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"However, when you break into the devil's land, you need to perform some family tasks to obtain points. In the future, you can exchange these points for cultivation resources.

You don't have the strength now, so you don't need it yet. "

"Thanks for reminding me. I've made a note of it."

Fu Tang nodded slightly and said where he usually was. If he met any problem that could not be solved, he could be found before he left.

Shu Qi was very grateful. In fact, he heard some of the conversation outside the house before.

It's not that he doesn't want to know other children of the Fu family, but now his strength is too weak. Even if he knows him, others will not really treat him as a friend.

Instead, it's better to wait for the strength to improve before making friends.

Until then, identity will be equal, otherwise it will be meaningless.

He looked at the storage ring in his hand. After noticing the cultivation resources inside, his eyes were filled with a thick color of shock.

"So much?"

When he heard from the elder that he would give some cultivation resources, he thought it was just a small amount of cultivation resources. But now he looked at where the cultivation resources were?

Not too much!

When he was in the demon Kingdom, he needed to run around for a little cultivation resources. It was really not easy to obtain these resources.

Now, if you don't do anything, you can get so many cultivation resources. It's just like a dream.

Not only that, he can feel the strong element contained in this resource, with these resources, he feels that he can break through soon.

He can't help but look at the door of LAN Yixuan and think about giving some training resources to LAN girl.

At the beginning, blue girl gave him a lot of cultivation resources, so that her strength could be improved. Now, it is not far from breaking through into the devil's land.

However, looking at the closed door, and thinking that Lan Yixuan's breakthrough speed is so fast, maybe he will continue to break through. Now, it's better not to disturb.

After a series of breakthroughs, hundred mile red makeup did not stop here. The environment in the demon world is really suitable for cultivation, just as it was in the divine world.

However, there were not enough cultivation resources in the divine world, and more energy was put on improving alchemy.

Therefore, alchemy has been greatly improved, although the cultivation has also improved, but relatively less.

She now has a lot of cultivation resources. Although she also absorbed them in the demon domain, she was limited and her promotion was not obvious.

At this moment of seclusion, she simply selected some of the cultivation resources she could use at present.

There are still many treasures in Gong Jun's storage ring. She is just an enchanted cultivator. These cultivation resources are enough to support her rapid improvement.

Shut up.

Hundred Li red makeup is full of closed door, only if the strength continues to improve, can he have the ability to walk in the demon world.

She wants to be close to Beichen, close to him and understand his situation, so she doesn't want to waste any more time.

This closed door, also let bundle Qi shock.

He originally thought that the blue girl was just a temporary closure, because the demon domain suppressed the cultivation. When he reached her own level, she would stop.

I never thought that she had no intention of going out of the customs. After staying for a whole month, she didn't care about what happened outside.

"No wonder the strength of blue girl is so strong!"

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