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The Invincible Sword God

The Invincible Sword God

Author: Duan Jian Genre: Historical

Luo Zheng gets an extraordinary prize for his great performance during military exercises. But a bad man shows up and wants his prize. Unwilling to give up his treasure, Luo Zheng is tied up and thrown into a wolf den. A mysterious girl tries to save him. In order to save the girl, he realizes he as a new power. Will he be able to get revenge with this power?

Chapter 70 Golden Horned Python's Egg 2020-10-22 06:03:00
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Cold Sect Young Master Chapter 2 Heavenspan Sword Formation Chapter 3 Sword Master Space Chapter 4 Brother Chapter 5 Xiaoyue'er Chapter 6 I'm Going to Challenge You Chapter 7 It's My Turn Chapter 8 Flame Purity Chapter 9 Win with One Punch Chapter 10 Lightning Thorn Chapter 11 Tong Tian Lu Chapter 12 Zhao Feng Chapter 13 Trial Field Chapter 14 Gambling Contest Chapter 15 The Third Floor of the Trial Field Chapter 16 Seize First Place Chapter 17 Grandpa Bought You Candy Chapter 18 Who Told Me to Kneel Chapter 19 Everyone Has Their Own Aspirations Chapter 20 Why Do You Have to Force Me Chapter 21 The Key to Becoming a Weaponry Master Chapter 22 Star Stone Fire Source Chapter 23 Wang Chen Chapter 24 An Energetic Fatty Chapter 25 Heart Refinement Technique Chapter 26 What Else Could Happen? Chapter 27 Enemy Meeting Chapter 28 Get Starstone Fire Source Chapter 29 Condensed Sword Chapter 30 Chase After Chapter 31 Cold Door And Dogs Chapter 32 Beast Transforming Pill Chapter 33 A Genius Beauty Chapter 34 Tianfu Pavilion Chapter 35 Blood Refinement Begins Chapter 36 Ten Thousand Foot Absolute Valley Chapter 37 Ancient Tomb Chapter 38 Why Aren't You Chasing Me Anymore Chapter 39 Meet the Girl in Black Again Chapter 40 Ancient Martial Arts Chapter 41 Earth-traveling Thorn Armored Beast Chapter 42 Demon Core Chapter 43 Attribution Of Force Chapter 44 An Agreement of Ten Moves Chapter 45 Refining Demon Pills Chapter 46 Hurry Up and Hit Me If You Have the Guts! Chapter 47 Blood Tempering Realm Chapter 48 Meet Xiao Han Again Chapter 49 Frost Palm Chapter 50 Kill Xiao Han Chapter 51 So What If I Play You Chapter 52 Third Place in the Blood Refinement Examination Chapter 53 Shit IOU Chapter 54 Flying Star Steps, Hidden Breath Method Chapter 55 Taotie Heaven Devouring Art Chapter 56 Again in the Heavenly Fortune Pavilion Chapter 57 It Really Isn't a Good Thing Chapter 58 The Mu Clan's Foundation Chapter 59 Marrow Transformation Realm Chapter 60 Chase After Chapter 61 Battle Wolf Hunting Team Chapter 62 Yan Nan'er Chapter 63 Night Strike Chapter 64 Die For Me Chapter 65 Ninja Said, Chapter 66 Yellow Dragon Fruit Chapter 67 Golden Horned Python Chapter 68 Bloody Battle Golden Horned Python Chapter 69 Have a Lot to Gain Chapter 70 Golden Horned Python's Egg