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Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Author: Lian Shuang Genre: Fantasy

Mo Xuetong has lost everything. Her mother, her child, even her servants, have been killed. Betrayed, disfigured, and alone, she dies trying to destroy the people who deceived her…

…and wakes up as a child again. Given a second chance, she vows to make things different. This time she will not be a naïve child. This time she is beautiful, cold, and willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge.

But her plans are disrupted when she uncovers a thirty year old conspiracy that changes everything. Will she still be able to change her fate? And even if she does, will her new fate be any better, or will her hunger for revenge destroy her?

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Chapter List
Chapter 1 Reborn Through Fire Chapter 2 The Black Hearted Aunt Chapter 3 First Meeting at an Inn Chapter 4 Secrets in the Old Manor Chapter 5 Flying Thieves in Ziteng Garden Chapter 6 Punishing Xuetong's Naughty Maid Chapter 7 Planning to Gift the Orchid Chapter 8 The Plot Deepens as the Carriage Approaches the Ca Chapter 9 Fight at the Capital Gates Chapter 10 Defeating the Hypocritical Elder Sister Chapter 11 Goodbye, Mo Huawen Chapter 12 Auntie Fang's Plot Revealed Chapter 13 Auntie Fang's Defense in Lihe Gardens Chapter 14 Enemies Meet Again Chapter 15 Mo Xuemin Got Rejected Chapter 16 The Fight Between Sisters of Qingwei Garden Chapter 17 Cousins of the General Manor Meet Chapter 18 Meeting Bai Yihao for the First Time Chapter 19 The Meeting Chapter 20 Sparing and Transaction Chapter 21 The Sisters Fight and were Punished Chapter 22 Auntie Plots Again Chapter 23 The Note in the Old Book Chapter 24 The Weird Repayment Temple Chapter 25 Meeting an Old Friend at the Buddhist Hall Chapte Chapter 26 The Bastard Plots in the Temple Chapter 27 Plot Within a Plot. Using Her Illness to Plot Chapter 28 The Falsely Solicitious Elder Sister Falls for th Chapter 29 The Falsely Solicitious Elder Sister Falls for th Chapter 30 Xuetong Interferes in the Defense in the Study Chapter 31 Shifting the Blame to Auntie Chapter 32 The Mess at the Family Rites (1) Chapter 33 The Mess at the Family Rites (2) Chapter 34 Helping Father Plan His Legacy Chapter 35 Princess Royal Mingzhu Chapter 36 Mo Xuemin Pretends to Be Ill Chapter 37 Injuries against Illness, Ruining Mo Xuemin's Plo Chapter 38 The Plot Behind the Banquet Chapter 39 The Reverse Plot. Checkmate Chapter 40 The Mother and Daughter from Fuqing Garden Plots Chapter 41 The Banquet in the Palace Chapter 42 Miss Ling Mingyan Chapter 43 The Main Daughter is Indeed the Main Daughter Chapter 44 The Beautiful Men who Are Like The Moon and the D Chapter 45 You Yuecheng's Anger Chapter 46 The Competition Chapter 47 The Empress at the Flower Appreciation Banquet Chapter 48 The Princess Royal Grows Angry Upon Reminiscing A Chapter 49 You Will Sing While I Enter the Stage. It's All a Chapter 50 The Concubine's Daughter Who Tried to Seduce King Chapter 51 Spending the Night in the Palace Chapter 52 The End of Mo Xuemin's Lofty Dreams Chapter 53 Mo Xuemin's Tattered Reputation is Made Known Far Chapter 54 Miss Xu Chapter 55 The Unexpected Appearance of Someone from the Pal Chapter 56 The Mysterious Desolated Courtyard Chapter 57 The Empress Sends Beauties to King Xuan Chapter 58 The Empress' Scheme Chapter 59 The Problem With Those Clothes Chapter 60 Xuetong the Matchmaker Chapter 61 the Concubine's Daughter Pretends to Be Filial an Chapter 62 Plotting to Become the Madam and the Arrival of S Chapter 63 The Enemies Meet Chapter 64 The Animosity of the past and the Hatred of Today Chapter 65 Counterattack Chapter 66 The Annoying King Xuan Chapter 67 Yun Yiqiu Was Asking For It Chapter 68 The Agreement Between Father and Second Uncle Chapter 69 Bai Yihao's Plans Chapter 70 Mo He's Emotions Were Made Use Of Chapter 71 Mo Xuetong Forced To Learn the Qin Chapter 72 Old Madam Mo Is Back Chapter 73 The Biased Old Madam Chapter 74 Yu Sirong Checks Out the Mo Manor Chapter 75 The Eviction of the Unreasonable Yu Sirong Chapter 76 King Xuan Meets His Lover at Night Chapter 77 The Concubine's Daughters Cause Trouble Chapter 78 The Mean Mo Xueqiong Got Struck Chapter 79 Go with the Flow and Another Scheme Chapter 80 Meeting King Xuan Again in the Plum Blossom Fores Chapter 81 Reminiscing. King Xuan Asks for a Repayment Chapter 82 Mo Xuemin's Backup Plan Chapter 83 Trouble in the Mo Manor Inner Courtyard Chapter 84 Mo Xuemin Pretends to be Pitiful Chapter 85 Expose the Toxic Mo Xuemin Chapter 86 Mo Xuetong Kneels in the Ancestral