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Necropolis Immortal

Necropolis Immortal

Author: Immortal Amidst Snow Genre: Eastern

A hundred thousand years ago, there was a great war between cultivators. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.A hundred thousand years after the last legend faded, Lu Yun, commandant of tomb raiders, descends upon the world. Armed with the Tome of Life and Death, he has some burning questions to answer.……“This isn’t how you raid a tomb!” Lu Yun smirked at the cultivators frantically scurrying about the ancient tomb. “Do you want me to teach you?”…...But ah, can someone teach him how to cure his new body’s erectile dysfunction?

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Necromancy, no filler, and unexplained mysteries of the world arrive with Necropolis Immortal!Starting off with a typical xianxia trope of an incredible treasure, this cultivation novel quickly veers away from the usual cliches and into the realm of the spookily unexplored. Lu Yun, commandant of the tomb raiders, arrives in a fantastical world of immortals. It’s a realm filled with shiny new toys—ahem, tombs to be explored. What seems like a treasure-hunting jaunt is soon tinged with intrigue. What else does he have to solve other than how to stay alive in half a year’s time? Oh, and his new body is afflicted with erectile dysfunction.This novel is great for those who like mystery paired with adventure, epic one-liners, and fanciful plot twists all served with a little dash of horror. PS. etvo has a cameo!Hocus Pocus? Weird Names? What is Feng Shui?The World of Necropolis Immortal and the Cultivation SystemSPOILERS TL;DR of the tombs in Necropolis Immortal SPOILERS

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Chapter List
Chapter 1: Youth Governor Chapter 2: Enneawyrm Coffinbearers Chapter 3: Aurum Openia Pill Chapter 4: Crouching Black Tortoise Chapter 5: Where’s My Head? Chapter 6: A Plot Within A Plot Chapter 7: Corpse Flies Chapter 8: Another Wanfeng Chapter 9: Yum-Yum Chapter 10: Panorama of Clarity Chapter 11: The Tome of Life and Death Chapter 12: Exiting the Tomb Chapter 13: Attacking the City Chapter 14: Vessel Chapter 15: Enneawyrm Provenance Formation Chapter 16: The World of Yin and Yang Chapter 17: Infernum Chapter 18: Bean Soldiers Chapter 19: Arrangement of the Seven Stars Chapter 20: Myriad Formation Summit Chapter 21: A Male Pig Chapter 22: An Enormous Graveyard Chapter 23: Qing Hongcheng Chapter 24: Maze Journey Chapter 25: Malicious Diligence Chapter 26: Don’t Eat Too Much Chapter 27: Bronze Outer-Coffin Chapter 28: A Real Illusion Chapter 29: Ninefilia Spectre Fostering Chapter 30: The Ninefilia Spectre Chapter 31: Corpsefish Chapter 32: A Terrifying Speculation Chapter 33: Bloodcorpse Chapter 34: A City As Grave Goods Chapter 35: Undead Hag Chapter 36: The Portrait of Emptiness Chapter 37: Ghostface Maggots Chapter 38: Layout of Certain Death Chapter 39: The Belle On His Back Chapter 40: Proof of Allegiance Chapter 41: Dragon Chapter 42: Truewater City Lord Chapter 43: A Living Layout Chapter 44: The Corpse as the Coffin Chapter 45: A Dream Chapter 46: The Original Owner Chapter 47: Dragonseal Stone Chapter 48: Feinie Chapter 49: Escape Chapter 50: Goddess Chapter 51: Soon To Die Chapter 52: To Be One With Dao Chapter 53: Breaking the Layout Chapter 54: An Immutable Rule Chapter 55: Escape By the Skin of One’s Teeth Chapter 56: The Fox is Female Chapter 57: Fighting