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Poison Physician Consort

Poison Physician Consort

Author: Sweet Violet (紫嫣) Genre: Other

Follow Bai Luochu on a journey back to the peak as she reincarnates into the body of an orphaned daughter of the former great general of the Cloud Water Nation.With the Three Great Immortal Sects in front of her, her mortal enemies who caused her death, how would she rise to the top again?With her astounding medical skills and ability to create heaven defying poison, Bai Luochu heals the crippled meridians of her new body and attracts the attention of all three princes of the Cloud Water Nation!

Chapter 438: A Change of Strategy 2020-10-24 17:02:03
Chapter List
Chapter 1: Bai Luochu Chapter 2: No.8 Human Slave Chapter 3: Reincarnation Chapter 4: Rich And Overbearing Chapter 5: Healing and Poison Tempering Chapter 6: One Shot Kill Chapter 7: Silver-Haired Man Chapter 8: Battle of Thousand Brilliance Chapter 9: Meridians Opened Up Chapter 10: The Person Who Bought Her Chapter 11: Personal Servant Chapter 12: What is the Purpose Chapter 13: Assassin in the Residence Chapter 14: Uninvited Guest Chapter 15: Strange Poison Array Chapter 16: Costly Medical Fee Chapter 17: Nourishing the Meridians Chapter 18: Setting Up An Array In The Courtyard Chapter 19: The First Prince’s Consideration Chapter 20: Ninth Prince Chapter 21: Self Taught Genius Chapter 22: Strange Dream Chapter 23: Sneaking Into the Palace Chapter 24: Second Prince Saves the Day Chapter 26: Bizarre Formation Array Chapter 25: A Fox's Nature Chapter 27: Feng Clan’s Young Lady Chapter 28: Bestowing of Marriage at the Birthday Banquet Chapter 29: Trapped In a Conspiracy Chapter 30: The Phoenix King Valley’s Arrival Chapter 31: Obtaining Information Chapter 32: Caught in Another Dispute Chapter 33: Becoming Curious Chapter 34: Additional Probing Chapter 35: A Surprising Windfall Chapter 36: Secretly Inflicting Poison Chapter 37: Quietly Waiting for the Show to Start Chapter 38: The Start of a Great Show Chapter 39: Shrouded by Dark Clouds Chapter 40: Striking a Deal Chapter 41: Entering the Residence in a Disguise Chapter 42: Providing Treatment Chapter 43: Second Prince’s Night Visit Chapter 44: The Empress Dowager’s Summon Chapter 45: Title of Divine Physician Chapter 46: Plotting Chapter 47: The Whole Story Chapter 48: Suspicion Chapter 49: First Prince’s Thoughts Chapter 50: Reward in Hand Chapter 51: Engrossed in Cultivation Chapter 52: Meeting the Empress Dowager Again Chapter 53: Summoned by the Emperor Chapter 54: Incredible Pace of Improvement Chapter 55: Rise of Melancholy Chapter 56: The Storm is Coming Chapter 57: Crisis Abruptly Ending Chapter 58: Discussion in the Teahouse Chapter 59: Seeing an Old Friend Again Chapter 60: A Struggle Between Two Princes Chapter 61: Ying Lan’s Return Chapter 62: Meeting The Silver-Haired Man Again Chapter 63: Protection in Silence Chapter 64: Start Of The Selection Chapter 65: Successful Recruitment Chapter 66: Steady Development Chapter 67: Agreeing to the Invitation Chapter 68: Cheerfully Attending the Banquet Chapter 69: Dispute During the Banquet Chapter 70: True Identity Chapter 71: Straightening Out Her Thoughts Chapter 72: Seeking the Truth Chapter 73: The Truth is Revealed Chapter 74: Returning to the General’s Residence Chapter 75: The Ins and Outs of the Matter Chapter 76: Imminent Departure Chapter 77: Official Farewell Chapter 78: Banquet in the Reception Pavilion Chapter 79: If Fate has it, We Will Meet Again Chapter 80: Discussing the Plan Chapter 81: Show of Strength Chapter 82: Heartfelt Conversation Chapter 83: Start of the Operation Chapter 84: Ying Lan’s Visit Chapter 85: Change of Plans Chapter 86: Hundred Herbs Hall’s Letter Chapter 87: Preparation to Make a Move Chapter 88: Setting an Example Chapter 89: First Meeting with Her Uncle Chapter 90: Addressing Intimately Chapter 91: Prevailing Scheme Chapter 92: Hypocritical Cousin Chapter 93: Schemed Against Chapter 94: Constructing the Secret Base Chapter 95: Growing