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Almighty Doctor Chapter 66 As Long As There's Meat

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Li Huachen sneered.

\"What?\" He asked Du Geun through the railing, \"Why are you looking for me at school? How troublesome is it if anyone sees me?\"

\"There's something I want to tell you,\" Du Geun said.

\"Just call.\" Li Huachen said discontentedly, \"Your city people are so technologically advanced, so you can solve everything on the phone.\"

Du Geun took out an envelope from her embrace. \"What about this one?\"

\"What the hell is this?\" Li Huachen was puzzled.

\"There was a dispute between the Saito Clan and many people thought that your prescription was an insult to them, but Saito Guidie was very confident in you, because of this, she was even slapped by Saito Yilong,\" Du said.

\"Ah?\" Li Huachen was shocked, \"Saito Yilong is such a livestock? His sister is so beautiful, it hurts so much that she's actually willing to fight?\"

\"Yes, I'm also surprised, but their relationship with each other has always been bad.\" \"Miss Saito asked me to send you a letter. This is it,\" Du Geun looked left and right.

'\"She just got beaten up and was in a bad mood. I thought she was pitiful, so I accepted it. And she said that doesn't mean that I can contact you. If I can't contact her, I can accept it and burn it. She also said that no one will know about it, so...\" Li Huachen explained hurriedly, seemingly afraid that Li Huachen would lose his temper.

\"Oh.\" After listening to Du Geun's explanation, Li Huachen was relieved and said indifferently, \"It's fine, understandable. Trust me to accept it. You can leave quickly. If you have nothing else, try to keep in touch with me as little as possible.\"

Just as Li Huachen was about to leave, Du Geun called out, \"Mr. Li.\"

Li Huachen walked back and said, \"Just call me Huachen here. Don't show too much respect for me. You'll kill me.\"

\"Yes, Li … Hua Chen.\" \"With your ability, do you really not want to be a Sacred Hand of Thousand Autumn that can dominate the medical world?\" Du Geun said.

Li Huachen really regretted getting involved in this mess, regretting that he had saved an old Japanese ghost, regretting that he had fallen into such a troublesome situation.

'\"Mr. Du, my medical skills are actually very ordinary. The way to save Old Man Saito is actually a self-destructive method that consumes my own True Qi and effort. This method can't be promoted, can't be taught, can't be clinical, and can't be duplicated. How can I be a doctor? If I live a few more times, I'll die!\"

\"I knew it wasn't that simple. It wasn't common knowledge within the scope of medical skills,\" Du Geun said, seemingly unsurprised.

\"So, you have to make everyone forget about this.\"


Li Huachen saw that there was no one left and quickly walked away.

Li Huachen didn't have any clubs to accept him. Although others didn't know about the violent beating of the taekwondo hall owner, most of the major hall owners in the circle knew the truth. Who would dare to accept him?

That was why Li Huachen had nowhere to go. Although the school was big, he didn't dare to go to the training ground, the art club wouldn't let him go, and the genius club wouldn't let him go.

In the end, he tossed and turned and arrived at the library.

Li Huachen picked out two books and sat in a corner. This corner was blocked by a row of bookshelves, and there was dust on the table. Very few people came. Only then did he carefully take out the letter and read it carefully.

\"Benefactor Jingqi: Little Maiden Temple, Saito Guidie, admires Chinese culture, especially Chinese medical skills. Grandpa Saito's family won the Master's Sacred Hands and was on the verge of death. The Saito family was grateful for their kindness, and there was no way to repay them. My body was even more grateful to Mr. Saito for saving me from the shackles of marriage. I felt grateful and would rather smear my liver and brain with gratitude. I know very well that you must be a lonely man, disdainful of worldly remuneration, not admiring fame and fortune. Hence, a letter expresses my gratitude in case. There is no end to the book. If you need a dog or horse in the future, I am willing to hold the stirrup for you. This oath can be learned from heaven and earth and can be checked by the gods. Mr. Zhu is in good health and has a long and blessed life. Little Maiden Temple, worship Saito Guidie. \"

Li Huachen looked at the letter for a long time and was stunned for a long time. Then, he smiled comprehensively and folded it. A warm feeling surged in his heart.

This Zhai Saito Guidie is really a strange woman. He looked cold and heartless, but in fact, his grievances and grudges were clear. His filial piety towards his grandfather was truly touching, and his gratitude towards him was also sincere and touching.

When he saved her, he never thought about making money or becoming famous, nor did he think about how he wanted her to be grateful. However, after helping her and receiving the feedback, he still felt very warm in his heart.

The school bell rang, and Li Huachen waited for the two beauties at the school gate. He felt very happy in his heart.

Ying Ning Ning and Zhang Xiaoran walked out of the room, chatting and laughing. If they didn't lose their temper, these two great beauties would look really pleasing to the eye. The heavens are truly unfair. There are many beautiful girls in this world, but there are not many who are so beautiful that they are stunning.

Ying Ning Ning and Zhang Xiao Ran were both girls who made people feel shocked at a glance. Even if they looked at them every day, they would still feel this way. On the contrary, the so-called Zhai Saito Guidie, who was ranked first on the school flower list, was actually an amazing type. However, not only was she beautiful in appearance and tall in stature, but the first to make a name for herself was her tall and cold temperament.