with Immortals Chapter 58: The Exalted Immortal Sect Chapter 59: The Real Target Chapter 60: Sacrificial Goods to the River God Chapter 61: He Who Sows the Wind Reaps the Whirlwind Chapter 62: On the Banks of Dusk River Chapter 63: Another Formation Orb Chapter 64: A Tomb For the Living Chapter 65: Path of Ingress Chapter 66: Butchered Corpse Chapter 67: Reversal of Yin and Yang Chapter 68: Formations and Feng Shui Chapter 69: Defying Laws of Nature, Pilfering the Essence of Chapter 70: A Trace of Death Chapter 71: Taboo Against Taboo Chapter 72: Karma Chapter 73: Dusk River Palace Chapter 74: The River God Cometh Chapter 75: Sacrifices Birthing a God Chapter 76: Utmost Treasure of the Divines Chapter 77: The Hand in the Shadows Chapter 78: The Lair of Divine Burials Chapter 79: Scourge Chapter 80: Self-Sacrifice Chapter 81: Her Chapter 82: Xuanxi Chapter 83: Princess of the Dragons Chapter 84: An Old Crone Thousands of Years Old Chapter 85: Divine Obsession Chapter 86: No Escape Chapter 87: The Altar, Again Chapter 88: Another Wayfarer Chapter 89: Eyes Chapter 90: Setting Things Up Chapter 91: Capture the Witch Chapter 92: An Imposing Bearing Chapter 93: Lacking the Five Senses Chapter 94: Breaking Free Chapter 95: Luring the Snake out of the Hole Chapter 96: On Pain of Death Chapter 97: Surveillance Chapter 98: The Netherwood Coffin Chapter 99: Bad Omen Chapter 100: The Fourth Envoy of Samsara Chapter 101: Enormous Willow Chapter 102: A Million Heavenly Soldiers Chapter 103: The Imprint of a Kiss Chapter 104: Skandha Tomb Chapter 105: Trap Chapter 106: The True Master Chapter 107: Betrayal Chapter 108: Origin Sphere Chapter 109: A Ditz Chapter 110: Accursed Spirit Root Chapter 111: Poison Fang Chapter 112: Duo Dragons Execute a Snake Chapter 113: Like Corpse or Like Ghost? Chapter 114: Violetgrave’s Mausoleum Chapter 115: Fusang Purewood Chapter 116: Dragonsearch Invocation Chapter 117: The Imperial Coffin Chapter 118: Judgment of Life or Death Chapter 118.2: Judgment of Life or Death Chapter 119: Myrtlestar Chapter 120: Heritage of an Empress Chapter 121: Tomb Realm Chapter 122: The Zombie Tree Chapter 123: Giant Ghostface Maggots Chapter 124: The Sal Tree of Life and Death Chapter 125: Half of a Dragon Body Chapter 126: Rebirth Chapter 127: Heaven-Defying, To Raise from the Dead Chapter 128: Unwelcome Guests Chapter 129: The Skybearer Gates Chapter 130: The Form of the Black Tortoise Chapter 131: Fury of the Monster Spirit Emperor Chapter 132: The Celestial Emperor’s Trial Chapter 133 The Coretrial Arena Chapter 134: Paying the Price with One’s Life Chapter 135: To Make An Example Chapter 136: Picking Up Bad Habits Chapter 137: The Gray Eyes In The Sky Chapter 138: Death Art, Mastery of the Five Elements Chapter 139: You’re Less Than Him Chapter 140: Cheating? Chapter 141: Making a Scene Chapter 142: Divine Goldspirit Constitution Chapter 143: Vast Dragon Seaturner Chapter 144: Lapse In Judgment Chapter 145: The Immortal Who Severed His Own Cultivation Chapter 146: Reappearance Chapter 147: Magnanimous Chapter 148: Nascent Spirit Chapter 149: The Height of Shamelessness Chapter 150: The Method of the Great Peng Chapter 151: To Soar Forty-Five Thousand Kilometers Into the Chapter 152: Lu Guhong of the Mist Land Chapter 153: Poison Fiend Chapter 154: Cleaving the Heavens with One Strike Chapter 155: Youth Sovereign Chapter 156: I’ll Wait For You Chapter 157: Bullying Others to the Extreme Chapter 158: Drawing The Sword Chapter 