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President Daddy’s Excessive Love

President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Author: Bei Xiao Ai Genre: Romance

After being framed by her stepmother, she had spent the entire night with that mysterious man. In the end, she was forced to leave another country. Five years later, she returned with a pair of beauti...

Chapter 2231 2021-02-03 16:41:07
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It's time to tell the truth Chapter 502 swindlers, big swindlers Chapter 503 lost her and him Chapter 504 it's no use not willing Chapter 505 baby's expectations Chapter 506 just break up Chapter 507 acceptance of facts Chapter 508 didn't disappoint him Chapter 509 starve me out Chapter 510 little guy's decision Chapter 511 still can't let him go Chapter 512 an agreement Chapter 513 about feelings, forget it Chapter 514 hiding love in your heart Chapter 515. She still cares Chapter 516. No other choice for her Chapter 517 sympathy Chapter 518 bullying means liking Chapter 519. Someone is jealous Chapter 520 I Have More Ideas Chapter 521 open missing mode Chapter 522 fear of loss Chapter 523 let's go together Chapter 524 no need to move Chapter 525 yearning for enthusiasm Chapter 526. It's a man's responsibility Chapter 527. There's a hostess Chapter 528 the heart seems to be hollowed out Chapter 529 forget it all for the time being Chapter 530 reluctant to part Chapter 531 whose fault Chapter 532. That's the truth Chapter 533. This is not what he wants Chapter 534 too easy to be content Chapter 535 love the world of two Chapter 536 wants to run you off Chapter 537 trying to complete them Chapter 538 new ways of getting along Chapter 539 passion for love Chapter 540 suddenly jealous Chapter 541 Not Enough? Chapter 542 the boyfriend is very satisfied Chapter 543 sincerity can change sincerity Chapter 544 the anger of boss Luo Chapter 545 can't finish I love you Chapter 546 uninvited guests Chapter 547 how to decide love Chapter 548 no one can blow this out Chapter 549. Eat him Chapter 550 the identity of Ji's hostess is unshakable Chapter 551 children, she has a share Chapter 552 deepening of missing Chapter 553 want to forget her Chapter 554 president Luo is jealous Chapter 555. She lost her dependence Chapter 556 you want to meet her Chapter 557 love first Chapter 558 Will it be complete? Chapter 559 confidence in the future C560 Ji Yueze is in love C561 freaked her out C562 think of Solutions C563 Ji Yueze loses face C564 agreement C565 Is There Hope for Marriage? C566 suspicion from Ji Xiaohan C567 already annoying him C568 give her the best C569. She's a little monster C570 misfortune caused by love C571 suspicion of heterosexual friends C572 the Queen's distress C573 back to Jijia C574 cooperation C575 introduction to family C576 is stimulated by warmth C577 want to love him C578 finally meets again C579 confession of truth C580 she wants to break the contract C581 stay one night C582 don't leave her alone C583 is she sympathizing with him C584 he's as lonely as she is C585 reasons for breaking up C586 exposure C587 behind the scenes means C588 a day off C589 marry him C590 needs to be completed C591 refusal to associate C592 want to be loved C593 decided to face it C594. He's a playwright C595: taking a step forward C596. Mom's beautiful C597 what do you like about him? C598 surprise or surprise C599 accidents happen C600 heartache like a knife C601 Doesn't Even Have Sad Qualifications? C602 she's not left out C603 his doubts C604 star charming C605 she's awake C606 does he know anything? C607 what's the thrill to her? C608 sudden dog food C609 gives him a reason C610 I like you C611 is the relationship open? C612 comparison of immaturity and maturity C613 deep feeling C614 time for two C615 list of her enemies C616 clear relationship C617 unpredictable results C618 feelings that cannot be acquired after all C619 punishment for her C620 can't be concealed C621 help me forget her C622 whose innocence is more expensive C623 cutting off the last relationship C624 his thoughts C625. I haven't read it C626 love her C627 he won't give up C628. Identity has a time limit C629 can't go on like this C630 is intuition accurate? C631 who lied? C632 this is a big misunderstanding C633 seems to have misunderstood something C634 unexpected visitors C635: meeting grandchildren C636 father's love C637 Will He Misunderstand? C638 Ji's family affairs C639 fear she take the wrong medicine C640 Seen Through C641 big brother's tolerance C642 you are the one to pursue C643 to make her fall in love with him C644 baby growing up C645 looking forward to the wedding C646 the greatness of maternal love C647 happy family of four C648 a crisis comes C649 Ji's family affairs C650 incitement to fire C651 suddenly wants to know him C652 thinks about him. How to solve it? C653 from her confession C654 placate her fears C655 appreciate her beauty alone C656: breaking her star dream C657 old scandal C658 broken relationships C659 is curious about Tang youyou C660 insidious means C661 is about her C662 let him say I love you C663 show love C664 please the elders C665 initiative and enthusiasm C666 someone is jealous C667 is more interesting C668. This is a