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Monster Soul Online

Monster Soul Online

Author: Persona Genre: Fantasy

Without rules, humans would be no different from monsters. But if you are powerless in real-life, how ready are you to survive in a world that’s even crueler?

A world filled with dangers.

A world where humans are stripped of their morality. All that remains is their true soul.

‘Monster Soul Online’

A popular VRMMORPG among gamers even with its top-notch harshne...

Chapter 305: A Victorious Smile 2020-04-09 00:48:19
Chapter List
Special Chapter: A High Wall Prelude: A Broken Spiri Chapter 1: Right Arm of the Sealed One Chapter 2: Hidden Quest That Everyone Knows Chapter 3: Wise and Lovely NPC Chapter 4: Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins – First Par Chapter 5: Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins – Last Par Chapter 6: The Return of Lone Wolf Chapter 7: Who Must I Kill to Meet That Guy Chapter 9: The Secret of the Right Arm Chapter 10: Skills Los Chapter 11: Meeting in Real Life Chapter 12: What Did I Do Wrong? Chapter 13: Nameless Elder's Main Disciple Chapter 14: Heading to the Stone Fores Chapter 15: The Great Millennium Ape Chapter 16: The Source of Your Luck Chapter 17: The Change of Skills Chapter 18: Am I forgetting something? Chapter 19: The Stone and the Moon - First Par Chapter 20: The Stone and the Moon - Last Par Chapter 21: Goddess of Moonligh Chapter 22: Secret of the Tree Dragon Chapter 23: Event - Seeking for Beginning Town’s Best Couple Chapter 24: The Stone and the River – First Par Chapter 25: The Stone and the River – Last Par Chapter 26: Tortured Soul Chapter 27: Beginning Town’s Sightseeing at Nigh Chapter 28: Shouldn’t be a Problem Chapter 29: Sila’s Chamber of Secrets Chapter 30: Star Swallow Skill Chapter 31: Farewell Beginning Island - First Par Chapter 32: Farewell Beginning Island - Last Par Chapter 33: A Warm Welcome Chapter 34: The Cause of War Chapter 35: Trump Card Chapter 36: Emperors’ Power Chapter 37: A Help from Varee Chapter 38: Seed of Revenge Chapter 39: Welcome to the Slime Kingdom Chapter 40: Bow’s Decision Chapter 41: Poluk’s Trial Chapter 42: We Are Magic Chapter 43: Viola’s Trial Chapter 44: A Calm Mind is the Strongest Psychic Chapter 45: Divine’s Trial Chapter 46: Way of Slime Chapter 47: A Bird Leaving the Nes Chapter 48: The Problem His Majesty Mentioned Chapter 49: Training’s Resul Chapter 50: Bluebird of Happiness Chapter 51: Bluebird’s Hidden Race Chapter 52: Welcome to Slime Kingdom – Special Arc Chapter 53: Invading the Underwater Palace – First Par Chapter 54: Invading the Underwater Palace – Middle Par Chapter 55: Invading the Underwater Palace – Last Par Chapter 56: Shapeless Qi Chapter 57: Shortcut to Quest Accomplishmen Chapter 58: Secret of Monster Soul Chapter 59: Clearing the Old Deb Chapter 60: The Plan to Overcome the Financial Crisis Chapter 61: Ten Supreme Qi Chapter 62: No One is Perfec Chapter 63: Sila’s Answer Chapter 64: Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps Chapter 65: Teacher’s Warning Chapter 66: A Revisi Chapter 67: Sebastian Chapter 68: Other People’s Problem Chapter 69: A Gift from Poluk Chapter 70: Duel Against the Snow Dragon – First Par Chapter 71: Duel Against the Snow Dragon – Last Par Chapter 72: A Very Weak Foe Chapter 73: Last Night Before the Tournamen Chapter 74: The Preliminary Battle Chapter 75: Not Really Strong Chapter 76: A Dark Horse Chapter 77: The Last Four Chapter 78: New Rules Chapter 79: Slime Chapter 80: Berserk Warrior Chapter 81: Poison Master Chapter 82: Monster Queen Chapter 83: A Dark Brown Sparrowhawk Chapter 84: A Grim Reaper and the Hourglass Chapter 85: Solaria Chapter 86: Weapon Subduing Fis Chapter 87: Bluebird’s Problem Chapter 88: Sila’s Treasure Room Chapter 89: Colossia’s Banquet – First Par Chapter 90: Colossia’s Banquet – Last Par Chapter 91: Cinderella Chapter 