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Medical Princess

Medical Princess

Author: Lian Shuang Genre: Romance

As the second daughter of Ningyuan Army General, Qin Wanru, who had been set up by her so-called mother and elder sister, lost her reputation and suffered a lot on her wedding in her previous life.

Now she was reborn and returned to the time before she married to Qi Tianyu, the first son of the magistrate of Jiangzhou.


Chapter 297 Madam, You’ve Been Framed up 2021-01-16 13:06:53
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Return to being Eleven Years Old Chapter 2 Plotting, Which Was Too Gaudy Chapter 3 The Sickly Handsome Young Man Chapter 4 Torn Wedding Dress Chapter 5 Hypocritical Sister Chapter 6 Feeling Guilty, Closing up on Someone Chapter 7 The Secret in the Rosewood Box Chapter 8 Conceiving a Baby in Secre Chapter 9 Summoned by a Magnate Chapter 10 A Handsome Young Man Like a Beautiful Picture Chapter 11 Stabbing the Neck in Rage Chapter 12 Send Them To The Judge If They Refuse to Own Up Chapter 13 The Evil Plan 10 Days Ago Chapter 14 Fenghua Glass Ligh Chapter 15 Is This Related to Me? Chapter 16 Adept Wall Climbing Skills Chapter 17 Both the Master of Jingxin Monastery and Her Sist Chapter 18 Qi Tianyu Who Stands in the Way Chapter 19 Xiao Xunzi Who Bore False Testimony Chapter 20 A Seal Which Could Not Be Found Chapter 21 First Date Chapter 22 Looking For an Escape Chapter 23 The Weak in Health Had To Sleep Early Chapter 24 The False Disguise Of a Supposedly Loving Mother Chapter 25 Expostulating with Shui Ruolan in Family Temple Chapter 26 Aunt Shui, Because of You Chapter 27 Irritation, Old Jealousy Chapter 28 The True So-called Coincidence Chapter 29 Both Scheme, Irritate and Provoke Chapter 30 Chaos, Disputes at Lotus Pond Chapter 31 You Are Not My Biological Mother! Chapter 32 Old Grandma Suddenly Fell Ill Chapter 33 The Damn Ginger Tea Chapter 34 Good Hair Chapter 35 Repay With Your Life If You Fail To Keep It Alive Chapter 36 Miss Qi Who Thought She Had Gotten Her Way Chapter 37 Going Up To Her To Apologize Personally Chapter 38 A Big Incident, A Figh Chapter 39 The Big Scar on the Hand Chapter 40 Let's Cooperate and Stir Up Trouble Chapter 41 Qin Wanru, You Are Dead! Chapter 42 The Battle Between the Two Families Chapter 43 A letter, The Best Chip Chapter 44 Mother, What To Do Now? Chapter 45 Let's Make A Deal, Shui Ruolan! Chapter 46 The Two Maids Who Came Before And After Chapter 47 A Handpicked Maid Chapter 48 As Much As How Much He Trusted Her In The Past, T Chapter 49 One Wave After Another Chapter 50 Snatch This Familiar Looking Maid Chapter 51 Having The Same Name As In Her Previous Life Chapter 52 Would There Be Trouble Letting Them Live Together Chapter 53 This Time She Would Not Give In Chapter 54 Backhanded, Mrs. Qin Was Forced To Yield Chapter 55 Resolve Chapter 56 This Was The Duty Of The King's Subjec Chapter 57 Who Was The Late Husband Of The Reverend Of Jingx Chapter 58 Does Elder Sister Want To Ruin Aunt Shui's Reputa Chapter 59 The So-called "Kind-hearted" Eldest Miss Qin Chapter 60 Listening While Hiding Behind the Tree, Someone W Chapter 61 Who Is the Oriole? Chapter 62 Our Eldest Lady Is Your Employor Chapter 63 So Embarrassed to Fall into a Pile Chapter 64 How to End it Up? Chapter 65 Separating Madam Di