warning C669 love baby's reflection C670 lost the beloved C671 the dream is broken C672 like Satan C673 she's getting more and more beautiful C674 fear of jealousy C675 touching C676. His attitude has changed C677. She's changed C678. It's supposed to be compassion C679 the temper of a young master C680 deliberate approach C681 he needs comfort C682 are you sure you want to get drunk? C683 how to write C684. This is a disaster C685 is even C686 just pity you C687 Jijia event C688 ambition C689 he's the man of the company C690 expected results C691 is about to pamper her C692: What Are You Thinking About? C693 being his woman C694 the test of love C695 dote on her C696 well, love is like a sea C697 dog food C698 the old grudge cannot be dispelled C699 cooking for him C700 is your number C701 shuffling C702 don't understand the customs C703 no problem with feelings C704 she has a lot of guts C705 when she grows up C706 what to do C707 malicious retaliation C708 interesting stories C709 the best man C710 can't bear to look straight C711 learning disability C712 information C713 finding a partner C714 cooperation C715 treasure when you lose C716 gives you a chance to thank you C717. He's jealous C718 is intact C719 what you promised, don't break your promise C720. She's serious C721 someone is angry C722. She believed him C723 happy outing C724 the importance of trust C725 family of four C726 undermines confidence C727: heart beat after comparison C728 another confirmation C729 anticipating a crisis C730 let's get engaged C731 gives her enough security C732 give her confidence C733 maintaining a tall image C734. It's a bully C735 barriers to failure C736 play in play C737 go home and show you C738 jealousy C739 find a solution C740 to make her fall in love with him C741 grace is back C742 get her information C743 bar meet C744 different feelings C745 see through his purpose C746 induce her to swear C747 never leave C748 strong revenge C749. She doesn't care C750 is the world against it C751 mutual decisions C752 no way out C753. He's angry C754 is wrong C755 C756 is still heartache C757 the end of pain C758 season always unhappy C759 the cost of growth C760 Munich C761. She looks like a dead thing C762 worried about him C763. She cares C764 benefits of high beauty C765 no break up C766 momentum being crushed C767 real purpose C768 sinister purpose C769. She regrets it C770 don't give her a chance C771 confession in good faith C772 burying the curse C773 the bad man is afraid C774 respective weaknesses C775. He's still guilty C776 fight for him C777 essential for lovers C778 is he jealous C779 master Ji, speaking C780. He's scared, too C781 love C782 it's appropriate to call a sister-in-law C783 wasting feelings C784 lost again C785 go after you like it C786 think of her think of her think of her C787 fear you leave C788: love and anger C789 no longer a gentleman C790 further evolution of events C791 key figures C792 is definitely a brother C793 where did you go C794 heavy blow C795 season's sadness C796 one's expectation C797 dreams come true C798 the pain of asking for nothing C799 fear C800 can't live C801 a bold guess C802 really found it C803 is that the truth C804 heartache C805 he's angry C806 love but don't know C807 the storm is back C808 plan failure C809. He missed her C810 needs her heart C811 tender feelings C812 feeling his loneliness C813 blue is better than blue C814 the truth was revealed C815 childish him C816 touchpoints C817 C818 tangled love C819 he doesn't let go C820 different destiny C821 knowingly not available C822 kicks over the vinegar jar C823 in your mind? C824 can't escape C825 can't bear it C826. He's disappointed C827 his decision C828 can't be a good thing C829. Learning from him is bad C830 guard the younger brother and enter the arena C831 miss her C832 general childishness of Ji C833 gambling with life C834 helplessness in life C835 new discoveries C836 two results C837 final choice C838 defeat by Innocence C839 enemy's killing C840 he wants her to be upset C841 give him a kitchen knife C842 is that an apology? C843 is worthless C844 describe him with beauty C845: the anger of Ji Xiaohan C846 the secret of cover up C847 naivete C848 what's going on? C849. She's scared C850 asks him to make a decision C851 let's get engaged C852 perfect match C853 sweet comfort C854 the curse of malice C855 her past C856 do everything for you C857 sudden fatal injury C858 Who did you offend? C859 vicious revenge C860 bullying like him C861 ordering wedding banquet C862 I love you C863 like her choice C864 scandal C865 failure to do so C866 want more C867 season always punishes her C868 pet her in silence C869. She believes him C870 is this a success? C871 breaking good news C872 gratitude C873 help C874. He wants to protect her C875 family reunion C876 marriage and childbirth C877 he's the most meritorious C878. He's going to be with her C879 completion of love C880 low and noble C881 differences in treatment C882 a complete break C883 paid the price C884 meeting the afterlife C885: let bygones be bygones C886 someone wants to cross C887 what the season owl left behind C888 adventure with her C889 the test is successful C890 finding out the culprit C891 results of trial C892 the curse