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I Am Overlord

I Am Overlord

Author: 我本纯洁 (I Am Pure) Genre: Eastern

Having suffered humiliation in his youth, he will move forward with exceptional martial talent, inheriting the mantle of the Overlord.He will ride the king of demonic beasts, break through all obstacles, and seize back his family estate.He will ascend to the pinnacle of martial cultivation and overturn the order of the heavens!Translators synopsis:

Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head start of ten years before catching up to them.Ten years later, Xiang Shaoyun appears at a tiny sect of a tiny town. Betrayed and disgraced by his own sect, he is penniless and powerless, his cultivation level lower than his peers’ due to the ten-year vow. Now to reclaim the glory he once had, he must climb to the top from the very bottom.Witness and join Xiang Shaoyun’s adventure in his rise to glory.

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Chapter List
Chapter 1: A Genius Only Seen Every Hundred Years? Chapter 2: Master, I Will Broaden Your Horizons! Chapter 3: Five Stars Illuminating the Sky! Chapter 4: Fighting for a Disciple! Chapter 5: What a Cute Little Girl! Chapter 6: Ain’t That the Damn Truth! Chapter 7: Nine Stars Shake the Heavens! Chapter 8: Challenging One’s Limits! Chapter 9: This Brat Is Definitely a Masochist!! Chapter 10: If You Don’t Let Me Eat, You Die! Chapter 11: What a Snob! Chapter 12: I, Xiang Shaoyun, Will Look After You From Now O Chapter 13: Heaven-defying Comprehension Ability! Chapter 14: Deliberately Siding With Him! Chapter 15: I’m Very Hurt! Chapter 16: A Conspiracy Appears! Chapter 17: I’ll Remember This Whip! Chapter 18: Concocting Medicinal Solutions! Chapter 19: Prelude to the Battle! Chapter 20: I’ll Defeat You in Three Moves! Chapter 21: I’ll Defeat Him Again! Chapter 22: Good Thing This Young Master Is Quick Witted! Chapter 23: Hall of Limits, Second Room! Chapter 26: Earth Star Spring! Chapter 24: Breaking the Limits! Chapter 25: He Is My Prince Charming! Chapter 27: Star Destroying Finger! Chapter 28: People Flee at the Sight of Trouble! Chapter 29: A Lucky Escape! Chapter 30: Reaching Hundred Beast Mountain Range! Chapter 31: This Young Master Cannot Look After You! Chapter 32: Blue Marten! Chapter 33: My First Time! Chapter 34: Healing Wounds! Chapter 35: Rushing to the Earth Star Spring! Chapter 36: Injury! Chapter 37: Riches Are Found in the Midst of Danger! Chapter 38: This Young Master Will Kill You! Chapter 39: Low-Grade Spirit Medicine: Blood Mushroom King! Chapter 40: Reaching the Earth Star Spring, Breaking Through Chapter 41: I’ve Actually Run Into a Dead End! Chapter 42: Gong Qinyin! Chapter 43: I’ll Let Her See Me Next Time! Chapter 44: Lightning Bolt Fist! Chapter 45: Fighting Head-On! Chapter 46: You're Courting Death! Chapter 47: I'm Still Hurting! Chapter 48: My Senior Brother Sure Has an Attitude Chapter 49: I Might as Well Smash My Head Against a Tofu and Chapter 50: Only Astral Realm Chapter 51: You Dare Bully This Young Master's Underlin Chapter 52: Let Me First Break Your Legs! Chapter 53: This Young Master Is Never Afraid of Anyone Chapter 54: Abuse of Authority Chapter 55: A Little Bit Worse Than Me Chapter 56: Entering the Third Limit Room Chapter 57: Fourth Limit, Broken! Chapter 58: You Sure You Want to Challenge Another Room? Chapter 59: Second-Stage Astral Realm Chapter 60: Born to Be King Chapter 61: Old Man, You Are Indeed Useless! Chapter 