and Her Daughter Chapter 66 What You Owed Me, What You Will Need to Pay Back Chapter 67 The Coachman Who Refused to Recognise Chapter 68 Interference by Prince's Madam Chapter 69 There Was No Natural Mother in General's Mansion Chapter 70 Spotting the Injustice, An Outsider Forced A Marr Chapter 71 Confusion, Three Huts Chapter 72 Asking the Accommodation of the Distinguished Gue Chapter 73 A Scheming Male Fox Chapter 74 A Letter From the Queen Chapter 75 Dead Knot, Unstoppable Before Death Chapter 76 Poor Thing, An Attack Coming From Nowhere Chapter 77 An Obscene and Provocative Man Chapter 78 Layout, One Accident after Another Chapter 79 The End of All the Plots, Old Grandma Comes Back! Chapter 80 Reminding, A Useful Eyewitness Chapter 81 You are Not General Qin's Daughter, are You? Chapter 82 Should Childe Be Allowed to Have a Look at the We Chapter 83 Weird, Overhearing in the Fishbowl Chapter 84 You are Very Smart, More Intelligent than My Cat! Chapter 85 The Troublemaker Qu Le Chapter 86 A Young Master Who Missed for Years Chapter 87 Panic, Our Master was Sick Chapter 88 Arrogance, None of Your Business! Chapter 89 It's not Done, You Still Owe Me a Lot!! Chapter 90 Similar, and in the Similar Timing! Chapter 91 Is Today's Bird's Nest New? Chapter 92 Qi Baiyu, Who Fell over Without Any Reasons Chapter 93 Enraging Qi Rongzhi Chapter 94 A Violent Fight, Bleeding! Chapter 95 Living Worse Than a Dog Chapter 96 Qi Baiyu's Plans Chapter 97 Swollen Hands and Unfinished Medicine Chapter 98 Mingqiu Nun's Heart Kno Chapter 99 It's a Form of Happiness to be Ignoran Chapter 100 An Older and Younger Teen Chapter 101 The Suppressed Duo Chapter 102 The Delicate Embroidery and Toggle-And-Loop b.u. Chapter 103 Conditions Are Agreed and Everything Is Ready Chapter 104 She Was So Bold Chapter 105 Soup with Blood Chapter 106 Talking Nonsense, Checking Through the Ledger! Chapter 107 Flogged 10 Times per Person Chapter 108 An Enc.u.mbrance That Cannot Be Thrown Off Chapter 109 Two Women Fighting Over One Playboy Chapter 110 Fenghua Glazed Cup, Impossible Chapter 111 Calculation, the Son of an Aristocratic Family w Chapter 112 A Patient's Visit at Midnigh Chapter 113 The Purpose of Being Hypocritical Chapter 114 The Goodwill of Great Elder Princess Chapter 115 Never Lose to the Last Life Chapter 116: Sending the Fish Tank and Seeds Chapter 117 Throwing a Brick to Attract Jade; Similar Painti Chapter 118 The Material was thrown out by the Young Lady Chapter 119 Removing Enmity with a Smile Is Impossible Chapter 120 Conation, What Do You Think of the Son of the Di Chapter 121 The Difficult Situation Set by the Marquises' Ma Chapter 122 Dispute between the Mother and Daughter Chapter 123 The Last Life, the Place Where She Was Cut in Tw Chapter 124 An Ill-Fated Meeting on a Narrow Path Chapter 125 The Guard with a Distressed Expression Chapter 126 A Weird Gesture of Rubbing Hands Chapter 127 Spies or Not? Chapter 128 Not Everyone Could Get into Consort Lan's palace Chapter 129 Desperate and Gruesome Eyes Chapter 130 Mother, Let's Have a Walk Together Chapter 131 Check, Great News! Chapter 132 Who Would Care? Chapter 133 “Who Is My Natural Mother?” Chapter 134 Who Was Playing Dumb? Chapter 135 Who Is Fl.u.s.tered? Chapter 136 It Was Not So Simple to Cover up a Lie! Chapter 137 The Second Steward Got