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Chapter 798: Eating his own medicine

Hearing these words, Huan Chuyou looked at Cang Hongxi with a faint look, and did not take it seriously: “Baili Hongzhuang has only made him eat his own medicine.”

This was the usual trick of Beihai College. But now that Baili Hongzhuang was just paying them back, it makes him feel very happy.

Just with these words, Cang Hongxi’s face was gloomy. In fact, Wei Hanyun was the first one to make such a trick.

However, Wei Hanyun used this trick before the start of the contest. But he didn’t expect Baili Hongzhuang to be even more brilliant. She actually did it in the course of the contest.


Cang Hongxi snorted. Previously Huan Chuyou never had such an attitude, but now he was embarrassing him.

Jian Qingqiu looked at Huan Chuyou. This time, the Canglan college was really acting different, and have completely changed their attitude.

For today’s alchemy contest, they have spent a lot of effort, not thinking that Baili Hongzhuang to be such a variable, let them be caught off guard.

“Hongzhuang is too powerful!”

At the moment Wei Hanyun failed, Xia Zhiqing couldn’t help but applaud, Baili Hongzhuang was really awesome!

“The conspiracy that the two colleges made may not be useful after Baili Hongzhuang’s move.”

Cui Haoyan chuckled; he was afraid that with Baili Hongzhuang’s move only incited Wei Hanyun’s anger.

Gong Shaoqing and others were full of joyful smiles. Wei Hanyun thought that he was really smart and clever; He deserved it!

Wei Hanyun was still refining the black rock wood, and his eyes flashed with a gloomy light.

He didn’t believe that Baili Hongzhuang was really refining the black rock wood. If it was true, he was afraid that the black rock in the Pill furnace would have turned into nothingness.

Now he finally understands, the Canglan Colege sent Baili Hongzhuang to participate to disturb them while refining!

The refining technique of Baili Hongzhuang itself was not very good, but she can disturb others. As long as Liu Qinyue can win the first place, it was enough.

Thinking of this, Wei Hanyun glanced at Baili Hongzhuang in a resentful manner. Since this is a trick of Baili Hongzhuang, then he would never let the conspiracy of Baili Hongzhuang succeed!

Wei Hanyun slowly stepped back a few steps and slowly walked towards Gu Yaoyi. However, when he passed by Liu Qinyue, he fell “inadvertently” and directly hit Liu Qinyue.

The sudden arrival of the situation made Liu Yiyue look awkward and rushed to stabilize the situation in the Dan furnace.

“I’m really sorry.”

Wei Hanyun patted his clothes and looked at Liu Qinyue with apology, then walked back to his position.

On the other side, Qi Junnan and Ye Ruyu saw this scene and they were stunned. In fact, this was the last resort that they could think of.

According to the instructor, no matter what method was used today, the Canglan college must be defeated. It was only that they had no courage to make this brazen move.

After all, everyone was in the dark about what they did.

They did not expect that when they were still hesitating to do this, Wei Hanyun did not hesitate to do it.

They didn’t care about Baili Hongzhuang, and Liu Qinyue was the real opponent.

Even if they let Baili Hongzhuang on the high platform until the last moment, she would not be able to do anything.

Liu Qinyue was taking care of the black rock wood essence in Pill, but this essence was too weak.

When she reacted to the situation, it was too late.

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