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Death's Kiss 2 The Visi

Author:  Gorgiarocks Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:47:58

Angel hummed softly as she packed the fresh fruits into the basket. It was laden with apples, pears,bananas,oranges and many more. Kira absolutely loved fresh fruits and would never go a day without eating a fruit. She glanced at the golden grandfather clock on the wall in front of her and sighed. Just one more hour till she saw her beloved sister. Angel's eyes had dark circles and her usually peachy face was ashen and pale. Exhaustion weighed down on her and reflected in her forest green eyes. Her outfit was a simple grey tracksuit and her hair was in a messy bun. She had not gotten the time to look after her appearance lately due to the stress she was currently enduring. She picked up the basket and made her way to the living room. She saw her dad sitting on the sofa,apparently busy watching TV,shoulders slumped and head down. Over the past month his jet black her had gained gray speckles and his green eyes had become tired and sunken in. His forehead was filled head stress lines and he seemed to have aged a good ten years. He had barely slept this past few month due to stress and despair.

"Dad,are you ready to go?," Angel's voice came out hoarse and exhausted. Her dad jumped,startled at her sudden appearance. He nodded solemnly and got up.

"Let's go," he said,taking the keys off the table. They slowly made their way out of the house,not making a sound or a motion to talk. The drive to the hospital was quiet and depressing.

They slowly made their way up the front steps of the hospital, quickening their pace when they saw doctor Gibbons.

"How is she?," Angel asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately nothing has changed," the doctor said sadly.

"Oh,can we see her?," Angel inquired. Her father remained silent throughout the entire exchange and just stared at the ground.

As soon as the doctor said so they made their way to Kira's room. The reached the room with the frosted glass and paused. Angel pushed the door open and her father sighed,he hadn't the strength. He felt ashamed,he could barely hold himself together and his daughter Angel was the one being strong for him. Even though they had visited Kira a lot during the last month, they still hasn't gotten used to it yet. Angel gasped as she stared into the room.

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