of envy C893 was slapped C894 she's not threatened C895 love her C896 one more person dotes on her C897 I don't like it C898 never tire of seeing C899 just popped up C900 her importance to him C901 young willfulness C902 is better than cheekiness C903 all good husbands C904 has always been the object of envy C905: too sweet C906 hidden secrets C907 selfishness C908 set up the right view of love C909 trust him with all your heart C910 white eyed Wolf C911 deeper doubts C912 arousing suspicion C913 start using her C914 the beginning of resentment C915 Family Episode C916 sweetness before marriage C917 small living treasure C918 watch your baby C919 choice of confession C920 succession C921 the only light C922 isn't this retribution? C923, please conclude this topic C924. She's his bride C925 bridesmaids block the way C926 finding the right best man group C927 unexpected visitors C928 being his bride C929 satisfaction C930 constant fear C931 handsome style C932 is all about you C933 sweet new marriage C934 who is the most ambitious C935 who is more anxious C936, I have doubts C937 real? C938 sincere regret C939 muddle through C940 reasons for rejection C941 C942 give her all the benefits C943 dare not face the facts C944 wants to pamper her C945 the danger of trust C946 incentives C947 falling into crisis C948 find her all over the world C949 new transactions C950 her lies C951 find a solution C952 no resistance C953 is that true? C954 sleepless nights C955 sympathy C956 a dream C957 fear of loss C958 heartache C959 don't want to give up C960 surprise C961. We have dinner together C962 dilemma C963 rare C964 trying to help him C965. It's enough to spoil you C966 sweet relationship C967 revenge and separation C968 confession of truth C969 bad news C970. This fire is a little big C971 unfilial children C972 finding solutions C973 he's important C974 be sure to trouble him C975 worry about her heart attack C976 fear of tragedy C977 warning threats C978 the last straw C979 ask her for help C980 no help C981 the relationship is out C982 marriage proposal C983 jealous? C984 children grow up C985 new news C986 already thinks about her C987 two sides C988 will still mind C989 most suspicious C990 love her C991 a nightmare C992 delay C993 middle position C994 who holds the initiative? C995 finding cheated C996 mad at him C997 it's a big thing to see my mother-in-law C998 to the end C999 for you C1000 was discovered C1001 Hongmen banquet C1002 threat C1003 female students who can't remember C1004 beaten C1005 being pinched by her C1006 amazing things C1007 can't picture you C1008 the ups and downs of life are too great C1009 time can't wash away your feelings C1010 still worried about her C1011 will be obtained C1012 can't stop it C1013 the tangle is getting deeper C1014 no one likes her C1015 the beginning of fancy death C1016 domineering requirements C1017 differences among different families C1018 is this a surprise? C1019 drunk for her C1020 is going to be awkward C1021 half a year C1022 warm company is true C1023. This is the end of betrayal C1024 wronged him C1025 he didn't act C1026 a lifetime story C1027 fear of her retreat C1028 found her C1029 is different from what you think C1030 sympathy C1031 push her away C1032 I miss you C1033 standards of male maturity C1034 forced interpretation C1035. It's hard for daddy C1036 how I want to hold him C1037 return to the ordinary for her C1038 early planning C1039 first love? C1040 moved her C1041 looking for a father C1042 he doesn't let go C1043. She's at ease when she's around C1044 he has no objection C1045 the world is too small C1046 her dowry C1047 finding a reason to meet again C1048 peace and quiet C1049 the storm is back C1050 looking forward to success C1051: selfishness is being slapped C1052 self incrimination C1053 the avenues are narrow C1054 choose not to hide C1055 what's going on C1056 introduce to her C1057 what do I do if I want to beat you? C1058 is still painful C1059 break up C1060 romance once C1061 regret is useless C1062 he's here again C1063 together for life C1064 I'm afraid you're in trouble C1065 Unfavorable situation C1066 plot of Ji Lin C1067 Luo Shao's visit C1068 is she hiding from him? C1069. He's been waiting C1070 angry and distressed C1071 his interpretation C1072 likes to say the opposite C1073 double entry pairs C1074 call her a fool C1075 he doesn't want your tenderness C1076 one of the worst lives C1077: I can't bear this evil spirit C1078 transactions in Munich C1079. That's the truth C1080 needs more time C1081. He doesn't mind C1082 hazy love C1083 want a sense of belonging C1084 is she duplicity? C1085 can't be silent C1086 unacceptable results C1087 dependence leads to addiction C1088: Luo Da Shao's melancholy C1089 friendly meeting C1090 I don't want your voice C1091 legal couple C1092 women's struggle history C1093 blacklisting C1094 thinks it's a dream C1095 solutions C1096 don't stand in the wrong team C1097 acting C1098 stay with me C1099 see you play one at a time C1100 establishment of the following documents C1101 she won't let go C1102 unexpected visitors C1103 drinking and courage C1104 women men's style online C1105 journey around C1106. It works C1107 want to destroy C1108 reasons for zero scandal