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Almighty Doctor Chapter 65 Blatant Provocation

Author:  Wo Shi Fen Nu Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-17 06:10:55

Dressed in shorts and a vest, Ming Jinsheng stood on the boxing ring and stared at the opponent in front of him.

The four people on the other side were obviously nervous. The four of them formed a row and supported each other. The person at the front was holding a thickened arm target.

At this moment, Ming Jinsheng's entire body was covered in sweat. There was a layer of sweat on his bronze skin. His hair was already wet and drooping down. His breathing was also a little short, but his gaze was still as sharp as ever.

The four of them continuously adjusted their postures, waiting for Embroidered Sage Ming's attack.

\"Ha!\" Ming Jinsheng suddenly shouted out in anger. Then, he turned around and kicked the target on his arm. The tremendous force caused the sound of the collision to be dull and loud, causing it to explode in the stadium. Four tall and sturdy contestants were instantly sent flying by the enormous impact.

The four of them lay on the ground and grinned. They didn't have the mood to admire Jinsheng's strength. Even if they did, they couldn't say anything. The thick arm target was thrown aside, and the sunken part did not bounce back for a long time.

Ming Jinsheng stood there like an ancient giant. The thick muscles on his neck and shoulders made him look incomparably sturdy. The slight breathing caused all the muscles in his body to undulate as if he was doing a rhythmic aerobic exercise.

Wei Xiaochao tossed a towel to Ming Jinsheng. After catching it, Ming Jinsheng covered his head and said to the four people lying on the ground, \"Are you alright? You guys need to strengthen your strength training. I didn't use my full strength just now.\"

The four of them were lying on the ground, gasping for breath. \"No matter how hard you train, it's useless to meet an opponent like you. It's better to practice sprinting.\"

Just as Ming Jinsheng was about to retort … a few sparse applause sounded from behind him.

Pa pa pa.

Ming Jinsheng turned around and saw a face that he was very familiar with, but he did not like the most.

Gongyang Ge clapped his hands and said, \"As expected of the spokesperson for Xiang Xian Academy's strength. Even if Gouyu saw such strength, he would still be amazed, right?\"

Ming Jinsheng glanced at the back, and a few of his team members stood awkwardly, at a loss for what to do.

\"Oh, I broke in by myself. You know, no one dared to stop me. No one can stop you from going to an art club.\"

Ming Jinsheng took two steps forward and lightly pressed the safety rope to jump down. He landed beside Gongyang Ge with a bang, as if he couldn't see this person at all. He walked past him until he reached the lounge chair. He picked up a bottle of energy water from the ground and gulped it down.

Wei Xiaochao stared coldly at Gongyang Ge and said indifferently, \"Young Master Gongyang, I don't remember that our Physical Fitness Society and your Art Society have a tradition of interacting with each other.\"

\"Oh.\" Gongyang Ge did not treat him as an outsider. He walked to the rest area, picked up a bottle of water, twisted it away, and took a sip. \"I don't remember when our relationship became so stiff. We were thirsty. We just came in to drink some water. The two young men are so rich, so they can't be so stingy, right?\"

Ming Jinsheng threw the remaining half of the bottle of water into the trash can and turned around, \"Now you have drunk the water.\" The implication was that he had issued an expulsion order.

Gongyang Ge pretends not to hear and continues leisurely, \"This morning, I said that I would find someone to kill Li Huachen. For this matter, it seems like you two are not too happy.\"

\"Sorry, unlike you artists, sports students' time is very precious. If you have something to say, hurry up and say it. I don't have time to go around with you.\" Ming Jinsheng said.

\"Alright.\" Gongyang Ge said, \"I met Li Huachen today. This is … a very special fellow. I have a good impression of him, and our misunderstanding has been resolved.\"

Ming Jinsheng frowned, \"Oh, then congratulations. You've grown up and finally learned how to handle relationships on your own. I'm very grateful.\"

\"Not only have I untied my grievances with him, but I also intend to show you my goodwill, Young Master Ming.\"

\"Haha, this makes me a little flattered.\" Ming Jinsheng said, \"I don't know why, but when I heard your Gongyang Young Master say such words, I felt like I was carrying it on my back.\"

\"Hahaha, don't be nervous.\" Gongyang Ge said, \"If I'm not mistaken, are you ready to let the Wei Clan's Young Master deal with Li Huachen?\"

Wei Xiaochao also walked over and put his hands in his pockets, \"Brother Gongyang is quite concerned about me.\"

\"Naturally.\" Gongyang Ge said, \"It's not easy for Young Master Wei to have his current status in Xiang Xian Academy. I can't bear to see you being beaten up by a third-rate mud thief like Li Huachen, so I came here to warn you. Li Huachen is … very strong.\"

Ming Jinsheng frowned.

He knew that people like Gongyang Ge would not easily admit that others were very strong. From the first day he entered this school, he had wanted to be the king of this school. At that time, he had been arrogant and courageous. Although he had millions of people, he still had the courage to stand in front of many experts in the third grade. He still remembered it vividly.

Unfortunately, his path to becoming king had been ruthlessly shattered by Gouyu. If not for Gouyu, who would have fought him to the death?

