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"Ah, isn't that Chen Wangye and Wangfei?"

A merchant said after looking carefully at Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen.

He had only seen the Wangye and Wangfei one time, it was only because the appearance of the two was really unforgettable that he recognized them. But he was not so sure now.

Because wasn't Wangye a cripple?

The man in front of him was clearly walking, how could he be Chen Wangye?

With the voice of the merchant falling, everyone else was also stunned. Now they only thought that the two were very familiar, but they had never thought that it was the Wangye and Wangfei.

Because appearance can be similar, but it was impossible for Wangye to stand up with his disability.

"Yes! It is the Chen Wangye and Wangfei. I haven't seen them for a while. Wangfei seems to be more beautiful. The Wangye is also getting more and more handsome, but... how can Wangye suddenly stand up?"

The proprietress of a shop was stunned and her eyes followed them. It was too unbelievable to see these two people.

As the proprietress said, Baili Hong Zhuang really had become more beautiful. After her growth in this period, and her study in the art of Go, Calligraphy and the zither, her temperament had become more graceful.

Just looking at her gave others an indescribable feeling of dignity and charm.

"My god, the Wangye, and Wangfei are really a too perfect match! Who dares to say that they are jokes? I say that those people don't have eyes!"

The people of Imperial City were all completely shocked!

The previous Chen Wangye gave them a very sorrowful feeling. If it was not that the Wangye could not stand up, then the Wangye would have been the deserved first beautiful man in the Imperial City.

At this point, how many women had sighed? And now, the Chen Wangye had actually stood up!

This temperament, this style—even the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Huan could not be compared with him!

Some of the people who had come to the Imperial City from the outside, after listening to the discussions of the crowd, their faces showed a curious expression.

"Why are you looking at them so strangely?"

"You don't know who they are?"

After the proprietress heard those words, she once again spoke up. "Everyone knows that in the beginning, the Wangye was a disabled person who could not even stand up. Everyone knows that he was a waste..."

Listening to the proprietress's narrative, some people who were not aware of the two also showed amazement.

No one ever thought that these two people, who were originally laughed at by everyone, would turn out to be so excellent. There was no one who could associate them with their previous looks.

"Oh my god, the Wangye is so handsome! I just want him to stand so I can admire him!"

Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen were walking along the road, and many women on both sides of the street were stunned after seeing Di Bei Chen. The street seemed to change to spring for Di Bei Chen.

In the past, they felt that Di Bei Chen was a crippled person who could not stand up. Although he was extremely beautiful, they did not dare to be with him.

Today, Di Bei Chen had stood up, he was undoubtedly the ideal person in their minds.

Now, if they didn't grasp the opportunity, should they wait for an auspicious time?!

"Bei Chen, it seems that your charm is not small." Baili Hong Zhuang's lips slightly curved, her face had a teasing expression.

Di Bei Chen's smile widened slightly, and he leaned his head close to Baili Hong Zhuang. "For husband's charm, I only want wifey to see it."

His actions and audible words directly shattered the fragile heart of the surrounding women. Their faces showed disappointment.

• • • • • • •

DBC... breaking hearts since... whenever this novel started...

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