Hall as Punish Chapter 87 The Sad and Jealous Gentle Cousin, Yun Yiqiu Chapter 88 The Two Jealous Women in the Duke’s Manor Chapter 89 I Will Help You Climb Chapter 90 Fire at the Mo Manor Chapter 91 King Xuan Plots as He Watches the Fire Burn Chapter 92 Mo Huawen’s Promotion Chapter 93 Auntie Fang Announces Her Pregnancy Chapter 94 Mo Xuetong Faints Chapter 95 Xuetong Loses the Will to Live Chapter 96 An Invitation from Mo Xuetong’s Cousin and Bai Yi Chapter 97 King Chu Visits King Xuan’s Manor Chapter 98 Ten Miles of Lotus Flowers, an Incredible Scene Chapter 99 The Knot in Mo Xuetong’s Heart Chapter 100 A Private Conversation in the Night Chapter 101 A Night Scheme Between the Mother and her Daught Chapter 102 Scheme Arose Chapter 103 There Was No Way out, And Mo He Was Ousted Chapter 104 A Trip to Qingliang Temple Chapter 105 In the Temple, Mo Xuetong Got Trapped in a Schem Chapter 106 Yu Sirong Was Blamed for Her Failure Chapter 107 Trio initiates a devious plan Chapter 108 Yu Sirong's Bad Desire Chapter 109 A Good Place to Disfigure Her Chapter 110 Yu Sirong Was Disfigured Chapter 111 The Princess Royal Appears Suddenly and Helps Ou Chapter 112 The Fragrance of Plum Blossoms from Qingliang Te Chapter 113 Stubborn Mdm Yu Who Plots Against Mo Xuetong Aga Chapter 114 Karma for Those Who Try to Frame Others Chapter 115 A Devastating Counterattack Chapter 116 The Mystery of Xuetong's Embroidery Shop Chapter 117 Auntie's Lovingly Made Pouch and the Jade Chapter 118 Another Vicious Plot from Mo Xuemin Chapter 119 Another Incident When Admiring the Plum Blossoms Chapter 120 Another Incident When Admiring the Plum Blossoms Chapter 121 Auntie Fang lost her child in Qingwei Garden Chapter 122 Safflower was Found in the Pillow Chapter 123 The Evil Mother and Son Drove Xuetong Out Chapter 124 Women's Hearts were the Cruelest Chapter 125 Auntie Fang Paid for Her Own Evil Doings and Los Chapter 126 The Cold and Bleak New Year's Eve at the Mo Mano Chapter 127 Cheer Up, Traveling in the Snowy Night (Part 1) Chapter 128 Cheer Up, Traveling in the Snowy Night (Part 2) Chapter 129 The Beauty of Ding General Manor Chapter 130 Lady Jin's Sword Hairpin Chapter 131 Each with Their Own Ideas and the Accidental Dis Chapter 132 Assassination of King Xuan on the night before N Chapter 133 Pretending to be Gracious and the Plot in the Pr Chapter 134 Mo Xuemin Pretended to be Pitiful to Frame Her S Chapter 135 All Gethered at Xiangman Tower Chapter 136 Good Plays, One After Another Chapter 137 Xuetong Watched Stealthily in the Dark and was S Chapter 138 Feng Yuran Got Hurt and Treated Chapter 139 The Minister's Manor Asks for Mo Xuemin's Hand Chapter 140 The Gulf Between Father and Daughter Chapter 141 The Beautiful Snake Begging for Sympathy in the Chapter 142 Rumors Were Sometimes Extremely Unreliable Chapter 143 Sima Lingyun's Other Woman Chapter 144 Li Youmo, the Outrageous Young Sir Chapter 145 Mo Xuemin was Beaten Up Chapter 146 You Yuecheng's Misfortune Chapter 147 Being Threatened, Sima Lingyun Went Back To the Chapter 148 Four Great Manors Were All In Trouble Chapter 149 Lan Xinru Entered Mo Manor Chapter 150 Being Dishonorable, She Conducted Seduction in P Chapter 151 It's Impossible To Be Her Aunt Chapter 152 The Collision in the Palace Chapter 153 The Accident! Mo Xuemin Enters the Palace Throug Chapter 154 Who Would Become the Crown Prince? Chapter 155 A Chance Meeting, Annoying Marquess Mingguo Chapter 156 You Yuecheng Threatens Mo Xuetong but is Shamed Chapter 157 The Contest Between the Imperial Concubines and Chapter 158 Two Butterflies on a Splendid Dress, Rouge was U Chapter 159 The Love Poem at the Banquet Chapter 160 A Secret Date in the Palace, and the Maid Sent a Chapter 161 To Find Out Who Wrote The Love Poem And The Secr Chapter 162 Trapped In Trouble After The Feast Chapter 163 A Gentle Trap In The Darkness Chapter 164 Get a Good Spot to Watch an Affair Chapter 165 The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion Chapter 166 Yu Mingyong's Rashness Chapter 167 The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion Chapter 168 Who Is the One Conducting the Affair Chapter 169 They Brought the Duke Along to Have a Look Chapter 170 Quietly Stayed Alone in Mingzhu Palace Chapter 171 The Royal Brothers Chapter 172 The Beauty Who Followed After Chapter 173 Resentment. The Chaos Starts Again Chapter 174 Kidnapped. The Scuffle Outside the Palace Chapter 175 Fleeing the Carriage and The Struggle between Li Chapter 176 Saved. The Trashy Couple Chapter 177 A Deeper Check and A Mess Chapter 178 To Whom is the Chaos Beneficial Chapter 179 Duchness Zhenguo Came Over to Start a Fight Chapter 