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Daoist Changes the World Chapter 81 Violent Grizzly Bear

Author:  Bei Shui Zhu De Qing Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2020-10-29 06:04:48

Yi Heng had already focused his attention, and with a slight movement of his fingers, an ice shield appeared at the face door in time to block the light.

With a \"pu\" sound, Yi Heng was knocked from this tree to another tree several zhang behind him, as if he had received a thousand jin of force.

As he retreated rapidly in the air, his life was at stake.

The ice shield was pierced through the moment it came into contact, and he quickly added another two layers of ice shield.

Looking at the half of the spike that was stuck on the ice shield, he realized that it was the grizzly bear's claw. It was actually used as a magical artifact by the grizzly bear. How many more?

He was shocked. He quickly pinched his fingers and circulated his cultivation technique. In a moment, a wall of Qi appeared in front of him.

A series of movements were completed in one breath, moving like flowing water.

At this moment, his back hit the tree trunk, and a few streaks of light hit the air intake wall.

Sure enough, the Xun Character Technique's defense was formidable. All four streaks of light blocked it, but this impact directly broke the tree trunk behind him, causing him to be knocked 50-60 feet away again.

At this moment, the grizzly bear was already approaching, but when it saw that its unstoppable attack had failed, it tilted its head, as if it was thinking.

Yi Heng took this opportunity to spit out two mouthfuls of blood before summoning his Dong Xiao. With a wave of his right hand, the Dong Xiao let out a \"wuwu\" sound and stabbed towards the Grizzly Bear's throat.

The grizzly's reaction was also extremely fast. With a wave of its left claw, it sent the flute flying. Then, it opened its mouth wide and let out a loud roar.

Yi Heng felt his heart tremble as his head buzzed. The Spiritual Energy in his body uncontrollably dissipated. The Qi wall in front of him instantly dissipated, and at this moment, three streaks of light shot towards him.

In an emergency, another force came to his mind, causing him to instantly wake up. After he woke up, two overlapping ice shields quickly appeared in front of him.

'\"Deep!\" Two streaks of light were blocked. They passed through the first ice shield and the second ice shield before piercing into his chest. He immediately felt pain in his internal organs and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The third beam of light directly bypassed the ice shield and pierced through his left arm, taking away a ball of flesh and blood.

\"I didn't expect this demonic beast to be so formidable. Strikes after strikes, seals after seals. Isn't this trick inferior to mine?\"

Yi Heng, who endured the pain, no longer dared to underestimate him. He had to treat him as a cultivator, and he was also a cultivator who was about to enter Foundation Establishment.

A high-grade Healing Saint Pill was thrown into his mouth. Both of his hands were desperately pinching his fingers. Very quickly, a Xun character appeared in front of him. With a summon of his Spiritual Sense, he instantly fused the Xun character into the flute. With a wave of his right hand, the flute instantly disappeared.

When it appeared again, it had already stabbed into the Grizzly Bear's throat, but it had only stabbed a small portion of it. To that thick throat, it was nothing to be afraid of.

The grizzly bear seemed to be a little confused. When did this thing hit here? Although it was fine with its life, it was so painful that it jumped violently. Just as it was about to grab it with its right claw, it suddenly disappeared.

Before Yi Heng could sigh with admiration at the grizzly bear's hard fur, he continuously used his spiritual sense to command the flute. A burst of \"wuwu\" sound came from the grizzly bear's throat five or six times, and blood gradually flowed out of its throat.

However, even though the grizzly jumped violently, it knew that it could not catch the flute, so it only focused on defense. It used its right palm to block its throat, and the flute stabbed into the thick bear palm without any wounds. It also had to guard against the claws that it grabbed.

This time, Yi Heng was helpless. He had also tried to attack other places, but the other places were even harder. As the Xun Character Art consumed too much spiritual energy, he had no choice but to stop this kind of attack.

When the grizzly saw Dong Xiao flying back, it knew that this move had been broken, so it actually opened its mouth and shouted twice, as if it was mocking him.

However, he immediately rushed towards Yi Heng. He was actually unable to kill the person in front of him with just a few moves. In the end, only melee combat was left. And melee combat was its true ultimate move.

Along the way, all the trees, big or small, that blocked the path were smashed or broken by Grizzly's bear paws.

Yi Heng did not doubt the consequences of this bear paw hitting his body or being hit. At this moment, he could only leap through the forest.

However, the light coming from the ground kept him busy dealing with it. Several bloody holes had already been pierced into his legs. Moreover, that violent roar would directly cause him to fall to the ground. Fortunately, every time his mind would send power to wake him up.

\"We can't do this anymore. We have to use the last blow.\"

His mouth was filled with high-grade pills, and his spiritual energy was instantly replenished.

Inside the Violet Palace, the little man sitting cross-legged began to pinch his finger. He pointed at the Eight Trigrams Disk with his small hand, and the Eight Trigrams Disk instantly disappeared from the Violet Palace.

Yi Heng looked at the spinning Eight Trigrams Disk in front of him, and his heart was also uneasy. However, he gritted his teeth and the Eight Trigrams Disk quickly collided with the grizzly bear.

Seeing this, Grizzly placed his palms on his chest. As soon as he finished defending, the Eight Trigrams Plate collided with his palms.

\"Boom!\" However, Yi Heng did not see the grizzly bear split apart. He was knocked back more than ten feet, and countless tree roots and dust were blown up along the way.

Yi Heng didn't dare to be careless. As he prepared to defend himself, he carefully examined the grizzly bear.

When the tree branch landed, the dust dispersed. The grizzly was lying straight on the ground. Its thick fleshy palm had already been shattered. A large amount of blood flowed out from its nose and mouth, and its legs were barely shaking.

Yi Heng reluctantly relaxed. The villain in the Zifu Mansion had already collapsed to the ground, thinking that he had used his soul power too fiercely.

At this moment, the grizzly bear suddenly exploded and charged at him.

He saw the shadow grow bigger and bigger. In his panic, he only had time to release an ice shield. With a \"bang\", the ice shield instantly shattered.

The bear's body directly smashed into his body. This force sent him flying for fifty to sixty feet. After breaking two trees in a row, it smashed into the third tree and landed heavily on the ground. There was no movement.

The grizzly bear also lay on the ground, motionless.

The place gradually regained its calm, and a path was forcibly opened up from the river to here. The road was filled with broken trees, and the sound of the river flowing into the forest was transmitted along this path.

Three days later, a forest ant crawled on Yi Heng's finger along the blood trail. The fragrant ant wanted to figure out what this was, so if it could move back home, it bit down fiercely.

But he couldn't bite? Impossible, another bite, a little hard, but the blood flowing out made the ant excited.

His antennae were constantly waving, emitting a unique scent, gathering his companions.

Moments later, one ant after another rushed over and touched each other with their antennae. They knew that this was a good thing under their feet and needed to be moved home together.

Thus, in a harmonious atmosphere, they all bit their fingers and began to work together.

But he didn't move at all? Impossible. Biting and dragging again and again. Finally, one time, he gently moved his finger. This group of ants was inspired and began to work even harder.

Sure enough, his fingers moved more and more, and the blood flowing out of his fingers began to heat up.

The unconscious Yi Heng only felt bursts of heart-wrenching pain assaulting his mind. The villain in the Violet Palace also woke up from his shock. He slowly got up and sat cross-legged, slowly pinching his fingers.

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