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The Devious First-Daughter

The Devious First-Daughter

Author: Lian Shuang Genre: Romance

A lonely soul, which was placed under the care of the Lord Protector’s Manor, ended up having her lover stolen by the family’s eldest daughter and dying tragically the day before her wedding.


Chapter 420 Commandery Princess was the Bes 2020-07-07 20:26:05
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Previous Hatred and Drowning Chapter 2 Ning Xueyan Reborn at the Funeral Chapter 3 Ning Xueyan Shows Off Her Great Change Chapter 4 Disorder and the Evil Servan Chapter 5 The Strange Fragrance at the Funeral Chapter 6 Ning Xueyan Relieves Madam Dowager's Anger Chapter 7 Who Will Be Responsible for the Scandal? Chapter 8 The Threat Comes from Ning Xueyan's Uncle Chapter 9 Mother Yun Escapes to Her Sister's Home Chapter 10 The Maid Who Took Advantage of Her Power Chapter 11 Slap the Servants Who Slight Their Master Chapter 12 Neither Plain Nor Pure White Clothes Chapter 13 First Madam's People Chapter 14 The Personal Maid of Ning Xueyan's Previous Life Chapter 15 Mean Sisters Chapter 16 The Handsome and Ruthless Prince Yi Chapter 17 Vicious; The Beauty Get Intoxicated Amid Peach Bl Chapter 18 Confrontation with the Wickedly Charming Man Chapter 19 Mixed-breed; Not Favored? Chapter 20 Little Affection between Father and Daughter Chapter 21 The Corpse at the Bright Frost Garden's Entrance Chapter 22 Secret; The Link between the Past and Presen Chapter 23 Panic; Chaos in the Cloud Reflection Courtyard Chapter 24 Face Powder; Ning Ziyan's Presen Chapter 25 Nemesis; Meeting Ning Ziyan Again Chapter 26 The Woman Who Selfishly Lingers in the Cold Mount Chapter 27 They Can Forget About Being Happy Themselves Chapter 28 Winning Lanning's Hear Chapter 29 Dressing up as a Man, Ning Xueyan Offends Prince Chapter 30 Meeting Third Prince with Soft Talking Chapter 31 Killing Intent Flashes Chapter 32 The Reunion of the Niece and Uncle Chapter 33 Emergency, Madam Dowager Arrives Chapter 34 Ning Xueyan Goes to the Bamboo Forest after Dress Chapter 35 It's Said that the Third Prince is Friendly and H Chapter 36 The Young Lady, Ning Yuling, Was Coming Chapter 37 Sudden Appearance of Prince Yi and the Military M Chapter 38 Let Her Know Who is the Master of Lord Protector' Chapter 39 Madam Dowager's Partiality Chapter 40 Ning Yuling Falls Down Badly Chapter 41 Your Highness Wants Something, So Do I Chapter 42 Assassination and Blood Everywhere Chapter 43 The Appreciation Comes from the Honored Consort Y Chapter 44 An Extra Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 45 Aunt Xiang's Surprise Chapter 46 The Handsome Princely Heir, Wen Xueran Chapter 47 Greetings and the Poison in the Medicine Chapter 48 The Kindness of the Consort Dowager of Commandery Chapter 49 Things Happen One after Another and Madam Dowager Chapter 50 The Disturbance in the Lord Protector's Manor and Chapter 51 The Private Meeting with the Painter of a Brothel Chapter 52 Planning, Maid's Changeable Words Chapter 53 Chaos, Princely Heir was beaten Chapter 54 Insisting Chapter 55 The Evidence, Beautiful Painting Chapter 56 The Private Meeting and the Wrong Person Chapter 57 Chessman and Madam Dowager's Hin Chapter 58 There Is Also a Problem with Ning Xueyan's Medici Chapter 59 Madam Dowager Shows Partiality to Madam Ling and Chapter 60 A Gift Comes from Aunt Xiang Chapter 61 The Commandery Princess Muling from Yunnan