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Two Souls to Rule the World

Two Souls to Rule the World

Author: Yi Mu Liao Ran Genre: Fantasy

A soul is defined as a single person. But Murong Linzhi has two souls! This has never happened before in this cultivation world. Murong Linzhi is stunned. Will he achieve his dreams, or will he become a target for everyone else?

Chapter 81 Action 2020-10-29 06:15:08
Chapter List
Chapter 1 Purple Wood and Grey Spirit Jade Chapter 2 You Think I'm a Sick Cat Chapter 3 Apply for Family Mission Chapter 4 Starve Him for Three Days Chapter 5 Stone Coffin Chapter 6 The Golden Thread in the Soul Chapter 7 One Thought of Heaven Chapter 8 Affidavit Chapter 9 Luo's Swordsmanship Chapter 10 Demon Core Chapter 11 Financial Resources Chapter 12 Avatar Leader Chapter 13 Danger Chapter 14 One Sword Demonic Bear Chapter 15 Accidental Harvest Chapter 16 Three Days (1) Chapter 17 Three Days (2) Chapter 18 Cooperation Chapter 19 Lion Tiger Beast Chapter 20 First Transaction Chapter 21 Swordsmanship Chapter 22 Deed Of Title Chapter 23 Get What You Want Chapter 24 Plot One's Own Plans Chapter 25 Formation Mage Chapter 26 Have a Long Way to Go Chapter 27 Breakthrough Chapter 28 Set Up an Array Chapter 29 Cultivate Desperately Chapter 30 Pleasantly Surprised Chapter 31 Failed (1) Chapter 32 Failed (2) Chapter 33 Grade 7 Pagoda Chapter 34 Blood Contract Chapter 35 Flying Bat Chapter 36 Bloody Man Chapter 37 Training Chapter 38 White Emulsion Chapter 39 Dissolved Demon Pill Chapter 40 Alarm Bell Chapter 41 Ruins Chapter 42 Questions Chapter 43 Spiritual Pet Chapter 44 Gradually Become An Army Chapter 45 Recruit Troops Chapter 46 Make One's Blood Boil Chapter 47 Refining the Mutated Demon Pill Chapter 48 Meticulous Preparation Chapter 49 Golden Demon Pill Chapter 50 Calculation Chapter 51 Complain Chapter 52 Forced Palace Chapter 53 Could This Be Reincarnation Chapter 54 Reverse Blood Bead Chapter 55 Cheat Chapter 56 Excavate A Wall Chapter 57 Short-term Planning Chapter 58 Ancestral Hall Chapter 59 Ren Clan Inheritance Chapter 60 Deterrence Chapter 61 Wild Wolf Valley Chapter 62 Distinguish Between Loyal and Traitorous Chapter 63 This Is a Blood Contract Chapter 64 New Strength Chapter 65 Blood Crystal Chapter 66 Move To Another Place Chapter 67 Go Their Separate Ways Chapter 68 Opportunities Chapter 69 Surveillance Chapter 70 Be Doomed To Disaster Chapter 71 Shop Chapter 72 Fusion Of Blood Contract Chapter 73 Restore One's Cultivation Chapter 74 Gone Through Fire and Water Chapter 75 Unnecessary Chapter 76 Who Are You Chapter 77 Fertile Water Does Not Flow Out of Outsiders' Fie Chapter 78 Answer Questions Chapter 79 Dispel One's Doubts Chapter 80 Sneak into the Sacred Land Chapter 81 Action