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Author:  Fei Yi Nv Sheng Genre:  Military UpdateTime:  2019-12-29 02:18:35

But what was different from before was that Mao Xiaoting was now by her side, so the result would naturally not be the same.

Just as the red giant was about to hit Mao Xiaoting, a force stopped him, preventing him from moving forward.

Turning his head around, he saw that Xiang Anjie had tightly hugged his legs.

Hugging onto the elephant leg of the green giant, Xiang Anjie swung it with all his might, forcefully throwing the two-meter-tall giant away. Then, he directly rushed towards the white-haired old man, intending to attack the giant together with Mao Xiaoting.

But when he saw this, the white-haired old man snorted disdainfully, then raised his leg and kicked at Mao Xiaoting's abdomen, directly sending her flying. He then retracted his hand and directly grabbed onto Xiang Anjie's fist.

Then, he suddenly twisted outwards, only to hear a "kacha" sound as Xiang Anjie's wrist experienced a sharp pain.

He knew that his wrist bone had been broken.

Hearing the bone cracking sound, Mao Xiaoting immediately asked anxiously: "How are you?"

"I'm fine."

Xiang Anjie shook his head, and rubbed his wrist.

If it was a normal person, this move would have been wasted. But since he was a zombie, he had an immortal body, so even if he had broken bones, he could quickly regenerate them.

With that, Xiang Anjie rushed forward again, and seeing that, Mao Xiaoting followed with her sword.

In the blink of an eye, the three individuals collided with each other. The two sides exchanged several dozen blows, continuously attacking and defending. However, none of them succeeded.

Although the outcome wasn't decided, the white-haired old man was able to block the two attacks by himself. Judging from this alone, the strength of the white-haired old man was much stronger than the two of them.

"Hmph hmph, not simple at all. To think that two people could block so many of my moves. As ordinary humans, you two have already done an outstanding job, but …"

After saying this, the old man unleashed two heavy punches, towards Xiang Anjie and Mao Xiaoting.

Relying on his sharp speed, Xiang Anjie dodged to the back, and avoided the attack. However, Mao Xiaoting was not a zombie after all, so he did not have a fast reaction speed, so he could only block the attack with his arms.

But in this way, he fell into the old man's trap. As she was using all her strength to block the attack, the old man kicked her once again, landing a kick on Mao Xiaoting's abdomen.


Instantly, the immense power caused Mao Xiaoting to spurt out a mouthful of blood as she flew backwards.

As for that red giant, she had long been waiting at Mao Xiaoting's landing spot. He waved his huge fists, as if planning to grab ahold of the moment she landed.

"Get lost!"

But how could Xiang Anjie let him succeed?

He rushed over and with a roundhouse kick, kicked red giant in the neck, sending him flying once again.

Almost at the same time, Mao Xiaoting flew over, and quickly caught her.

Mao Xiaoting, who was in Xiang Anjie's embrace, avoided even greater injuries. However, that kick just now had already injured her quite severely, to the point where she had even struggled to breathe.

"Do you know where this is?"

After repelling Mao Xiaoting, the white-haired old man seemed to be in no hurry to continue attacking, and asked while looking at them.

Xiang Anjie and Mao Xiaoting didn't say anything, they only coldly stared at him.

The white-haired old man didn't mind, and continued, "Let me be honest with you, our organization has been preparing for more than ten years to revive the ancient Evil God, and I have been preparing for thirty years! This underground space was built to carry out this plan. This underground hall is the altar where I plan to revive the Evil God! Just this year, we finished preparing for the revival ceremony. Originally, we planned to secretly carry out this plan, but who would have thought that it was destroyed by you people. You killed four of my subordinates and even let the offerings I prepared escape! "

Hearing that, Xiang Anjie looked carefully, only then did he realise that there was indeed a stone statue at the center of the hall. According to the contents of the stone carving, it should be the Evil God that the heretic organization was trying to revive. Although he didn't recognize this guy, looking at his sinister face, Xiang Anjie was sure that if he was resurrected, it would cause a huge disaster.

Mao Xiaoting, who had recovered a bit, did not care about all this. Instead, she gritted her teeth and said: "Unorthodox and evil, killing and committing evil, you deserve to die!"

"Hmph, you can say whatever you want. In any case, if you want to take advantage of this situation, you can only do so now!"

Faced with Mao Xiaoting's ridicule, the white-haired old man was not angry at all. "After I destroy all of you, I'll go and capture the female students and bring them back.

With that, the white-haired old man looked at red giant and said, "Fourth brother, let's go and take care of them together!"

"Yes sir!"

red giant growled, and then pounced towards the two of them again.

Seeing that, Mao Xiaoting clenched her teeth and continued speaking: I'll deal with this guy, go deal with the old man!

