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Coder Lee Yongho Chapter 115

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When four days had passed, Na DaeBang's complaints started becoming more apparent. Never did he imagine that they would really be stuck coding for the entire week. That imagination was about to become reality. "……" "Hey." "……" As if fed up, Na DaeBang kept his silence. YongHo was also about to become fed up. As he was coding on his laptop every single day, he didn't know who or what was the computer anymore. It was the level of being one-with-the-computer. It didn't seem so bad to get some fresh air. "Where do you want to go?" "……" "Let us go too, travelling." "…Just the two of us?" "What?" "You're saying that you just want us two men to go?" "Whoa......." "Wouldn't SoHyun-noona have a lot of friends? If not, let's take Lucia......" "Hey!" Shouted YongHo, but it was useless. Na DaeBang declared his innocence. "Isn't it good? Rather than just going with us two men, let's go as five including James-Hyungnim. How is it? Perfect." 1 As soon as he heard that YongHo said to go on travelling, he quickly proceeded with everything as if had already planned for this. There was no need for YongHo's approval. He picked a destination and booked a rental car and a hotel. Then he contacted the ones that would go together.


An SUV for five people. Due to their size, James and Na DaeBang took the front seats. As such, YongHo was put in the back, while Lucia and Yu SoHyun were placed around him. To the left, Yu SoHyun. To the right, Lucia. Gathering his knees, YongHo placed his hand neatly on top of them. "How is it, hyung-nim, Isn't it exciting?" Said Na DaeBang excitedly while looking at the rear-view mirror. 'I'll see to you when we come back......' YongHo gritted his teeth inwardly. This was an awkward situation. Even breathing was difficult. Since everything happened in a flash, YongHo took his eyes off for a moment when he found himself seated in the rear seat of an SUV. "How is it, James-hyungnim? Hasn't it been a while?" "I'm also excited. It seems fun." Nonchalantly laughing, Na DaeBang looked at YongHo. "See? Even James-hyungnim says so. Relax." "I'm also excited because it's a vacation after such a long time." Said Yu SoHyun and Lucia added as if to not to lose to her. "M, me too." YongHo extended his hand and tapped Na DaeBang's shoulder. Then, he pinched with all his might. "Isn't it tiring to drive? Should I do it instead?" He pressed on the shoulder as if to crush it. "Ooh, your massage is so refreshing. I think I can last the whole day." He found Na DaeBang insanely annoying, but decided to accept the situation. Sure, the air was different from when there was just three men. Scents of rose and lily from each side mixed with each other inside the car.

Perhaps because it was a famous tourist attraction, Korean people could be seen here and there. The group first went to the hotel to unpack. They unpacked quickly and gathered in the lobby. Men and women were separated into different rooms, and YongHo was curious about what the two women must have talked about, but he couldn't ask. A spectacle was spread out outside the hotel. As the land was vast, there were various natural environments that boasted their aura. Unlike Korea where there were only mountains and rivers, there were giant cliffs, valleys, and huge trees that he had never seen before. "We did well in coming here, right?" "……" YongHo was about to acknowledge that, but shook his head after seeing Lucia and Yu SoHyun. "What are you thinking?" "What are you thinking, hyung-nim? If you aren't going to two-time, then you must be sure about your attitude." "……" YongHo flinched and couldn't say anything. Sometimes Na DaeBang hit the nail on the head. "I'll drink some phytoncide with James-hyungnim." Then he escaped the scene with James. "Hey! Hey!" YongHo called out urgently but he got no replies back. Perhaps due to shouting so suddenly, the surrounding gazes all fell on him. Yu SoHyun and Lucia included. 'Th, this bastard.' YongHo looked at the disappearing duo with resentful eyes.

It was an awkward silence. Two girls, one cup. One man and two women. The appearances of the two women were considerably good. Perhaps another male that was passing by would be jealous. 'Wh, what do I do.' If there was only one, he would've been able to at least speak. However, the increased number put YongHo at a loss. "Haha, where did these guys go?" YongHo picked up his phone with an awkward laugh. Fortunately, the call did connect, but was disconnected soon after. "Haha, th, they aren't receiving." Thinking that Na DaeBang purposely rejected his call, YongHo wrote all sorts of insults he knew onto a text and sent it. However, it failed to send. Looking at YongHo who was holding onto his phone all this time, Yu SoHyun spoke. "What are you doing? You're leaving us two beauties alone?" "O, of course not." "Then guide us." "L, let's go!" Even at that moment, YongHo couldn't let go of his phone. Now, he was surfing the internet to find any famous attractions around here.