180 Feeling Ashamed, They Returned to Duke Zhenguo's Chapter 181 The Evil Beauty Employed an Artful Ruse by Infli Chapter 182 Another Flattery in Qingwei Garden Chapter 183 There Were So Many Pieces of Jewelry Chapter 184 Losing Control, They Started to Plan for Their O Chapter 185 The Sachet, A Token of Love Chapter 186 Committing Crimes, Sima Lingyun Gets Caught Chapter 187 Changping Palace, the Fifth Princess' Jealousy Chapter 188 The Secret Behind her Mother's Sudden Death Chapter 189 What Happened on New Year's Eve Chapter 190 Mo Xueqiong Creates Trouble in Qingwei Garden Chapter 191 An Anecdote From Fu General Manor On a Grand Ban Chapter 192 The Root of Trouble was a Strange Flower with Th Chapter 193 Shocked at the Murder Case in the Back Yard Chapter 194 Behaving Stupidly, Fifth Princess was Filled wit Chapter 195 The Intelligent Grand Secretariat's Daughter Chapter 196 Breaking News. The Imperial Consort Selection Chapter 197 The Odd Flower Chapter 198 Mo Xuemin's Secret Meeting Chapter 199 Lan Xinru's Challenge Chapter 200 A Scheme, An Appearance Chapter 201 The Fate of Betrayers Chapter 202 Lan Xinru Causes Herself Trouble Chapter 203 It was All Settled and Mo Huawen Got Remarried Chapter 204 The Confrontation between Mo Xuemin and the Duch Chapter 205 The Legendary Qinglin Academy Chapter 206 I'm Here to Get the Qin and will Leave Right Awa Chapter 207 Shocked, Behind the Gentle Smile were Threats Chapter 208 Thrilled, They Got Assaulted by the Stream Chapter 209 Doubtfully, Talking About the Past While Curing Chapter 210 Bookstore, Transcribing a Book on Medicine Chapter 211 Mother's Old Servant, Unexpected Meeting with He Chapter 212 Missing Jade Jewelry Case of Four Great Manors Chapter 213 The Harem Line, the Empress Dowager's Decreed Chapter 214 Mo Xuemin's Marriage was Determined Chapter 215 A Beautiful Girl and a Fine View at a Windy and Chapter 216 Dark Shadows in the Palace, the Empress Dowager' Chapter 217 A Scheme, the Banquet Held by Princess Royal Chapter 218 History, Secret Past in Harem Chapter 219 The Princess Royal Favors Chapter 220 Heirs from Four Great Manors Chapter 221 Qin Rang and Beauties Resemble Jade Chapter 222 Strange Atmosphere between Two Gorgeous Boys Chapter 223 Make Everyone Fall for Her, Dancing at the Banqu Chapter 224 I Want to Adopt You Chapter 225 Splitting Skin, Forcing King Chu Away Chapter 226 Falling in Love and a Secret Promise Chapter 227 The Confrontation in the Hall Chapter 228 Is Madam Here in the Capital Too? Chapter 229 The Mysterious Past and the Uncertain Facts Chapter 230 That's Odd. Mo Jin's New Master Chapter 231 When Trash Meets Trash, Meeting Lan Xinru Chapter 232 The Empress' Servant Chapter 233 The Secret Relationship between the Princess Roy Chapter 234 Stopping Mo Xuemin's Plot Chapter 235 Framing, Something Evil Has Got Me Chapter 236 Write Them Down, Words Don't Count Chapter 237 Setting Up, Direct Confrontation Chapter 238 Out of the Bag, Auntie Fang Reaped What She Sowe Chapter 239 Sending the Evil Woman Back to the Yu Manor Chapter 240 The Estrangement between Father and Daughter Chapter 241 King Xuan Meeting a Beauty at Night Chapter 242 On the Roof-Entering Private Property at Night Chapter 243 Beautiful Jade and King Xuan's Plots Chapter 244 You Bit Me, I'd Be Embarrassed Chapter 245 Suspicion and Bai Yihao The Physician Chapter 246 Abandoned. The Yu Family Falls Chapter 247 Wang Xiuxiu Framed Xuetong at the Lantern Festiv Chapter 248 The First Target of the Empress Dowager's Rebell Chapter 249 Rendezvous, Another Rendezvous Chapter 250 When the Fireworks Were Bright in the Sky Chapter 251 Ling Fengyan's Misunderstanding Chapter 252 Feng Yuran's Plot Chapter 253 How Could He Treat Her like That Chapter 254 Backyard, the Accident in King Xuan's Manor Chapter 255 Princess Royal's Private Inquiry Chapter 256 Stampeding Horses & a Handsome Man Chapter 257 Xiuning Workshop, Suspicious Shopkeeper Chapter 258 Disturbances Arose and the Marriage to Unite Two Chapter 259 Scrambling for the Chance to Attend the Palace B Chapter 260 A \"Thief\" Entered the Mo Manor's Backyard at N Chapter 261 The Wicked Playboy and the Malicious Woman's Acc Chapter 262 Besmirching Her Good Name Chapter 263 A Feigned Rejection: Mo Xueyan Entered the Schem Chapter 264 Trouble Caused By a Beauty's Portrait Chapter 265 Mo Xueqiong Passed a Secret Letter in the Banque Chapter 266 Eavesdropping Xueyan Got Herself in a Dangerous Chapter 267: A habit that lasted 10 years, through rain and Chapter 268: Facing a difficulty, Mo Xuetong explains hersel Chapter 269 A Letter Luo Xia Left For Her Daughter Chapter 270 Strong Love, Feng Yuran Enters Mo Xuetong's