C1109 is all taken aback C1110 love firmly C1111 is set in C1112 a decision C1113 Ji Yueze's Revenge C1114 is this the rhythm of marriage? C1115 what is pet like? C1116 reluctant to part C1117 the taste of love C1118 the iron tree is blooming C1119 must be sick of heart C1120 no doubt a fool C1121 a complete chill C1122 rebirth of fanruo C1123 relapse into crisis C1124 emotional debts to be paid C1125 is back C1126 no use of routine C1127 current situation C1128 love meets opportunity C1129 the man who can conquer her C1130 sisters cannot turn against each other C1131 unwillingness to recognize C1132 Luo Da Shao, advise you to be kind C1133 stolen time C1134 can only be pampered C1135 don't frighten her C1136 meet by chance C1137 heard the surprising news C1138 heart deviation C1139 making a poison oath C1140 he's different from what he thought C1141 like different C1142 love wife as treasure C1143 Are you going to give birth to Ozawa? C1144 personal care C1145 gifts for the old lady C1146 whose acting is the best C1147 looking forward to little life C1148 lust for this time C1149 soft hearted C1150 direct dinner appointment C1151 no advice C1152 dreams can't come true C1153 begins to pity her C1154 moving rhythm C1155 Meeting Like This C1156 requirements C1157: feeling out of character C1158. It's hard C1159 disillusionment C1160 revenge C1161. It's true. It's true C1162 objects of suspicion C1163 is not the desired result C1164 smart answers C1165 he is her hope C1166 the result of death rather than life C1167 go home with him C1168. He needs her C1169 reasons for having to marry C1170 common interests C1171 cleverness needs to be set off C1172 don't give up Dad C1173 the sun is gentle for you C1174 breathtaking C1175 life should not be too messy C1176 what kind of C1177 the meaning of marriage C1178. It's jealous C1179 say it out loud if you like C1180 already has him in mind C1181 begin to suppress C1182 fear comes C1183 life in exchange C1184 leading the snake out of the cave C1185 a complete chill C1186 can we have a good date C1187 find her lovely C1188 allows her to enter his life C1189 you can warm the bed C1190 unexpected ending C1191 accepts this fact C1192 why do you agree? C1193 the old lady came to the door C1194 God helps to play C1195 lost time C1196 fight, fight, lose C1197 can't leave easily C1198 learn to please on the first day C1199 charm on both sides C1200 domineering can also be inherited C1201 speed of adventure C1202 decision to fight back C1203 the rhythm of second changing into daughter slave C1204 that's not really him C1205 baby is in mood C1206 the result of a week's ban C1207 Ji Lin is going to die of rage C1208 wish time and quiet C1209. She's the only one he can trust C1210 not willing to let go C1211 go to the door and ask for the crime C1212 that's the rhythm of the heart C1213: does she feel sick when she cries? C1214 two important things C1215 still can't bear to be cold with her C1216 dreams go the other way C1217 when a girlfriend calls C1218 the thrill of this moment C1219 is engaged C1220 good things are coming C1221 someone hates marriage C1222 intentional obstruction C1223 just because I want to see her C1224 facts not admitted C1225 wants to keep her close C1226 attracting his results C1227. She doesn't seem to mind C1228 family background investigation C1229 well intentioned arrangements C1230 I'm dead C1231 touches his taboo C1232 satisfaction C1233 consequences of vice president's anger C1234 who needs to be educated C1235 don't hate each other C1236 I want to see my parents C1237 two sides of marriage C1238 is a complete break C1239 all for this family C1240 may you go white C1241. She has a boyfriend C1242 who loses more than who? C1243 him in reality and dream C1244 angers the man C1245 trouble of not chatting C1246 the vice president is very considerate C1247. His romance is real C1248 excessive worry C1249 which one do you like? Make it clear C1250 come and go with resentment C1251 something that takes courage C1252 the power of love C1253 the appearance of love C1254 marriage C1255 a heart is lost on him C1256 love him love him love him love him C1257 to be a gentleman C1258 is about meeting her C1259 is to embarrass him C1260 come to pick things up C1261 marriage needs mutual respect C1262 launched the plan C1263 you are the most important C1264 his love C1265 strength dotes on wife is not fake C1266 is about her C1267 boyfriends are so popular C1268. I'm full of jealousy C1269 such concerns C1270 regret biting him C1271 mutual care C1272 self pickup C1273 people Yang He likes C1274 disharmony of relations C1275. Miss blue is overbearing C1276 waiting for him to marry her C1277 she comes to warm him C1278 wrongdoing caught C1279 the mystery is solved C1280 it wasn't a rival C1281 protecting her C1282 goes up C1283 men want to be responsible C1284. It's all about her C1285 what I'd like to do for you C1286 disgrace C1287 competing with Daddy C1288 reconciliation with life C1289 final test C1290 forgives C1291 hidden secret love C1292 who is aggrieved C1293 education of a person C1294 separation C1295 sex of the little one C1296 reappear C1297 this pregnant woman can't look down C1298 offend him C1299 he can't abuse her C1300 successful MLM C1301 