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Martial Sword Master

Martial Sword Master

Author: Xiao Zi Genre: Fantasy

In a world which values sword fighting the most, Zhou Fu is a nobody. One day, the soul of a sword master accidentally enters his body. This makes Zhou Fu the strongest sword master ever. Now Zhou Fu sets out on a journey, ready to dominate the world. Will he succeed?

Chapter 70 You Don't Know Anything About Swords 2020-10-22 06:03:10
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Thoroughly Remould Oneself Chapter 2 Fist Is the Last Word Chapter 3 An Astonishing Improvement Chapter 4 Chaotic State Chapter 5 Temptation Chapter 6 Counterattack Chapter 7 The Tyrannical Zhou Bai Chapter 8 Or Yours Chapter 9 Return to the Sect Chapter 10 Meet Enemies Chapter 11 \"thunder Sword!\" Chapter 12 Emperor Flame Sword Said, Chapter 13 Sex? Murderous Intent Chapter 14 Primordial Green Lotus Advancement Chapter 15 Goodbye, Acquaintance Chapter 16 Be Jealous Of Chapter 17 Colorful Tiger Chapter 18 Kill It Chapter 19 The Power of the Lightning Sword Chapter 20 Meng Kun's Death Chapter 21 Origin Raising Pill Chapter 22 Battle Entry Valley Chapter 23 Cripple One's Cultivation Chapter 24 The Strong Are Respected Chapter 25 The Matter Was Exposed Chapter 26 Interrupt An Epiphany Chapter 27 The Mastermind Behind the Scenes Chapter 28 Zhan Mengqi Chapter 29 A Single Sword Strike Shocked the World Chapter 30 Ten Mirror Bell Chapter 31 Limitless Sword Man Limited Chapter 32 Break in in Full Fury Chapter 33 The Rise of the Bell Chapter 34 Elder Feng and Elder Ghost Chapter 35 '\"brothers And Sisters\" Meet Chapter 36 Severed Arm Chapter 37 His Words Were Like Thunder Chapter 38 Weigh the Pros and Cons Chapter 39 Raise Your Sense of Urgency Chapter 40 Combat Warrior Master Chapter 41 Undying Without End Chapter 42 Young Master, I'm Not Interested in You Chapter 43 Put an End to Past Grudges Chapter 44 Momentum Chapter 45 Mother Chapter 46 Words Are Like Swords Chapter 47 Win Easily Chapter 48 One Sword, I'll Take Care of You Chapter 49 Battle Of Grudges Chapter 50 Jian Lu Was Lofty and Lofty Chapter 51 The Furious Zhou Bai Chapter 52 Battle Of Martial Spirit! Chapter 53 Decisive Battle Chapter 54 A Fierce Battle Chapter 55 The Final Trump Card Chapter 56 Attack a Martial Master Chapter 57 Soul Devouring Dragon Chapter 58 Demonic Wolf Army Chapter 59 Excited General Chapter 60 Sky Bearing King Chapter 61 The Seed of the Earth Spirit Sect Chapter 62 Beast Tide Chapter 63 People Stink Chapter 64 Be In Danger Chapter 65 The Holiest Flame Chapter 66 Hunt Demonic Beasts Chapter 67 Promote To Profound Grade Chapter 68 Double Surprise Chapter 69 Old Grudge Chapter 70 You Don't Know Anything About Swords