62: Please Allow Me This, Young Master Chapter 63: Forget It Chapter 64: The Child of Heaven Has Descended Upon the Morta Chapter 65: A Tad Bit Small Chapter 66: Kidnapped Chapter 67: Search Chapter 68: Yang Restoration Body Sculpting Pill Chapter 69: Purple Bone Chapter 70: Old Drunkard Duo Ji Chapter 71: I Hate This Bone! Chapter 72: I Am Unhappy! Chapter 73: I Will Be Fully Devoted! Chapter 74: Sister Chang'e Chapter 75: Shit! I Really Wasn't Lying! Chapter 76: Before the Match Chapter 77: All of You Can Come at Once Chapter 78: Now an Overlord Chapter 79: Blood Eruption Technique Chapter 80: Useless Chapter 81: Results of the Seclusion Chapter 82: Black Gold Chapter 83: Even More Shameless Than Robbing Chapter 84: Kill Chapter 85: I Hate Traitors The Most Chapter 86: Who Can Do It? Chapter 87: Battle of Towns Chapter 88: This Young Master Is Very Busy Chapter 89: Martial Palace Inheritance Chapter 90: You Dare to Not Reveal Yourself? Chapter 91: Broken Saber Chapter 92: The Invulnerability of the Shameless Chapter 93: Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique Chapter 94: This Is Too Much Chapter 95: You Are Challenging Me Chapter 96: Is Little White an Imperial Species? Chapter 97: The Birth of a New King Chapter 98: Growing Without Restraint Chapter 99: Strike by Lightning Chapter 100: Lightning Liquid Chapter 101: Desperate Self Rescue Chapter 102: Massive Transformation Chapter 103: They Are Not Worthy Chapter 104: I'm Giving Him the Cold Shoulder Chapter 105: Temper Chapter 106: This Little Fellow Holds a Grudge as Well Chapter 107: Rapid Kill Chapter 108: Undefeated Overlord Chapter 109: Fight by Your Side Chapter 110: Heading to the Golden River Valley Chapter 111: Battle Request Chapter 112: Repeated Defeat Chapter 113: This Young Master Shall Trample on You One by O Chapter 114: You Can Piss Off Again Chapter 115: The Boss Is Undefeated Chapter 116: I'll Blush Chapter 117: Surrender, Girl Chapter 118: Take My Trump Card Chapter 119: You Want Me to Keep Being the Dark Horse? Chapter 120: Reaching the Golden River Valley Chapter 121: Gold Serpentine Crocodile Chapter 122: Hunting Gold Serpentine Crocodiles Chapter 123: Forced Into an Impasse Chapter 124: Breaking Through During Crisis Chapter 125: The Legendary White Tiger Wings Chapter 126: One Howl to Shake Mountains and Rivers Chapter 127: Play the Fool Chapter 128: You Are Treating Human Life Like Grass Chapter 129: Untimely Death Chapter 130: White Tiger Demonic Soul Chapter 131: Ninth-Stage Demon King Chapter 132: Second-Stage Transformation Realm Chapter 133: Various Treasures Chapter 134: Inner Shaped Energy Chapter 135: Little White's Lightning Tribulation Chapter 136: I Like the Fiercest Tigress Chapter 137: It Is Jin Wo's Honor Chapter 138: Ziling Sect Chapter 139: Separation of Brothers Chapter 140: Is He a Crossdresser? Chapter 141: The View Here Is Better Chapter 142: You're the Boss Chapter 143: Time to Start a Fire Chapter 144: I Will Remember This! Chapter 145: You're Crazy Chapter 146: Zombie Slaying Chapter 147: Your Entire Family Are Crossdressers Chapter 148: Brain Devouring Bug Chapter 149: Go Back, Shower, and Sleep Chapter 150: My Full Name Is Dong Ziwan Chapter 151: I'm Accepting This Mission Chapter 152: You Have Been Surrounded Chapter 153: Who Told You I'm Running? Chapter 154: Well Done! Chapter 155: Cultivating an Ultimate Technique Chapter 156: Saber Intent Chapter 157: Comprehending the Dao Chapter 158: That Was Just Luck Chapter 