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Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

Author: Lian Shuang Genre: Romance

Wei Yuewu is the unloved daughter of the powerful Marquis Hua Yang. On her way back to the capital city to marry her fiancé, she becomes the target of a ruthless assassination led by her fiancé, Marquis Jing Yuan. With the help of the Prince of Yan State, she narrowly escapes from one disaster after another and returns to the capital. Determined to avenge her enemies and unravel the mystery surrounding her engagement with Marquis Jing Yuan as well as the death of her mother, Wei Yuewu makes a deal with the Prince of Yan State. However, just as she has triumphed over all her enemies and is about to reach the acme of her life, she deliberately destroys her own future and becomes an exile of her own…

Chapter 153 A Bowl of Medicine, Nurse Han's Memory 2021-01-16 09:33:25
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Escape, Daughter of Marquis Hua Yang Chapter 3 Puzzled: Plain-looking and Lacking Talent? Chapter 4 Congratulations, You Can Marry a Daughter from an Chapter 5 Hypocrisy or True Love Chapter 6 Please Allow Yuewu to Go With You Chapter 7 Act on Plans: Who Is the Female Guard? Chapter 8 I Have Come Here for You Chapter 9 Marquis Jing Yuan, Let's Break Off the Engagement Chapter 10 Construct a Plot and Refuse to Travel Together Chapter 11 A Secret Behind the Engagement Chapter 12 A Token Left by Mother Chapter 13 A Startled Horse and a Carriage Crashed into the Chapter 14 True or False? Are you a Coachman from the mansio Chapter 15 Fuel Rumors and Encounter a Mysterious Man Chapter 16 A Frightening Fragment Lost in Memory Chapter 17 Despicable Underlings Block the Way, the Main Doo Chapter 18 Vicious Second Miss Wei Is Determined to Kill Wei Chapter 19 Awesome! You Are Only a Guest Here Chapter 20 Showtime! Lady Li Is Ready to Act Chapter 21 Provoke Her, and Expose Her Adulterous Affair Chapter 22 One Powerful Dose After Another Chapter 23 Lady Tu Pressing on at Every Opportunity Chapter 24 Fight Back When Things Were Unbearable Chapter 25 Spiteful Servants Impose Upon Their Mistress Chapter 26 Punishment! My Mistress Was the Second Lady Chapter 27 Flying Dragon Intelligence Agency Chapter 28 Frightening! A Flitting Shadow in the Dark Chapter 29 Show Started: A Strangled Maid Chapter 30 Wrath, Lady Li Was Hurt Chapter 31 No Escape from a Broken Engagement Chapter 32 The Considerate Cousin Chapter 33 Let's See Who Was Better in Acting Chapter 34 Conspiracy: A Wolf Dog Sent In Overnight Chapter 35 Backfire: a Fight Between the Cousin and the Seco Chapter 36 Setting Them up: the Fight in the Back Yard Chapter 37 Trump Card: Taking the Issue to the Court Chapter 38 Box Sent by Granny Chapter 39 A Special Bolt of Cloth Chapter 40 The Fourth Young Lady from the Third Branch Chapter 41 The Dress That Wasn't Dyed Well Chapter 42 Today's Incident Could Only Be Explained by \"Coi Chapter 43 Astonishment: It Was the Crown Prince Chapter 44 A Dilemma Chapter 45 The Dress That Was Modified Chapter 46 Everybody Loved That Dress, Go Get It Chapter 47 Peeping, the Accident Near the Festoon Gate Chapter 48 Let's See Who Was Courting Trouble Chapter 49 Who on Earth Was the Owner of the Dress? Chapter 50 Prying: Which Young Lady Was in the Room? Chapter 51 One Accident After Another Chapter 52 The Old Maidservant in the Madam Dowager's Courty Chapter 53 Shameless: the Unrequited Wish for Marriage Chapter 54 You Fell Sick? Me Too Chapter 55 Wei Yan Pretended to Be Sick Chapter 56 Wei Qiufu Had a Plan Chapter 57 Wei Qiuju Had Her Own Idea Chapter 58 A Maid Who Behaved Strangely in the Mid-Lake Pavi Chapter 59 Scheming: a Lover Who Came out of Nowhere Chapter 60 Was the Opening an Accident or a Plot Chapter 61 Tamed: The Imperative Surrender Chapter 62 Who Would Seize the Opportunity? Chapter 63 Horrifying: the Heads of Two Beauties Chapter 64 Who Will Wear the Phoenix-Patterned Hairpin with Chapter 65 An Unexpected Encounter in the Most Inconspicuous Chapter 66 Choice: the Qin Music for the Captive-Offering Ev Chapter 67 An Elegant Taste? Who Was Battling with Whom? Chapter 68 Contending for Supremacy, and the