Room Chapter 271 Jealousy and Hatred. The Fifth Princess' Intenti Chapter 272 Fifth Princess Defeated While Drinking Plum Wine Chapter 273 Beauty Disfigured Due to Her Plan Chapter 274 Fifth Princess Got into Trouble at Tianfeng Pala Chapter 275 Being Born Noble Doesn't Mean Always Being Noble Chapter 276 Bai Yihao's Suspicious Identity Chapter 277 Father's and Daughter's Two Marriages Chapter 278 Mo Xuetong Goes to the Qin Gathering Chapter 279 The Fire Caused by a Painting Chapter 280 True or False, Being Forced by the Su Mei'er Chapter 281 The Fifth Princess Falls into the River and is S Chapter 282 Trapped, Mo Xuetong Was in Danger Chapter 283 Terrified, Trapped in King Yan's Manor Chapter 284 In Desperate Danger, Blood-Stained Dress Chapter 285 King Xuan Confessed His Love in the Moonlight Chapter 286 Mesmerized, Infatuated Chapter 287 Bai Yihao's Feast to Anger First Prince Chapter 288 The Heartless Prince Had the Beautiful Servant E Chapter 289 Meeting with Empress Dowager in the Palace Sets Chapter 290 Mo Xuetong Refuses a Marriage in Cining Palace Chapter 291 The Change in the Fu General Manor Chapter 292 A Startling Appearance and an Old Reason Chapter 293 A Chance Encounter and the Accessories Similar t Chapter 294 The Framing of the Qin Manor Chapter 295 Mo Yufeng Was Wronged Chapter 296 Heartbroken as Feng Yuran Was Hurt Chapter 297 The Truth behind Qin Yufeng's Case Chapter 298 The Commotion in Front of Qin Manor Chapter 299 Let's Get Married Chapter 300 In Ailing Health, Princess Royal Entrusted Her W Chapter 301 In the Princess's Banquet, Consort Yu Got in the Chapter 302 Bai Yifeng Uses Her as a Chess Piece Chapter 303 Ling Fengyan Raises False Charges in the Peach B Chapter 304 The Failure and Consort Yu's Panic Chapter 305 The Threat at the Fifth Princess' Banquet Chapter 306 The Battle of Wits at the Fifth Princess' Banque Chapter 307 Stopped after the Princess' Banquet Chapter 308 Forceful and Rushed proposal by His Excellency Chapter 309 Princess Royal's Hidden Bamboo Building within t Chapter 310 Confession of a Marriage Engagement within the P Chapter 311 An Odd Marriage Agreement Chapter 312 Xuetong's Sadness in the Night Chapter 313 Consort Yu is Banished to the Cold Palace Chapter 314 A Visit from the Assistant Minister, Hua Xiangfe Chapter 315 The Marquess Forces Mo Xuetong to Marry Him Chapter 316 A Mess in the Palace—the Fifth Princess Committe Chapter 317 Fifth Princess Seduced and Fallen into a Trap Chapter 318 The Desperate Decision within the Imperial Study Chapter 319 Conflict in the Harem Initiated By Fifth Princes Chapter 320 Commotion during Mo Xuemin's Marriage Night Chapter 321 Farce at the Wedding Night in the Duke Zhenguo's Chapter 322 Encounter Cold You Yuecheng in the Peony Garden Chapter 323 The Unilaterally-Obeyed Engagement Paper in Bai Chapter 324 The Long-Awaited Marriage Between You Yuecheng a Chapter 325 Bai Yihao's Plans Chapter 326 The Empress Versus Consort Su Chapter 327 Mo Xuemin Returns to Her Mother's Home and Plots Chapter 328 Mo Xuemin's New Conspiracy Chapter 329 Mo Xuemin Tried to Stab Her Biological Sister to Chapter 330 Fall off the Cliff—Xuetong in the Deathtrap Chapter 331 King Xuan Became Jealous As the Crisis Was Resol Chapter 332 Red Lips Touching When Love Is Deep Chapter 333 A Pair of Second Consorts Enters King Yan's Mano Chapter 334 The Empress Dowager of Cining Palace Is Gravely Chapter 335 Mass Poisoning at Duke Zhenguo's Manor Chapter 336 Mo Xuemin Caught In the Act of Adultery Chapter 337 You Yuecheng Exerts Pressure on Duke Zhenguo's M Chapter 338 Mo Xuemin Fails and Gets into Trouble Chapter 339 Xuetong Hears of the Empress Dowager's Plots Chapter 340 Reminding the Old Madam Chapter 341 Luo Mingzhu's Resistance Chapter 342 The Weird Book from the Southern Barbarian Lands Chapter 343 King Xuan's Anger and the Imperial Noble Consort Chapter 344 Imperial Noble Consort Su's Ruthless Decision. T Chapter 345 The Fifth Princess' Plot Chapter 346 A Destroyed Engagement Paper Chapter 347 Empress Dowager's Plans in Cining Palace Chapter 348 Conversation between Feng Yuran and Bai Yihao Chapter 349 Mo Ye Lost the Man He Was Following Chapter 350 Old Madam Arrived, Causing a Commotion Chapter 351 Old Madam Rudely Insists On Moving Objects Chapter 352 Entrance to the Drama by Second Son of You Famil Chapter 353 Insistence by Jerk and Bitch Chapter 354 Assholes Were Caught As Their Scheming Plot Was Chapter 355 Wedding Atmosphere in Five Kilometers, Married O Chapter 356 Assassination Caused a Stir on the Weddings Chapter 357 Looking for Fun at the Wedding Night Chapter 358 Ling Fengyan's Plot about the Bridal Sedan Chair