159: Thank You for Showing Leniency Chapter 160: All of You Deserve Death Chapter 161: What Are You Waiting For? Surrender! Chapter 162: Challenging the Redwolf Bandits Chapter 163: Today, I'll Kill to My Heart's Conten Chapter 164: Devilspirit Sword Chapter 165: Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky Chapter 166: You Are Best Suited for the Position of Princip Chapter 167: Fight For Principal Chapter 168: You Are But Trash Chapter 169: From Today Onward, There Are No More Redwolf Ba Chapter 170: Heavenly Eye Stone Chapter 171: Really Strong Senior Chapter 172: Saber Emperor Du Xuanhao Chapter 173: Arriving at Cloud Margin City Chapter 174: Building a Spy Network Chapter 175: Parting on Bad Terms Chapter 176: You Better Not Chapter 177: Arrangement Chapter 178: Conflict Chapter 179: Tao Ran's Arrival Chapter 180: Earthcore Fire Search Preparation Chapter 181: Before the Auction Chapter 182: Icesnow Fruit Chapter 183: Coldstar Stone Chapter 184: The Headband From the Ancient Forbidden Grounds Chapter 185: I Am Overlord Xiang Chapter 186: Challenging Xie Sanqian Chapter 187: Your Killer Is Overlord Xiang Chapter 188: Nether Dragon Soul Curse Chapter 189: Be My Bed Warming Maid Chapter 190: Arriving at the Flame Mountain Chapter 191: Chen Clan's Chen Zilong Chapter 192: One Move Is All It Takes Chapter 193: Starting the Earthcore Fire Search Chapter 194: Flame Beast Chapter 195: Battling the Double Crimson Tyrants Chapter 196: Drawing in Lightning Chapter 197: The Profundity of Nether Soul Domain Chapter 198: Qilin Arm Chapter 199: Worked Hard for Nothing Chapter 200: Millennium Earthcore Fire Chapter 201: Flame Immune Human Skin Chapter 202: Battling the Various Geniuses Chapter 203: Flame Taming Technique Chapter 204: Shall I Cultivate the Power of Flame? Chapter 205: Yun Flame Chapter 206: Let's Fuse Chapter 207: Blaze Flower, Seven Scorching Sun Claws Chapter 208: Who's That Immoral Person Chapter 209: Volcano Escape Plan Chapter 210: Since You're Already Here, Stay Chapter 211: Submit! Chapter 212: Call Me Young Master From Now On Chapter 213: Brother in Suffering Chapter 214: Tired of Living? Chapter 215: Gathering of Brothers Chapter 216: I Don't Want to Ruin Her Life Chapter 217: Swatting Two Houseflies Chapter 218: Man's Affair Chapter 219: There Goes My Chastity Chapter 220: I'll Stay Then Chapter 221: Lightning Alliance Chapter 222: Conversation With Zi Changhe Chapter 223: Do You Want to Increase Your Cultivation Speed? Chapter 224: Foolish Girl Chapter 225: Requesting to Meet Gong Qinyin Chapter 226: Witness This Young Master's Grace Chapter 227: I Will Play You a Song Chapter 228: You Better Not Attack for Real Chapter 229: Let Us Be Brother and Sister Chapter 230: Join the Red House Chapter 231: I Will Prove It Chapter 232: White Tiger Essence Chapter 233: Definitely Comparable to an Emperor-Grade Saber Chapter 234: I Can Finally Fly Chapter 235: This Kid Is Actually a War King Chapter 236: Defeating a King Chapter 237: I Am Xiang Shaoyun Chapter 238: I Want to Go With You Chapter 239: How Boring Chapter 240: Defeating Xie Sanqian Again Chapter 241: Just a Bunch of Useless People With Empty Reput Chapter 242: Courting Death Chapter 243: The Curtain Drops Chapter 244: Offended Someone Again? Chapter 245: Martial Uncle Is Amazing Chapter 246: A Dog Bullying Others With the Power of Its Mas Chapter 247: Conversation With the Vice Pavilion Master Chapter 248: Senior Brother Will Succeed Chapter 249: Depths of Hundred Beast