Chapter 62 The Sick Civet Ca Chapter 63 - It Can't Be a Coincidence Chapter 64 - A Tentative Strategy about the Medicine Chapter 65 - Framed, Mother Han Got Caugh Chapter 66 - The Fight in the Woodshed Chapter 67 - Among All the People in the Manor, Who Doesn't Chapter 68 - You're Right. We Must Find out Who Did This! Chapter 69 - That's How an Accident Happened Chapter 70 – Who Is The Victim? Chapter 71 She Would No Longer Be Softhearted to Her Foes Chapter 72 Step by Step Chapter 73 The Pretty Maid, Yu Lian Chapter 74 The Closed Courtyard Door and Slightly Closed Roo Chapter 75 The Mysterious Woman in White Chapter 76 Lanning's Doubts Chapter 77 Ling Yi Will Thank Mother Chen Again After He Suc Chapter 78 The Impolite Visitor Chapter 79 The Sudden Search Frightens Ning Xueyan Chapter 80 A Letter from Ning Yuling Chapter 81 Madam, This is Lord Protector's Manor Chapter 82 Madam Ling and Madam Qian Act so Well Chapter 83 If She Is Innocent, Who Is Not? Chapter 84 Ming Feiyong Visits Lord Protector's Manor Chapter 85 Is This the Concubine Ma Who Poisoned Me? Chapter 86 The People around Concubine Ma Chapter 87 The Birthday Feast for Concubine Ma Chapter 88 The Hairpin and Ning Ziyan's Personal Maid Chapter 89 The Wife and the Concubine Both Got Pregnan Chapter 90 Pregnancy, Surprise Or Scare Chapter 91 It Was the Imperial Physician Chapter 92 The Baby Was Already Two Months or Three Chapter 93 Truth, or Scandal Chapter 94 I've Only Taken You in for Half a Month Chapter 95 Prince Yi's Favorite Concubine Chapter 96 If It Is Good, You Just Keep Watching Chapter 97 So, I Helped You, Prince Yi Chapter 98 Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 99 They Want to Cover up the Scandal Again! Chapter 100 I Will Fulfill Her Wish Chapter 101 Your Majesty, Do You Want to Investigate This Ma Chapter 102 No Matter Which Way Concubine Ma Chose, She Woul Chapter 103 The Way for Concubine Ma Chapter 104 Ning Lingyun's Marriage Chapter 105 Concubine Ma Admits Her Error and Asks for Punis Chapter 106 A Maid's Confession Chapter 107 The Concubine Wins in the Wife-concubine Infight Chapter 108 Suspicion to the Pas Chapter 109 Madam Ling Wants Ning Xueyan to Marry Marquis of Chapter 110 I Will Wear the Dark Blue Clothes Chapter 111 The Third Prince Has Been Here on This Day for t Chapter 112 I Walked Too Fast So That I Bumped into the Four Chapter 113 Marquis of Ping'an Is Fascinated by Ning Lingyun Chapter 114 Who Is the Third Young Lady of Lord Protector's Chapter 115 The Third Prince's Gentleness Chapter 116 Marquis of Ping'an Is Drunken and Enters the Wom Chapter 117 One Show after Another Chapter 118 Ning Yuling Speaks Without Thinking and Falls in Chapter 119 The Unexpectedness in Buddha Hall Chapter 120 A Beauty Is Still Less Important Than Wealth and Chapter 121 Like It or No Chapter 122 Madam Ling Isn't an Easy Opponen Chapter 123 The Beauties from the Palace Chapter 124 Open Targe Chapter 125 But Remember, Just This Once Chapter 126 Is It Second Sister Who Let Grandmother Reward Y Chapter 127 Two Unsatisfactory Marriages Chapter 128 The Arrogant Maid Chapter 129 An Old Lady Was Knocked Down Chapter 130 Worrying about the Disclosure of the Conspiracy Chapter 131 Is There Anything Special about the Brocade? Chapter 132 Mother Wang Was Not Her First Wet Nurse Chapter 133 The Lure of a Beauty Chapter 134 All of a Sudden, an Accident Happened Chapter 135 A Rearrangement, a Drama in Real Life Chapter 136 It Is You, Am I