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Medical Master

Medical Master

Author: Walk The World Genre: Fantasy

He was the youngest guru of martial arts as well as the perfect Mr. McDreamy of the most girls. He had mysterious absolute touch, clear-sighted observation ability and various outstanding talents.

But now, he was just an ordinary freshman in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, who wanted to learn Chinese Medicine, see patients, and get into a relationship with a girl in a low-key way. However...

Chapter 140 I Bet Fifty Yuan on This! 2021-03-08 07:49:11
Chapter List
Volume 1 School Master - Chapter 1 A Hidden School Master Chapter 2 Indignantly Rebuking the Vulgar Tycoon! Chapter 3 The Mysterious Middle-aged Man Chapter 4 Curing the Campus Belle! Chapter 5 A Exclusive Big Secre Chapter 6 A Fracture In the Military Training Chapter 7 Mid-Autumn Evening Party Chapter 8 Hello Everyone! I Am Fang Qiu! Chapter 9 Stunning! Astonishing! Chapter 10 A perfect pair! Chapter 11 Going Viral on BBS! Chapter 12 A Love Letter from School Beauty Chapter 13 The Battle Began Chapter 14 I Am So Handsome Chapter 15 A Mysterious Man Who Astonished the Whole School! Chapter 16 Invitation to the Start-of-Term Ceremony! Chapter 17 Sharp Vision! Chapter 18 Why Are You Everywhere? Chapter 19 I cannot trust you Chapter 20 Model Company Chapter 21 The Help From A Mysterious Man Chapter 22 Locking the Mysterious Man! Chapter 23 Beat You up Every Time I See You! Chapter 24 Screening One by One! Chapter 25 Willing to Be a Lighthouse! Chapter 26 Basically Knowing It All! Chapter 27 The Mysterious Man Is a Coward! Chapter 28 Sounds Pleasant! Sounds Really Pleasant! Chapter 29 It Was Really The First Time?! Chapter 30 An Assistant Physician?! Chapter 31 If I Can't Be Cured, I Will Make You Sorry For It Chapter 32 Love Was Extinguished Chapter 33 What Can You Do To Me? Chapter 34 Start-of-Term Ceremony Started! Chapter 35 Filling the Vacancy! Fang Qiu Stepping onto Stage Chapter 36 A Powerful Bring in the Wine Chapter 37 Taking the Whole University by Storm! Chapter 38 Go! Get Him! Chapter 39 I Want You! Chapter 40 It's Not I Singing the Song—the Song Singing Me! Chapter 41 Waging a War in Public! Chapter 42 Choose Anything as You Like, I'm Fine with It! Chapter 43 Donating a Goal! Chapter 44 A Full Live Broadcast of Smacking in the Face! Chapter 45 The Consequence of Being Loyal to Your Bro Chapter 46 No Need to Prescribe Me Some Medicine? Chapter 47 Fang Qiu Is a Doctor? Chapter 48 Curiosity! Doubt! Chapter 49 Ranking Thirtieth?! Chapter 50 The Shocking Ranking! Chapter 51 Discovered! Chapter 52 Out of Money Again Chapter 52 Out of Money Again Chapter 53 I Will Retaliate for You Soon Chapter 54 The Pathetic PE Teacher! Chapter 55 I'll Beat Him Up! Chapter 56 I'm a Medicine Major! Chapter 57 You Are the Mysterious Man? Chapter 58 The Same Style as the Mysterious Man's! Chapter 59 Fang Qiu Is Not on the List? Chapter 60 You've Finished? Chapter 60 You've Finished? Chapter 61 An Amazing High Score! Chapter 62 An Argument About The Apprentice Plan! Chapter 63 Do You Know How Many Points He Has Got? Chapter 64 Deeply Shocked! Chapter 65 Apprentice Plan Which Shocks the Whole School! Chapter 66 The Namelist of Those Masters Chapter 67 Cause A Sensation through Eight Universities of C Chapter 68 An Advance on the Salary! Chapter 69 Too Strange! Chapter 70 Trash! Chapter 71 Slaps in the Face! Chapter 72 Locate Xu Miaolin! Chapter 73 Chinese Medicine Level! Chapter 74 Tuition Fee of 300,000! Chapter 75 Mo Yiqi Returns the Money! Chapter 76 The Secret of Mahjong! Chapter 77 Your Lucky Man Chapter 78 Farewell Song! Chapter 79 Jeer to Sing Together! Chapter 80 Would You Like to Enter Showbiz? Chapter 81 The Patients Were Sitting Back and Waiting Chapter 82 Who Says the Young Doctor's Medical Skill Is Bad? Chapter 83 No Tickets to Mount Taishan Chapter 84 I've Met an Immortal! Chapter 85 A Beauty Comes for Him! Chapter 86 I'm Making a Fortune! Chapter 87 The Youth Was the Mountain Lord? Chapter 88 Old Man's Teaching! Chapter 89 Great Hand of Destruction! Chapter 90 Scroll of Heaven Materials and Earth Treasures! Chapter 91 Earth Treasure, Red Spirit Date! Chapter 92 Selling Medicine in the Village! Chapter 93 I’ll feed him some earth! Chapter 94 Jiang Miaoyu Is Injured! Chapter 95 Meeting of the Two Girls Chapter 96 Beautiful Past! Chapter 97 Could You Stay with Me Tonight? Chapter 98 Misunderstanding That Can’t Be Cleared! Chapter 99 Sell Medicine for One Hundred Thousand! Chapter 100 The Trade Fair in Wulin! Volume 2 Be Well-known Among Universities-Chapter 101 All I Chapter 102 Someone Tried to Rob the Treasure! Chapter 103 Auction! The Highest Bidder Wins! Chapter 104 I Offer 1,500,000! Chapter 105 Plan to Find the Mysterious Man! Chapter 106 Asking for Face Slapping Chapter 107 An Amateur Beat A Professional! Chapter 108 He Is Nothing Less Than A Flying Man! Chapter 109 Got A Running Result That Could Rival Olympic's! Chapter 110 The Tools That Are Used By The University! Chapter 111 A True Guru! Chapter 112 Think Before Acting! Chapter 113 Apprentice Plan Program Announcemen Chapter 114 Pay Down 300,000! Chapter 115 I Am Going To Be Self-Taught! Chapter 116 The Apprentice Plan Is Really Proposed by a Stud Chapter 117 Meet and Greet Starts Now! Chapter 118 Talent! Chapter 119 Someone Has Passed Out! Chapter 120 All Parties Are Moving Chapter 121 Dumbfounded! Completely Dumbfounded! Chapter 122 The No.1 Among the Young Doctors! Chapter 123 Rejected by the Supervisors Chapter 124 The Barrier Became Bigger Chapter 125 A Contest in the Dark! Chapter 126 Fifty-One vs Fifty-One? Chapter 127 I Was a Scumbag! Chapter 128 Here Came the Bearer of the Silk Banner! Chapter 129 Thirty Thousand for a Detective! Chapter 130 Fang Qiu You Creep! Chapter 131 The Competition List Was Out! Chapter 132 Persuasion to Join the Sports Meeting! Chapter 133 The Mysterious Man, Come out to Save the Girl! Chapter 134 Is There Something Wrong with the Students' Brai Chapter 135 Searching for the Mysterious Man! Chapter 136 I'm Not an Ordinary Man! Chapter 137 Eat All the Noodles! Chapter 138 Pay The Debt! Chapter 139 A Punch for Testing! Chapter 140 I Bet Fifty Yuan on This!