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Daoist Changes the World Chapter 66 Direct Disciple

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If he broke through, he would definitely be accepted as a direct disciple. This was a major event in the past ten years.

If he didn't break through, he would definitely ruin Elder Liu's face. It wasn't clear what kind of punishment he would face, but this was even more brilliant.

\"Guess if Yi Heng broke through?\" In a hall, seven or eight people were discussing something, but a question silenced everyone.

The one speaking was a wealthy-looking cultivator, his words filled with extreme curiosity.

\"Junior Brother Li, you and Junior Brother Zhao secretly went to see Yi Heng's fighting technique. We haven't even seen him before. Why don't you guess if he broke through?\"

The cultivator who was originally standing in front of the window turned around, seemingly very interested in this.

\"Senior Brother Sun, are you blaming us for not calling you when we went to see the battle technique? At that time, you were cultivating at a critical juncture. Who would dare to disturb you?\" Junior Brother Li hurriedly shrugged off.

Hearing this, Senior Brother Sun did not refute it, but his curiosity grew even more intense.

\"This person has the title of the number one person below the eighth floor. He should be a bit powerful. It seems that his breakthrough is certain.\" Senior Brother Sun rubbed his hands together.

Everyone else knew that Senior Brother Sun's hands were itching tightly. His aggressive personality was not destroyed by the increase in his cultivation, but even more so.

\"Junior Brother Sun, you can't. Even if this person breaks through, he is only at the seventh floor. Is there any chance of fighting against you?\" A cultivator in the middle said.

\"Senior Brother Feng is right. I will not really fight with him.\" Senior Brother Sun was obviously very respectful towards this person.

\"Guess what? Isn't it enough to just go take a look? It's just that I've been there twice and this Yi Heng isn't here. He's really hateful.\" A female cultivator's voice rang out. Everyone knew who it was when they heard it, and they all looked towards the voice.

The last female cultivator was very angry and stood up, as if she was about to walk out of the door.

The azure dao uniform could not cover it. The slender waist of the mountain range was jade-like. A head of azure silk touched the waist. Two pink fists were slightly clenched. The melon seed face was like jade, and its curved eyebrows were like willows. Danfeng's eyes were pitch-black and lively. She pouted her nose and lips, as if she was angry and smiling.

Junior apprentice-brother Li's face was flushed red from this expression. He quickly said,

\"Xiyin, this person is actually so hateful. Why don't I tie him up?\"

The others reacted and their expressions returned to normal. They only sighed inwardly that this little junior sister was becoming more and more like a fairy, but she was innocent and innocent. It was unknown whether it was good or bad in the cultivation world.

\"How could Junior Brother Li be like this? Also, Little Junior Sister, you promised to cultivate hard and not peek at Yi Heng.\" Senior Brother Feng's expression did not change from beginning to end, but he could not hide the doting look in his eyes when he looked at Junior Sister.

\"Senior Brother Feng, I'm just curious.\" The little junior sister stuck out her little tongue and laughed embarrassedly.

This caused everyone to sigh again.

\"How can Yi Heng have his own Martial Uncle to care about this? However, the matter we mentioned just now is to ask our junior brothers and sisters to be careful.\" Senior Brother Feng's expression suddenly became serious.

Hearing this, everyone's expressions turned grave.

\"Recently, our sect disciples have suffered heavy casualties from missions outside. There have also been tragic deaths. After investigating, we found that there are cultivators near Mount Li Heaven or in the three great Jedi whose main mission is to kill our sect disciples.\"

'\"This group of people have shook the sect. There are also loose cultivators from the Gen sect. I wonder if it's a coincidence or if they have formed a group. This matter has been reported to the sect master. However, we need to remind the disciples of the sect to reduce their missions until this matter can be investigated.\"

Senior Brother Feng's words caused the air to become dull again.

\"If there is an organization, then I'm afraid it will be aimed at the three fighting techniques twenty years from now, right?\" The middle-aged cultivator, who had never spoken before, had a worried expression on his face.

\"Junior Brother Bai is right. If that's the case, then I'm sure it's targeted at all the junior brothers and sisters present. Of course, it could also be me.\"

\"I didn't expect that the Zhen Men Gen Sect would use such a method in order to win the battle, waiting for me to kill their might.\" Junior Brother Sun looked like he wanted to try.

\"Junior Brother Sun must be careful. They won't fight alone in the dark. If they can't kill their enemies, they have to retreat unscathed.\" Senior Brother Feng seemed to be very relieved of Junior Brother Sun's strength and did not stop him. He only reminded him a few times.

He didn't know if Junior Brother Sun would listen, but he looked out of the window and started rubbing his hands.

\"We will be the main fighting force in twenty years. We must raise our cultivation to the peak of the twelfth layer within these twenty years. We must also accumulate real combat capabilities. Of course, the most important thing is to preserve our lives.\"

\"Yes, Senior Brother.\" After everyone answered, they dispersed.

Senior Brother Feng looked at the spacious hall alone. His eyes hesitated and then became firm. \"Only in this way can I increase my combat experience. However, I don't understand why rogue cultivators are also participating.\"

At this moment, Yi Heng did not know that a fairy-like figure had come to him during the time he was out. Even if he knew, he did not have the heart to think about it now, because he was currently standing in front of Martial Uncle Liu with his head lowered.

\"My cultivation has increased. I didn't expect that my courage has also increased?\"

Yi Heng, who was dripping with sweat, was under great pressure. The pressure from a Foundation Establishment cultivator actually contained the might of heaven and earth, causing him to be unable to breathe smoothly and to move.

\"I told you last time that you still don't have the qualifications to talk to me. What's more, you dare to mention the conditions this time.\" When Martial Uncle Liu said this, he seemed to be very angry, and a mountain-like pressure pressed down on Yi Heng.

Yi Heng could only rely on his strength to support his legs that were about to kneel on the ground. His spiritual energy had long since been unable to be mobilized, but he still did not say a word.

He must not give up halfway, even if he lost his qualifications as a direct disciple or even his life.

This was a method that he had thought about for a long time. In order not to face Martial Uncle Liu alone, he requested Martial Uncle Liu to include Zeng Yushu in his sect. The reason was that Zeng Yushu's aptitude was above him in actual combat, and he had even been friends with him since childhood like brothers.

If Martial Uncle Liu really accepted disciples because of his potential and actual combat, then there was no reason not to accept Zeng Yushu.

If not, then there must be another plan. No matter what the plan was, he would die in the end. It was better to escape as soon as possible.

\"Hmph, that's right. I can actually endure it. Then I'll give you a chance to tell me what qualifications Zeng Yushu has to accept me as an apprentice.\"

Seeing his stubbornness, Martial Uncle Liu knew that his mind was firm. If he were to force himself, he would probably end up in a stalemate, so he withdrew his pressure.

Yi Heng's heart relaxed as he gasped heavily. He knew that the first trial had passed, and now he had to rely on his tongue.

However, he immediately thought that if Zeng Yushu were to brag about his glorious deeds at this moment, he wouldn't be able to speak like a river for two to three hours without stopping.

Thinking of Zeng Yushu's boasting ability, Yi Heng suddenly wanted to laugh in his heart, but he knew that it was not the right time. Fortunately, he had heard it a few times, so it shouldn't be difficult for him to say it now.

\"Martial Uncle has a large number of disciples. In the future, disciples will definitely work hard to cultivate in order to preserve Martial Uncle's dignity.\"

Seeing that Martial Uncle Liu's expression was still not good, he knew that flattering him was useless.

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