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Almighty Doctor Chapter 67 Second Time

Author:  Wo Shi Fen Nu Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-19 06:10:09

Bao Shengcai lit a cigarette and blew it out. He looked outside at Li Huachen and Ying Ningbi arguing over something.

'\"Take care of this brat first. The Ying Clan must be able to find him to be a bodyguard because he's good enough. If we don't deal with him, that girl won't be able to move. After dealing with him, the rest of the matters aren't big. Most importantly, I still have money with him. I can't let a country bumpkin hack hundreds of millions of dollars without doing business.\"

\"Isn't it ten million?\" Erhu Zi asked carefully.

Bao Shengcai looked at Erhu Zi's head and said, \"That's f*cking US dollars. I'm talking about Chinese dollars!\"

In the end, Ying Ning Ning angrily walked straight to the street. She had no choice but to follow Li Huachen and Uncle Rong. Afterwards, the few cars that looked very calm on the roadside started together and followed the young miss slowly.

An Min shook his head, \"The young miss of the Ying Family is still a little willful.\"

Zhang Xiaoran smiled and said, \"I'm quite envious of her.\"

An Min looked at Zhang Xiaoran and said, \"Miss, you mustn't follow her example. It's very difficult for others to do what she does.\"

Zhang Xiaoran said with a row of An Min's shoulders, \"Anyway, it's already like this. Why don't we go join in the fun?\" As he spoke, he quickly followed.

\"Ai, miss, miss …\"

An Min had no choice but to follow them quickly. A few more cars started and followed them slowly.

In a private room of an upscale restaurant, Li Huachen, Ying Ning Ning, and Zhang Xiao Ran were ordering with menus. There were four people standing outside. The Ying Family and Zhang Family's bodyguards greeted each other, acknowledged each other's identities, and were in charge of the security work together.

Uncle Rong and An Min were chatting in a lounge.

Li Huachen looked at the menu and felt that the first two dishes were big. All the dishes here cost more than 100 yuan. A casual stir-fry would cost more than 100, 200 yuan. If it was a more complicated meat dish, it would cost hundreds or thousands of yuan.

Although Li Huachen said that he intended to eat a lot of money, seeing this bill, he was still a little unsure.

\"Are you ready, Brother Hua Chen?\"

\"Uh … Sister Xiao Ran, the things here are too expensive. Why don't we go to a casual house to roll the skewer? The mutton skewer is very delicious.\"

Ying Ning Ning couldn't stand Li Huachen's poor appearance and said, \"Waiter.\"

The waiter could tell from the array that there were big shots here. The array of bodyguards sealing the door made them feel respectful, and their service was very energetic.

\"Ladies and gentlemen, are you ordering?\"

\"Yes.\" Ying Ning ordered a large pile of things, as if she wanted to buy all the ingredients in the restaurant, scaring Li Huachen to the point that he didn't dare to fart.

After that, the dishes came one after another. At this time, there was a commotion at the door. A security guard pushed open the door and said, \"Miss, someone said they were your acquaintances. They want to say hello to you.\"

Ying Ning Ning looked over and saw that it was actually Wei Xiaochao. She said with a stern face, \"Young Master Wei, why are you so free?\"

Wei Xiaochao smiled faintly, \"I happened to see two great beauties here, so I wanted to say hello.\"

When the security guard saw that these young people knew each other, Zhang Xiaoran nodded and let Wei Xiaochao in.

Wei Xiaochao swaggered in and sat down beside Li Huachen. \"Brother Huachen, how are you?\" He said.

Li Huachen looked at his hand and said, \"We're going to eat meat. You have to drag the calf back to school tomorrow.\"

\"Haha, it's really unfriendly.\"

Ying Ning Ning frowned, \"Hey, hey, what happened to you guys?\"

Li Huachen said, \"This person is not honest. He always makes friends with me in front of me, and always plays tricks on me behind my back.\"

Zhang Xiaoran chuckled and secretly glanced at Li Huachen's serious expression.

\"Ah, isn't this coming face to face?\" Wei Xiaochao said, \"Li Huachen, I want to fight you publicly.\"

Li Huachen suddenly stood up and said, \"Alright! Make your move, I'll beat you all over the floor looking for your teeth.\"

\"Hey hey hey, sit down. It's not here, it's not now.\"

\"Then when? After eating the meat, we'll beat it up?\"

Wei Xiaochao looked at Li Huachen and said, \"Please, don't shut your mouth. It's meat. I want to have a fight with you for a gentleman.\"

Li Huachen sneered, \"Alright, if you win, the meat will be yours.\"

Zhang Xiaoran lowered her head and snickered. Ying Ning rolled her eyes. \"This guy, he's stupid again.\"

\"It has nothing to do with meat,\" Wei Xiaochao said.