Right? Chapter 137 Mother Sent Me to Do All of This Chapter 138 The Weird Encounter In The Study Chapter 139 Something Serious Happened Chapter 140 The Women Sent by Third Prince Had a Lot of Guts Chapter 141 A Villain with a Temporary Success Chapter 142 I Don't Know What You're Talking Abou Chapter 143 The Past of Madam Ming Chapter 144 Do You Think I'm So Gullible? Chapter 145 A Second-class Maid Who Was Paid as a Third-clas Chapter 146 the Straw that Breaks the Camel's Back Chapter 147 Tie Up that Little Bitch and Drown Her Chapter 148 Whose House Is This? Chapter 149 The Tactful Concubine Xu Chapter 150 She Will Survive As Long As She Is Smart Enough Chapter 151 How to Deal with the Old Lover and the New Lover Chapter 152 Do You Know Ning Ziying Who Lived in Cloud Refle Chapter 153 The Buddha Hall Is Busy and Each Shows Their Spe Chapter 154: Sister, I Don’t Understand What You Were Saying Chapter 155 Ning Huaiyuan Is Back Chapter 156 The Red Plum and the Beauty Chapter 157 Who Is the Sister? Chapter 158 Ning Xueyan Refuses All Gifts Chapter 159 You Mistook Me for Someone Else. I’m Ning Xueyan Chapter 160 His Pet Could Only Belong to Him Chapter 161 Reputable Third Young Lady Chapter 162 Got Her Hand Injured Chapter 163 Elder Brother, It had been Three Years since We Chapter 164 Have You Really Forgiven Me? Chapter 165 Why Does Her Voice Sound So Familiar? Chapter 166 I Will Find a Way Finally If I’m Still Alive Chapter 167 the Stained Account Book Chapter 168 Stay with the New Concubine? Chapter 169 the Warm-hearted Third Young Lady Chapter 170 I Just Learned a Little from Grandmother! Chapter 171 Third Sister, Can You Give Me Some Advice? Chapter 172 Being Defeated Because of Self-righteousness Chapter 173 Send the Account Books to Foggy Courtyard Chapter 174 Block the Maid on the Way to Buy Time Chapter 175 There’s No Braised Fish in the Kitchen Today Chapter 176 Being Kind to Your Enemy Is Often the Wrong Begi Chapter 177 What You had Imagined and Reality were not the S Chapter 178 the Phoenix Earring Chapter 179 Run into Heng Yuqing Again Chapter 180 the Legendary Favorite Concubine Chapter 181 Prince Yi’s Favorite Concubine Is at the Imperia Chapter 182 Taking Her for Ning Ziying by Mistake Chapter 183 Uncle, Is There Anyone You Like? Chapter 184 I Have Nothing Special with Third Young Lady Chapter 185 A Note That Conveys an Affair Chapter 186 Third Prince’s Suspicion Chapter 187 Don’t You Know Who You are Dating? Chapter 188 He Said It was Me Who Had Made the Appointmen Chapter 189 Series of Stratagems Chapter 190 Why Has Nothing Bad Happened to Ning Xueyan? Chapter 191 Miss, She Stole Your Bracele Chapter 192 Third Young Lady, Please Wait! Chapter 193 Being Slapped, Ning Qingshan’s Hate Gets Intense Chapter 194 Uncle, Can You Let Us Have a Look at Her? Chapter 195 My Favorite Concubine Said Chapter 196 Do You Want to Watch a Good Show? Chapter 197 Let’s Go! Leave Her Alone Chapter 198 The Gifts from the Two Princes Chapter 199 the Candied Fruits from Mr. Wang Chapter 200 Investigation, and a Past Event about Ning Ziyin Chapter 200 Investigation, and a Past Event about Ning Ziyin Chapter 201 A Late Night Visit from Prince Yi Chapter 202 A Past Event Chapter 203 Just Like Third Prince, I Like You, Too Chapter 204 The Reason Madam Ming Adopted Ning Qingshan as H Chapter 205 A Vicious Woman Chapter 206 Maybe Nothing Bad Happened to My Family Chapter 207 A Ghost Is Not the Most Horrible Thing in the Wo Chapter 