92: The Fall of the Royals Chapter 93: By Oneself Chapter 94: Clues Chapter 95: Impersonation Chapter 96: The Time is Yet to Come Chapter 97: False Claim Chapter 98: Center Chapter 99: The Stone and the Starlight - First Par Chapter 100: The Stone and the Starlight - Last Par Chapter 101: The First Step Chapter 102: The Man Wearing the Metal Arm Guards Chapter 103: A Skill That Has Never Been Used Before Chapter 104: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - Pine Tree Garden Chapter 105: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - Thank You for the Chapter 106: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - Lose and Win Chapter 107: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - To the Eas Chapter 108: Steel Sword of the Gentleman Chapter 109: No One is Allowed to Kill Chapter 110: A Knight’s Code Chapter 111: Shueria’s Tales Chapter 112: Single-Horned Dragon Forest - First Par Chapter 113: Single-Horned Dragon Forest - Last Par Chapter 114: A Bad Habi Chapter 115: Bad Timing Chapter 116: Tiger Dragon Qi Chapter 117: Sanon Chapter 118: Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws Chapter 119: A Monster in a Full Moon Night - First Par Chapter 120: A Monster in a Full Moon Night - Last Par Chapter 121: The Wulin Masters Association Chapter 122: Nine Sun-Melting-Fists Chapter 123: Magic Chapter 124: Montra’s Pain Chapter 125: An Enemy on a Narrow Path Chapter 126: A Terrifying Existence in Grea City Chapter 127: Too Late Chapter 128: Predator and Prey Chapter 129: Lost Grea - The Easies Chapter 130: Lost Grea - Intruders Chapter 131: Lost Grea - Killing Machines Chapter 132: Lost Grea - One False Move and the Game is Over Chapter 133: Lost Grea - Julia Chapter 134: Eastern Sea Evil God Chapter 135: Inner Force Chapter 136: Return to Beginning Town Chapter 137: Slime Rock Chapter 138: The Actual Trial - Mark 2 Chapter 139: The Stone and the Wind - First Par Chapter 140: The Stone and the Wind - Last Par Chapter 141: Executing the Dragon in One Fis Chapter 142: Eternal Onyx Chapter 143: Tiger Team - First Par Chapter 144: Tiger Team - Last Par Chapter 145: The Third Stage Chapter 146: Yardpirun Chapter 147: The Second Encounter Chapter 148: The Important Thing Chapter 149: Heavenly Destiny Fis Chapter 150: Endless Chapter 151: The Evil Plan Chapter 152: Mechanical God's Protection Chapter 153: Teacher Mora Chapter 154: Martial Skill Chapter 155: The New Emperor Chapter 156: Death Bridge Chapter 157: A Favor from the Slime King Chapter 158: Triple Sky and Yin Yang Chapter 159: Crisis in the Main Continen Chapter 160: Nine-Styles Weapon Subduing Ar Chapter 161: The Sleeping Beauty Chapter 162: Adding a Rumor Chapter 163: Zhongsuyuan’s Celebrity Chapter 164: Two Dear Friends Chapter 165: Seven-Form Serum Chapter 166: Joining Forces Against the Wrongdoers Chapter 167: First Time Exhibiting the New Ar Chapter 168: A Mysterious Man in Late Nigh Chapter 169: I Come Alone Chapter 170: Upheaval in the Pine Tree Garden Chapter 171: The Calm Before the Storm Chapter 172: The Heavenly Dragon Resistance Gathering Party Chapter 173: The Clash of Opinions Chapter 174: Lurkers Chapter 175: The Five Dragon Warlords Chapter 176: The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 177: The Executioner Chapter 178: Not Normal, Not the Right Way, Not the Right Ti Chapter 179: Blue-Colored Catastrophe Chapter 180: In A Crisis, A Hero is Born Chapter 181: An Unforeseen Developmen Chapter 182: Within Separated Dimensions Chapter 183: An Exposed Weapon Chapter 184: The Invitation Card from the Enemies Chapter 185: Omniscient Evil God Qi Chapter 186: Evolve Chapter 187: Hidden Gifts Chapter 188: The Wicked Union Chapter 189: Unison Chapter 190: Entomomageia and Illuminus Chapter 191: A Path Chosen By A Crazy Man Chapter 192: Union’s Direction Chapter 193: Heading to the Deser Chapter 194: The Desert of Death Chapter 195: Unconventional