Angry Chapter 138 Meeting an Old Friend at an Embroidery Shop Chapter 139 Did He Know Her? Chapter 140 The Banquet of Rui'an Great Elder Princess Chapter 141 Why Was She Still a Child? Chapter 142 Rip Down the Veil of Tenderness Chapter 143 The Little Eunuch b.u.mping into People Chapter 144 The Child Stuck in the Wall Hole Chapter 145 Torn Paper Chapter 146 A Story Made by a Rich Imagination Chapter 147 They Met by Acciden Chapter 148 Directly Drive out the Vicious Gues Chapter 149 A Noble and Pitiful Life Chapter 150 Rui’an Great Elder Princess’ Sadness in the Last Chapter 151 Four Princes Chapter 152 My Only and Own Child Chapter 153 How Influential It Would Be? Chapter 154 The Loss of Dowry Was an Abyss! Chapter 155 Let Her Find an Excuse to Confiscate the Propert Chapter 156 “With all My Heart! Let’s Flee Away!” Chapter 157 The Skeptical Old Maidservant Chapter 158 Who Took the Bird’s Nest First? Chapter 159 “Take Her Away and Flog Her 20 Times!” Chapter 160 “Madam, Are You Angry?” Chapter 161 The Two Purses That Was Sent Ou Chapter 162 To Make You Unspeakable Chapter 163 The Invitation Card Conveyed From Duke Xing’s Ma Chapter 164 Insisting on Taking Care of Madam Di Chapter 165 Fighting to Feed Madam Di Medicine Chapter 166 The Second Ruse That Caused Injuries! Chapter 167 Thrashing the Chinaware in the House Chapter 168 Yulan Pavilion’s Affairs Don’t Concern You Chapter 169 Father, Let’s Give It a Try! Chapter 170 What Didn’t Matter in the Past Has Become Crucia Chapter 171 Consort Selection at the Palace Banque Chapter 172 That’s What the Folk Stories Say Chapter 173 Do You Want to Be a Child Bride? Chapter 174 The Guilty Etiquette Instructor Chapter 175 She Frightened Nanny Zheng Chapter 176 Second Miss, Do You Dare to Accept Me? Chapter 177 A Girl Servant from Other Mansion Came to Qin’s Chapter 178 He Had Grabbed a Young Prostitute in the Brothel Chapter 179 Duke Xing’s Mansion Sent the Invitation Card Aga Chapter 180 To Get the Chance Cheekily Chapter 181 Why Would She Get Sick? Chapter 182 Madam of Duke Xing Was Ebullient and Polite Chapter 183 The Difference Between The Real And The Fake Chapter 184 So-Called Pampering Or Killing With A Stick? Chapter 185 Shao Yuanhao Who Always Got into Troubles Chapter 186 Servants Who Allured Shao Yuanhao Chapter 187 The Shadow in Front of the Screen Wall Chapter 188 The Outcast, Qi Rongzhi Chapter 189 Qin Wanru Is Hit by Fruits on Her Head Chapter 190 The First Miss Is Missing! Chapter 191 The Secret Man in Duke Xing’s Mansion Chapter 192 The Servant Girl with a Hairpin in Her Sleeve Chapter 193 The Plan Is Discovered Chapter 194 It Seems to be An Old Acquaintance Chapter 195 The Books Sent by Wen Xichi Chapter 196 Miss, Is This a Brothel? Chapter 197 The Chipped off Screen Chapter 198 Making an Unreasonable Scene in the Garden Chapter 199 Meeting up with Duke Yong’s Mother, The Old Mada Chapter 200 Confrontation Chapter 201 The First Miss or the Second Miss Chapter 202 She Is Not Sick. How Can I Save Her? Chapter 203 When Did You Meet the Man from Outside Chapter 204 A Trap! When Will He Marry Me? Chapter 205 No Money? Give Your Earrings Instead Chapter 206 Who Schemed Against Whom Chapter 207 Sending Another Hairpin Chapter 208 Sending Two Palace Maids Chapter 209 The So-Called Colorful Yarn Chapter 210 Sister, Let’s Run! Chapter 