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The Fantastic Super Vision

The Fantastic Super Vision

Author: Chi Yan Sheng Ge Genre: Fantasy

There was an ordinary man who had originally led a calm and average life. His life should have been mediocre throughout. However, one day he got a queer stone from an old swindler. Surprisingly, with the help of the stone, he actually possessed the ability to see through things. His whole life was turned upside down overnight. The door to a brand new world was open to him. In the end, having nume...

Chapter 170 Spending the Night with Two Beauties 2019-10-03 11:37:36
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Special Ability Chapter 2 The Olive Branch Chapter 3 The Amorousness Chapter 3 The Amorousness Chapter 3 The Amorousness Chapter 4 A Robbery Chapter 5 Protecting the Beauty Chapter 6 Feeling Jealous Chapter 7 Gambling on Stones Festival Chapter 8 Displaying Only A Small Part Of His Talen Chapter 9 There Finally Was a Jade Inside the Stone! Chapter 10 Raking in Millions Chapter 11 The Art of Gathering Qi Together Chapter 12 Cultivation Chapter 13 A Terrible Ability Chapter 14 The Requirement to Formally Acknowledge the Old M Chapter 15 The Rage Chapter 16 Beating Him Till Getting His Apology Chapter 17 An Ambiguous Misunderstanding Chapter 18 Going on a Big Figh Chapter 19 Entrapping His Foes Chapter 20 Making a Be Chapter 21 The Cut Off Chapter 22 Tit for Ta Chapter 23 The Goal Chapter 24 The Exhaustion Chapter 25 Barbaric Woman Chapter 26 Forced Kiss Chapter 27 Perverse Behavior Chapter 28 Expanding the Jewelry Business Chapter 29 Continue Clearing out Their Stock Chapter 30 I Don't Believe in Destiny Chapter 31 Rough Me Up? Chapter 32 The Terror That Was Tang Airou Chapter 33 Erotic Healing Chapter 34 Overdid It Again Chapter 35 Prodigy Chapter 36 Watch and Learn Chapter 37 You Bastard Chapter 38 The Case of Jewelry Robbery Chapter 39 Fully Showing Out His Invincible Migh Chapter 40 Superman of the City Chapter 41 The Visit of Someone from Bei Enterprise Chapter 42 Bei Yunxue Justified His Faul Chapter 43 Extreme Dedication Chapter 44 Secretary of the Municipal Council Chapter 45 Is This Love? Chapter 46 Psycho Killer Chapter 47 Red Wine Beauty Chapter 48 Sudden Panic Chapter 49 Cruelty Chapter 50 A Gift? Chapter 50 A Gift? Chapter 51 A Sudden Happiness Chapter 52 Hua Long's Rage Chapter 53 Xia Xiaomei's Distress Call Chapter 54 Xia Xiaomei's Seduction Chapter 55 Devouring Xia Xiaomei Chapter 56 The Mastermind Chapter 57 The True Mastermind Chapter 58 The City Slums Chapter 59 Gu Ping's Pligh Chapter 60 A Scumbag Chapter 61 Breaking His Legs and Dumping Him on the Stree Chapter 62 Getting Despised Chapter 63 An Emotional Dispute Chapter 64 He Who Showed Off Would Get His Ass Kicked Chapter 65 A Perfect Goddess Chapter 66 Scaring the Hell out of Him Chapter 67 Information for Investigation Chapter 68 The Obstruction to External Strength Chapter 69 Screw All of You! Chapter 70 She Took His Kindness as An Ill Intention Chapter 71 Entrapping an Idio Chapter 72 Uncle Li Chapter 73 The Black-Hearted Real Estate Traders Chapter 74 The Spectacular Scene of Arresting Liu Xiong Chapter 75 An Extortion Chapter 76 Blackmailing Meng Yufei Chapter 77 Tang Airou's Father Was Kidnapped Chapter 77 Tang Airou's Father Was Kidnapped Chapter 78 Such A Mess Chapter 79 Contac Chapter 80 Fell into the Trap Chapter 81 Deformed Chapter 82 Unusual Excitemen Chapter 83 Formally Acknowledge the Master Chapter 84 Such a Medical Miracle Chapter 85 Bei Yunxue Made the Breakfas Chapter 86 A Wife in Game Chapter 87 I Love You Chapter 88 Wang Feng's Wife in Game Came to Him Chapter 89 An Extremely Beautiful Woman Chapter 90 I'll Support You Chapter 91 Seduction Chapter 92 Skynet Organization Chapter 93 Tang Airou Came Chapter 94 Get Into Trouble Again Chapter 95 Zisha Came to Find Him Chapter 96 You Can Win the Academy Award For I Chapter 97 Do You Think We Are Poor? Chapter 98 Frightened Meng Dongxue Chapter 99 Temptation of Zisha Chapter 100 Zisha Would Inves Chapter 101 Handwriting for the Store Signboard Chapter 102 An Outstanding Charm Hidden between Characters Chapter 103 Find Security Guards Chapter 104 Form and Will Boxing Chapter 105 Training Chapter 106 Rapid Progress Chapter 107 A Misfortune in Xia's Family Chapter 108 See Through the Plo Chapter 109 The Culpri Chapter 110 Pay for Your Son's Life Chapter 111 Back to the Former Job Chapter 112 Viagra Liquor Chapter 113 Bei Yunxue Came Home Chapter 114 Surprising Scene Chapter 115 Something Happened to Mom and Dad Chapter 116 Stingy Aun Chapter 117 Uncle Got a Blessing in Disguise Chapter 118 Parasite Chapter 119 The County Party Secretary Chapter 120 Revenge Chapter 121 Become a Killer Chapter 122 Cruelty Chapter 123 When You Do Something Wrong, You Pay the Price Chapter 124 Did I Say That? Chapter 125 Revelation Chapter 126 The Suffering Old Man Chapter 127 I Give in to You Chapter 127 I Give in to You Chapter 128 Help Is Here Chapter 129 Leave Chapter 130 Sister Xue Never Coming Back Chapter 131 Ming Yue Manor Chapter 132 Proposing a Marriage Chapter 133 Luxurious Impac Chapter 134 A Regretful Marriage Chapter 135 The Funniest Joke Chapter 136 A Cold Hear Chapter 137 A Reverse In Trend Chapter 138 Finding the Culpri Chapter 139 No Escape Chapter 140 Abnormal and Perverse Thinking Chapter 141 What Are You Going to Do? Chapter 142 Hot Nigh Chapter 143 Skynet Coming Chapter 144 No, I Want Him Chapter 145 Zisha's Business Insigh Chapter 146 Preparation for Opening Chapter 147 Problem of Supply Chapter 148 Zisha's Feeling Chapter 149 Opening of a New Store Chapter 150 Unkind Visitor Chapter 151 The Battle between Warriors Chapter 152 The Change Chapter 153 The Elixir Chapter 154 A Terrifying Income Chapter 155 We Will Meet If It's Fated to Be Chapter 156 A Collision-Scale Death Chapter 157 Buying a Shopping Mall Chapter 158 Taking the Cheap Chapter 159 Leaving Chapter 160 Winning First Place Easily Chapter 161 Dragon Spirit Squad Chapter 162 Drill Sergean Chapter 163 Challenge Chapter 164 A Knockout Competition Chapter 165 Dumb Luck? Chapter 166 Reject Enlistmen Chapter 167 A Moon-lit Night with Black Wind Chapter 168 Killing and Robing Chapter 169 The Hero Saves the Beauties Chapter 170 Spending the Night with Two Beauties