Conspiracy Chapter 96: Getting Someone Else to do the Dirty Work Chapter 97: Appropriate Arrangement Chapter 98: A Great Chess Move Chapter 99: Beating Everyone Up Chapter 100: Thoughts of Making a Comeback Chapter 101: Bucket to the Head Chapter 102: Tunnel Completed Chapter 103: Mysterious Secret Room Chapter 104: Aunt Makes A Move Chapter 105: Advice For Setup Chapter 106: ‘Catching Her in the Act’ Chapter 107: Suppressing Her Aunt Chapter 108: Bloody Scene Chapter 109: Wishful Thinking Chapter 110: Foundation Stabilizing Chapter 111: Important Information Chapter 112: Plan for the Spirit Beast Chapter 113: Uninvited Chapter 114: I Want to Protect Her Chapter 115: Bai Luochu’s Decision Chapter 116: Confrontation Again Chapter 117: Going for a Meal Chapter 118: Construction Complete Chapter 119: A Different Pei Rumo Chapter 120: Pei Qingfeng’s Intention Chapter 121: Pei Wuchen’s Scheme Chapter 122: Progress in Cultivation Chapter 123: Palace of Brilliance Resurgence Chapter 124: Finding an Alternative Chapter 125: Appointing the Palace Master Chapter 126: Volunteering Chapter 127: Dispute Breaking Out Chapter 128: Deploying the Poison Array Chapter 129: Rumors on the Streets Chapter 130: The Undercurrent in the Imperial Study Chapter 131: Mixed Emotions Chapter 132: Night Conversation at the Silk Flower Pavilion Chapter 133: The Reason Within Chapter 134: Making Threats and Promises Chapter 135: Onwards to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range Chapter 136: Old Memories Resurfacing Chapter 137: Joyous Conversation Chapter 138: Scheme Chapter 139: Chaotic Battlefield Chapter 140: Dangerous Situation Chapter 141: Lu Wenshu’s Appearance Chapter 142: End of Battle Chapter 143: Intentional Instigation Chapter 144: Taking the Initiative Chapter 145: Feng Wan’er’s Malicious Plan Chapter 146: Double Killing Intent Chapter 147: Risking One Life to Save Another Chapter 148: The Queer Green Flame Eagle Chapter 149: The Suspicious Lu Wenshu Chapter 150: Who will Triumph? Chapter 151: A Promise That Must Be Kept Chapter 152: Suddenly Regaining Consciousness Chapter 153: Great Care Chapter 154: The Unusual Atmosphere in the Palace of Brillia Chapter 155: Her Cousin’s Scheme Chapter 156: Constant Obstruction Chapter 157: Scheme Chapter 158: Stern Criticism Chapter 159: Sad and Depressed Chapter 160: Cai Ling’s Return Chapter 161: The Reliant Pei Qingfeng Chapter 162: Pei Qingfeng’s Question Chapter 163: Together in a Room Chapter 164: The Younglings’ Whereabouts Chapter 165: Bai Luochu’s Plan Chapter 166: So-Called Reward Chapter 167: Divine Physician Bai = Luo Chu? Chapter 168: Calm Response Chapter 169: Imperial Court Dispute Chapter 170: Lu Wenshu Seeking an Audience with the Emperor Chapter 171: The Emperor’s Scheme Chapter 172: Inquiring Secretly Chapter 173: Whereabouts Found Chapter 174: Seeking Forgiveness Chapter 175: Again and Again Chapter 176: Pei Qingfeng’s Scheme Chapter 177: Another Malicious Plan Chapter 178: Invitation from the Phoenix King Valley Chapter 179: It’s a Fortuitous Encounter, not a Disaster Chapter 180: Attending With No Fear Chapter 181: The Truth is Revealed Chapter 182: A Plot Involving Three Sides Chapter 183: Tactfully Declining the Alliance Marriage Chapter 184: The Third Prince’s Thoughts Chapter 185: The Grand Recruitment Chapter 186: Opening the Curtains Chapter 187: Written Examination Chapter 188: Double First Ranker Chapter 189: Second Round Chapter 190: Take the Initiative Chapter 191: Guan Yue Accepting the Challenge Chapter 192: Living Up to Expectations Chapter 193: Difficulty Stepping Down Chapter 194: Already Have a Faction Chapter 195: Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s First Public Chapter 196: Leaving Chapter 197: Agreeing Chapter 198: Misery Loves Company Chapter 199: Dinner Crisis Chapter 200: News of the Younglings Chapter 201: Inside the Spirit Ring Chapter 202: Planning the Operation Chapter 203: Transaction with Pei Qingfeng Chapter 204: The Matter is Done Chapter 205: Nightfall, Operation Start