211 Something Happened in Jingxin Monastery Chapter 212 The Most Trusted Henchman Chapter 213 Anything Belonging to Me Can Never Escape from M Chapter 214 Quarrel at the Door of the Madam Dowager Chapter 215 The Plate She Could Never Forge Chapter 216 All the Plots Used Chapter 217 One Tongue Against Three Tongues Chapter 218 Was It Broken? Chapter 219 Something Went Wrong Again? Chapter 220 Marrying Qin Yuru Chapter 221 The Man Causing Trouble Chapter 222 What a Daughter from the Family of Generals! Chapter 223 Am I Really Not Your Biological Daughter? Chapter 224 Eloped with Others? Chapter 225 A Marriage Even the Cat Appreciates Chapter 226 Making Trouble Again, Kneeling at the Mansion’s Chapter 227 Acting, the Plaintive, Kind White Lotus Chapter 228 Kneeling at the Gate to Beg for Forgiveness Chapter 229 Leaving Temporarily to Avoid Trouble Chapter 230 The Scenery on Wenxi Road Chapter 231 Plan to Stay One More Day Chapter 232 The Trick of Qi Rongzhi Chapter 233 Take Your Dirty Hands off My Stuff Chapter 234 The Doctor Turned out to Be Him! Chapter 235 Confusion and Probe Chapter 236 Who Was behind This Chapter 237 Expectation! My Mother Is still Alive? Chapter 238 I Am Also Famous Chapter 239 Sick Prince Chen Also Climb up the Tree Chapter 240 The Differences Between the Two Sisters Chapter 241 I’m Also Not Resigned to It. Let’s Unite! Chapter 242 Breaking the Betrothal or Not? Chapter 243 Kneeling at the Place Gate to Ask for the Title Chapter 244 The Child’s Nickname Is Zhuozhuo? Chapter 245 Someone Resisted, While Someone Accepted the Mot Chapter 246 Why One Chased and the Other Escaped? Chapter 247 Sophistry, the Master and the Servant Put on a S Chapter 248 Whose Names Were on the Letter? Chapter 249 Do You Really Have Any Morality? Chapter 250 Qi Brothers Came Chapter 251 Qi Tianyu Was Courteous and Decen Chapter 252 When the Plan Was implemented, Rumors Started to Chapter 253 A Shield—There was Another One in Qin’s Mansion Chapter 254 Contradistinctive Gifts Chapter 255 First Miss Wouldn’t See Guests Now Chapter 256 She Wanted To Know The Truth Chapter 257 Establishing Chastity Memorial Arch Chapter 258 Exposure of an Affair Chapter 259 Make Trouble And Then Get a Divorce Chapter 260 Sinister, Kill Three Birds with One Stone Chapter 261 The Maid Seemingly from a Good Family Chapter 262 Not just a Maid, but an Innocent Maid from the B Chapter 263 When It Comes to Money, It Hurts Feelings Chapter 264 There Was Nothing Could Be Done While Being Stop Chapter 265 The Storm Was Around the Corner But Who Led This Chapter 266 Met a Men She Knew and Competed for a Hairpin wi Chapter 267 Gu Xishu Ruined the Hairpin that She Couldn’t Ge Chapter 268 Traffic Collisions in Quick Succession Chapter 269 Not a Coincidence, I’m Coming for You Chapter 270 Choosing An Auspicious Date Again Chapter 271 The Best Treasure of the Shop Chapter 272 Grab! Let’s See Who Is Abler Chapter 273 Qing Xue Requests to Leave Chapter 274 Please Save Me Chapter 275 Familiar Practice Chapter 276 Butterfly Clothing Shop Officially Opens Chapter 277 Fortunately, the People in It Were Not Chopped Chapter 278 The Precondition of Being a Shield Chapter 279 Standing in the Way and Insulting Chapter 280 Ancestors’ Bracelets Chapter 281 Two Madams Were Scheming Chapter 282 The First Acciden Chapter 283 The