trea Chapter 1764: Think about it yourself Chapter 1765: Her kindness is protected by him Chapter 1766: I don’t need my own participation at all Chapter 1767: Brother's desire to protect Chapter 1768: Can't bear it Chapter 1769: You can't go Chapter 1770: Hope is all in Dabao Chapter 1771: A group Chapter 1772: Don't know him yet? Chapter 1773: Men are all sugar cane, all scum Chapter 1774: She didn't touch a single hair Chapter 1775: To lose so much money Chapter 1776: Fight for them Chapter 1777: It hasn't been red Chapter 1778: Hype cp Chapter 1779: How red is not black? Chapter 1780: The taste of conspiracy Chapter 1781: Ugly style Chapter 1782: Look at your lackluster look Chapter 1783: Have a chance Chapter 1784: Don't know the secret? Chapter 1785: How can we believe you? Chapter 1786: What does Mr. Lu think? Chapter 1787: Want to cover up Chapter 1788: Dominate the lives of others Chapter 1789: Did you eat something delicious with me? Chapter 1790: Preserve his own reputation Chapter 1791: The one who ruined her, happened to be you Chapter 1792: Why do you want to start for Su Lu Chapter 1793: Public is public, private is private Chapter 1794: You know my heart best Chapter 1795: Incompetent Chapter 1796: Save lives Chapter 1797: What occasion is this? Chapter 1798: Do you want to destroy me if you can't get me? Chapter 1799: Too nonsense Chapter 1800: she's fine Chapter 1801: Who wouldn't want to be Subei? Chapter 1802: The queen! Let's open up the country! Chapter 1803: Wait for her to make her own decision Chapter 1804: Urge marriage Chapter 1805: Daydreaming is so happy Chapter 1806: Why are you fooling around? Chapter 1807: It's just a fake Chapter 1808: I have doubted, but I am more afraid of losing Chapter 1809: There is no time to turn back Chapter 1810: Singles sold Chapter 1811: To rectify their names Chapter 1812: Really passed Chapter 1813: I owe you too long Chapter 1814: What's so handsome? Chapter 1815: Intend to lose at the starting line Chapter 1816: Strength should not be underestimated Chapter 1817: Was it accurate enough last night? Chapter 1818: Nothing needed Chapter 1819: Kidnapping Chapter 1820: Don't mess up Chapter 1821: I will never forgive him Chapter 1822: The more people, the worse Chapter 1823: you again Chapter 1824: To pinch him Chapter 1825: Trade me for her Chapter 1826: I have no grievances with him Chapter 1827: Deceived Chapter 1828: Subei is his bottom line Chapter 1829: Will make a choice Chapter 1830: The best sunshine in the world Chapter 1831: Goodbye my little sun Chapter 1832: I am afraid Chapter 1833: Anxiety is contagious Chapter 1834: People can not come, the soup must be taken aw Chapter 1835: This bitch! Chapter 1836: Don't affect my performance Chapter 1837: Very explosive Chapter 1838: No paparazzi this time Chapter 1839: Termination Chapter 1840: Big gold master Chapter 1841: She is not good at all! Chapter 1842: will you marry me? Chapter 1843: Wedding, always to you Chapter 1844: Newly married Chapter 1845: Life after extramarital Chapter 1846: Life after extramarital Chapter 1847: Life after extramarital Chapter 1848: Life after extramarital Chapter 1849: Life after extramarital Chapter 1850: Life after extramarital Chapter 1851: Life after extramarital Chapter 1852: Life after extramarital Chapter 1853: Life after extramarital Chapter 1854: Life after extramarital Chapter 1855: Life after extramarital Chapter 1856: Life after extramarital Chapter 1857: Life after extramarital Chapter 1858: Life after extramarital Chapter 1859: Life after extramarital Chapter 1860: Life after extramarital Chapter 1861: Life after extramarital Chapter 1862: Life after extramarital Chapter 1863: Life after extramarital Chapter 1864: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1865: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1866: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1867: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1868: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1869: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1870: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1871: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1872: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1873: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1874: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1875: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1876: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1877: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1878: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1879: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1880: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1881: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1882: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1883: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1884: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1885: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1886: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1887: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1888: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1889: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1890: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1891: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1892: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1893: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1894: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1895: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1896: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1897: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1898: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1899: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1900: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1901: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1902: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1903: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1904: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1905: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1906: Fanwai just to meet you ~: No. 1877-1 Chapter 1908: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1909: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1910: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1911: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1912: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1913: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1914: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1915: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1916: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1917: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1918: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1919: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1920: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1921: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1922: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1923: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1924: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1925: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1926: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1927: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1928: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1929: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1930: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1931: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1932: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1933: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1934: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1935: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1936: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1937: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1938: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1939: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1940: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1941: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1942: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1943: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1944: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1945: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1946: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1947: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1948: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1949: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1950: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1951: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1952: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1953: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1954: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1955: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1956: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1957: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1958: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1959: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1960: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1961: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1962: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1963: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1964: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1965: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1966: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1967: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1968: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1969: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1970: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1971: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1972: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1973: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1974: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1975: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1976: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1977: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1978: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1979: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1980: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1981: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1982: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1983: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1984: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1985: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1986: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1987: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1988: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1989: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1990: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1991: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1992: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1993: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1994: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1995: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1996: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1997: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 1998: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 2001: Fanwai just to meet you Chapter 2002: Extraordinary Twins Chapter 2003: 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