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Almighty Doctor Chapter 81 Friendship Eaten

Author:  Wo Shi Fen Nu Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-29 06:04:45

Ying Ning frowned. She felt that she was embarrassed. Li Huachen was her own person, after all. Her eating habits were too ugly.

\"Li Huachen, eat less.\"

\"Huh?\" \"What's wrong?\" Li Huachen raised his head.

Zhang Xiaoran said worriedly, \"Big Brother Hua Chen, is Wei Xiaochao alright?\"

Ying Ning Ning angrily said to Zhang Xiaoran, \"Previously, when they fought, you shouted the loudest. Now, you're worried about injuring someone?\"

Zhang Xiaoran said guiltily, \"I thought, just like before, it would be a good-looking battle. It would be the kind that looks very beautiful. Who would have thought that someone would bleed? That Wei Xiao had a lot more blood than before, and so did Li Huachen …\"

Li Huachen chewed, \"Aiya, big sister, don't worry. I have my hands full. He's fine, and I'm fine. He has a broken bone. I'll compensate him for his life.\"

Gongyang Ge also said, \"That's right, that's right. Besides, it's them who are stirring up trouble. It's not Li Huachen. What can they do if they fight? The two beauties rarely have a chance to get together with you. Let's have a drink together today.\"

\"I don't know how to drink,\" Ying Ning Ning hurriedly said.

Zhang Xiaoran also said, \"Neither can I.\"

\"Drink fruit juice, drink fruit juice. Hua Chen, let's drink. Come on.\"

\"I won't drink any more wine.\" Li Huachen wiped his mouth and said, \"Hu, I'm so full. It's really enjoyable. I told you, meat is the king's way.\"

\"Right, right, right. Meat is the king, hahaha!\"

Li Huachen stood up and shook hands with Gongyang Ge. Gongyang Ge was stunned and subconsciously extended his hand. Li Huachen held Gongyang Ge's hand and shook enthusiastically, \"Thank you, I'll treat you another day.\"

Then he turned around and said to Ning Ning and Zhang Xiaoran, \"I'm full. Let's go.\"

Gongyang Ge instantly felt that he was extremely stupid. He suddenly stood up and grabbed Li Huachen, \"Stop right there. What are you going to eat before you leave?\"

\"That's right.\" Li Huachen said, \"Didn't you treat me to dinner? I'm full, I'm full, what are you still doing here?\"

\"Alas, you …\"

Gongyang Ge was completely speechless. He had never seen such a person before. Anyone who was invited to dinner would have to chat with their host, talk about the past, talk about their feelings, and propose a toast. However, this Li Huachen had never lifted his head when he came here. When he saw meat, he was like a mad dog. He ate in the darkness of the sky, and a table made him eat in chaos, causing the people to be in a sorry state.

Eat it, stand up and want to leave. Was this person really two, or was he deliberately taking advantage of his ignorance?

\"Li Huachen, I see that you have two brushes and want to make friends with you. You want to leave after you finish eating and wipe your mouth, isn't that not quite true?\"

Li Huachen was stunned. Guilt immediately surfaced on his face, \"Aiyo, sorry, sorry, I don't know how to be polite. This way, I won't pack these dishes today. It's not good-looking, right … See you later.\"

Gongyang Ge grabbed Li Huachen and said, \"Wait a moment, my good fellow, I just recovered a little bit. Give me another stick. Who said anything about packing? Is this about packing?\"

\"Then what do you want to do?\"

Gongyang Ge said, \"What do I want to do? What do you mean?\"

\"It's boring.\" Li Huachen said, \"I don't mean anything. What do you mean?\"

\"I'm not interested.\"

\"Alright, since we're both bored, I'll see you later.\"

\"Li Huachen.\" Gongyang Ge's face turned green. This was simply playing with him. Gongyang Ge was not allowed to be insulted like this.

\"What are you doing?\"

\"Isn't this a bit unorthodox for you to do something like this?\"

Li Huachen said, \"Young Master Gongyang Ge, it's not that I, Li Huachen, am unnatural, but that you, Gongyang Ge … are not enough friends.\"

Gongyang Ge opened his eyes wide. He lowered his head and looked at the mess on the table. The pile of bones in front of Li Huachen that had been gnawed like a small mountain, clenched his teeth and shook his head, \"I … I'm not a friend at all. Tell me clearly.\"

\"You … Hiccup …\" Li Huachen ate too much and hiccupped.

Gongyang Ge tilts his head dejectedly and continues to ask, \"Tell me, look at this table. I want to know why I don't have enough friends.\"

Li Huachen was also unhappy, \"Why did you treat me to dinner?\"

\"Very simple. Looks like you're not bad. I want to make friends with you.\"

\"Alright!\" Li Huachen said, \"I make friends with you. Since you think I'm your friend, your friend wants to go home now that he's full. You have to stop such a simple thing. Are you friends enough?\"

Gongyang Ge opened his eyes wide and looked at Li Huachen. He opened his mouth and couldn't close it for a long time. He subconsciously scratched his head and said, \"Love me … I … I …\"

\"Think for yourself. Think slowly. Are you friends or not?\"

\"Then … you can't just leave after eating! What do you think I am?\"

\"Friends!\" Li Huachen said, \"I thought you were my friend, so I left after eating.\"


Ying Ning Ning and Zhang Xiaoran had already suppressed their internal injuries, and the faces of the two great beauties were about to distort.