Second Acciden Chapter 284 The Involved Empress Mother and Her Son Chapter 285 Met Emperor for the First Time Chapter 286 Misunderstanding by Mistake Chapter 287 Miss Wang Who Needed to be Taken Care of Chapter 288 The Jade Pendant Wrapped in the Handkerchief Chapter 289 You Don’t Have Any Evidence, but I Do Chapter 290 The Empress Told the Truth Chapter 291 Hundreds of Flowers Blossomed in the Imperial Ga Chapter 292 It Doesn’t Matter, We Are in the Palace Chapter 293 Lunatic, He’s a Lunatic! Chapter 294 Who Is behind the Repeated Assassinations? Chapter 295 The Woman Is Crazy, Crazy! Chapter 296 Keep Owing Duke Yong’s Mansion without Returning Chapter 297 Madam, You’ve Been Framed up Chapter 298 Grab, Let’s See Who Is Lucky Chapter 299 Age Changed to 13 Chapter 300 Qi Rongzhi Shows off Everywhere Chapter 301 Former Adoration Turns to Dislike Chapter 302 Back to 13 Chapter 303 Morning Gifts from Duke Yong’s Mansion Chapter 304 Partiality or No Father-Daughter Affection? Chapter 305 Second Step, a Strange Dispute Chapter 306 Not Feeling Well and Struggling Hard! Chapter 307 Who Had the Real Aim to Invite Her! Chapter 308 Who Could Prove this Handkerchief Was from Qiyu Chapter 309 The Handkerchiefs Handed on to Someone Else Chapter 310 Never Accept Being Defined as A “Weak Lady” Chapter 311 Ruin Her Reputation for Her Daughter Chapter 312 Being Slapped Repeatedly Chapter 313 A Rare Chance to Being Alone with Him! Chapter 314 To Cover the Chinese Characters on the Screen Wa Chapter 315 Are They My Biological Parents? Chapter 316 Sophistry and Frustrated Madam of Duke Xing Chapter 317 Why Mess up Duke Xing’s Mansion? Chapter 318 Doubted Whether He Had Met Her Before? Chapter 319 I Will Give Her What She Needs Most Now Chapter 320 Made a Pack of Lies Chapter 321 True Feeling or Hypocrisy? Chapter 322 Eldest Grandson and Youngest Grandson, Which One Chapter 323 Fighting with Open and Secret Means Chapter 324 Expensive Gift and Ordinary Gif Chapter 325 Arrogant, the Backer in Her Mind! Chapter 326 Finally Connecting the Cause and Effec Chapter 327 Quarrel on the Street for the Broken Bracelets? Chapter 328 Mediation, Each of Them Paid for a Bracele Chapter 329 Qin Yuru’s Reliance Chapter 330 Intricate and Continual Accidents Chapter 331 Duke Yong’s Mansion Only Had a Choice Chapter 332 The Maid Intending to Sleep with the Master Chapter 333 Each Had Her Own Thought and Secret Plan Chapter 334 The First Witness Showed up! Chapter 335 Appearance of the Second Witness Chapter 336 Fanglan Embroidery Shop in Good Faith? Chapter 337 The Loyal Servant Requested Qin Wanru to Return Chapter 338 Recognition between Grandmother and Granddaughte Chapter 339 The Returned Gif Chapter 340 The Frightened Nanny Yu Chapter 341 Is It Deterrence or Conciliation? Chapter 342 Grandma, I Rejected Them Chapter 343 An Incident Caused by a Set of Molds Chapter 344 Someone Secretly Passed on the Message Chapter 345 Let the Three of them Run the Errand Chapter 346 It Was Nice to Be a Subordinate Chapter 347 Sending and Exchanging Paintings Chapter 348 Gave a Cat for Her to Keep Chapter 349 The Greatest Publicity Chapter 350 Many Foster Daughters in Duke Xing’s Mansion Chapter 351 Is It True or Not? Di Yan Was Here Again Chapter 352 Our Qin’s Mansion Was So Small That It Cannot Be Chapter 353 Fit in Readily, the