208 Those Things She Had Hidden Chapter 209 Fourth Prince Wants to Help Third Young Lady Ven Chapter 210 Third Young Lady Is the Most Beautiful Chapter 211 What? She Is Third Young Lady! Chapter 212 The Wound She Has Been Concealing Chapter 213 You Are Not Our Own Daughter Chapter 214 I’m Going to Leave the Lord Protector’s Manor Chapter 215 Fifth Sister Is Not Such a Person Chapter 216 We Have Found Concubine Ma Chapter 217 Ning Qingshan’s Plan Chapter 218 Fifth Sister, I’m Willing to Take All the Respon Chapter 219 A Well Plotted Show Chapter 220 The Tragic Fall of the Previous Dynasty Chapter 221 Concubine Ma’s Death Chapter 222 Under What Circumstances Is It Advantageous for Chapter 223 The Similar Clothes Chapter 224 They All Have an Ulterior Object in View Chapter 225 The Noble Childe Xia Yudong Chapter 226 The Close Cousins Chapter 227 The Greenhouse in the Garden Chapter 228 She Is Willing to Do Everything Chapter 229 Xia Yudong Tries to Find a Chance to Save Ning X Chapter 230 Princely Heir, Why Are You Here? Chapter 231 Third Young Lady Failed Chapter 232 Ning Lingyun Was Frightened Chapter 233 Mr. Yu, the Shopkeeper of the Cloth Shop Chapter 234 I’m Going to Buy Some Cloth for My Servants Chapter 235 This Is a Reward for you From Prince Yi Chapter 236 It’s Time for Me to Get Married Chapter 237 Third Sister, It Was not Your Faul Chapter 238 A Trouble Caused by the Account Books Chapter 239 Each of the Shopkeepers Has Prepared Two Differe Chapter 240 What if They Can’t Find the Dowry List? Chapter 241 The Broken Pearled Hair-pin Chapter 242 How Dare You Take Away All My Stuff Chapter 243 Madam Ling Was Released From the Buddha Hall Chapter 244 Madam Ling Adopted Ning Qingshan as Her Daughter Chapter 245 Xia Yuhang’s Doub Chapter 246 Diamond Cut Diamond Chapter 247 Ning Ziyan Pinched Ning Xueyan Hard False Sister Chapter 248 Madam Ling’s Scheme Is Different from Ning Qings Chapter 249 The Accident at Orchid Garden Chapter 250 Madam Ling Is Triumphant at the News of Ning Xue Chapter 251 Unexpectedly, an Assassin Came Chapter 252 The Thing Got Even Worse Chapter 253 How Could Family Affairs Be More Important than Chapter 254 A Mysterious Middle-aged Woman Chapter 255 The Qingyun Academy Chapter 256 Meet Commandery Princess Xianyun for the First T Chapter 257 The Birthday Party of the Lord Guardian’s Daught Chapter 258 The Quarrel and the Unexpected Acciden Chapter 259 He Turned out to be the Man I Am Looking for Chapter 260 Sir, Are You From the Qingyun Academy? Chapter 261 Meeting Chen Qing Again Chapter 262 To Scare the Cat out of the Bag Chapter 263 Not the most Reasonable but More Reasonable Chapter 264 Accidental Rescue at the Tea House Chapter 265 A Competition of Earrings and Hairpins Chapter 266 The Orphan of the Former Dynasty Chapter 267 Someone Is Following Us Chapter 268 Your Royal Highness, Which Tender and Sweet Girl Chapter 269 Go Down. Let’s Go to the Linjiang Restaurant Qui Chapter 270 All the Three Girls Are Missing Chapter 271 Families Should Huddle Together to Have a Jolly Chapter 272 Third Sister Wanted to Ask About Second Sister Chapter 273 The Affectionate Third Prince Ao Mingyu Chapter 274 Ning Qingshan Cast the Blame on Ning Xueyan Chapter 275 Ning Lingyun Pretending to Be Ill and Not Going Chapter 276 Disturbances Arise Again for Eavesdropping Chapter 277 The Carriages Moving Forward, It’s Dangerous Chapter 278 Enjoying the Tea, Changing the Carriage Observan Chapter 279 Some