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Supreme Martial Spirit

Supreme Martial Spirit

Author: Luo Cheng Dong Genre: Fantasy

Chen Feng, a man born with no martial talent, stumbles into some supreme dragon blood. From then on, his life changes. Cute Demon Fox Lady, Aloof Queen, Princess of the Divine Tribe, who doesn’t love him?

Chapter 72 Assassination 2020-10-24 06:09:16
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Five Years of Gravekeeping Chapter 2 Breakthrough After Breakthrough! Chapter 3 Bullying Chapter 4 Who Is Trash? Chapter 5 Select a Martial Skill Chapter 6 The Great Light Palm! Chapter 7 Crazy Breakthrough Chapter 8 A Thousand Kilograms of Strength! Chapter 9 Counter-kill! Chapter 10 Breakthrough! Two Thousand Kilograms of Strength! Chapter 11 Demonic Beasts Fought! Chapter 12 Stealing Spirit Medicines! Chapter 13 Break Through Again! Three Thousand Kilograms of Chapter 14 Kill the Demonic Wolf! Chapter 15 Killing and Seizing Treasures Chapter 16 Chase! Chapter 17 Heavenly Seventh Layer After Death Chapter 18 The Second Level of the Great Light Palm! Chapter 19 Immovable King Ming Seal! Chapter 20 Break Through to the Sixth Level! Chapter 21 Beat Up Painfully Chapter 22 Snake Slash Chapter 23 Snake Blood Bath Chapter 24 Nine Thousand Jin of Strength! Chapter 25 Return to the Sect Chapter 26 Set Up a Stall Chapter 27 Forced Robbery, Huh? Chapter 28 Kill Decisively Chapter 29 Compensation Chapter 30 Outer Sect Market Chapter 31 Medicine Master Pavilion Chapter 32 Senior Sister Han Yuer Chapter 33 Let Her Go Chapter 34 Elder Zhao Chapter 35 Cripple Your Cultivation! Chapter 36 News of the Outer Sect Competition Chapter 37 Yellow Rank 3, Rain Falling and Flying Flowers Chapter 38 Snake Gall Chapter 39 Peak Sixth Layer! Chapter 40 Extremely Dangerous Chapter 41 Fallen Flower Chapter 42 Against Cui Zhenshan Chapter 43 A Punch Exploded! Chapter 44 Flood Dragon Meat Chapter 45 Second Battle! Chapter 46 White Bone Cage Chapter 47 Make a Name for Oneself Chapter 48 White Stone City Chapter 49 Have A Background Chapter 50 Xie Clan Auction House Chapter 51 Sell at a High Price Chapter 52 Mysterious Scrap Metal Chapter 53 Black Golden Vine Chapter 54 Robbery? Chapter 55 BOOM! Chapter 56 10,000 Jin Of Strength! Chapter 57 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Chapter 58 It's Not Fair! Chapter 59 The Fourth Round! Chapter 60 Ran Yuxue's Nephew! Chapter 61 Crisis Chapter 62 Who Is Trash? Chapter 63 The Sect Master Was Shocked Chapter 64 Qin Mo Ling Chapter 65 Bamboo Mountain Fortune Land Chapter 66 Receive A Task Chapter 67 A Tough Opponent Chapter 68 Rushing Thunder Sword Chapter 69 Instantly Kill Chapter 70 Contempt Chapter 71 It Is Not Too Late for a Gentleman to Avenge Hims Chapter 72 Assassination