Chapter 359 The Wedding Proceeds and Feng Yulei Gets Demoted Chapter 360 Consort Zhao of the Mingyue Palace Chapter 361 The Blissful and Loving Marriage Chapter 362 Ling Fengyan's Retribution Chapter 363 Anhe Palace and Consort Xian's Past Chapter 364 Luo Mingzhu's Belated Marriage Chapter 365 Whom was Emperor Zongwen's Favorite Candidate? Chapter 366 The Cousin Who Wanted to Marry from the King Xua Chapter 367 Tricks by the He sisters Chapter 368 The Masterminds Behind A Simple Wedding Chapter 369 The Mystery Surrounding the Past Affairs of Quee Chapter 370 The Sudden Visit by Lady of Xian Chapter 371 Worries Aplenty, King Ning Takes a Consort Chapter 372 Feng Yuran's Theory on Opportunism Chapter 373 Second Consort Yan Causes Trouble at King Ning's Chapter 374 Consort Yu Heads to the Banquet and Causes More Chapter 375 The Affair at the Wedding Banquet Chapter 376 You Yue'e Stirred up Trouble in the Bridal Chamb Chapter 377 King Ning and Consort Yu Had a Tryst in the Parl Chapter 378 In the King Ning Manor, Wang Xiuxiu Lost Her Bab Chapter 379 The Empress' Concerns Chapter 380 Beautiful Women of King Xuan's Manor Chapter 381 The Marital Fraud at the Duke Zhenguo's Manor Chapter 382 The Farce in the Mo Manor's Hall Chapter 383 Dogs Biting Dogs, A Mouthful of Fur Chapter 384 The Couple of Bad Guys Suffered Together Chapter 385 The Past Things about Mo Huawen Chapter 386 The Kidnap and Disappearance of Mo Xuetong Chapter 387 The Secret Guards by Luo Xia's side Chapter 388 Feng Yuran's Rescue in Xiuning Workshop Chapter 389 Who Does the Loyalty of the Previous Secret Guar Chapter 390 The Feud between Princess Royal Yunruo and Princ Chapter 391 Bai Yihao Advanced At Every Step Chapter 392 Feng Yuxuan's Imaginary Enemy Chapter 393 Mo Xuetong Met the Sisters of the He Family in t Chapter 394 He Brothers' Plan Chapter 395 The Suspicious History of Consort Zhao Chapter 396 King Jin Manor Was Infinitely Close to the Thron Chapter 397 The Long Hidden Identity of Princess Royal Chapter 398 The Three Princes Gathered at Princess Royal's M Chapter 399 All With Their Own Ideas in the Princess Royal's Chapter 400 Ling Fengyan Died Suddenly in the Inner Yard Chapter 401 In the Princess Royal's Manor, Wang Yueyue Frame Chapter 402 Wang Yueyue Was Pushed and Miscarried Chapter 403 Going to the Emperor and Wang Yueyue Dies Chapter 404 The Brothers of the Ding Manor Marry off Their D Chapter 405 The Face-off Between the Princess Royal and King Chapter 406 Mo Xuetong's Poisoning Chapter 407 See Mo Xuemin in the Sima Manor Again to Clear t Chapter 408 The Past That Had Been Wiped Out in the Memory Chapter 409 He Yuxiu Saw Consort Zhao by Plot Chapter 410 The Empress and Consort Join Hands Chapter 411 She Would be With Him, No Matter Life or Death Chapter 412 He Yuxiu Fell into the Water in the Imperial Gar Chapter 413 Consort Zhao Fought For The Favor In Front Of Em Chapter 414 Nanny Ming of King Xuan's Manor Expresses Her Do Chapter 415 They Mystery Behind Luo Xia's Poisoning Chapter 416 A Meeting with Consort Zhao Chapter 417 Meeting King Chu in the Palace Chapter 418 Consort Zhao's Gifts Chapter 419 He Yuxiu Threw Herself On Feng Yuran Chapter 420 Got Alarmed and Returned Home Anxiously Chapter 421 Set A Trap. He Yufen Was Overjoyed Chapter 422 The He Sisters Embarrass Themselves at Mdm Qin's Chapter 423 In the Qin Manor and Auntie Fang's Final Fall Fr Chapter 424 The Painting She Wants Badly Chapter 425 What Happens in the Past Affects the Future. The Chapter 426 Meeting Li Youmo at Fragrance House Again Chapter 427 The Fight Between Yu Mingyong and Li Youmo Chapter 428 Persuasion, Pay a Visit to Li's Manor Chapter 429 Tenderness, the Knot of Rebirth Chapter 430 The Past Thing, What Is Peony Master For Chapter 431 Asking for the Peony Garden Chapter 432 A Gift of Clothes, the He Sisters Grow Greedy Chapter 433 The Empress Dowager Asks for Ideas in Cining Pal Chapter 434 A Close Examination and Consort Zhao's Plots Chapter 435 Who Is the Empress Dowager's Ke'er Chapter 436 Whose Sachet Is That? Chapter 437 The Strange Truth, Punishment On the Younger Sis Chapter 438 Cards on the Table, Aunt Deals with the Nephew i Chapter 439 Ding General Manor Swayed between Two Palaces Chapter 440 The Fu General Manor's Old Madam Is Sick Chapter 441 The Painting of King Jin's Three Princesses Chapter 442 Two Men Fight Over a Girl and Blocked the Street Chapter 443 Love and Gentleness Chapter 444 The Most Popular Courtesan, Miss Cairong in the Chapter 445 Returning to the Mo Manor and Meeting Second Con Chapter 446 The Vicious Mo Xueqiong Begs for Help Chapter 447 Set a Trap in the Puguang Temple: How Vicious! Chapter 448 Dishonored: A Good Show in the Gold Store Chapter 449 Interlocked: The Empress Dowager's Plot Chapter 450 Troubles and the Ding General Manor's Counterplo Chapter 451 Who is the Owner of the Shop? Chapter 452 The Curious Incident and the Schemes of the He F Chapter 453 The Letter from Mo Xueqiong Chapter 454 The Fight Between the Wife and the Concubine Out Chapter 455 An Agreement and the Friendliness Between the Im Chapter 456 On the Trip to the Temple Hit a Pedestrian Chapter 457 In the Temple, An Unexpected Meet at the Back of Chapter 458 The Path in the Bamboo Forest, A Second Consort Chapter 459 Meeting The Person at the Back of the Buddhist T Chapter 460 The Danger from You Yuecheng's Threat Chapter 461 The Shocking Incident at the Back Courtyard Entr Chapter 462 The Horse Carriage Behind the Temple and the Far Chapter 463 Eloping, Doubts, and Plots within Plots Chapter 464 Failure, and yet Another Scandal From King Yan's Chapter 465 Anger and You Yue'e Embarrasses Herself Chapter 466 Second Consorts, Yet Another Fight Caused By Sec Chapter 467 The Confrontation Between the Emperor and Empres Chapter 468 Meeting the Emperor in the Palace Chapter 469 Pay Respects to the Emperor, Incisive Words Chapter 470 Jealousy, Came out of nowhere Chapter 471 Punishment of Both King Manors Chapter 472 The Concubines of King Xuan's Manor Chapter 473 A Fight and How Concubine Qin Thinks of Mo Xuemi Chapter 474 Tianfeng Palace, Ling Rui'er Becomes a Concubine Chapter 475 Love Blossoms During a Medicinal Bath in the Hot Chapter 476 The Two Concubines' Scheme, A Secret Meet in the Chapter 477 Humble, Concubine Qin's Worry Chapter 478 Depressed, A Concubine was Promoted Newly Chapter 479 Feng Yuxuan's Plan within the Military Base Chapter 480 Being Provocative, Apologies from Concubine Qin Chapter 481 Secrets, Helping His Highness with His Plan Chapter 482 Only Entrance But No Exit, Arrival of He Yuxiu Chapter 483 The He Sister's Background Chapter 484 Going Against Consort Zhao in Qianqing Palace Chapter 485 Our King's Manor Doesn't Need a Second Consort Chapter 486 Consort Zhao Was Thrown out and Encounters Lian Chapter 487 A Warning at the Fu General Manor Chapter 488 At the Mo Manor and Auntie Qing's Change Chapter 489 Mo Huawen's Thoughts Chapter 490 Mo Xuetong's Plot Chapter 491 Kicking up a Fuss Outside King Yan's Manor Chapter 492 Whose Baby Was She Carrying Chapter 493 The Plot Failed, and Bring Trouble to Themselves Chapter 494 A Greedy Old Servant of the King Jin's Manor Chapter 495 In the Tianfeng Palace, the Empress' Favoritism Chapter 496 Show Her Ability, and Match Point by Point Chapter 497 Ling Rui'er's Violent Disturbance Chapter 498 In a Fit of Rage, the Empress Lost Her Temper Chapter 499 You Yue'e's Fury out of Shame Chapter 500 Transfer the Anger on Others, the Wrath that Can Chapter 501 If You Could Be More Obedient to Me Chapter 502 Duke Ding Expressed His Loyalty Chapter 503 The Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao's Plan Chapter 504 Marrying into King Xuan's Manor, He Yufen Was Sp Chapter 505 Mo Xuetong's Guesses and Doubts Chapter 506 Qin Yufeng's New Friend Chapter 507 Discovery, the Joy of Xiang Xieyue Chapter 508 The Present, a Precious Hibiscus Jade Ring Chapter 509 You Yuecheng and Ling Mingyan Made Trouble in th Chapter 510 The Lovable Ling Mingyan Chapter 511 Secret Moves, Concubine Xiang Is Pregnant Chapter 512 Mo Xuetong's Birthday Banquet Chapter 513 The Arrogant First Miss Yun Chapter 514 Horror by the Lake, Several Changes Chapter 515 The One Behind the Scenes, the He Family Chapter 516 Officially Falling out with the He Family Chapter 517 The Sudden Attack from Concubine Xiang Chapter 518 It's Good If Things Get Messy Chapter 519 A Letter Concubine Qin Wanted to Give Out Urgent Chapter 520 In the Yu Manor, Consort Yu Visited the Wounded Chapter 521 A Scheme, Yu Feng's Suggestion Chapter 522 Consort Zhao's Plan in the Heart Chapter 523 The Beauty in the West Hill Yard Chapter 524 Feng Yuran Returned to the Capital Chapter 525 Heavy Punishment, Beating All to Death Chapter 526 Scheming, Concubine Xiang's End Chapter 527 At Night, the Back Yard of King Xuan's Manor Chapter 528 Madam Ming Checked Paintings in King Xuan's Mano Chapter 529 Madam Lian's Apology Chapter 530 The Plum Job That Madam Lian Vied for Chapter 531 He Yuxiu's Plot Chapter 532 Yu Mingyong Makes Trouble for Lian's Manor Chapter 533 A Fight, Yu Mingyong VS Lian An Chapter 534 Will the Two Maidservants Remain? Chapter 535 In the Lotus-rain Pavilion, Feng Yuxuan Drinks T Chapter 536 Precious Treasure, a Head Accessory Made of Sout Chapter 537 Mo Yarui's Comprehension Chapter 538 The Necklace, the