The high sun started to recede. The shade from the giant trees gave off quite a mood. "……" "You are hopeless with directions, aren't you?" "N, no. It does say here to go this way." Even Lucia added. "So there's something that even Mr. YongHo can't do......" "Hey, just call them already." Said Yu SoHyun as if she was fed up. Even though they had followed the map here, they had arrived at a completely different place. YongHo tried calling, but this time too, the phone was disconnected as soon as it was connected. "What's wrong with this thing......" "Are you doing that on purpose?" Said Yu SoHyun while looking at YongHo with suspicious eyes. Her eyes were akin to those that was looking at a pervert. "Wh, what do you mean, on purpose!" "You took us to such a dark place too. And your phone coincidentally is not working." "I, it's not like that!" YongHo claimed innocence and spoke to Lucia. "I, it really isn't." Lucia only stood still wish a blush. YongHo called Na DaeBang in panic. As if to confirm that the disconnecting call was of his own will, he put on the speakers. "Look at it!" Declaring innocence, YongHo pointed towards the phone. He seemed to hear Na DaeBang's voice after the connection but it got disconnected immediately afterwards. 'Huh?' Connection fail!!! [HandOver.class] failed to handover!! : 871 A familiar screen could be seen with YongHo's eyes. The Bug Window.

Title : failed handover.

He finally checked what had appeared several hours ago. 'What the hell, it was a phone bug?' YongHo had a look at the phone. The current model he was using was O5. It was the latest phone by the global business company, Osung. 'Sheesh, make it properly......' Thinking that his phone won't do, YongHo asked the girls. "I don't think my phone will work, so would you try?" While YongHo was speaking to the girls, a group neared them.

Some were looking at the graph that appeared on the laptop. "So this is the area where the handover occurs?" "Yes, manager." "To think we'd have to cover a park like this too......" "Well, we can't help it. According to the map sent by the telecommunication company, there's even a radio dead zone around here. There are a lot of tourists so they said we have to do this properly." "Although I can't do anything about the radio dead zone, but there can't be bugs occurring within the phone itself at least. The company is expecting a lot from the phone that will be released later. "Isn't that why we're checking it all the way out here?" The employee-looking person answered with a tired face. Handover was a type of function that a phone did in area where radio waves between base stations overlapped. Such areas are called the radio dead zones. 2 Telecommunication companies provide information in areas where handovers are necessary. A brand name phone manufacturer such as Osung was also testing the handover function after being provided information from an American telecommunication company. "We're in the handover area." "Really? Then you two, go around testing." "Yes."

It was quite a strange scene. Asian looking men were focusing on their laptops while circling around the same place. They seemed to be Asian. More specifically, they looked Korean. He had already heard what they were talking about, although not so clearly because he was far away. So they're Korean. YongHo approached the people who were circling around with laptops. "Excuse me, I'm lost here. Where do I need to go to exit?" "Oh, are you perhaps Korean?" "Yes." The man also realized at a glance that YongHo was Korean. "The exit, huh. It's quite far so you'd have to take a car... How much testing do we have left?" "This area is the last." The superior who heard those words turned his gaze to YongHo. "Will you please wait for a moment? We can take you out by car." YongHo looked at Lucia and Yu SoHyun. As both of them had walked for quite a long time, they looked considerably tired. He could only nod his head. "Thank you."

YongHo, Lucia, and Yu SoHyun looked at the men working. "Manager, the radio shadow zone is also overlapping in this area." "Fuck those telecom guys. How the hell did they do their mapping?" "We can only accept it." "How's the handover test?" "Only this area doesn't work." "And there's not a lot of time until the phone is released..." A few incomprehensible words could be heard. YongHo, who looked at them with eyes filled with curiosity, looked up the words on the internet. 'Oh, so this is what they're talking about.' Turns out they were here to test for the bugs he found in the bug window.

"What's the problem? Can you check right now?" "Please wait a moment." Connecting a phone to the laptop, the man tilted his head several times. "That's strange......" "What's so strange?" "I know the problem is in this part, but this area is especially bad." There were no problems with the handover function when tested in other areas. But only this area caused troubles. The man looking at the laptop screen also creased his expression as if he was feeling stuffy. Behind him, a long shadow appeared. "Isn't that a problem with packet processing with the packets sent from the base stations?" "I'm saying why is there a problem with the base stations here." "I think the base stations have a single digit more on the uid. And I think that the phones are not processing them properly due to that......" The man finally turned his head at the unfamiliar voice. With a smile YongHo looked at the man. "Have a look at line 871." As if being pulled by an irresistible force, the man moved the cursor according to YongHo's words.

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