Coincidences Made Her Countermeasure Slight Chapter 280 Maybe the Back Door Is Not Sealed Chapter 281 The Cloud Reflection Courtyard Is Haunted Chapter 282 That’s How Rumors Spread Chapter 283 Secrets Hiding in the Book of Family Names Chapter 284 Put on Airs to Collude with Each Other Chapter 285 Let Mother Wang Get Away With a Clever Device Chapter 286 What’s on Madam Dowager’s Mind Chapter 287 Weird, a Sudden Change in the Study Chapter 288 A Delicate Pearl Flower Chapter 289 A Coincidence Might Cause a Disaster Chapter 290 The Warm-hearted and Kind Mammy Luo Chapter 291 Horror in the Garden, Father and Daughter Fough Chapter 292 Specially Prepared Maids Chapter 293 Sinister, Madam Dowager’s intention to kill Arou Chapter 294 Warning, Mammy Luo Was Tortured Chapter 295 Ning Qingshan’s Regre Chapter 296 Praying at Cold Mountain Temple During the Sprin Chapter 297 Is She Really the Princess of the Previous Dynas Chapter 298 A Powerful Man Chapter 299 The Beauty in Ao Xian’s Hear Chapter 300 Accident, a Fire in the Buddha Hall Chapter 301 Danger, Night Attack Chapter 302 Your Highness, Did the Third Prince Do i Chapter 303 The Third Prince Ao Mingyu’s Care Chapter 304 Jealousy Ning Qingshan Chapter 305 A Dispute Between Servants Chapter 306 Officially Entering the Palace and Joining the B Chapter 307 Honored Consort Ya’s Enthusiasm Chapter 308 The Past Events Disclosed, Honored Consort Ya Co Chapter 309 The Hate-filled Caifen Chapter 310 The Blood Jade Bracele Chapter 311 Making Inquiries, A little Pleasing Eunuch Chapter 312 Drawing Jade Tablets, the Seventh and the Eighth Chapter 313 The Fifth Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Man Chapter 314 Ensemble of Zither and Dance Chapter 315 A Sudden Change on the String Chapter 316 Someone Tampered with the Zither Chapter 317 A Strange Imperial Concubine Chapter 318 Petals in the Bathwater Chapter 319 How Dare you! Are You Sure You’re Talking about Chapter 320 Buddha Reason in the Small Jing’an Temple Chapter 321 Who Is the Real Princess of the Previous Dynasty Chapter 322 The Result of the Beauty Contest Comes Ou Chapter 323 What Prince Yi Mean Chapter 324 Two Princesses from the Previous Dynasty? Chapter 325 Feast, Gold Threaded Soft Leather Armor Chapter 326 Beautiful Lady, the Candidates for the Co-consor Chapter 327 Exchanging Four Beauties for One, Commandery Pri Chapter 328 Scheming, a Show by the County Princess Yuanyun Chapter 329 Who Schemed Against Whom? Chapter 330 Meeting Ning Yuling Again Chapter 331 Arrogant, Junior Concubine Xu’s Provocation Chapter 332 Fourth Prince’s Lobbyis Chapter 333 Interlocked Stratagems, Ning Huaijing Was Caugh Chapter 334 Why Is He Here? Chapter 335 Deal, Another Deal Chapter 336 Who was the One in the Portrait of Beauty with P Chapter 337 Things in Those Days & an Ordinary Servan Chapter 338 Being Difficult to Repress Ning Zu’an’s Anger Chapter 339 Madam Ling’s Pas Chapter 339 Madam Ling’s Pas Chapter 340 My Grandson Was Going to Be Murdered Chapter 341 Madam Yu’s Obsession and Heart Kno Chapter 342 The Truth Turned out to Be like This Chapter 343 It Would Be Best If the Emperor to Grant Marriag Chapter 344 Your Son’s Life Is in Your Own Hand Chapter 345 The Second Young Master, Ning Huaijing Chapter 346 Second Brother Met Me for the First Time Chapter 347 The Furtive Maid Chapter 348 The So-called Favorable Climatic, Geographical, Chapter 349 Nothing in the Four Corners of Wall Chapter 350 The Weird Things in the Junior