Box of Catastrophe Chapter 539 At the Banquet of Qixi Festival, Mo Xuetong Ente Chapter 540 Entering the Palace, the Empress' Hostility Chapter 541 A Note, Mo Yarui Pried Secrets Chapter 542 The Ice Watermelon Juice Spilled all over the Fl Chapter 543 The Palace Maid Who Died Gratuitously Chapter 544 Whose Maidservant Was the Murderer Chapter 545 Who Killed Ming Xia? Chapter 546 The Empress' Second Scheme Chapter 547 Who was Ma Er, the Person from the Prison to the Chapter 548 The Dispute, Each Got Smacked on the Face Chapter 549 Leaving, Ling Rui'er's Grievances Chapter 550 Whose Bellyband Is It in His Arms Chapter 551 A Mole Under Her Navel Chapter 552 All Dead, Who the Evidence Pointed at Chapter 553 Consort Zhao Defended Herself in the Qianqing Pa Chapter 554 The Strangeness of Imperial Noble Consort Wen an Chapter 555 In the Tianfeng Palace, the Empress' Plan Chapter 556 Shock, Great Changes in Every Manor Chapter 557 Meeting He Yufen Again in the Back Yard Chapter 558 He Yufen's Confession Chapter 559 Whose Hand Was It in the Harem? Chapter 560 Happened to Meet an Arrogant Woman Chapter 561 Make Trouble, Someone from the Southern Barbaria Chapter 562 The Appearance of the Mysterious Woman Chapter 563 Who Is It, Consort Chu's Personal Maid Chapter 564 Luo Wenyou and Qin Yuxuan's Visit Chapter 565 Scheme, the Position of General Manor Fu's Son's Chapter 566 Dark Night, the One She Was Infatuated with Chapter 567 Selfish, Madam Qu's Unreasonable Points Chapter 568 Changes Happened in General Manor Chapter 569 In a Rage, Confrontation between Grandmother and Chapter 570 Innocence? She Never Had! Chapter 571 Prove It on the Spot to See If It's True or Not Chapter 572 The Truth Is Always Only One Chapter 573 Old Madam's Worry Chapter 574 Quarrel, the Secret over 10 Years Ago Chapter 575 On the Way to Xiuning Workshop Chapter 576 Passion, the Empress Dowager's Perfect Plan Chapter 577 It's Convenient to Use the People I borrowed Chapter 578 King Chu's Manor, the Surreptitious Thing That O Chapter 579 The Sixth Princess Came to the Banquet and Felt Chapter 580 Second Consort Mo's Invitation Chapter 581 It's Said that the Red Coral Awarded by the Empe Chapter 582 Ling Rui'er Interlocking Frame Chapter 583 Misjudge, Ling Rui'er Lost Control of Her Temper Chapter 584 Foil the Plot, One Dead and One Mad Chapter 585 If She Gave Birth to Children, They Would Be und Chapter 586 With Different Benefits, It's Impossible to Join Chapter 587 Amusement, Passion and Gentleness Chapter 588 Feng Yuran's Indulgence towards the Back Yard Chapter 589 The Great Purge, Promote Concubines Chapter 590 Fear, Mdm Yu's Ideas Chapter 591 The Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands Chapter 592 Inquiry, Princess Caifeng's Plan Chapter 593 Each People's Plan, the Crown Prince's Fate Chapter 594 Getting a Co-wife, the Night Talk in King Yan's Chapter 595 The Princess's Marriage, a Minister's Daughter C Chapter 596 Choose a Husband, Making a Mistake in the Hall Chapter 597 Threats, Two Princes Lost Their Fortune Chapter 598 A Deal Caused by a Set of Head Accessory Chapter 599 Marriage in the Hall, King Yan's Return Chapter 600 Destroying Danger in Obscurity Chapter 601 Hu Qianyue Insisted on Seeing Her Chapter 602 Jealousy, Ling Mingyan's Anger Chapter 603 Princess Caifeng's Face Being Disfigured Chapter 604 Visiting the Patient, Princess Caifeng's Seducti Chapter 605 A Token, Feng Yulei's Token of Engagement Chapter 606 The Plan, Feng Yuran's Means Chapter 607 The Qin Manor's Honor, Having the Number One Sch Chapter 608 In a Panic, Consort Zhao's Plan Chapter 609 The Fight in the Harem, Consort Yu's Going into Chapter 610 Having Suspicions of the Past and Throwing Conso Chapter 611 There's Always Only One Fact Chapter 612 Grant a Candy after a Slap Chapter 613 Princess Caifeng's Arrogant Aura Chapter614 A Threat, Hu Qianyue's Misjudge Chapter 615 Crown Prince Xieyue's Doubt Chapter 616 Hard to Control the Hostility Chapter 617 Gentleness, Unusual Ideas Chapter 618 An Encounter, King Chu's Care Chapter 619 Provoke Him, Feng Yuxuan's Anger Chapter 620 Confused, the Person That Always Couldn't Be See Chapter 621 Tianfeng Palace, the Peace Among Consorts Chapter 622 Hatred, Princess Caifeng's Obsessiveness Chapter 623 See the South Pearl Necklace Again Chapter 624 Poison, so What if She Was Disabled? Chapter 625 If Something Happens to Tong'er, I'll Take Your Chapter 626 Hu Qianyue's Panic Chapter 627 The Power Was Not So Easy to Borrow Chapter 628 Bestowing Marriage, One by One Chapter 629 The Strange Hu Qianyue Chapter 630 Imperial Noble Consort Wen's Doubts Chapter 631 The Secret of a Young Lady Chapter 