Blood-Stained S Chapter 69 Snooping: a Trick in Trick Chapter 70 Complicated: The Empress Is Here Chapter 71 Unexpected: Mo Huating's Rejection Chapter 72 Questioning in the Way: Who Dominated the Interro Chapter 73 What Could You Do to Me Without the Engagement Chapter 74 A Painter with a Special Identity Chapter 75 Sisters? Who Had the Real Hairpin? Chapter 76 Inexplicable: an Edict from the Empress Chapter 77 A Thrilling Traffic Accident in Imperial Palace Chapter 78 Vicious Second Lady Blocking the Way Chapter 79 Drag Her Down and Beat Her to Death Chapter 80 Son or Daughter, Whom to Give Up? Chapter 81 An Infectious Disease? Chapter 82 Nanny Han Successfully \"Died\" Chapter 83 A \"Coincidental\" Collision on the Road Chapter 84 A Strange Prison Carriage at the Gate of the Plum Chapter 85 A Difficult Delivery of the Marquise Chapter 86 Who Had a Mind for Rebellion Chapter 87 A Mysterious and Strange Nun Chapter 88 Instigation: Who Was Fooling Whom Chapter 89 A Screen, and They Went Way Too Far Bullying Her Chapter 90 The Maid Who Delivered the Message Chapter 91 An Old Maidservant Who Offered to Help for No Rea Chapter 92 Night Time, the Interconnected Courtyards Chapter 93 Blurting out: Who Went into Whose Room Chapter 94 Backfire: Make the Best of a Bad Bargain Chapter 95 A Letter that Disclosed Something Chapter 96 The Panicked Doctor Ming Chapter 97 Something Odd: Find Another Competent Doctor Chapter 98 An Unexpected Meeting with the Eldest Miss Jing Chapter 99 Trouble: Legendary Soft Brocade Chapter 100 Can You Play Confession of Love Chapter 101: The Crown Prince Might Be Tempted Chapter 102 Virtuous Concubine Dong Chapter 103 Anxiety: Concubine Huang's Worry Chapter 104 A Faint Fragrance Chapter 105 Taking Advantage of the Saying About the Tu Clan Chapter 106 Mission for the Planted Agent Chapter 107 Tasty Fish Soup and Starched Clothes Chapter 108 Switching the Bags Right Under the Nose Chapter 109 Are You Sure? Dark Blue Clothes Chapter 110 The Turn of Events: Clothes that Remained to be Chapter 111 Love Affair Exposed, Force Him to Marry the Noto Chapter 112 End Up a Concubine Instead of a Wife Chapter 113 A Sudden Invitation Chapter 114 A Jade Thumb Ring on the Windowsill Chapter 115 The Weird Mother-Son Relationship Chapter 116 Wei Luowu Went into a Fury Chapter 117 Unexpected: the Last Guest Courtyard Chapter 118 She Was Supposed to Share the Neighboring Courty Chapter 119 Warm-hearted Eldest Miss Yang Chapter 120 Arrogant Second Miss Yang Chapter 121 The Quarrel Outside the Buddha Hall Chapter 122 Who Was the Target of Assassination Chapter 123 Miss Yang as the Defender of Justice Chapter 124 Sinister Plan, But Not Heavily Injured Chapter 125 A Remedy That Didn’t Suit the Case Chapter 126 Warning from the Young Master Handsome as a Jade Chapter 127 A Half-eaten Pill Chapter 128 Fourth Miss Wei Came in a Threatening Manner Chapter 129 Fourth Young Lady, Please Go Back First Chapter 130 Spat Blood and Fainted Chapter 131 Reward Granted by the Third Princess Chapter 132 Who Fell into Whose Trap, Push the Boat Along wi Chapter 133 Who's Behind This? Whose Qin Was It? Chapter 134 Eldest Miss Yang Was Highly Appreciated Chapter 135 What a Coincidence, Let's Go and Do the Worshipi Chapter 136 Madam Tu, the Same Memorial Day Chapter 137 Surprise Shows One After Another Chapter 138 Emergency, Wei Qiufu's Snooping Eyes Chapter 138 Emergency, Wei Qiufu's Snooping Eyes Chapter 139 Ghostly Shadows in the Buddha Hall Chapter 140 The Fourth Princess's Fury and Reprimand Chapter 141 Great Undertakings, and a Strange Game of Go Chapter 142 The Lost Palace Flower and Plum Blossom Banquet Chapter 143 They Were Wearing Different Palace Flowers Chapter 144 Farce, Who Stole Whose Palace Flower? Chapter 145 Humiliation, Removed the Palace Flower in Public Chapter 146 Wow, She Played the Confession of Love Chapter 147 Justice That Was Claimed for Wei Qiufu Chapter 148 Proof of Sincerity, Wei Yuejiao's Letter Chapter 149 Hysterical Yang Yuyan Paid a Visit Chapter 150 Terrified Yang Yuyan Chapter 151 Scheming Under the Seemingly Calm Surface Chapter 152 Quite Unexpected, My Younger Sister Also Liked H Chapter 153 A Bowl of Medicine, Nurse Han's Memory