159: Divine Thunder from the Nine Heavens Chapter 160: Nothing is Impossible Chapter 161: The Origin of the Restriction Chapter 162: Buried in the Sword Chapter 163: The Sugato Sword Chapter 164: Another Tomb, Again Chapter 165: Unable to Remain Buried Chapter 166: A Giant Hand Chapter 167: To Strike Out Boldly Despite Ten Million Foes Chapter 168: Invincible Chapter 169: Lu Yun’s Sword Intent Chapter 170: Sacred Land of Immortal Dao Chapter 171: Divine Spymirror Chapter 172: Interred Alive Chapter 173: Out for Blood Chapter 174: Brutality Chapter 175: Courting Death Chapter 176: Dying Cloudwater Township Red with Blood Chapter 177: Soul of the Black Tortoise Chapter 178: Do You Regret It? Chapter 179: Might of the Golden Bell Chapter 180: Volcano Chapter 181: Tadpole Chapter 182: Demon Frog Chapter 183.1: Tomb of the Phoenix Chapter 183.2: Tomb of the Phoenix Chapter 184: Tomb Keepers Chapter 185: Sword Barrow Chapter 186: White Tiger Divine Race Chapter 187: A Great Curse Chapter 188: Endless Sword Zombies Chapter 189: The Forge of Swords, Burial of Swords Chapter 190: Forge a Sword For Me Chapter 191: Celestial Emperor of Exalted Major? Chapter 192: Nine-Phoenix Casket Chapter 193: The Temptation of Immortality Chapter 194: Strength of a Celestial Emperor Chapter 195: The Sword Moves Chapter 196: Birth Chapter 197: Challenges Chapter 198: Flying Head Technique Chapter 199: Straight Ahead! Chapter 200: Corpse Refiners Chapter 201: Traps, Traps, Traps Everywhere Chapter 202: Who Dares Block Me Chapter 203: An Even Older Guy Chapter 204: Flawless and Complete Nascent Spirit Chapter 205: Starstream Stroke Chapter 206: Blockading the Entrance Chapter 207: Turn Things Upside Down Chapter 208: F*ck With Him Chapter 209: Refusing Face When It’s Given Chapter 210: The Path of Cultivation is Also Broken Chapter 211: A Clan’s Ruination Chapter 212: Art of Words Chapter 213: Don’t Ascend to Immortality Chapter 214: Three Requests Chapter 215: Recognize All of Them Chapter 216: Immortal Medicine and a Poison Pill Chapter 217: An Ancient Pill Recipe Chapter 218: Refining the Dao Fruit Pill Chapter 219: Reaching the Heavens with a Single Bound Chapter 220: Pill Tribulation?! Chapter 221: Four Hundred Eighty Million Bolts of Lightning Chapter 222: Swallowing Thunder Chapter 223: Qing Ruyan Chapter 224: Forge of Earth and Sky Chapter 225: Traces of Hell Chapter 226: Ten Yins Estuary Chapter 227: Utterly Dumbfounded Chapter 228: Firmament Prison Chapter 229: Abnormal Chapter 230: The Door of Demise Chapter 231: Ghostly Shadow Chapter 232: The Living Dead Chapter 233: Overlapping of Three Layers Chapter 234: A Tomb Burying the Path of Cultivation Chapter 235: Ah, So I Was Already Dead Chapter 236: Avici Hell Chapter 237: Yi Wood Cleansing Thunder Chapter 238: The Original Tomb Owner Chapter 239: The Great Flower of Dao Chapter 240: The Last One Chapter 241: Chains and Shackles Chapter 242: Fire of Hope Chapter 243: Guardian Chapter 244: The Simplest Truth of Dao Chapter 245: Just a Sacrifice Chapter 246: Ten Thousand Leagues of an Ocean of Blood Chapter 247: Traversing the Ocean of Blood Chapter 248: Help, Fellow Daoist! Chapter 249: A Great Purge Chapter 250: Black Paper Boats Chapter 251: Immortal Weapons of War Chapter 252: Demon from the Bloody Depths Chapter 253: Departing with City and Land Chapter 254: You Dare Use My Tower? Chapter 255: Bringing Ten Thousand Formations to Bear Chapter 256: Tiger Roars and Dragon Howls Chapter 257: Formations Break Chapter 258: Dusk Lord? Chapter 259: Crossdressing Girl Chapter 260: Conquering Dusk Province Chapter 261: The Dao Flower Blooms Chapter 262: Where Emperors Rest Chapter 263: Diabolical Tribulation of World Refinement Chapter 264: Weapon of Dao Chapter 265: The Bloody Truth Chapter 266: The Jiangchen Clan Chapter 267: Only Dead Idols Are Worshipped Chapter 268: White Bone Fortress Ship Chapter 269: Return of the Corpse Refiners Chapter 270: Bag of Corpse Refinement Chapter 271: The World Chapter 272: The North Sea Chapter 273: Self Detonation? Chapter 274: The Abyss Chapter 275: Monster God Chapter 276: Monster God? Chapter 277: A Cosmic Constitution Chapter 278: Embittered Bamboo Chapter 279.1: The Second Monster Spirit King Chapter 279.2: The Second Monster Spirit King Chapter 280: Feng Shui Killing Layout Chapter 281: Revenge of the Corpse Refiners Chapter 282.1: Dragon Crown Prince of the East Sea Chapter 282.2: Dragon Crown Prince of the East Sea Chapter 283: Draggin’ Crown Prince, Not Dragon Crown Prince Chapter 284.1: State Your Name Chapter 284.2: State Your Name Chapter 285: Smashing Him to Death With Immortal Crystals Chapter 286: Return to Origins Chapter 287: Borrowing a Treasure Chapter 287.2: Borrowing a Treasure Chapter 288: Qilin Egg Chapter 289: The Tribulation Surrogate Pill Chapter 290: Skyqilin Blood Chapter 291: Boy Toy! Chapter 292: An Alliance of Profligates Chapter 293: Fetch Me My Crystal Chapter 294: Flesh and Blood as the Brush, Soul as the Ink Chapter 295: The First Void Realm Cultivator Chapter 296: Void Realm Methods Chapter 297: The Early Bird Gets the Worm Chapter 298: Vicious in Motives Chapter 299: Poison Doctor from the Ancient Times Chapter 300: Tombs of Yin and Yang Chapter 301: Don’t Make Mouth Shapes At Me Chapter 302: Maid Chapter 303: First Prince of the North Sea Chapter 304: Poison Ghost Chapter 305: Octopus With a Human Head Chapter 306: Fear Chapter 307: A Corpse Coffin, Another Corpse Coffin Chapter 308: Corpse Mutation Chapter 309: Su Xiaoxiao Chapter 310: A Living Corpse Chapter 311: A Curse of Poison Chapter 312: Hell Flower Chapter 313: The Exalted Divine Tribe Chapter 314: Monster Ancestor? Chapter 315: The Celestial Mistfield Banners Chapter 316: Setting Out, Imperial City Chapter 317: Shapeshifting Chapter 318: Too Fast, Didn’t See Chapter 319.1: Weathering the Tribulation Chapter 319.2: Weathering the Tribulation Chapter 320: The South Sea Gourmet Chapter 321: The Gorb Demon Chapter 322: Kill As Many Who Come Chapter 323: Worms Chapter 324: A Great Uproar in the North Sea Palace Chapter 325: Replica of the Monster Spirit Emperor Chapter 326: Divine Seaward Iron Chapter 327.1: Not Even A Hair Left Chapter 327.2: Not Even A Hair Left Chapter 328.1: Divvying Up the Spoils Chapter 328.2: Divvying Up the Spoils Chapter 329: First Clan of Nephrite Major Chapter 330: Senior Brother Lu Beat It Into Me Chapter 331: Stomping to Death Chapter 332: It’s Not the Future Yet Chapter 333: Seeking Death Chapter 334: A Tongue Chapter 335: Too Small Chapter 336: Another Part of the Soul Lost Chapter 337: Formation of Talismans Chapter 338: The Fire That Destroyed Hell Chapter 339: Dragon Nest Chapter 340: A Sleeve Dripping Wet Chapter 341: Water Ghost Grasp Chapter 342: Dragon Ghost Chapter 343: The Star Demon Sect Chapter 344: Dragon Whelp Chapter 345: Cosmic Skycarver Chapter 346: Young Masters Chapter 347: Buying Loyalty Chapter 348: Rumormongering Chapter 349: Might of the