Xiang Anjie nodded, after releasing her, he rushed towards the white-haired old man.

On the other hand, Mao Xiaoting seemed to be determined to take care of this gigantic red giant, so when this fellow rushed over, she suddenly spat a mouthful of blood on the sword, and then used her forefinger and middle finger to stroke the sword: "Heaven and Earth Limitless, Heaven and Earth Borrowing Art, urgently needed to follow the order, Sword kinesis, rise!"

After she finished speaking, Mao Xiaoting threw the Evil Killing Sword into the air and then began to gesture with both of her hands.

As for the sword, it was as if it was given life, and directly thrusted towards red giant.

"Hmph, you are all struggling to die!"

On the other side, Xiang Anjie also started fighting with the white-haired old man. Without the interference from the red giant, Xiang Anjie had gained a bit of an advantage.

However, the old man snorted disapprovingly, and then reached his hand out towards Xiang Anjie's chest.

Just as he was about to grab Xiang Anjie, Xiang Anjie suddenly disappeared.

Seeing this, the old man was not surprised. Instead, he smiled faintly and said, "Your reaction is quite fast. You're comparable to me!"

After he finished speaking, he raised his leg and kicked backwards. Xiang Anjie, who had just dodged behind him, immediately dodged, but when he raised his head again, he discovered that the white-haired old man had already disappeared.

"Young man, you're not the only one who knows how to dodge the enemy's attacks!"

It was at this moment that an ice-cold voice sounded from behind Xiang Anjie, followed by a strong sense of danger.

Xiang Anjie did not turn back, but suddenly pounced forward. No matter how the white-haired old man planned to attack, he would first avoid it.

After falling to the ground, Xiang Anjie rolled over lazily and directly jumped up like a carp. At the same time, the white-haired old man also rushed in front of him and attacked once again. Xiang Anjie could only use his two hands to block.

"Oh? Your hand is actually fine? "

It was only now that the white-haired old man finally realized that Xiang Anjie's hand, which he had clearly broken, was still being used normally again.

"You …" "Not a human!"

Seeing this, the white-haired old man realized that the man in front of him was not a normal human. After all, his previous reactions did not match the actions of a normal human.

"You're wrong, I'm human, and you're not human!"

But Xiang Anjie did not admit it, and instead seized the opportunity to give him a kick, directly kicking the white-haired old man back.


Just then, the red giant in the distance suddenly let out a miserable scream. Xiang Anjie and the white-haired old man looked over at the same time and realised that the fellow was almost finished.

Mao Xiaoting's level of Sword kinesis was not low, to the point that it had already reached the stage called "Ten Thousand Swords Return" in some movies and TV dramas.

Of course, her sword clones did not reach over ten thousand, but at the moment, there were at least dozens of Evil Killing Sword thrusting towards the red giant from all directions. Although the red giant tried his best to resist, the results were to no avail.


In the end, red giant staggered a step and fell to the ground. Accompanied by a flash of red light, he returned to his previous appearance: a Little boy.

The Little boy spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. His body was riddled with thousands of wounds, but he still struggled to extend his hand towards the white-haired old man. "Sect Leader …"

"Truly garbage!"

However, when he saw this, the white-haired old man didn't have any expression of regret or heartache. Instead, he frowned and said coldly.

Hearing this, Little boy's eyes flashed with a trace of pain, and in the end, his neck tilted, and he died completely.

However, after his death, his corpse turned into a wisp of smoke and finally entered the statue of the Evil God.

Seeing this, Xiang Anjie frowned, but Mao Xiaoting said, "Old man, you're the only one left!"

"Hmph, you think you can kill me? "In your dreams?"

However, the white-haired old man didn't have any fear when facing this scene. He still had a calm expression.

Seeing this, Mao Xiaoting swung her hand, dragged the Evil Killing Sword back, and directly flung it towards the white-haired old man.

"Sword kinesis, Ten Thousand Swords Return!"

Instantly, the Evil Killing Sword turned into dozens of swords, and with an overwhelming force, they pierced towards the white-haired old man.

However, the white-haired old man was not nervous at all when faced with this scene. "How dare you underestimate me with your insignificant skills!"

After he finished speaking, he stomped his feet, and one by one, the long swords that were originally on his body fell to the ground, and then slowly disappeared. In the end, only one sword out of the dozens of Evil Killing Sword that fell to the ground remained.

Seeing this scene, Mao Xiaoting was stunned once again. She did not expect the spell she was so proud of to be dispelled so easily by this old man.

"Be careful!"

It was only then that Mao Xiaoting realized that the white-haired old man had already appeared in front of him. The Evil Killing Sword was held in his hands, and the sword was pointed straight at Mao Xiaoting's chest!

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