Gongyang Ge didn't know what was going on, and his brain couldn't turn around for a moment. He clearly knew that Li Huachen was pulling on a calf, but he didn't know what to say to deal with him. He looked at the two beauties and became even more annoyed.

\"No … you … you … you … you leave after eating. Do you think I'm a friend? Yes, that's right. You can't leave after eating. Do we need to chat and talk?\"

\"We haven't eaten a single mouthful of meat these past few days. We've been talking all the time, haven't we? Don't you think? If you say that you've been farting, I'll admit that I was wrong.\"

\"Hey!\" Gongyang Ge said, \"This can be called talking? Isn't this just you arguing? Li Huachen, don't do this to me. I treat you to dinner because I think you're a nice person. After you eat, wipe your mouth and lift your butt, what are you treating me like? Isn't that too embarrassing?\"

Li Huachen pointed at Gongyang Ge with his fingers. \"You're wrong, you're too wrong.\"

\"Where am I wrong? Point it out for me.\"

\"You said that I wouldn't give you face. Let me ask you, did I shake hands with you after I finished eating?\"


\"Did you say'thank you '?\"

\"Yes, but …\"

\"There's also the most important point that you've neglected!\"

\"Which point?\"

\"I'm standing right here, where you just stood. I promised you personally, what did I say?\"


\"See if you've forgotten?\"

Gongyang Ge looks around, and he doesn't know what Li Huachen is talking about.

\"Uh … I forgot. Please remind me.\"

\"I told you personally, 'I'll treat you another day', right?\"

Gongyang Ge widens his eyes again, not knowing what to say to this bastard.

\"Have you said it? Just say it. See you another day. I promise not to change it. I'll treat you another day.\"

Gongyang Ge quickly walks to the door and pushes the door open, \"Wait a minute, I told you to go in. Wait for me.\"

\"Aiya, your brain. Really, I'll wait for you. Hurry up.\"

\"No … you promised to treat me to a meal. How many days is this over?\"

Li Huachen opened his eyes wide and stamped his feet, \"Didn't you just treat me to a meal? If I treat you again, will it be even?! You think, think carefully!\"

This time, Ying Ning Ning and Zhang Xiaoran really couldn't hold back any longer.

Although Zhang Xiaoran did not know what Li Huachen was planning, she knew that the Gongyang Song banquet was not a good banquet, but she agreed happily and ate until the sky darkened. She thought that Li Huachen's stupid illness had occurred again. It turned out that Li Huachen wanted to cheat on a meal.

If Gongyang Ge wanted to play with Li Huachen, he probably wouldn't have a chance at all. Li Huachen was like a loach brushed with lubricating oil, no one could catch him.

After these few words, even Zhang Xiaoran was thinking, Li Huachen's words really didn't cause any problems, and Li Huachen's actions were completely reasonable.

Gongyang Ge feels very stupid.

\"Alright, alright, alright. Li Huachen, how about this, we don't argue about this anymore. How about this, I'll treat you to dinner, and you don't have to return the favor? Let's sit down and chat more or less, have a few words, and then I'll send a car to take you back personally. Is that alright?\"

\"No, I have something urgent to do today.\"

\"Are you clearly not giving me this face?\" Gongyang Ge really can't suppress the fire. This is also Li Huachen. He knows that he is stupid and is just a bit too modest. Otherwise, he would have already waited on him with big mouths.

\"I've given you all the face you need.\"

Just as Gongyang Ge was about to explode, Zhang Xiaoran pulled at the corner of Gongyang Ge's clothes with a smile. Gongyang Ge turned around and Zhang Xiaoran leaned closer to him and whispered, \"Try it, tell him and treat him to another meal.\"

Gongyang Ge looks at Zhang Xiaoran and thinks for a while. He tries and says to Li Huachen, \"Well, Brother Huachen, I'll treat you to a meal tomorrow. Stay here today and talk to me for a while. How about it?\"

Li Huachen's eyes immediately lit up as he enthusiastically held Gongyang Ge's hand with both of his hands. \"Aiya, you're such a good friend, why don't you treat me to a meal? Do you still want to eat meat?\"

\"En, eat meat.\" Under Gongyang Ge's calm exterior, there are thousands of horses galloping in his heart, but I won't describe in detail what kind of horses are galloping.

'\"Sit down, sit down. I need to talk. This …\" Haha, I was too anxious just now. There was something at home, but you said, \"What is more important than meat, no, than friends, right?\"

Gongyang Ge thought to himself, \"I believe in you, you big foolish treasure, you are so bad.\"

\"Alright, let's sit down and talk.\"

The two of them sat down. Gongyang Ge said, \"Since you defeated Wei Xiaochao today, Ming Jinsheng will definitely treat you as a thorn in his side. In the future, at Xiang Xian Academy …\"

\"What shall we eat tomorrow? Where shall we eat? Who shall we eat with? How much shall we eat?\" Li Huachen stared at Gongyang Ge.

\"Eat … eat hotpot.\"

\"Good hotpot! Good hotpot!\" Li Huachen turned around and asked Ying Ning, \"Miss, Young Master Gongyang will treat you to hot pot tomorrow. How about it?\"

Ying Ning said lazily, \"In this world, how could anyone refuse hotpot?\"

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