special arrangements C1302 can't help worrying about him C1303 how to compensate her C1304 women's counterattack C1305 finding the greasy cat C1306 excessive requirements C1307 is like a nightmare C1308 explains kinship C1309. He regrets it C1310 no winners C1311 acceptance of reality C1312 hopelessness is the most terrible C1313 help with kindness C1314 you may live forever C1315 drowning in your love C1316. He's at ease C1317 the joy of stealing C1318 accidental discovery C1319 worse than anyone? C1320 making vows C1321 happiness is the end C1322 is close C1323 who can inspire his enthusiasm C1324 LAN Yan is angry C1325 it's not good luck C1326 embracing also requires strength C1327 fear of abduction C1328 to reject her C1329. He says he doesn't dislike it C1330 is the end and the beginning C1331 happy wishes C1332 completion of love C1333 Ling Mo Feng's heart ache C1334 is testing again C1335 one more daughter C1336 love across the screen C1337 he's shy C1338 participants in the plan C1339 I comparison C1340. His bullying is only for her C1341 infatuation C1342 determination of future family status C1343 don't want to make mistakes C1344 unsuccessful self recommendation C1345 family fun C1346 backfires C1347 unsuccessful confession C1348 his words are valid C1349 another possibility C1350 caring for subordinates C1351 introduction to boyfriend C1352. That's how you want to die C1353 no dinner for her alone C1354 someone's upset C1355 jealousy C1356. You can't be a dog C1357 see you C1358. It's not a proposal C1359. This is the tigress C1360 he hasn't warmed his bed yet C1361 a good night C1362 she promised C1363 sleep C1364 to be distinguished C1365 declaration of delisting C1366 retreat as progress C1367 warmth is the main color C1368 love is respect for her choice C1369 so dangerous C1370 underestimates her C1371 one more step C1372: escape from the dead C1373 no more fighting C1374 self compensation C1375 it's not a joke C1376 set a trap C1377. Someone can't be happy C1378: the grievances of Jida and Shao C1379 the vice president is shocked C1380 words count C1381 yearning C1382 she's not afraid of risk C1383 if you don't hate it, you like it C1384 fame C1385 training diary C1386 doesn't end well C1387 no fool C1388 life is like this C1389 the first happy New Year C1390: partiality causes disaster C1391 she's not easy C1392 money can't kill him C1393 his sincerity C1394 romance with her once C1395 eat this bowl of dog food C1396. He guessed his mind C1397 Octopus hooked C1398 the style of the eldest lady C1399 is about to propose marriage C1400. She's not sadistic C1401 acting with her C1402 digging a hole for her to jump C1403 recognizes this daughter-in-law C1404 due punishment C1405 man's love C1406 was helping her C1407 half way interception C1408 come back to comfort her C1409 the atmosphere of greedy family C1410 beautiful legacy C1411 eager performance C1412: when you're fed, you're not hungry C1413 no way out C1414 family education is a problem C1415. It's obvious C1416 strong attachment C1417 Saying Good Trust? C1418 self introduction ignored C1419 promised her C1420 restrained love C1421 something is very realistic C1422 is wrong C1423 his treasure C1424 this is happiness C1425 come to the door and press C1426 the object is too handsome C1427 work benefits C1428 finding wrong C1429 it's good to have someone care C1430 partnership bullying C1431 everything has him C1432: from anger to beating C1433 where to give up C1434 pampering C1435 circle the key points C1436 see something wrong C1437 trust him wholeheartedly C1438 tips for season C1439 lost hope C1440 Breaking Thoughts C1441 ask him for help C1442 preparing for marriage C1443 dark compartment operation C1444 being watched C1445 punishment C1446 revenge C1447 want to start over C1448 Work together C1449 hint station C1450 consequences of emotional loss of control C1451 accidental persons C1452 running to him C1453 Ling Mo Feng is infatuated C1454 interesting ways of life C1455 is about coercion C1456 a misunderstanding C1457 self indulgence C1458 uniting C1459 soliciting sympathy C1460 conclusion of transaction C1461 Zhengda will wait for her C1462 go home with him C1463 engagement C1464 Mr. Ling's helplessness C1465 cherish her C1466 dating arrangements C1467 not to be believed C1468 all for self preservation C1469 he plans for her C1470. He's here. It's reassuring C1471 being scared away C1472 someone to be jealous C1473 Ling Mo Feng's helplessness C1474: if you are not a gentleman C1475 Don't Care About Him? C1476 less angry season, serious consequences C1477 testing together C1478 young grandma's momentum C1479 season warnings C1480 ready to win C1481 teach him to be a new man C1482 lack of confidence C1483: love to the bone C1484 low EQ C1485 the worst plan C1486 cooperation C1487 having a child C1488 don't give her a chance C1489 danger approaching C1490 the situation of death C1491. Get her over here C1492 major decisions C1493 successful treachery? C1494 where to sacrifice? C1495 wants to draw his attention C1496 asking for her sympathy C1497 don't forgive her C1498 wants two C1499 taking medicine, not taking medicine C1500 fear of exposure C1501 know the cold and know the heat C1502 focuses on her C1503 one's rage