Mountain Range Chapter 250: Zi Changhe Becoming King Chapter 251: No Class Chapter 252: Land of Soul Springs Chapter 253: Challenging the Limit Again Chapter 254: White Tiger Wings Chapter 255: Personal Opportunities Chapter 256: I Really Like You Chapter 257: Not Stuffed! Chapter 258: Peace, Finally Chapter 259: Wu Town's Change Chapter 260: Are You Done, Flies? Chapter 261: You Are Shameless Chapter 262: The Land of Soul Springs Opens Chapter 263: Just the Appetizer Chapter 264: Maneater Vine Chapter 265: Intense Battle With the Cannibals Chapter 266: Spirit Crystal Mine Indeed! Chapter 267: Battling the Cannibal King Chapter 268: Harvesting the Spirit Crystal Mine Chapter 269: I'm a Nice Guy Chapter 270: Why Don't We Work Together? Chapter 271: Chaos Manufacturing Chapter 272: Earthstone Heart Chapter 273: Ghostrune Race Chapter 274: It Might Not Mean Us Harm Chapter 275: Hua Honglou's Might Chapter 276: Why Should I Know a Dead Man? Chapter 277: You Brought That on Yourself Chapter 278: Hua Honglou's Thoughts Chapter 279: Strongest Group of Three Chapter 280: Are You Thanking Me or Are You Taking Advantage Chapter 281: Time to Send You Off Chapter 282: Climbing Moon Gazing Platform Chapter 283: Soul Spring Obtained Chapter 284: Ghostrune King Chapter 285: What Secret Is There on This Stone Mountain? Chapter 286: A Ghostbloom and a Terrifying Human Face Chapter 287: A Terrifying Man Chapter 288: New Secret Information Chapter 289: Devouring Ghost of the Five Skyslaying Generals Chapter 290: Young Woman of Remarkable Beauty Chapter 291: You Shall Be the Young Master of Devouring Ghos Chapter 292: Not Me Sparing You? Chapter 293: Intense Battle With Lightning Kid Chapter 294: You Must Be Sick Chapter 295: Might of the Four Divinity Swords Chapter 296: He is a Walking Calamity Chapter 297: Entering the Ghostrune Heartland Chapter 298: Ninth-Stage Transformation Realm Chapter 299: Soul Raising Stone Obtained Chapter 300: Wondrous Nether Soul Domain Chapter 301: Fusing With the Soul Raising Stone Chapter 302: You Think I Don't Dare to Kill You? Chapter 303: Liang Zhuangmin and Hua Honglou Attacked Chapter 304: Rescuing the Beauty, Battling Mo Sha Chapter 305: Mighty Liang Zhuangmin Chapter 306: Can You Move Your Hand Now? Chapter 307: Wu Chi and Zhi Yong Chapter 308: Xiang Shaoyun, Do You Dare Battle Me? Chapter 309: Saber and Sword, Fighting for Glory Chapter 310: Changing Weathers Chapter 311: Fury of the Qilin Chapter 312: Trump Card Presentation Chapter 313: Final Clash Chapter 314: One Slash to Take Three Lives Chapter 315: Tragedy of the Lightning Emperor Chapter 316: Cloud Margin Pavilion's Disaster Chapter 317: Saber Emperor to the Fight Chapter 318: Leaked Whereabouts Chapter 319: I Have a Few Strands of Soul Spring Here Chapter 320: Where Did This Barking Dog Come From? Chapter 321: I'll Send You All to the Afterlife Chapter 322: The Traitors Are Here Chapter 323: Spare Them Chapter 324: You Shall Be My Target Practice Chapter 325: Slaughter Chapter 326: Suffering Heavy Injuries Chapter 327: Sister Ye Chaomu Chapter 328: That is a Ten Millennia Stoneclock Milk Chapter 329: Old Winter and Old Summer Chapter 330: Mighty Old Demon Chapter 331: We're on the Same Side Chapter 332: Transformation Chapter 333: Warning Chen Zilong Chapter 334: Big Brother, Are You Pretending? Chapter 335: Reunion of Brothers Chapter 336: Brand New Devouring Ghost Chapter 337: You Are Incomparable to Your Sister Chapter 338: Crisis of Zi Changhe and Co Chapter 