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The Lunatic Merciful person

The Lunatic Merciful person

Author: yu qing mu Genre: Military

The Central Plains was built side by side with the Hundred Kingdoms.The powers of each nation were about the same, but after the fall of the only empire in the country, the Empire of Chu and Tang, the...

C106 How could it be you?! 2019-12-20 16:47:23
Chapter List
C1 The Fall of the Empire C2 vital trace C3 Forest Chasers (1) C4 Forest Chasers (Middle) C5 Forest Chasers (| Down) C6 mutiny C7 A road of blood was cut open C8 You are not fit to kill me C9 To hell C10 Hundred Nation Talks C11 Whip Demons of the Hundred Kingdoms C12 The Hundred Kingdoms Fighting the Jianghu C13 victim C14 martial arts contest C15 Jianghu bandit C16 Public Enemy of the World C17 strangulation of all C18 General Li Zhan Kui of Tonglu Country C19 War of the Nine Deaths C20 The Ghost, the True Legacy of the Evil One, worships the C21 The Godly Art of Hundred Transformations of Ghosts and S C22 Chivalry Fu Donghao C23 taking the common people as thought C24 war between two armies C25 Forced stopping C26 I am Wei Yutian C27 shamelessly framing C28 cut-face skin C29 Phantom C30 Wei Yutian's Crisis C31 intermittent delirium C32 Fighter Ghost Doctor C33 Tendon Breaking and Acupoint Sealing C34 demented attack C35 The State of Jin Nan C36 Deputy General Lin Jingquan C37 hidden danger C38 Broken Huyue City C39 kinship sign C40 lunatic disturbance C41 It was like breaking bamboo C42 He Cha C43 defeat C44 anaglyph C45 Squirrel Rebellion C46 The New Emperor of Jinnan C47 Halfway through an attack C48 Trouble on the road C49 Master C50 Steal C51 Cao Zhong Jian C52 powerless C53 peerless healer C54 innermost feelings C55 turn lead C56 intelligence quotient of child C57 Diaspora Inn C58 It's so dark here C59 Where the hell did you go?! C60 Pingding Mountain C61 Mercy to Stop Killing C62 Ideal Country Degree C63 Li Min lobbyist C64 get into big trouble C65 Removal of Longtou Mountain C66 A lunatic from hell C67 No. 3 in the world C68 path number C69 I will not let this go C70 The Mad God accepted me as his disciple C71 A Terrible Conspiracy C72 On account C73 Archaeopterygium C74 The Vengeance of Killing Brothers C75 Head to Hongtian Sect C76 Hongtian Sect Duan Wei C77 Saguhuudo C78 Tianzong Afaru C79 Heavenly Wolf C80 Fall C81 The way out of Hongtian Sect C82 opportunity for success C83 The danger of the spirit C84 Fantastic Fantasy C85 Nine Phoenix Scriptures C86 The Calculation of the Hall of Zi Lai C87 Conspiracy bankruptcy C88 Congratulations on New Year's Day C89 He still has the whole world C90 A War C91 lunatic worshiper C92 divine reincarnation C93 cardiogeny C94 Madness Temple C95 Forced conscription C96 Mad God's Power C97 Mad people are about the same C98 In a cage C99 Violent Attack on the Mad God C100 Traveller Shu Ling C101 Panic Temple C102 Killing Yan Shiyong C103 ecstasy C104 recovery of consciousness C105 coincidentally, it was a happy occasion C106 How could it be you?!