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My campus belle wife

My campus belle wife

Author: Liang Shao Genre: Romance

Luo Feng, the strongest soldier in the Army, now returns to the city. He becomes a transfer student of Zijing Junior High. What are his intentions? No one knows.

Chapter 72 Sounds Like You're Famous 2020-10-24 06:09:05
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Robbed by a beauty Chapter 2 They were all very unprofessional! Chapter 3 It's not good to be a hero to save a beauty Chapter 4 Boss, I'm sorry Chapter 5 This jumper is kind of cool Chapter 6 Well, there's no need Chapter 7 Eat yours or mine Chapter 8 Don't kneel in front of a man Chapter 9 Kick flying Chapter 10 Beautiful Teacher Jun Lianmeng Chapter 11 It's Just English Chapter 12 Reject A Beauty Chapter 13 Bullshit Chapter 14 Where Is the Cesspool Chapter 15 Bullshit! Chapter 16 I'm Really Blind Chapter 17 I'm A Soldier Chapter 18 Lawless Chapter 19 Spit It Out and I'll Pay for It Chapter 20 Incomparably Tyrannical Chapter 21 What Are You Looking For Chapter 22 Cousin Chapter 23 Invitation Chapter 24 Brother Has Seen Through Everything Chapter 25 Thank You for Your Impunity, Director Huang Chapter 26 Saber Player Chapter 27 I Really, Really Can't Drink It Anymore Chapter 28 Military Body Fist Chapter 29 Do You Want to Break into the Zhang Clan Again Chapter 30 Grandpa And Grandson Chapter 31 Accompany Me on a Night Trip to the Pearl River Chapter 32 What a Mess Your Circle Is Chapter 33 A Sudden Killing Intent Chapter 34 Methods Chapter 35 Offend The Leader Chapter 36 End Of Exam Chapter 37 Men's Battle Chapter 38 Grandpa Wants to See You Chapter 39 Meet An Old Friend Chapter 40 There Was a Sword in My Heart Chapter 41 King of Tremors All Over the World Chapter 42 Cen Jingshu Chapter 43 I Am Also Unreasonable Chapter 44 Come Up Here and Cripple Me Chapter 45 Mysterious Black Fox Chapter 46 Big Swindle Chapter 47 Happy Birthday, Soybean Milk Fried Dough Sticks Chapter 48 No Chapter 49 Are You Kidding Me Chapter 50 Eight Essences Of Yangcheng Chapter 51 World Killer Star Rankings Chapter 52 Traveling with the United States Chapter 53 A Bunch Of Bumpkins Chapter 54 Please Go Out Chapter 55 Who Touched My Piano Chapter 56 A Beautiful Misunderstanding Chapter 57 A Vow Of Love Chapter 58 I Want to Hear You Play the Piano Chapter 59 There Are Tombstones in the North Sea Chapter 60 Bloodbath Knife Chapter 61 The King of Hell Wants You Dead at Midnight Chapter 62 Renewed Conflict Chapter 63 Play the Jackal to the Tiger Chapter 64 Her Smile Was Brilliant Chapter 65 Her Smile Was Very Sad Chapter 66 Whether a Donkey Or a Horse Is Known by Slipping Chapter 67 Tyrannical Hegemon Is Not Convinced Chapter 68 School Flower Chase Chapter 69 Young Miss' Campus Bodyguard Chapter 70 The Male God Also Knows Medicine Chapter 71 Debt Collection Chapter 72 Sounds Like You're Famous