C1504 love in bloom C1505 help her reduce stress C1506 wading for her C1507 attack of old pain C1508 everything will be ok C1509 reuse of abandoned chess C1510 sharing weal and woe C1511 starts C1512 pet you C1513 half cut C1514 hallucinations C1515 the scene is smashed C1516 save her in person C1517 conditions of Luojin imperial court C1518 doubling of conditions C1519 many words are lost C1520 the vice president wants children C1521 romance once C1522 don't understand the customs C1523 I want you to accompany me in this life C1524. Help C1525 back to the blue house C1526 Ling Mo Feng's bad deeds C1527 responsibility for speaking C1528. That's an admission C1529 no longer hidden C1530 want to be frank and lenient C1531 punishment for her C1532 short time C1533 thinking about another life C1534 She Wants To Accompany Him C1535 to see through tricks C1536. He's in love C1537 important guests C1538 a bad friend C1539 expression of love C1540 someone is drunk C1541. He seems to be wronged C1542 the role of the wife C1543: failure has come to pass C1544 if this is the result C1545 costs to pay C1546 sweet as honey C1547 can't be worse C1548 a dream C1549 bold and direct communication C1550 Ling Mo Feng's toughness C1551 past friendship C1552 husband and wife C1553 children are big things C1554 gives you all the enthusiasm C1555 finding the backing C1556 is it too late C1557 being watched, scared C1558 expected results C1559 broken dreams C1560 is this a flower? C1561 inexplicable jealousy C1562 sweet darling C1563 the real family C1564 meeting in private C1565 daily life of second child C1566 he's in love C1567 sweet as honey C1568 fair love of her C1569 the sound of heartbreak C1570 stalemate C1571 Jin's confession C1572. Worry. It happened C1573. She's sticky C1574. He's addicted C1575. Please C1576 play with you C1577 over proud C1578 mourning for the dead C1579 is a mole of his heart C1580 love to the bone C1581 death without action C1582. She's been very obedient C1583 that's the difference C1584 still care about her C1585 help her out C1586 focus on her C1587 is lost C1588 got on with him C1589 work hard C1590 mutual understanding C1591 is this about marriage? C1592 will always take care of her C1593 the surprise happened C1594 early reflection C1595 send her to cure C1596 don't let her escape C1597 arrangement of gentleness C1598 heartache C1599 who dares to dig the corner C1600 the plan is going to fail C1601 is there any evidence to prove it C1602 he protects her C1603: Disputes between giants C1604 facing loss C1605 indulge all the way C1606 let go C1607 embarrassing situation C1608 the sinner C1609 fear of escape C1610 don't let him go C1611 marriage C1612 ask her for help C1613. She's a bully C1614 uninvited guests C1615. She's happy C1616 how to deal with customs C1617 enemies meet C1618 unanimous objection C1619 he promised her he would C1620 can't bear this evil spirit C1621 the relationship is dead C1622 helps her out C1623. It's the man she's attached to C1624. She's in charge C1625 climbing a family C1626 does he know she's jealous? C1627 he didn't wait for her C1628 don't want to leave a legacy C1629 love between husband and wife C1630 jealousy C1631 his warning C1632 a good escape C1633 to bear the wind and rain for her C1634 marriage should be intensified C1635. An informal dinner C1636 obtaining evidence is a great event C1637 speak well C1638. He defends her C1639 know the secret C1640 invite you to dinner C1641 walls that cannot be crossed C1642 no longer self binding C1643 sweet in the heart C1644 scares her C1645 the mind is about to collapse C1646 long lost C1647 layers of suspicion C1648. She was bullied C1649 supporting her C1650. There's a guilty conscience C1651 he deals with it C1652 results of conversation C1653 play a routine C1654 mutual care C1655 is very popular C1656 Ling Nuan is very popular C1657. It's not that easy to try her C1658 it's not urgent C1659 surprise C1660 greeting small life C1661 who is her secret love C1662 real boyfriend C1663 marriage C1664 is just a shock C1665 new home C1666 curious baby C1667 dragon and Phoenix genes C1668 appointment inspection C1669. She's not in charge C1670 sudden departure C1671 the most powerful person C1672 ask sister-in-law for help C1673 inability to support C1674. He can stand her C1675 want time to stand still C1676 takes him into account C1677 love can't be controlled C1678 the joke went too far C1679 new identity C1680. She's funny C1681 is over touched C1682 naughty women C1683 happy to go C1684 What If I Lose? C1685 sweet breath C1686 major decisions C1687 to come to him C1688 set out with heart C1689 flying to you C1690 disguise C1691 identity of boyfriend C1692 making a wish together C1693 distance can calm people down C1694 for her C1695 she's by his side C1696 competition C1697 unusual relationship C1698 will pamper you C1699 feelings of not giving up C1700 Something went wrong C1701 full support C1702 someone is angry C1703. She's not that gullible C1704 helping her in secret C1705 surprise follows C1706 funny things C1707 the purpose of man's evil C1708 love doesn't win or lose C1709 Ling Mo Feng is angry C1710 hospitality C1711 secret confession C1712. He took her in C1713 telling the truth C1714. Here