632 Princess Caifeng's Mind Chapter 633 Live and Die Together Chapter 634 Imperial Noble Consort Wen's Old Secret Chapter 635 In a Coma due to Illness Chapter 636 General Hu Forced the Empress Chapter 637 You Yue'e's Worry Chapter 638 The Sixth Princess's Thoughts Chapter 639 He Yufen's Letter From Jiangnan Chapter 640 Mo Yufeng's Strange Movements Chapter 641 The Acting Auntie Qing Chapter 642 Something Unusual, a Crisis in the Inner Manor Chapter 643 Family Affairs, Consort Xian's Life Experience Chapter 644 Encountered Princess Royal Chapter 645 A Secret, What Was Shopkeeper Xing Hiding Chapter 646 The Mo Manor Was Haunted, Which Was Scary Chapter 647 The Banquet Held by Marquess Mingguo's Wife Chapter 648 Different Treatments in the Osmanthus Garden Chapter 649 The Sixth Princess's Regard Chapter 650 The Design of the Front and Back Doors of the Os Chapter 651 The Arrogant Palace Maid Serving the Sixth Princ Chapter 652 The Failure of the Sixth Princess's Conspiracy Chapter 653 Disputes, Flaws in the Perfect Plan Chapter 654 The Truth Was Sometimes Unbelievable Chapter 655 Marriage, the End of the Sixth Princess Chapter 656 Feng Yuran Who Was Protective of His Wife Chapter 657 The Sixth Princess Had Lost Her Mind Chapter 658 The Envoys of the Southern Barbarian Lands Moved Chapter 659 Luo Mingzhu's Investigation Chapter 660 The Special Madam Qu Chapter 661 Implement a Smart Ruse in Fu General Manor Chapter 662 The Missing Pages Chapter 663 King Ning Feng Yuzhen's Bridal Chamber Chapter 664 The Ghost Frightened Auntie Qing by Night Chapter 665 The Hesitant Mo Huawen Chapter 666 The Mysterious Man Waiting at the Back Door of t Chapter 667 Princess Caifeng's Invitation Chapter 668 The Mysterious and Masterly Doctor Chapter 669 They Bumped into Each Other Coincidentally Chapter 670 An Unwise Move, Hu Qianyue VS the Sixth Princess Chapter 671 The Back Door of the Pharmacy, a Clue to the Pas Chapter 672 The Adventure in the Teahouse Next Door Chapter 673 Qin Yufeng VS You Yuecheng Chapter 674 Once Having the Same Owner Chapter 675 The Flower Hall, the Sixth Princess's Secret Chapter 676 It's Still the Original Owner of the Pharmacy Chapter 677 An Old Story, the Secret in the Buddha Hall Chapter 678 To See But Not to Recognize Chapter 679 Sweetness, the Warnings in the Carriage Chapter 680 The Beautiful and Perfect Seven-Colored Cloud Dr Chapter 681 Accept It or Not Chapter 682 The Secret of the Seven-colored Cloud Fabric Chapter 683 A Quarrel in the Waterside Pavilion Chapter 684 Tit for Tat. Each of Them Had Their Schemes Chapter 685 Who Plotted against Whom Chapter 686 Ling Mingyan's Attention Chapter 687 Something Bad Happened to You Yue'e. Who's the M Chapter 688 Duchess Ding First Chapter 689 It Can only Be Good to Make Things Worse Chapter 690 Shirk the Responsibilities Chapter 691 One-on-one Showdown Chapter 692 Exposed, the Sixth Princess's Plan Chapter 693 Who Will Take the Blame Chapter 694 The Letter Left Behind by Hu Qianyue Chapter 695 Urgent Interrogation in the Imperial Palace Chapter 696 A Reversal, Ling Mingyan Modified Her Previous R Chapter 697 Ling Mingyan Asked for Punishment Chapter 698 The Sixth Princess's Invitation Chapter 699 The Three Concubines' Requests Chapter 700 Flying into a Rage, Concubine Qin Was out of Con Chapter 701 Concubine Yun Takes the Risk to Go out Chapter 702 The Cautious Nanny Qing Chapter 703 A Dispute, the Teacup That Fell on Her Chapter 704 Having Quick Wits in an Emergency, Concubine Yun Chapter 705 The Concubine of King Ning's Manor or King Xuan' Chapter 706 The Follow-up to the Matter between the Sixth Pr Chapter 707 Inquire about the Painting, then Visit the Qin M Chapter 708 Old Madam Qin's Unusual Reaction Chapter 709 His Purpose Chapter 710 Mdm Yu's Begging Chapter 711 The Mysterious Nunnery Chapter 712 Several People Were Scalded in Succession Chapter 713 The Smart Yu Siyan Chapter 714 The Robe Hidden under the Books Chapter 715 A Bite from a Thief Sinks to the Bone Chapter 716 The Evidence, the Female Physician Inspected the Chapter 717 Gag Her and Let His Highness Interrogate Her Chapter 718 The Confrontation between the Empress Dowager an Chapter 719 Crown Prince Xieyue Left Chapter 720 Madam Qu's Unusual Movements Chapter 721 The Confrontation of the Old Madam and Her Daugh Chapter 722 The Letter That Hadn't Been Sent out Chapter 723 The Inner and Outer Courtyards of Fu General Man Chapter 724 Mo Xuetong Was Taken away and Missing Chapter 725 Meeting Bai Yihao Again Chapter 726 The Cause of Princess Shuanglan's Death Chapter 727 Set up a Scheme, then Leaving Like a Cicada Slou Chapter 728 Assume Another's Name to Enter the Yan Palace to