Chapter 206: Knocked Out Chapter 207: Successfully Escaping Chapter 208: Shifting the Blame Chapter 209: The End of the Farce Chapter 210: Mournful Departure Chapter 211: Protecting in the Dark Chapter 212: Words of Reproach Chapter 213: The Whole Story Chapter 214: Cai Ling’s Worry Chapter 215: Plan for the Future Chapter 216: Secretly Disclosing the Information Chapter 217: Intention to Recruit Chapter 218: Scalding Invitation Card Chapter 219: The Attendant’s Opinion of Ying Lan Chapter 220: The Hard to Fathom Pei Rumo Chapter 221: Bai Luochu’s Deduction Chapter 222: Private Discussion Chapter 223: Ying Lan Attending the Feast Chapter 224: More Sounding Out Chapter 225: Pei Rumo’s Olive Branch Chapter 226: Both Taking a Step Back Chapter 227: Pei Rumo’s Suspicion Chapter 228: The Whole Story Chapter 229: Guan Yue’s Strategy Chapter 230: Responding According to the Situation Chapter 231: One Man Tea Party Chapter 232: Fancy Reasons Chapter 233: Pei Qingfeng Couldn’t Sit Still Chapter 234: Each Having Ulterior Motives Chapter 235: Knocking on the Door Late at Night Chapter 236: A Ruthless Scheme Chapter 237: Reversal in a Game of Chess Chapter 238: The Asura Battleground for the Four Individuals Chapter 239: The So-Called Zhenlong Chess Play Chapter 240: Lu Wenshu’s Thoughts Chapter 241: Fruitless Investigation Chapter 242: Severe Haze of Suspicion Chapter 243: Long Time No See Chapter 244: Taking the Initiative Chapter 245: Freed from Confinement Chapter 246: A Scandal Chapter 247: Moonlight Guidance Chapter 248: Pei Wuchen’s Visit Chapter 249: Extremely Ridiculous Chapter 250: A Series of False Accusations Chapter 251: A Great Show Chapter 252: To Call On Chapter 253: Secret Guard Delivering a Letter Chapter 254: Glady Agreeing Chapter 255: Everyone has Their Own Plan Chapter 256: A Farce Chapter 257: An Unexpected Invitation Chapter 258: Laying the Cards on the Table Chapter 259: The Needle is Sharp but so are Words Chapter 260: A Chance Encounter With the Phoenix King Valley Chapter 261: The Last Straw Chapter 262: Things Bai Luochu Didn’t Know Chapter 263: Elder Li’s Message Chapter 264: Devastated Pei Qingfeng Chapter 265: Completed Elixir Chapter 266: Refusal Chapter 267: Frightened in the First Prince’s Residence Chapter 268: Each Individual's Thoughts Chapter 269: An Anxious Pei Qingfeng Chapter 270: Ripples of the Heart Chapter 271: The One Who Threw My Heart into Disorder Chapter 272: The Observer Sees Clearly Chapter 273: Green Flame Eagle’s Birth Chapter 274: Discussion in the Underground Palace Chapter 275: Revisiting the Falling Cloud Mountain Range Chapter 276: Returning the Invitation Chapter 277: Jealous Pei Qingfeng Chapter 278: Suddenly Departure Chapter 279: Mysterious Organization Chapter 280: Mystery Organization Entering the Capital Chapter 281: Conflict at the Palace Gates Chapter 282: Conspiracy Chapter 283: Disagreement in the Garden Chapter 284: Feigning Civility Chapter 285: It is Merely a Misunderstanding Chapter 286: Worried Chapter 287: Being Careful is Key Chapter 288: Pei Rumo’s Considerations Chapter 289: Zi Su’s Proposal Chapter 290: Meeting Again Chapter 291: Silently Determined Chapter 292: Two Different Appointments at the Same Time Chapter 293: Not in the Mood to Eat Chapter 294: Coincidental Encounter Chapter 295: Sudden Realization Chapter 296: Mischievous Elder Li Chapter 297: Overestimating Their Capabilities Chapter 298: Sudden Investigation Chapter 299: Gossipy Ling Xian'er Chapter 300: Joke Chapter 301: Requesting to Meet Chapter 302: The Meeting Chapter 303: Two Beauties Side by Side Chapter 304: The Joy of Eavesdropping Chapter 305: Unaware Chapter 306: Gladly Agreeing Chapter 307: Meticulous Dress Up Chapter 308: Thoroughly Prepared Chapter 309: Chance Encounter Chapter 310: Undercurrent on the Lake Chapter 311: The Asura Battleground on the Private Boat Chapter 312: Ample Charred Taste Chapter 313: Ling Xian’er’s Thoughts Chapter 314: Night of the Dragon and Fish Dance Chapter 315: Another Chance Encounter Chapter 316: ‘Coincidence’ Chapter 317: Hidden Agenda Chapter 318: Honest Intention Chapter 319: The Old Emperor’s Scheme Chapter 320: An Imperial Decree Chapter 321: The Biggest Fox Chapter 322: Lu Wenshu’s Deal Chapter 323: Proper Arrangement Chapter 324: The Night of Parting Chapter 325: Improper Appearance Chapter 326: Reluctant Parting Chapter 327: Not Even Once Chapter 328: Reply Chapter 329: Lu Wenshu’s Participation Chapter 330: Possible Dangers Chapter 331: Leaving in a Fit of Anger Chapter 332: Falling off the Cliff Chapter 333: Ambiguous Feelings Chapter 334: Lu Wenshu’s Threat Chapter 335: Friends Chapter 336: Something Queer About the Beast Essence Chapter 337: Demonic Beasts Invasion Chapter 338: Fatal Strike Chapter 339: Dense Fog Everywhere Chapter 340: Boosting the Morale Chapter 341: Illness Strikes Chapter 342: The Same Thought Chapter 343: An Unexpected Mistake Chapter 344: Arrival at the Desolate Region Chapter 345: A Place Worthy of Its Name Chapter 346: A State of Mutual Hostility Chapter 347: Further Arrangement Chapter 348: Establishing Authority Chapter 349: Vanguard Team Chapter 350: The Arrangement Chapter 351: Entering the Central Region Chapter 352: Gathering Intelligence Over a Cup of Tea Chapter 353: Weird Innkeeper Chapter 354: Dark Silhouette Chapter 355: My Men Chapter 356: We’re Not Alone Chapter 357: The Inn Chapter 358: Grim Situation Chapter 359: Splitting Up Chapter 360: ‘Ruins’ Chapter 361: Ruins Discovered Chapter 362: The Lady Boss’s Tease Chapter 363: Stating the Location of the Ruins Chapter 364: Excessive Conjectures Chapter 365: Change of Plan Chapter 366: This is Strange Chapter 367: Taking the Bait Willingly Chapter 368: Journey Through the Night Chapter 369: Observers in the Dark Chapter 370: Strange Tracks Chapter 371: Nearly Exposed Chapter 372: Adjusting the Strategy Chapter 373: Comprehensive Investigation Chapter 374: So-Called 'Chanced Encounter' Chapter 375: Important Timing Chapter 376: Reunited With An Old Friend Chapter 377: Making Contact Chapter 378: Meeting Once Again Chapter 379: Uninterested Chapter 380: Blind Chapter 381: Estranged Relationship Chapter 382: Anxiety Chapter 383: Attentive Care Chapter 384: Thorough Protection Chapter 385: Looking for Medicinal Herbs Chapter 386: Setting Up the Poison Array Chapter 387: Concocting the Antidote Chapter 388: Late Night Visit Chapter 389: Spirit Medicine Delivery Chapter 390: Something Strange About the Spirit Medicine Chapter 391: Individual Analysis Chapter 392: Pei Qingfeng's Thoughts Chapter 393: Arrival of an Urgent Report Chapter 394: Urgent Report Chapter 395: Useless Obstruction Chapter 396: Plot Exposed Chapter 397: Using His Majesty as a Scapegoat Chapter 398: Meeting Chapter 399: Qing He Siblings' Whereabouts Chapter 400: Night Conversation Chapter 401: The Story in the Night Chapter 402: The Mysterious Man Chapter 403: Arguing Ceaselessly Chapter 404: Watching Quietly Chapter 405: Exposed Chapter 406: Left With No Choice but to Agree Chapter 407: Laying Down the Rules Chapter 408: A Competitor has Arrived Chapter 409: Secretly Hurt Chapter 410: Care With All His Heart Chapter 411: By Any Means Possible Chapter 412: Anxious Chapter 413: Freedom Brings Joy Chapter 414: Ying Lan’s Suspicion Chapter 415: Putting on a Show Chapter 416: Lu Wenshu Can’t Sit Still Chapter 417: Exposed Chapter 418: Anonymous Note Chapter 419: Pei Rumo’s Move Chapter 420: Bai Luochu’s Questioning Chapter 421: Lu Wenshu’s Delusion Chapter 422: Alone Chapter 423: Life Is Like a Dream Chapter 424: Awakening From the Pipe Dream Chapter 425: Whatever the Cost Chapter 426: Feeling Ill at Ease Chapter 427: She Knows Him Best Chapter 428: The Reason for the Confinement Chapter 429: Bai Luochu's Plan Chapter 430: Finally Coming Out of Seclusion Chapter 431: Another Tremor Chapter 432: Feigning Civility Chapter 433: At Long Last, The Ruins Appear Chapter 434: Forcing Their Way In Chapter 435: Hidden Undercurrents Chapter 436: The Strange Door Chapter 437: Soaring Dragon Diagram Chapter 438: A Change of Strategy