comes the charge C1715 conditions of disallowance C1716 what I love C1717 live with a smile C1718. This is the man of his dreams C1719 sweet love C1720 love each other C1721 the atmosphere is destroyed C1722 her embarrassment C1723 is really jealous C1724 the perfect man C1725. He's the only protagonist C1726 thoughts C1727 marriage is on the agenda C1728 is not a match C1729 crazy for love C1730. What I'm not telling him C1731 crisis coming C1732 truth no longer buried C1733 a false alarm C1734. She's happy C1735. She's very brave C1736 scares her C1737 was sold out C1738 because of fear C1739 may the world be gentle to her C1740. This is the fairest result C1741 love contest C1742 still believes in love C1743 the meaning of love C1744 learning to be a father C1745 grand wedding C1746 wedding C1747 accomplishing life events C1748 home and everything C1749. President Luo is disgraced C1750 sudden departure C1751 putting the past down C1752 journey to freedom C1753 two man world C1754 baby is in mood C1755 can't play her C1756 love in the distance C1757 sweet time C1758 is right C1759 family status C1760. The truth C1761 good things to look forward to C1762 does he want a daughter? C1763 a unique test C1764 passed the test C1765 the perfect ending C1766 women's loveliness and fun C1767 the perfect wedding C1768 love's impartiality C1769 happy young master C1770 is jealous C1771 don't care about gender, just health C1772 sweet life C1773. There's no way to get her C1774 company time C1775 Ji Zong's desire for survival C1776 surprise her C1777 not recognized C1778 malicious revenge C1779 Ling Mo Feng is distressed C1780 father's life C1781 a pair of twins C1782 love between husband and wife C1783 happiness C1784 greetings from friends C1785 asking for help C1786 stand firm C1787 His Happiness C1788 everything is worth it C1789 family treasure C1790 demands too much C1791 shyness is instinct C1792 want to drink with him C1793 the end of happiness C1794 the end of happiness chapter two C1795 the end of happiness chapter three C1796 opening a new life C1797 again C1798 the mind is exposed C1799 jealous C1800 is a date C1801 is a trial C1802. He seems to know her C1803 here comes love C1804 she has peach blossom C1805 birthday gifts C1806 worry about sister being cheated C1807 to lift the ban C1808 life events C1809 dreams come true C1810: love talk C1811 forced listening C1812 heart injury properly C1813 moving feelings C1814 really loves her C1815 the love of equal power C1816 relationship moving forward C1817 in love C1818 love blossoms C1819 freedom of mind C1820 is the same C1821 what to use C1822 further C1823 different ways of life C1824 double happiness C1825 the alliance of the strong and the strong C1826 common expectations C1827 wish fulfillment C1828 marriage examined C1829 only you are worth it C1830 dote on all the way C1831 happiness takes shape C1832 new collision C1833 forcing her to leave C1834 birthmarks C1835 Is It Her? C1836 trace C1837 cute as a person C1838: desperation C1839 choosing a shirt C1840 cruel words C1841 jealous C1842 partners C1843 re collision C1844 sure? C1845 season's rage C1846 is you C1847. She's casual C1848. The little guy likes him C1849. You have to get your son back C1850 conditions reached C1851: a slight easing of relations C1852 misunderstood husband C1853 questioning his purpose C1854 strangers C1855 investigated her C1856 still a stranger C1857 is going to ask him C1858 deliberate provocation C1859 father son fun C1860 no passion C1861. There's a condition C1862 conditions reached C1863 jealousy C1864 tricking the little guy C1865 is actually heartache C1866 introduction to girlfriend C1867 trying to save C1868 is the son's request C1869 great figure C1870 son is very considerate C1871 only interested in her? C1872. He has a girlfriend C1873 who will compromise first C1874 funny women C1875 is jealous C1876. She's attracting him C1877: loss of self-confidence C1878 suspect him C1879 the season is short of checking posts C1880 captured a scene C1881 is wrapped up C1882 show love C1883 stepped on her bottom line C1884 wants her to know him C1885 the extreme of hegemony C1886 is the son's pawn C1887 narcissistic inheritance C1888 his life C1889 counterproductive C1890 can't fathom his intention C1891 meet the enemy C1892: Competition C1893 her choice C1894 family status C1895 want a sister? C1896 fighting is love, scolding is love C1897 the importance of communication C1898 warm time C1899 easing the relationship between husband and wife C1900 time to test C1901 scares her C1902 sudden change of painting style C1903 getting closer C1904 get used to him C1905 surprise C1906 is a new chapter C1907 affirmative relations C1908 it's time to find a boyfriend C1909 family happiness C1910 he's not willing C1911 is about fighting C1912. She's the hostess C1913. She's going to love a bully C1914 escape C1915 Jijia dinner C1916 ruin her career C1917 on the same ship C1918 brother sister dialogue C1919. I love her C1920 season less flustered C1921 non breach of contract C1922 focusing on home C1923 resentment takes root C1924: fear will be inherited C1925 the feeling of being spoiled C1926: Xia shuran panics C1927 the breath of love C1928 let love blossom C1929 