Just as Li Huachen was thinking, the two beauties saw Li Huachen. Zhang Xiaoran immediately smiled and waved at Li Huachen. Li Huachen also smiled and waved his hand. Ying Ning, on the other hand, clearly said that she wanted to treat him to dinner, but at this time, she became shy, as if she did not recognize him at all. She turned her head away.

The three of them gathered together and greeted each other. Zhang Xiaoran smiled and said, \"Brother Hua Chen, what do you want to eat?\"

\"Meat is fine,\" Li Huachen said.

Zhang Xiaoran chuckled, \"Alright, I guarantee that there is meat, and I have enough control over it.\"

At this time, Uncle Rong also walked over. Along with Uncle Rong, it was Zhang Clan's housekeeper An Min.

\"Hello, Uncle An.\" Zhang Xiaoran said, \"Why are you here? I've already sent a message. I'm going to treat my classmates to dinner today.\"

An Min said, \"Your father is worried. Let me pick you up.\"

Zhang Xiaoran instantly understood that her father was loose and tight. On the surface, he was calm and didn't care much. In fact, he was frightened by the kidnapping incident. If he didn't provide security for his daughter and pick her up, he would probably feel uneasy. Therefore, An Min had to personally see the eldest young miss being taken home no matter what.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoran's confidence in Li Huachen exploded. She had witnessed Li Huachen's skill and was singing while eating hotpot during the kidnapping. This strange experience made Zhang Xiaoran unable to face her own dangerous situation head-on.

Zhang Xiaoran said coquettishly, \"Uncle An, Ning Ning and I agreed to treat Li Huachen to dinner. Why don't you go back first? We'll go back after dinner.\"

An Min didn't wait to speak. Uncle Rong spoke first, \"Xiao Ran, big miss, if you want to treat us, let's go back to the old mansion and arrange a restaurant. I'll have the kitchen make it for you. It's too dangerous outside, especially at this time. We have to be careful. Hua Chen, are you right?\"

\"Oh, yes.\" Li Huachen couldn't say anything else. He wasn't afraid of the heavens or the earth, but that didn't mean that everyone else was as heartless as him. He also said, \"Since that's the case, let's go back, so that the parents won't be worried …\"

\"Hey, what exactly do you mean?\" Ying Ning Ning was unhappy.

Ying Ning Ning had always disliked restraint. Furthermore, at her age, she was extremely rebellious. The more she was bound by her elders, the more unhappy she became and the more she wanted to do something out of line.

Ying Ning Ning said to Uncle Rong, \"I don't care. I said that if I want to treat you to dinner, I must treat you to dinner. What's the point of treating you at home? We have to go out to eat. Li Huachen, do you think we have to go out to eat?\"

Li Huachen scratched his head, \"As long as there's meat, I don't care where it is.\"

Zhang Xiaoran immediately burst into laughter and quickly covered her mouth. Uncle Rong couldn't help but laugh. An Min was not familiar with Li Huachen, and he was dumbfounded. He thought to himself, \"Where did this brat come from?\" Why did he open his mouth and shut it? Meat was meat, but based on his intuition, he felt that this kid was quite simple and honest, and he also had a good impression of him.

\"You …\" '\"What else do you have in your mind besides meat!?\" Ying Ningqi was unable to condense his Qi.

Li Huachen said, \"Elbows, pig's hands, roasted chicken, smoked geese … Anything will do. I really can't. It's not bad to make a fish roast or steamed …\"

Ying Ning said angrily, \"You are a foodie!\"

On the other side of the car, Bao Shengcai put down his binoculars and turned around to look at Erhu Zi. \"You guys are all **ing killed by this brat alone? Open your mouths and shut them up to eat meat bumpkins!?\"

Er Hu Zi said awkwardly, \"He … who knew he was such a person, but he was very fierce in fighting.\"

Bao Shengcai rubbed his chin, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. If he really was a big shot on the stage, his heart would be a little more at ease. Yet, he was such a fool, cheating himself out of ten million dollars! Ten million! To this idiot whose biggest wish was to eat meat, what was he? Are you even more idiotic than an idiot?

Er Hu Zi carefully said, \"What should we do now, Brother Bao? Why don't you give me a vote of brothers and I'll go catch that damn girl for you.\"

Bao Shengcai glared at him for a few seconds, then suddenly grabbed his ear and pulled him closer to the window, \"Show me! Look! The Ying Family, the Zhang Family, and the surroundings are all there! Take your butt and catch them!? Do you want to go shopping again at the entrance of Xiang Xian Academy?\"

Erhu Zi didn't dare to refute, so he could only grin his teeth and express his pain.

Bao Shengcai loosened his grip on Erhu Zi, but his anger did not dissipate. \"This girl will slowly get rid of this stupid kid first. News has also come from the school spies that this guy fought several times in the first few days of school. He really did have a few tricks. If we don't deal with him, then that damn girl can't move for now,\" Bao Shengcai said.

\"Let's settle this together?\" Erhu Zi asked carefully.

Bao Shengcai looked at him and said, \"How can we solve this together?\"

\"Aren't they going to eat meat? We're ambushing at the restaurant and we'll capture them all.\"

Bao Shengcai rolled his eyes and said, \"We've already suffered a loss. Do we need to do it again?\"

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