339: He Is Xiang Shaoyun Chapter 340: The Mad Lightning Emperor Chapter 341: Young Master Xiang, Just Call Me Qing! Chapter 342: Seven Severing Tunes Chapter 343: Qinyin, You Like Me, Right? Chapter 344: I Have Wronged the Martial Hall Palace Chapter 345: Chen Zilong's Ambition Chapter 346: A Saber to Kill For Me Chapter 347: You Are a Little Devil Chapter 348: Parting Chapter 349: Xia Hamlet Chapter 350: A Tiger Father Does Not Beget a Dog Son Chapter 351: It Is Not a Sin for a Man to Cry Chapter 352: Your Killer Chapter 353: Destroying the Mad Lion Hunting Group Chapter 354: You're Still Such a Spendthrift, Big Broth Chapter 355: Empty Chapter 356: Take Care Chapter 357: Silver-winged Lightning Wolf King Chapter 358: Silver Lightning Stone Chapter 359: Come, Silver Lightning Chapter 360: When Should I Break Through If Not Now Chapter 361: Ignite, Fate Star Chapter 362: Skysoar Realm, Finally Chapter 363: Horned Lightning Snake Chapter 364: Taming the Horned Lightning Snake Chapter 365: Silver Lightning Core Chapter 366: Six Goldplate Manual Chapter 367: Drawing the Lightning, Cultivate Chapter 368: Footwork Intent Chapter 369: Lending a Helping Hand Chapter 370: Dong Ziwan's Brother Chapter 371: Dong Ziwan's Might Chapter 372: Empty Chapter 373: Who Are You Calling a Fool? Chapter 374: Controlling Tai Kang Chapter 375: Overlord Is My Nickname Chapter 376: Devouring Ghost's Breakthrough Chapter 377: Clan Emergency Chapter 378: Harsh Scolding Chapter 379: Prompt Reinforcement Chapter 380: That Man Can't Be Offended Chapter 381: Beating the Enemy Back Chapter 382: Harming My Young Master? Are You Tired of Livin Chapter 383: I'll Stay Chapter 384: Money Breaking Through Chapter 385: I Will Face the Tribulation With You Chapter 386: Silver Lightning Liquid Chapter 387: I Don't Want to Leave You Chapter 388: Congratulations, Big Brother Du for Breaking Th Chapter 389: Tai and Xing Clans Erased Chapter 390: Forming Nine-Colored Fog Chapter 391: I'll Be Making the Decision to Betroth Lit Chapter 392: Dong Clan's Generous Reward Chapter 393: The Story of Blood Demon and Saber Devil Chapter 394: Footwork Comprehension Chapter 395: Bloodsin City Chapter 396: I Want the Leader Alive Chapter 397: City of Chaos Chapter 398: Yu Clan Spiritual Medicine Store Chapter 399: Restricted Space Chapter 400: Growing Soul Power Chapter 401: Imperial Nether Prison Chapter 402: Han Clan Sisters Chapter 403: Night Attack Chapter 404: I Am Your Master From Now On Chapter 405: Controlling the Skeleton Gang Chapter 406: A Sanctimonious Scoundrel Chapter 407: Welcoming Young Master Xiang Chapter 408: Bloodsin Arena Chapter 409: Ugly Gambler of the Seven Villains Chapter 410: On the Arena, Fate Decides Life and Death Chapter 411: Xiang Shaoyun is Victorious Chapter 412: White Tiger Manifestation Chapter 413: Nothing Special Chapter 414: This Kid Is a Super King Chapter 415: Ten Victories Chapter 416: Bloodsin City Governor Tang Zhan Chapter 417: Sect Master Medal Chapter 418: Green Ghost Chapter 419: You Can Be My Woman Chapter 420: Golden Dragon Sword Su Jun Chapter 421: Kill That Xiang Shaoyun Chapter 422: The Difficult Wolf Fang Chapter 423: Devil Apeman Chapter 424: Watch How I Cut You Apart Chapter 425: Rat Assassins Chapter 426: Honest Gentleman Chapter 427: Gathering of Villains Chapter 428: Game of Villains Chapter 429: Poisoned Chapter 430: Havoc Dance Chapter 431: Meeting of Enemies Chapter 432: Yao Jiaojiao's Dreadful Strength Chapter 433: Assembly of Geniuses