Black Emperor Chapter 350: The Same Eyes Chapter 351: Love Rival Chapter 352: An Origin Dao Blow Chapter 353: Supplemental Paths as King Chapter 354: A Hundred and Eight Thousand Flying Swords Chapter 355: The Dragon on Lu Yun’s Back Chapter 356: Kill the Dragon Chapter 357: Resurrection Chapter 358: Fire Parasol Tree Chapter 359: Saving People Chapter 360: Deterring with Military Might Chapter 361.1: Sect Head Chapter 361.2: Sect Head Chapter 362: Zombie Tree Chapter 363: I’m Already Here Chapter 364: Ghost Dragon Battles Ghost Tree Chapter 365: Pearls of the Four Divine Spirits Chapter 366: Can’t Kill Him Chapter 367: Bane Chapter 368: An Unexpected Person Chapter 369: Sinful Blood and Traitors Chapter 370: The Grace of Conferring Knowledge of Dao Chapter 371: Graveyard Chapter 372: Seal Chapter 373: The Shaman and the Blood Qilin Chapter 374: Enneaqilin Coffinbiers Chapter 375: A Big, Furry, Golden Hand Chapter 376: Enormous Ape Chapter 377: Scarlet Ape Chapter 378: Saint and Demon Chapter 379: Humans, Get Out Of the North Sea Chapter 380: The Monster Spirit Ancestor’s True Form Chapter 381: Human Demon Chapter 382: The Last Thing They Wanted To See Chapter 383: Utterly Stunning Chapter 384: The Hell Flower Blossoms Chapter 385: They’re All Dead Chapter 386: Nine Divine Vaults Chapter 387: Humans Chapter 388: Mastermind Chapter 389: Demon Fetus Chapter 390: Akasha Ghosts, Again Chapter 391: Stars in the Day Chapter 392: A Ghastly Scream Chapter 393: Natural-Born Peerless Immortal Chapter 394: Liu Qingmiao Chapter 395: Time to Show Them What We’ve Got Chapter 396: A Stick of Incense Chapter 397: Covert Violence Chapter 398: Restriction Against Immortals Chapter 399: Destiny City Chapter 400: Blood Ganoderma Chapter 401: The Dao of Monster Spirits Chapter 402: Enemy Agents Chapter 403: Holy Girl of the Star Demon Sect Chapter 404: City Lord of Destiny Chapter 405: Immortal Emperor and Demon Sovereign Chapter 406: To Splurge Chapter 407: Xi Yingchen Chapter 408: A Bounty of A Hundred Billion Premium Crystals Chapter 409: The First Match of the Sovereign Rankings Chapter 410: Steed Chapter 411: To the Blood Sea Chapter 412: Dao Partners? Chapter 413: Mountain Divines Chapter 414: Thrown Into the Blood Sea Chapter 415: The Twenty-Fourth Facet of the World of Immorta Chapter 416: Graveyard Chapter 417: Peculiar Chapter 418: Excavating Burial Mounds for Immortals Chapter 419: Ninety-Nine Steps Chapter 420: Good-For-Nothings Chapter 421: Sword Atlas Chapter 422: Silver Moon in the Sky Chapter 423: Testing the Technique Chapter 424: Might of the Sword Atlas Chapter 425: Dragon King Chapter 426: Great Opportunity Chapter 427: Ten Lords Chapter 428: The Sword of Dao Chapter 429.1: Incredible Battle Results Chapter 429.2: Incredible Battle Results Chapter 430: Ghost Hits Wall Chapter 431: The Owner of the Sword of Chaos Chapter 432: Sword Tribulation Chapter 433: Chaos Chapter 434: Human Form, Beast Form Chapter 435: Soul Planting Chapter 436: Scarlet Ape Arrives Chapter 437: Death With a Single Glare Chapter 438: Guardian Spirits Chapter 439: The Immortal Dao of All Living Things Chapter 440: Resurrection Chapter 441: Hunting Lords Chapter 441.2: Hunting Lords Chapter 442: Void Beast Chapter 443: Shamanism Chapter 444: Sword Divine Chapter 445: True Ability Chapter 446: Shitstirrer Chapter 447: Seals Chapter 448: Fragments of the Ancient Immortal Dao Chapter 449: A Hundred and Eight Thousand Swords, Endless Co Chapter 450: Three Days