Li Huachen stared at Wei Xiaochao and said, \"Alright, I'll give you a chance to push that elbow over.\"

Wei Xiaochao felt that he might have met a fool, so he pushed a plate of meat to Li Huachen dejectedly. He turned around and asked Ying Ning Ning, \"Where did you find this fool?\"

Li Huachen looked at the meat and said, \"Tell me, how do I fight? That Ming Jinsheng is also on my list. Neither of you can escape. If I don't beat you up, it's really hard for me to calm down.\"

Wei Xiaochao snorted coldly, \"I heard that you and Gongyang Ge fought?\"

\"Yes, what's wrong?\"

\"A draw?\"

\"A draw?\" Li Huachen said, \"I didn't use my full strength. If I hadn't caught a cold last night, I would have blown him up.\"

Wei Xiaochao said, \"Oh, well, I'm relieved. It's been a long time since I've competed with a real expert.\"

Zhang Xiaoran said worriedly, \"Wei Xiaochao, you'd better not fight with Li Huachen.\" Zhang Xiaoran hesitated. She wanted to tell Wei Xiaochao that he was definitely no match for Li Huachen, but she was afraid that if she said this in front of him, the boy's self-esteem would be counterproductive.

However, Wei Xiaochao was very smart and immediately sensed Zhang Xiaoran's implication.

\"Laughing Beauty, do you think I can't beat Li Huachen?\"

Zhang Xiaoran's mouth moved, but he didn't say anything, which was equivalent to acquiescence.

Wei Xiaochao felt his heart hurt again. He looked at Li Huachen and said, \"Tomorrow is the day. I can accept the outcome of a match.\"

Just as Li Huachen was about to say something, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He felt that a dangerous signal was sounding and his expression suddenly became serious.

Wei Xiaochao didn't know Li Huachen's sensing ability. He thought that Li Huachen was scared. It was funny, \"Don't worry, I'm not a brutal contestant. Besides, you have such a good relationship with Ning Ning and Xiaoran. I really hurt you, so I can't explain myself to them.\"

\"Shut up.\" Li Huachen stood up and walked to the door, listening closely to the door.

Wei Xiaochao was a little irritated and asked Ying Ning, \"Has this guy always been so neurotic?\"

\"I don't know him.\"

\"What's the relationship between you two? Why are you out for dinner together? I thought he wasn't qualified to be at the same table as you guys.\"

\"I owe him a favor, so I just paid him back.\" Ying Ning said.

\"Actually …\" Zhang Xiaoran said, \"Li Huachen is quite good. It's better for everyone to get along well, otherwise …\"

Li Huachen suddenly walked back with a serious expression, \"Something happened. What floor is this?\"

\"Third, third floor.\" Zhang Xiaoran nervously said, \"What's wrong?\"

Li Huachen walked to the window and looked downstairs.

Wei Xiaochao said gloomily, \"Hey, are you alright? I was just about to say, you …\"


With a loud explosion, the door instantly shattered. A group of people rushed in with machine guns and masks. Ying Ning and Zhang Xiaoran screamed in fright.

Wei Xiaochao had a confused expression on his face. He didn't know what had happened, but Li Huachen had already rushed over and knocked down a person with a single punch. He directly collided with a group of people.

Wei Xiaochao stood up abruptly and took two steps back, \"What's the situation?\"

A masked man walked up to Wei Xiaochao and pointed his gun at him, \"Squat down! Squat down!\"

Wei Xiaochao was pointed at by the gun, so he could only hold his head with both hands and crouched down unwillingly.

The gunshot rang out as Li Huachen leapt to the window like a civet cat. He smashed the window and jumped out.

The people inside immediately arrested the three of them and took them away.

The three of them were escorted out of the restaurant by a group of terrorists. They discovered that many of the bodyguards were lying on the ground. The entire hotel seemed to be empty. It was extremely quiet and terrifying.

The two girls were so scared that their legs were weak. Wei Xiaochao was also stunned by this scene. The three of them were escorted out of the back door, put their heads on, and pushed into the car.

Wei Xiaochao was covered with his head and hands tied behind his back. He still tried to remain calm, \"Hey, hey, who are you? What are you doing?\"

\"Shut up.\"

\"Do you want money? Be polite if you want money. Don't hurt me and my friends.\"

\"Shut up!\"

\"Why is this happening? Isn't Uncle Rong and the others outside?\" Ying Ning cried.

Zhang Xiaoran said, \"Ning Ning, don't be afraid. It's fine, it's fine.\"

The robber smashed Wei Xiaochao's head with the butt of his rifle, \"Shut up, or I'll kill you all!\"

After a long time, the car stopped, and the three of them were staggered out of the car, forming a row. But everyone could clearly feel a gun pointing at the back of their heads.

\"First of all, everyone, please keep quiet.\" Bao Shengcai said, \"I am a very disciplined person, and I hope that you will follow the same rules. When I speak, I don't like to be interrupted. Whoever interrupts me, I won't stand on ceremony.\"

Bao Shengcai walked up to Wei Xiaochao and said, \"Kid, we need to have a good chat.\"

Just as Wei Xiaochao was about to speak, he suddenly felt as if he had been punched in the chin. His entire body fell sideways, and before he could fall, he was pulled up again.

Bao Shengcai said, \"This punch is for you to cheat me and scatter my money on the street like a piece of paper.\"

\"What the ** did you say …\"


Another punch knocked Wei Xiaochao down, \"This punch is because you treat me like a monkey, making me very unhappy.\"

Wei Xiaochao was beaten so hard that he couldn't breathe. He said with difficulty, \"You **ing …\"


After the third punch, Bao Shengcai said indifferently, \"This third punch is only because I don't like you. Brat, you're doomed.\"

Wei Xiaochao roared, \"I don't even know you!\"

\"Strictly speaking, I don't know you either.\" Bao Shengcai said indifferently.

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