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Lady Su's Revenge

Lady Su's Revenge

Author: Xian Xian Genre: Fantasy

Su Erya has a heart of gold but realizes that in this world, with her disfigured face and her family, that’s not enough. Her sister abuses her at every turn and manages to ruin her life. When Su Erya tries to get revenge, she kills the only man who matters: her father. She’s executed and is reborn into the same family. Now, she’ll have to use everything she knows just to survive and to get revenge on those who tried to destroy her.

Chapter 381 The Game Began 2020-10-21 05:04:50
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Su Erya Chapter 2 With a Full Belly, She Wanted to Revenge Chapter 3 Su Qingtan Chapter 4 Rage! Chapter 5 Be saved Chapter 6 Forgive Chapter 7 I Want to Learn to Read! Chapter 8 Too many obstacles in learning to read Chapter 9 The Dictionary of Dahan Chapter 10 The Power of Zongzi Chapter 11 The Bribe Chapter 12 The Secret of Jade Chapter 13 Changing the Mind Chapter 14 Doctor Qi Xianqing Chapter 15 Apprentice? Chapter 16 Zipei Learned to Read Chapter 17 Returned to the West Courtyard Chapter 18 Missing the Past Chapter 19 Was Erya Lazy? Chapter 20 How Much Money Do You Want? Chapter 21 A Bitter Rebuke Chapter 22 Killed Her Like Killed a Chicken Chapter 23 Aggrieved Zipei Chapter 24 Great Man Li Yin Chapter 25 Yang Wei Proposed a Marriage Chapter 26 Poisonous Sound Insect Chapter 27 Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame Chapter 28 Misunderstanding Chapter 29 Assassination Chapter 30 Driven Out from Su Family Chapter 31 Cooking with Mud Chapter 32 Unfairness Chapter 33 Shield Chapter 34 Beggar’s Chicken Chapter 35 Stealing Recipe? Chapter 36 Avaricious Chapter 37 Dish Testing in Public? Chapter 38 Su Zipei’s Ambition Chapter 39 Hysteria! Chapter 40 Taking Over the Restaurant Chapter 41 Damned Chapter 42 Take All Back Chapter 43 Selling Raw Materials Chapter 44 Real Practice Chapter 45 Birthday Banquet of Yang Family Chapter 46 A Strange Combination of Circumstances Chapter 47 Mysterious Childe Chapter 48 Strange Eyes Chapter 49 The Son of the General Chapter 50 You Betrayed Me! Chapter 51 Probably Be Poisoned to Death Chapter 52 Violently Beating Zhu Yan! Chapter 53 Zhu Yan Was Pregnant Chapter 54 Prophecy of the Witch Chapter 55 To Make Wine Chapter 56 Atishoo! Chapter 57 Ling Li Chapter 58 Fierce and Unreasonable! Chapter 59 Advent of Ling Mo Chapter 60 An Outside Concubine? Chapter 61 Choosing a Son-in-Law Chapter 62 Such Detoxification Chapter 63 Are You Xue? Chapter 64 Meeting Again at an Unspecified Date Chapter 65 Muyang Girls’ School Chapter 66 The First Class Chapter 67 Mam. Yang-Cui Chapter 68 Top-level Embroidery Artificer Chapter 69 Competition! Chapter 70 Meaning of the Girls’ Ethics Chapter 71 She Is Still Laughing Chapter 72 Notoriety Chapter 73 Unknown Background Chapter 74 Furious Su Huanli Chapter 75 Putting her in Jail! Chapter 76 The Satrap’ Edict Chapter 77 Lecturer Su Chapter78 Examination Chapter 79 Well-Deserved! Chapter 80 Tendency of School Chapter 81 Identity of Su Li Chapter 82 Class Special One! Chapter 83 The First Lesson in the Special Class! Chapter 84 Yan Hongxiu Chapter 85 Trip to Embroidery Workshop Chapter 86 Hatred of Jin Ruolan Chapter 87 Linli Building Chapter 88 Prisoner Camp Chapter 89 Old Friend Chapter 90 Unreasonable Demand Chapter 91 Business Beginning Chapter 92 Exaggerated Price Chapter 93 Genius from the Jin Family Chapter 94 Invitation Chapter 95 At the Bottom! Chapter 96 Destroy the Village Chapter 97 Immortal Master Chapter 98 Trouble for Embroidery Workshop Chapter 99 Calamity of Imprisonment! Chapter 100 Medicine Chapter 101 Is Su Li Dead? Chapter 102 Killed Easily Chapter 103 Relationship Exposed Chapter 104 New Wine Chapter 105 Mixed Poisons Chapter 106 The Secret of the Gong Family Chapter 107 Mei Ruohan’s Little Secret Chapter 108 The Young Man in Chain Chapter 109 Luo Yichen Chapter 110 The Small Banquet Chapter 111 Uniting by Marriage Chapter 112 Liehuo