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Bringing the Nation's Husband Home Chapter 973: Extra

Author:  Ye Fei Ye Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2019-07-22 13:10:09

Chapter 973: Extra

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

[Every book has a gem]

When Little Rice Cake was three, Qiao Anhao bought him many play cards for him to learn new words.

The boy was obsessed with toys, having no interest in the play cards.

Qiao Anhao was worried that he won't like learning in the future so she changed her teaching method, but regardless of what she tried, he remained uninterested in the play cards.

One day, she told him, "Lu Qiaochen, do you know that every book is a gem?"

Little Rice Cake didn't understand her intentions, but he understood the word "gem", so he tilted his head to ask, "Mommy, how do I get the gem?"

Qiao Anhao thought for a moment. "Reading till the book breaks down, tearing up."

Little Rice Cake's black irises rotated a round, he seemed to understand what she had said, for he nodded lightly.

After sending Little Rice Cake to his afternoon nap, Qiao Anhao went for a nap as well. When she woke up, he was no longer asleep. She searched the entire second floor until finally finding him in the study room.

He sat on the floor, ripping Lu Jinnian's precious books. "Mommy is a liar, after tearing so many books, why haven't I found any gems?"


[Regarding dreams]

Qiao Anhao slouched on the bed, browsing through Taobao on her phone. Just then, she caught sight of a line by Ma Yun, "Everyone needs dreams, in case they come true."

She brought her phone over to the sofa, towards Lu Jinnian who was working. "This statement is so true, everyone needs dreams in case they come true, just like how mine did."

Lu Jinnian glanced over from his laptop screen. "What’s your dream?"

Qiao Anhao replied straightforwardly, "You!"

He smiled, continuing with his work.

Qiao Anhao moved her phone to the side before glancing up at him. "Lu Jinnian, do you know, you're a lot of people's dream."

"I know," he replied nonchalantly.

She pouted, was this considered showing off?

The next second he added, "But so what? Qiao Anhao's dreams are the only ones I want to help come true."

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