Martial Art and Eccentric Qi Chapter 196: An Encounter with the God of Death Chapter 182 Relief Chapter 197: The Stone Sword on the Sand Chapter 198: The Two Stars Chapter 199: A Gift from Mora Chapter 200: The Bizarre Go Chapter 201: People Change Over Three Nights Chapter 202: Lucky or Unlucky Chapter 203: Grea City Invasion Chapter 204: Riding on the Rumor Chapter 205: Counterattack with the Same Move Chapter 206: A Fearsome Man Chapter 207: The Sky-Breaking Spear and the Earth-Shattering Chapter 208: The War Between Two Men Chapter 209: Psychic Nest-Returning Bird Chapter 210: The Monster Emperor Chapter 211: Monster Soul Chapter 212: Mist in the Aftermath of War Chapter 213: The Secret of the Star Chapter 214: Give Me Time Chapter 215: The Demonic Cyborg Chapter 216: Monster Follower Chapter 217: Yin and Yang Chapter 218: A Fast Learner Chapter 219: The Immortal Dragon Chapter 220: The Sky Emperor Chapter 221: Mamon’s Products Chapter 222: Lordship Chapter 223: To the North Chapter 224: An Uninvited Companion Chapter 225: The Fairy Kingdom Chapter 226: The Queen’s Curse Chapter 227: The Most Beautiful One Chapter 228: Lomyok’s Pas Chapter 229: A Looming Danger Chapter 230: The Winter Fores Chapter 231: Mamon’s Great Plan Chapter 232: Monster Realm’s Junctions Chapter 233: Belacia City Chapter 234: For Which Purpose Does The Bell Ring? Chapter 235: The Weight of the Mission Chapter 236: A Battle on a Roadside Chapter 237: An Unlucky Day Chapter 238: Animosity That Lasts Through Time Chapter 239: Alone But Not Lonely Chapter 240: A Borrowed Sword Chapter 241: Crisis and Opportunity Chapter 242: The Shadow Emperor Chapter 243: The Three Horsemen Chapter 244: The Hall of Omniscience Chapter 245: Zero Chapter 246: The Martial World Chapter 247: Accidental Encounter Chapter 248: Title will be revealed at the end Chapter 249: Hell’s Gate Chapter 250: Flaming Cloud Qi Chapter 251: Manifesting Soul Lantern Chapter 252: The Proper Way to Negotiate Chapter 253: Bloodbath Festival Chapter 254: A New Episode Chapter 255: Eight Rulers of the Northern Region Chapter 256: Some Bad News and An Even Chapter 257: The Borderless City Chapter 258: The City Sleeps in Flames Chapter 259: A Shocking News Chapter 260: A Black Plan Chapter 261: To the Dragon Kingdom Chapter 262: The Value of Life Chapter 263: Light and Darkness Chapter 264: Flames Chapter 265: Twins Chapter 266: The Master of Swords Chapter 267: Knowledge is Power Chapter 268: Grand Deity’s Breathing Chapter 269: The Dead Man’s Profound Ar Chapter 270: Achieve the Impossible Chapter 270: Achieve the Impossible Chapter 271: The Loser Chapter 272: Joshua’s Ultimate Wish Chapter 273: Way of Humans Chapter 274: The Day of Changes Chapter 275: A Reunion Chapter 276: Join Forces Chapter 277: Slimes’ Heritage Chapter 278: Art of Magic Chapter 279: The Mysterious Tailorbird Mask Man Chapter 280: Switching Duties Chapter 281: Merciless Repossession Chapter 282: Borrowing the Realm-Crossing Gate Chapter 283: The Prince Comes Back Home Chapter 284: The Future Maker Chapter 285: The Last Order Chapter 286: A Trapped Tiger Chapter 287: Story of A Hundred Swords Chapter 288: Abandons for the sake of Victory Chapter 289: The Mysterious Blood Chapter 290: The True King of the Single-Horned Dragon Fores Chapter 291: A Proxy War Chapter 292: Eternal Learners Chapter 293: Tiger Dragon Unleashes Its Might — First Par Chapter 294: Tiger Dragon Unleashes Its Might — Last Par Chapter 295: Demonic Armament, Blade-Sharpening Dragon Chapter 296: The Story Sanon Has Never Told Chapter 297: A Plan to Overtake the Android Kingdom Chapter 298: The Two Sister Goddesses Chapter 299: The Cursed Dragon Chapter 300: What is Virtue? Chapter 301: The Laughter in Skull Mountain Pass Chapter 302: The Second War Event — First Par Chapter 303: The Second War Event — Middle Par Chapter 304: The Second War Event — Last Par Chapter 305: A Victorious Smile