Spirits! Chapter 113 Weird Price Chapter 114 Borrowing Chapter 115 Enemy Chapter 116 Dawang Village Chapter 117 Xiaowu’s Anger Chapter 118 Building Another Yard Chapter 119 People from a Broker House Came? Chapter 120 Secret Site Selection Chapter 121 Strange Cave Chapter 122 Blood Refining Hall Chapter 123 Ending Chapter 124 Returning to the Qinghe Town Chapter 125 Members of the Su Family Came Chapter 126 Bitterness Chapter 127 New Baiwei Building Chapter 128 Fifth Brother or Fifth Sister? Chapter 129 Huge Trouble Chapter 130 Out of Control Chapter 131 Making up For Regrets Chapter 132 Little Baby, Don’t Be Afraid Chapter 133 Arrangement Chapter 134 Ling Qinglan and Su Qingtan Chapter 135 There Is Qinghu Chapter 136 All Settled Chapter 137 Fear Chapter 138 Exile Chapter 139 Hehuan Sect Chapter 140 A Half Part of the Ghost Valley Meditation Direc Chapter 141 Choice Chapter 142 Arriving in Yunjing Chapter 143 The Affiliated School of the National Academy Chapter 144 An Outstanding Lecturer Chapter 145 Situation Chapter 146 Ling Ping Came Back Chapter 147 Invitation of the Emperor Chapter 148 Coffin Chapter 149 Chen Gong Chapter 150 Coming Back Chapter 151 No Luck to Enjoy Chapter 152 The Unsettled Law Case of The Yi Family Chapter 153 Qu Lu Chapter 154 The Old Beggar Chapter 155 Black Mark Chapter 156 Attending a Feast Chapter 157 Two Lovebirds in the River Chapter 158 The Death of Ma Ling Chapter 159 Joining the Yinmo Cult? Chapter 160 Moodiness Chapter 161 An Eventful Period Chapter 162 Poisoning Oneself? Chapter163 The Deadly Powder Chapter 164 The Girl Around Him Chapter 165 Childe Ma Chapter 166 Let Out the Secret Chapter 167 Seven Days Chapter 168 Joint Trial of Three Divisions! Chapter 169 Cui Ziliang’s Confusion Chapter 170 Settling a Case in Uproar Chapter 171 Reaction Chapter 172 Opening a Business Chapter 173 Calculating Xuan Jingzhou Chapter 174 Temperament Changed Chapter 175 Mr. Li was a Man? Chapter 176 Autumn Hunting Contest Chapter 177 Nervousness and Indiscreet Remarks Chapter 178 The Hatred Chapter 179 Sudden Appearance of Kurong Branch Chapter 180 Eight Seniors in the Inborn Realm Chapter 181 An Overwhelming Victory Chapter 182 Winner! Chapter 183 Days Left to Him to Live Chapter 184 Lijue Pill Chapter 185 Buried the Hatchet Chapter 186 Moyin Chapter 187 Baishou Feast Chapter 188 Lord Rui Chapter 189 Su Li’s First Acquaintance with Her Biological F Chapter 190 Sounding out the Su Family Chapter 191 Su Zipei’s Father Chapter 192 Chance Encounter Chapter 193 The Secret of Those Days Chapter 194 A Nostalgic Person Chapter 195 All Efforts Collapsed Chapter 196 Emperor’s Mind Chapter 197 Elder Dao Chapter 198 The Murderer Chapter 199 Night Attack! Chapter 200 An Unexpected Situation Chapter 201 The Morning Audience Chapter 202 Fake Death?! Chapter 203 Killing Someone Chapter 204 Unusual Feeling Chapter 205 Not the Way You Think Chapter 206 Getting on Board Chapter 207 An Old Friend Chapter 208 Torture Chapter 209 Apology Chapter 210 Information about the Pending Case Chapter 211 Challenge Chapter 212 Xuan Jingzhou in Detention Chapter 213 Su Yue’s Arrival Chapter 214 The Secret of the Wanjian Sect Chapter 215 A Good Farewell Chapter 216 Sounding Out Cruelly Chapter 217 Foreign Princes Came to Dahan Country Chapter 218 The Brother and Sister of the Wei Family Chapter 219 Mysterious Senior Fellow Apprentice Chapter 220 Actions of Forces Chapter 221 Daring to Kill Me? Chapter 222 Kicking Over Chapter 223 Auction Chapter 224 Qishan Lotus Chapter 225 Whopping Price Chapter 226 Sounding out Chapter 227 Tangled Fight Chapter 228 Changing the Glass Bottle Chapter 229 Honesty Chapter 230 Wei Youran Died Chapter 231 Qu Lu’s Plan Chapter 232 Change Chapter 233 A Necessary Purge Chapter 234 How to Please Girls? Chapter 235 I Don’t Want to Run Away Chapter 236 Similar People Chapter 237 Standing up! Chapter 238 Fright of Yun Yi Chapter 239 Popping the Question Chapter 240 Wandering Ghosts Chapter 241 Enemy Chapter 242 Cheeky Hierarch Ling Chapter 243 Bewitched Chapter 244 Worshipping