Consensual Relationship betw Chapter 354 Redoubtable Etiquette Instructor Chapter 355 A Usable Daughter Chapter 356 Huangrui, Go to Seduce Uncle-in-law Again Chapter 357 A Trouble Started, Duke Xing’s Mansion Intervene Chapter 358 Shift the Blame onto the Dead Chapter 359 Madam Di Took the Initiative to Take the Blame Chapter 360 The Last Chance, Another Plo Chapter 361 A Concubine Would Be Sent to the Qin’s Mansion? Chapter 362 Proclaim Her Identity Chapter 363 The Wind Got Strong and the Trouble Started Chapter 364 Ruthless Biological Daughter Chapter 366 Artful Words and Insinuating Countenance, Who Wa Chapter 367 What a Big Trap Chapter 368 Confess or Not? Chapter 369 Chu Liuyue Noticed Qin Wanru for the First Time Chapter 370 The Truth Behind Mother and Daughter’s Plo Chapter 371 Qi Rongzhi Came Here out of Envy Chapter 372 An Aggrieved Prude Who Seemed Pitiful Chapter 373 General’s Calligraphy Chapter 374 Qin Wanru Left Secretly to Explore the Unknown Chapter 375 The Seal—a Pine, a Stone and a Chrysanthemum Chapter 376 The Mysterious Woman Standing at the Gate of the Chapter 377 Search Someone Strangely at Nigh Chapter 378 Since the Person Dared to Stretch out His Claws, Chapter 379 This Is My Betrothal Gif Chapter 273 Make up for what I did to you in another way Chapter 274 No room for discussion Chapter 275 You wanna die? Chapter 276 He held us back Chapter 277 Growing Nervousness Chapter 278 I won’t make it easy for them Chapter 279 Accompany the children Chapter 380 A Prince Who Liked Studying Buddhism Chapter 381 A Sneaky Person Always Did Things on the Sneak Chapter 382 Who Was the Abandoner? Who Was the Castaway? Chapter 383 The On-again-off-again Indecent Couple Chapter 384 In the Life-and-death Struggle, I Would Be the O Chapter 385 Being Cornered and Slandered by Enemies Chapter 386 In Fact, There is Another Witness Chapter 387 The Vicious Daughter was Hypocritical! Chapter 388 Threatening Nanny Zhou Chapter 389 You May Get Stroke Because of the Drag! Chapter 390 To See Who Was the Biological Daughter Through T Chapter 391 The Slaps Chapter 392 Rest Assured! They Would Be Buried with You When Chapter 393 A Bravado! To Invite Other Physicians to Check Chapter 394 Prince Cheng Who Turned His Mind Wholeheartedly Chapter 395 The Most Hateful Thing Chapter 396 Unwilling to Pretend that Everything Was Going W Chapter 397 Anxious and Annoyed Qin Yuru Chapter 398 Prince Cheng’s Mansion Need Smart Girls Chapter 399 The Imperial Edict from the Two Princes Chapter 400 Who Did Uncle Prefer Chapter 401 Was It Broken? Compensate! Chapter 402 Qin Yuru Disappeared! Chapter 403 Let’s Have a Look at the Garden Chapter 404 A Message from Shao Jie’er Chapter 405 The Gaffes Chapter 406 Run into a Brilliant Drama Chapter 407 The Earring Which Was Missen Chapter 408 The Rescue Escalated the Matter! Chapter 409 Deceived! How Unashamed! Chapter 410 Qin Huaiyong Took the Field Chapter 411 Prince Cheng’s Advice Chapter 412 The Best Candidate to Get Married Chapter 413 After Grooming, Ready to Go to Duke Xing’s Mansi Chapter 414 Nanny Huang in Anxiety, Would Go Together! Chapter 415 The Accident Happened in Qin Yuru’s Calculation Chapter 416 Find One More Doctor Chapter 417 Pissing off Two Physicians Chapter 418 “Isn’t First Miss only Thirteen Years Old?” Chapter 297 Madam, You’ve Been Framed up