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The Strongest Cultivator in Foundation Realm

The Strongest Cultivator in Foundation Realm

Author: Lv Cha Piao Xiang Genre: Other

Chen Xin has been cultivating for over thousands of years. But he still can't break through the final hurdle of cultivation. He decides to take a trip to the mortal world. Little did he know that his arrival would set off a bloodbath.

Chapter 72 Kidnapping Ticket 2020-10-24 06:09:17
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Immortal for a Thousand Years! Chapter 2 You're Courting Death! Chapter 3 Fuck Off! Chapter 4 You're Not Going Anywhere Chapter 5 Inner Core Appearance Chapter 6 I, You Can't Afford to Offend Me! Chapter 7 Please Punish Me, Teacher Chapter 8 Nightmare Chapter 9 Seven Kills Chapter 10 Provocation Chapter 11 Find And Fight! Chapter 12 Qin Clan's \"sheng Yao\" Chapter 13 Hongmen Banquet Chapter 14 Invulnerability Chapter 15 Mysterious Safety Buckle Chapter 16 It's About Iron! Chapter 17 Make Your Enemy Your Friend? Chapter 18 Lessons from the Rooftop Chapter 19 Licking Dogs in Wushu Club Chapter 20 Shocking Everyone Present Chapter 21 Licking a Dog Is Making Trouble Chapter 22 Single Challenge Letter Chapter 23 Be Beaten in the Face Chapter 24 The Weak Make Sense? Chapter 25 His Parents Were Actually Beaten in the Face! Chapter 26 Gangsters Collect Debts Chapter 27 It Is Only Natural That Debts Should Be Paid Chapter 28 Robbery? Chapter 29 Inheritance Ceremony Chapter 30 Inner Battle Chapter 31 The Elders Came Out of the Mountains Chapter 32 The Gang Was in Chaos Chapter 33 Three Slashes, Six Holes! Chapter 34 Here Comes Trouble Chapter 35 Beta With The Tank? Chapter 36 Conspiracy In Secret Chapter 37 Liquor Bureau Chapter 38 A Trap Of Confusion Chapter 39 Young Master Qin Chapter 40 Unstoppable! Chapter 41 Sixteen Years Of Hatred! Chapter 42 Full Firepower? Chapter 43 Absolutely Crushing! Chapter 44 Be Respectful And Respectful Chapter 45 He Was Reduced to a Cripple! Chapter 46 Commit Suicide Without Knowing Whether to Die Or Chapter 47 Deny Three Consecutive Chapter 48 Roar Class Chapter 49 Racing Car Chapter 50 Bastard? Chapter 51 Extremely Fast And Violent Chapter 52 Dog Man And Woman Chapter 53 Fucking Rich Second Generation! Chapter 54 The Banquet of the Hooligan Leader Chapter 55 Dog Grandson Chapter 56 Fishing Chapter 57 A Scum! Chapter 58 Beautiful Wife Chapter 59 Please Come to the Door Chapter 60 You're Courting Death! Chapter 61 A Shameless Person Chapter 62 Bitter Meat Trick Chapter 63 He Deserved to Be Beaten! Chapter 64 A Good Show Chapter 65 Kill Everyone in an Instant! Chapter 66 Arson! Chapter 67 The Power of Spiritual Qi Chapter 84 Pill's Miraculous Effect Chapter 68 Plagiarism Disturbance Chapter 69 Outsiders? Chapter 70 Shocking the Martial Arts World Chapter 71 Martial Artist Teacher Chapter 72 Kidnapping Ticket