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The Incredible Son-in-law

The Incredible Son-in-law

Author: Sui Yue Wu Sheng Genre: Other

Qin Xiaolu used to be the King of the battlefield. But in order to find his missing parents, he has to choke down insult after insult from his wife and mother-in-law because he is now just a loser who lives in the home of his wife’s parents. Will he be able to regain his former glory?

Chapter 70 Slap Your Face Again 2020-10-22 06:02:56
Chapter List
Chapter 1 The Vicissitudes of the World Chapter 2 Heaven's Blessing Chapter 3 For the First Time in My Life Chapter 4 Superman Possession Chapter 5 An Ominous Thing Chapter 6 Ten-year Contract Chapter 7 Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa! Chapter 8 Young Master Zhao Chapter 9 Passing by Sister Yu Chapter 10 Have a Great Background Chapter 11 Lord Dongcheng Kun Chapter 12 Ling Feng Medical Center Chapter 13 Have a Lot of Parties Chapter 14 Autarch Card Chapter 15 Something Happened to His Parents-in-law Chapter 16 It's Not a Disease Chapter 17 Enchanting And Colorful Chapter 18 Arrogant Dandy Chapter 19 A Tragic Lack of Hair Chapter 20 Tao Clan's Clan Head Chapter 21 Intimate Contact Chapter 22 Legendary Kung Fu Chapter 23 Lustful from the Heart Chapter 24 He That Does Evil Shall Find Evil Chapter 25 Solve a Difficult Problem Chapter 26 Who Are You Chapter 27 It's Contagious Chapter 28 Cause An Accident Chapter 29 Fulfill Their Wish Chapter 30 Southern City Green Wolf Chapter 31 Terrifying As Ever Chapter 32 The Company Has a Mole Chapter 33 Have One's Own Thoughts Chapter 34 500 Million Orders Chapter 35 How Could This Be Chapter 36 Young Master Hua's Trick Chapter 37 It's Not Simple Chapter 38 He Was Poisoned Chapter 39 See Elder He Chapter 40 Something Happened to Yun Ya Chapter 41 Mastermind Behind The Scenes Chapter 42 Finally Chapter 43 Qiu Hu and the Others Chapter 44 Endless Despair Chapter 45 Wu Qiang's Past Chapter 46 Zhen Rong Manor Chapter 47 Young Master Hua's Despair Chapter 48 Die In Grief Chapter 49 Zhao Clan's Curtain Call Chapter 50 Jiangnan Pattern Chapter 51 Wonderful Mother And Daughter Chapter 52 Commit One's Own Sins Chapter 53 Inanimate Chapter 54 Miss Sun Chapter 55 Goodbye, Wang Jianan Chapter 56 Sun Qian Felt Very Aggrieved Chapter 57 Yin and Yang Dual Male Chapter 58 Elder Tao's Visit Chapter 59 Traffic Accident Scene Chapter 60 It Does Stop the Bleeding Chapter 61 Turn into a Pot of Porridge Chapter 62 An Expert Chapter 63 As a Present for Oneself Chapter 64 Inner Sect Disciple Chapter 65 Night Demon Four Fiends Chapter 66 Play, Play This Chapter 67 Get Something For Nothing Chapter 68 That's My Car Chapter 69 Who Stipulated It Chapter 70 Slap Your Face Again