the Ancestors in the New Year Chapter 245 16 Words Chapter 246 Like Holding Other Women’s Hands Chapter 247 Interrogation Chapter 248 Surrendered Chapter 249 Fighting Back Chapter 250 Unique Refining Chapter 251 Relationship Chapter 252 Irritation Chapter 253 Aunt! Chapter 254 Love Being Over Chapter 255 Waiting for Me! Chapter 256 Senior Sister Apprentice, Long Time No See Chapter 257 How Many Years? Chapter 258 10,000 Years! Chapter 259 Su Qingtan Was Back Chapter 260 The End of Mam. Su-Cui Chapter 261 Discovery Chapter 262 Compensation Chapter 263 Reunited Chapter 264 A Granted Marriage? Chapter 265 A Dangerous Man Chapter 266 Disobeyed the Imperial Edict? Chapter 267 Take the Bride Chapter 268 Performing the Formal Wedding Ceremony Chapter 269 Sounding Out Chapter 270 Wedding night Chapter 271 Spiritual Realm Chapter 272 Being Fooled Chapter 273 Rules Chapter 274 Jing Xin Chapter 275 Leaving Together Chapter 276 The Feast Chapter 277 Unpleasant Feast Chapter 278 Dongfang Huan’er Chapter 279 People Who Were Separated Chapter 280 Meeting Jing Xin Chapter 281 The Realm of Reincarnation Chapter 282 A Bird Without Feet Chapter 283 Lin Yanxing’s Hate Chapter 284 The Blood Bead Chapter 285 Xiaoshen Palace Chapter 286 Breaking Through the Longevity Realm Chapter 287 Reasons Chapter 288 Visiting Chapter 289 Treasure Presenting Chapter 290 Identity exposure Chapter 291 Despair Chapter 292 Yue Wuhai Chapter 293 The throne Chapter 294 Concealing Chapter 295 Tantai City Chapter 296 Conflict Chapter 297 Purpose Chapter 298 Tantai Feng Chapter 299 Ghost Clan Chapter 300 Unbridled First Prince Chapter 301 Being Unable to Fight Back Chapter 302 The End Chapter 303 Luoyue City Chapter 304 Luo Yingying Chapter 305 I’m Back Chapter 306 Dying Person Chapter 307 A Change Chapter 308 Useless Work Chapter 309 Black Lotus Chapter 310 Tianxiang House Chapter 311 Snake God Chapter 312 A Dream? Chapter 313 One Year’s Tranquility Chapter 314 Deciding My Fate Chapter 315 Burning Chapter 316 The Death of Su Li Chapter 317 The Overthrow of Regime Chapter 318 It’s You Chapter 319 Mom Chapter 320 Repayment Chapter 321 Dare Your Aunts to Ruin This World? Chapter 322 Breaking the Mirror Chapter 323 Thousand of Years Chapter 324 A Helpless Girl Chapter 325 Making a Name Chapter 326 The Body of Evil Ghost Chapter 327 Rooted and Sprouted Chapter 328 Opportunity Chapter 329 Immortal Latency Chapter 330 Selecting Children Chapter 331 Testing of Spiritual Root Chapter 332 A Complete Spiritual Root Chapter 333 Danxia Mount Chapter 334 Weakness Chapter 335 Zhenlou Group in the Marketplace Chapter 336 Warning? Chapter 337 Not Being Facially Paralyzed Chapter 338 Dare You! Chapter 339 You Are Dead Chapter 340 A Blood Practitioner Chapter 341 Wang Yu returns to the Mount Chapter 342 Accident Chapter 343 Returning to hometown Chapter 344 What did you call her?! Chapter 345 Jincheng Dynasty Chapter 346 A Sudden Crisis Chapter 347 Misjudgment Chapter 348 Su Buwang Chapter 349 Take Me Away Chapter 350 Nature’s Punishment? Chapter 351 Ghost Practitioner Chapter 352 The Childish Sound Reappeared Chapter 353 Lv You’s Doubts Chapter 354 A Big Rat Chapter 355 Chuangxing Path Chapter 356 The Abandoned Mansion Chapter 357 A Nightmare Chapter 358 Returning to the Sect Chapter 359 Poisonous Spirit Devouring Insect Chapter 360 Indifference Chapter 361 Tryout Started Chapter 362 Qi Chen Chapter 363 Tianxin Poisonous Powder Chapter 364 Challenge Chapter 365 Green Water and Cloudy Mountain Chapter 366 Awakening of the Poisonous Spirit Devouring Inse Chapter 367 Encountering a Demon Chapter 368 Breaking Through to Jindan Realm Chapter 369 Going to Chuangxing Path Chapter 370 The Lost Twenty-seventh Step Chapter 371 The 17th Hurdle of Lianqi Realm Chapter 372 One Kill with One Punch Chapter 373 Close of the Secret Realm Chapter 374 An Arrangement Chapter 375 Spiritual Pool Chapter 376 Being Taller than You Chapter 377 Ungrateful Person Chapter 378 Bei Xing? Beixiao Liang? Chapter 379 Grand Elder? Chapter 380 Too Young Chapter 381 The Game Began