Concubine Xu’s Ya Chapter 351 The Junior Concubine Xu’s Death Chapter 349 The Greatest Publicity Chapter 350 Many Foster Daughters in Duke Xing’s Mansion Chapter 351 Is It True or Not? Di Yan Was Here Again Chapter 352 The Consequence of a Love Affair Chapter 353 The Invitation from Commandery Princess Xianyun Chapter 354 Confliction Between Sisters at the Flower Apprec Chapter 355 Commandery Princess Xianyun’s ‘Kindness’ Chapter 356 Breakup, Ning Ziyan Falling into Water Chapter 357 A Pair of Sisters Were Disgraced Chapter 358 That’s How a Misunderstanding Happened Chapter 359 Plotting, Reluctance One by One Chapter 360 Madam Dowager’s Plot Failed Chapter 361 Acuity, Transferring the Disaster Chapter 362 The Third Prince Will Be Responsible Chapter 363 There Would Be a Great Calamity Chapter 364 Everyone Begging in the Lucky Garden Chapter 365 Suspicion, the Secret of Rebirth Chapter 366 Choosing the Spring Clothes Chapter 367 The Vicious Ning Yuling Chapter 368 Who’s Playing, Caifen Was Beaten Chapter 369 Wearing Two Coats Chapter 370 An Unexpected Accident, the Wheel Is Tumbling do Chapter 371 The Mysterious Master Upstairs Chapter 372 The Unlucky Ning Yuling Chapter 373 The End of the Matter Chapter 374 The Strong Medicine in Madam Ling’s Hands Chapter 375 An Accident, an Unexpected Encounter with His Sc Chapter 376 The Old Friend Is Here, Childe Yueming of the Re Chapter 377 The Past, the Lost Sache Chapter 378 Got Her Crippled for Dispose Chapter 379 Master Was really Moved Chapter 380 Coercion, Two Madam Dowagers’ Decision Chapter 381 Madam Qian Got a Written Marriage Proposal Chapter 382 Spring Outing, Peach Blossom Island in a River Chapter 383 Peach Blossom, Flowing Water, and Fat Crucian Ca Chapter 384 Princely Heir, Were You Talking About Sister Ziy Chapter 385 Would You Get the Wrong Person? Chapter 386 A Disaster that Was Caused by a Painting Chapter 387 All Parties Took Actions when the Imperial Edict Chapter 388 Ning Qingshan’s Obsession Chapter 389 The Ancestor Worship of the Ning’s Clan Chapter 390 The Skeletons in the Lake Chapter 391 A Past Even Chapter 392 Sounding out, Ning Huaiyuan’s Suspicion Chapter 393 I Will Make It Follow the Rules Chapter 394 Both the Consort and the Co-consort are Princess Chapter 395 Who’s Going to Deal Whom a Head-on Blow? Chapter 396 The Invitation from Madam Yu Chapter 397 Provocation, Concubine Yu’s Fear Chapter 398 Spying on Them and Playing a Waiting Game Chapter 399 The Decision to Open a Shop Chapter 400 The Account Books Sent to the Vice Minister of J Chapter 401 Another Fiancé Chapter 402 Vice Minister Ling’s Fluster Chapter 403 Meeting Trick with Trick, Being Suspicious Step Chapter 404 The Betrothal Gifts from Prince Yi’s Manor Chapter 405 Consort Dowager Chen’s Old Objec Chapter 406 The Third Prince’s Purpose in Coming Chapter 407 A Mark, See It Again Chapter 408 The Third Prince, Beat One to I Chapter 409 Lotus Pond, Ning Xueyan pushed Ning Yuling into Chapter 410 The Strange Fragrance in Madam Ling’s House Chapter 411 The Aggrieved Madam Ling Chapter 412 All Appeared in the Lord Protector’s Manor Chapter 413 Where’s the Military Medallion of the Former Dyn Chapter 414 How Dare You! Chapter 415 The Delicate and Poor Fourth Young Lady Chapter 416 The Replaced Jade Ruyi Sceptre Chapter 417 An Exquisite Box with an Interlayer Chapter 418 - Being Ferocious, Slapping the Maid Chapter 419 He had to Confess His Crime Chapter 420 Commandery Princess was the Bes