\"If my guess is correct, that Pang Mailang should have fought with Li Huachen, right?\"

\"No, it's me.\"

Ming Jinsheng suddenly turned his head and looked at Gongyang Ge in disbelief.

This sentence was even more shocking to Ming Jinsheng than the previous one, \"Li Huachen is very strong.\" Even he didn't think of personally dealing with Li Huachen. This Gongyang Ge actually attacked Li Huachen himself? !

No, that's impossible. This bastard is lying!

Seeing Wei Xiaochao's shocked expression, Ming Jinsheng smiled and said, \"Young Master Gongyang, don't make me laugh. Who is he, Li Huachen? He's just a pug from the Ying Clan, and he's worthy of your Gongyang Ge's help?\"

\"Lapdog?\" Gongyang Ge smiled faintly, \"When have you ever seen such an arrogant puppy? If you look down on Ying Ning and Zhang Xiaoran, you will suffer a great loss. Even if you face me, you will still reveal your domineering aura. Li Huachen's courage and skill are not something a puppy can summarize.\"

\"Haha.\" Wei Xiaochao smiled and said, \"Since Young Master Gongyang has fought with him, I know how strong he is now. I wonder if Young Master Gongyang lost or won.\"

\"It's a draw.\" Gongyang Ge said with a smile.

\"Hahahaha!\" Wei Xiaochao laughed loudly, \"Your grand young master Gongyang, will you allow two people to draw with you in this school? I don't really believe it.\"

Gongyang Ge stood up and said, \"To be exact, I think Li Huachen's strength might be higher than mine. Guys, I've already brought my words. I suggest that we don't touch Li Huachen. It's best for Gouyu to deal with such a complicated fellow. It's not easy for us to survive until today. There's no need for us to be defeated by a servant of the Ying Family. What do you think?\"

Before Ming Jinsheng could say anything, Wei Xiaochao was already enraged, \"Gongyang Ge, don't cheer for Li Huachen here. I will definitely eat Li Huachen.\"

Gongyang Ge stood there and slowly turned around with a smile on his face. His smile was very special. He was clearly smiling happily, but it was as if he was trying to purse the corners of his lips to prevent himself from smiling too clearly. However, the complacency and complacency in his eyes were not concealed.

\"Drum beating?\" Gongyang Ge said, \"You guys are probably mistaken. I'm not here to cheer for someone, or I just want to see you, see your expressions, and remember what you look like today.\"

Ming Jinsheng's eyes were burning with anger, \"Gongyang, you and I haven't decided yet. I don't mind fighting you anytime, anywhere.\"

\"No need.\" Gongyang Ge said, \"Now that you have Li Huachen, who is rampaging around and getting mixed up with Ying Ning all day, I think you will be very busy next.\"

\"Are you that confident in Li Huachen?\"

Gongyang Ge leaned closer to Ming Jinsheng and said, \"What do you think I'm doing here? I just like to see you. I don't like Li Huachen, but I can't get rid of him. The dignified Young Master Ming has his morale repeatedly damaged by a young attendant of the Ying family's young miss. It sounds satisfying.\"

\"You …\"

Ming Jinsheng stopped Wei Xiaochao who wanted to move forward. He calmly looked at Gongyang Ge and also took a step forward. He stared into his eyes, \"Since Young Master Gongyang likes to watch the play, I will accompany him. However, if I disappoint Young Master Gongyang at that time, I will remember your expression today.\"

\"Hahahaha!\" Gongyang Ge turns around with a laugh and walks out of the stadium with large strides amidst the gaping gazes of many members. He says loudly, \"It's so **ing fun. Hahahaha, Li Huachen, everything depends on how you play it. Don't disappoint me, hahahaha …\"

Seeing Gongyang Ge's arrogant back, Wei Xiaochao blushed angrily, \"This bastard should have left him here just now.\"

Ming Jinsheng said, \"Don't get angry. If you really attack here, the entire school will tremble. Gouyu won't be able to explain it. However, I'm very worried about the competition between you and Li Huachen …\"

\"What do you mean?\" Wei Xiaochao said, \"Do you think I'm no match for Li Huachen?\"

\"Gongyang Ge came here not only to provoke Li Huachen, but also to send some signals. He wanted to kill Li Huachen in the morning, but now his attitude has changed greatly. I suspect that he is not lying. He might have really fought with Li Huachen.\"

\"Come on, Li Huachen, how can you make him attack? It's enough for someone to pull out any one of them. This kid is clearly here to pick a fight.\"

\"Gongyang Ge never does anything useless …\"

\"So what if that's the case?\" Wei Xiaochao said, \"Don't you have confidence in me?\"

Ming Jinsheng looked at Wei Xiaochao and knew that Wei Xiaochao had already stepped forward. Wei Xiaochao looked like a sloppy person, but in fact, he was extremely competitive.

This school not only had Gouyu, Gongyang Ge and him, but also Wei Xiaochao! If it weren't for us, Wei Xiaochao would have been qualified to sit on the throne. Only after seeing this year's luxurious lineup did he give up the fight and let his ranking stay in ninth place.

His actual strength, to say that he was fourth, wasn't it too much?

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