something worrying happened C1930 was made public C1931 joint success C1932 a godfather C1933 is in charge of a business C1934: Chaos C1935. He's in love C1936. She took the initiative C1937 objects of suspicion C1938. Someone wants to recognize her son C1939 the same way C1940 finally confessed C1941 let her do what she wants C1942 no more connivance C1943. He loves her C1944 consider marriage C1945 wedding photos C1946 what you like C1947 introducing a girl C1948 no call to each other C1949 living in harmony C1950 her decision C1951 like to be alone C1952 initiative once C1953 is the man she can't get C1954 let go C1955 major decisions C1956 who matches her C1957 being together C1958 escaped C1959 is a big misunderstanding C1960 fourth encounter C1961. The misunderstanding is bigger C1962 is clear C1963 has other ideas C1964 strong retention C1965 lower set C1966. Right seat C1967 is not a misunderstanding, it's a fact C1968 begins to approach C1969 please her C1970 exchange of ideas C1971 the heart starts to move C1972 don't take him C1973 C1974 results of trial C1975 torn face C1976 the voice of love C1977 defines the relationship C1978 being a good obedient man C1979 fear of family opposition C1980: he's more active C1981 tells a lie C1982. She believed it C1983 the rage C1984 and dating again C1985, listen to big brother. That's right C1986 when love is dim C1987 C1988. No way. I have to coax C1989 C1990 C1991 is unanimous C1992 best arrangements C1993 love born C1994 friendship at night C1995 C1996 rebirth C1997 amazing news C1998 makes a choice C1999 love has sprouted C2000 obedient girlfriend C2001 important decisions C2002. He's in her heart C2003 mutual envy C2004: the iron tree is blooming C2005 sudden plan C2006 cooperation C2007 xiaonai is angry C2008 want to work with him C2009 implicit confession C2010 start design C2011 no respite from sin C2012: crazy thoughts C2013 revenge mode C2014 closing all C2015 is here to see her C2016 looking forward to a new life C2017 misunderstood C2018 is coming in a long time, not in a hurry C2019 feeling beat C2020 this is her insistence C2021 repairing villains C2022 the one she loves the most C2023 love C2024 like hiding C2025 you are the most beautiful scenery C2026 care from the boss C2027 conceals the truth C2028 see the future mother-in-law C2029 want children C2030 women of their own, doting is over C2031 C2032 things are settled C2033. I'm upset C2034 love Wu and Wu C2035 coming to his hometown C2036 please the father-in-law C2037 love only blooms C2038 peach blossom debt is coming C2039 is a battle C2040 love of balance C2041 love this life C2042 guest visits C2043 failed to pick up the separation C2044 plan changes C2045 is about him C2046 more complex relationships C2047 family gossip C2048 just live your life C2049 love blossoms C2050 is not the best son-in-law C2051 invitation of friends C2052 planning for the future C2053 C2054 getting away with it C2055 who is the fox? C2056 bullying him. He's addicted C2057 birthday feast of Liu Tian C2058 foreboding right C2059 self disorganization C2060 begin to clear away the disaster C2061 more ruthless than who C2062 C2063 She has courage C2064 crime cannot escape C2065 C2066 C2067 C2068 C2069 C2070 C2071 C2072 C2073 C2074 C2075 C2076 C2077 Chapter 2078 Chapter 2079 Chapter 2080 Chapter 2081 Chapter 2082 Chapter 2083 Chapter 2084 Chapter 2085 Chapter 2086 Chapter 2087 Chapter 2088 Chapter 2089 Chapter 2090 Chapter 2091 Chapter 2092 Chapter 2093 Chapter 2094 Chapter 2095 Chapter 2096 Chapter 2097 Chapter 2098 Chapter 2099 Chapter 2100 Chapter 2101 Chapter 2102 Chapter 2103 Chapter 2104 Chapter 2105 Chapter 2106 Chapter 2107 Chapter 2108 Chapter 2109 Chapter 2110 Chapter 2111 Chapter 2112 Chapter 2113 Chapter 2114 Chapter 2115 Chapter 2116 Chapter 2117 Chapter 2118 Chapter 2119 Chapter 2120 Chapter 2121 Chapter 2122 Chapter 2123 Chapter 2124 Chapter 2125 Chapter 2126 Chapter 2127 Chapter 2128 Chapter 2129 Chapter 2130 Chapter 2131 Chapter 2132 Chapter 2133 Chapter 2134 Chapter 2135 Chapter 2136 Chapter 2137 Chapter 2138 Chapter 2139 Chapter 2140 Chapter 2141 Chapter 2142 Chapter 2143 Chapter 2144 Chapter 2145 Chapter 2146 Chapter 2147 Chapter 2148 Chapter 2149 Chapter 2150 Chapter 2151 Chapter 2152 Chapter 2153 Chapter 2154 Chapter 2155 Chapter 2156 Chapter 2157 Chapter 2158 Chapter 2159 Chapter 2160 Chapter 2161 Chapter 2162 Chapter 2163 Chapter 2164 Chapter 2165 Chapter 2166 Chapter 2167 Chapter 2168 Chapter 2169 Chapter 2170 Chapter 2172 Chapter 2171 Chapter 2173 Chapter 2174 Chapter 2175 Chapter 2176 Chapter 2177 Chapter 2178 Chapter 2179 Chapter 2180 Chapter 2181 Chapter 2182 Chapter 2183 Chapter 2184 Chapter 2185 Chapter 2186 Chapter 2187 Chapter 2188 Chapter 2189 Chapter 2190 Chapter 2191 Chapter 2192 Chapter 2193 Chapter 2194 Chapter 2195 Chapter 2196 Chapter 2197 Chapter 2198 Chapter 2199 Chapter 2200 Chapter 2201 Chapter 2202 Chapter 2203 Chapter 2204 Chapter 2205 Chapter 2206 Chapter 2207 Chapter 2208 Chapter 2209 Chapter 2210 Chapter 2211 Chapter 2212 Chapter 2213 Chapter 2214 Chapter 2215 Chapter 2216 Chapter 2220 Chapter 2221 Chapter 2222 Chapter 2223 Chapter 2224 Chapter 2225 Chapter 2226 Chapter 2227 Chapter 2228 Chapter 2217 Chapter 2218 Chapter 2219 Chapter 2229-2230 Chapter 2231