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Aisha woke up shortly before five o'clock.

From the habit of many years, the body wakes up naturally at this time without using an alarm clock.

I opened my eyes and noticed something.

It was a man 's arm.

I was asleep as I pressed a man's arm against the cleavage of my chest in a naked state with nothing attached.

The owner of that arm was of course Keith.

Looking at his face, Keith had a stupid expression, sleeping briskly.

When I was suddenly told to come in the middle of the night yesterday, I said, ’’say it in advance’’ or ’’I'm going to schedule it!’’,1 But the moment when I was told ’’Sorry, I wanted to meet Aisha’’, I received a shock as if something had pierced my chest, thus I let him enter the room.

After that, the act named ’’supply of magical power’’ was done like usual, i fell into an intoxicated state from the act of kissing.

It looks like it's always like that recently.

I feel numb.2

I think that I should not forgive such a thing.

However, my heart cannot refuse it if Keith gently caresses me while calling the name ’’Aisha’’.

’’For me to be treated like such... By this lowlife’’

I muttered sulkily at the sleeping Keith.

But there is no rejection or hatred like I had before.

Strenghtening my hold on Keith 's arms slightly, my line of sight went downward.

Keith's di*k made a tent in the thin quilt with a splendid morning wood.

It made my spirit feel a bit mischievous.

Something that the previous Aisha would absolutely never do.

She put her hand inside the quilt and grasped the stiff di*k gently.


Keith moaned.

Did he wake up? I looked at his face, but he was still sleeping.

Feeling relieved, she started moving her fingers .

When I entwined my fingers around it, the di*ked reacted with a *piku piku* twitch. How amusing.

’’This thing, you're the one scared of me this time.’’

Aisha kept playing around with keith's di*k while speaking in a voice that would not wake him up.

’’Hmm... Ah...’’

Keith couldn't help but raise a voice matching the rythm of the strokes, amusing Aisha.

Before long, the trembling of the pennis increased.

’’ Damn, how mercyless... What are you doing... teasing me like that? ’’ 3

’’ Eek! ’’

A surprised voice suddenly called out.

I looked at Keith who had woken up. Although it is obvious it would happen if i played with him that much.

Aisha hurriedly tried to take her hand away from his di*k, but Keith stopped her with his own hand.

Aisha's hand was grasping his di*k while wrapped in Keith 's hands.

’’This, this is not what it looks like!’’

Aisha tried desperately to find an excuse, but as expected such a thing could not be found.

’’What is wrong? Aisha-san who was mischievously playing with a man's morning wood’’...

’’That's not- that's not it! I was not playing with that thing! It's because it was still hard even though we did it to such an extent yesterday, therefore I, to that thing...’’ 4

’’Oh, so you felt curious.’’

’’That's it! Yeah!’’

’’I see, so there was something like that~!!’’

Keith got up and climbed on top of Aisha.

He did not put all his weight on her, but applied pressure to the extent that she cannot shake him off.

’’Kya’’ I rubbed Aisha's boobs and licked them while she let out a yell.

’’Hey! What are you doing this early in the morning!?

’’ Well, just who was it that was playing around since this morning,*pero pero* with a man's di*k, Aisha? ’’

’’ That's not! Nnaa-!! I-!’’

Keith released his mouth from the nipple that has become hard and raised his body, while showing the erect di*k to Aisha.

’’It has become like this because of Aisha... What will you do about it?

’’It was already like that when I got up!’’

’’But Aisha made it lose its restraint.’’

’’ ...It's still morning.’’

’’...Is it ... not good...? ’’

Keith asked in a voice like a dog abandoned in the rain.

Aisha pouted a bit and said:

’’Only once...’’

Keith said ’’Yes’’ to her words and started caressing Aisha.

The caress received with the still not fully woken-up body had a fluffy feeling.

Massaging her nipple and sucking it like a baby, Aisha's big and firm breasts changed shape in the hands of Keith.

While enjoying it, Keith rubbed his erect di*k on Aisha's legs.

I instruct Aisha to say when she is prepared. I lower one hand and touch her pussy.

It is still not wet, but it's already warm.

I will make Aisha cum with her favourite, tormenting her clitoris.

’’Hmm...’’ Aisha closed her thighs together. 5

While I continued to touch her chest, I shifted my fingers gradually downwards little by little, making my way between her thighs.

Soon, the tip of my middle finger touched her pussy, sinking in the slimy hole.


There is no roughness, an easy-to-accept pleasure gently loosens the body of Aisha.

As the birds can already be heard singing outside, the caress she received was making Aisha go into a daze.

That is what makes Aisha more excited.6

’’Aisha, you've become amazingly wet...’’ Keith said, while wetting his fingers with se*ual fluids7 insider her vaaa**.

’’Haa...nn-!...But... it feels so good.’’

Aisha's sweet voice was turning husky.

’’Can I put it in?’’


After geting confirmation from Aisha's nod, Keith moves his body and made Aisha hold her legs herself.

Aisha, who held her knees with her arms, spread open her exposed pussy and took the position to accept Keith. A pink inner organ within silver pubic hair is obscenely wriggling.

I pierced the tip of my di*k in the hole below it, and pushed my waist to penetrate her in one stroke.


Aisha unintentionally leaked her voice, while having her eyes closed.

’’Haaaah-... Ngu... Nhah’’

The couple stayed connected silently like that for a while.

Waking up slowly from the morning daze8 while checking the body temperature that each genital conveys.

And then, they gently started grinding their hips.

It is by no means a serious or violent se*.

Taking it slowly while mutually confirming each other's (ながら)9.

Keith covered Aisha with kisses and she accepted them.

While tangling tongues and moving their hips, soon a panicked voice leaks out.

’’Nah, naah, n,n,n...I'm-cumming...]

Aisha's throat groaned.10

The normally soft meat walls of Aisha's pussy seemed like they were melting and entwining with Keith's di*k.

Keith as well, with that stimulus,

’’Oh, Fuh-, guh! Ah, nn.’’

I climbed to the peak while we both we both gasped.

My hips jerked with faster and faster motions, and the in the next instant,

’’Nguah-!! Sorry... I'm, cumming!!’’

Keith said with while his semen was gushing out. A hot stream overflowing inside Aisha.11

’’Nkuh... Ah... Hot... Semen...’’

’’Mu!... Nn... So good...’’

While thrusting his hips, Keith looked at Aisha's face,

’’I'm sorry... finishing alone...’’

I laughed embarrassedly and said so.

And Aisha said,

’’Was it comfortable?’’


’’If so, then that's fine.’’

It seemed like a smile formed on her lips.


Aisha reminisced anout what happened in the morning, smiling lightly while blushing red.

While looking at that expression, Berna said:

’’Did something good happen?’’

Aisha twitched at those words.

’’Nothing happened!!’’ 12

Aisha flustered answered in a n overly loud voice, checking her surroundings she repeated:


’’Is that so?’’

Berna said nothing more .

Berna followed the elven belief of not meddling to deeply into other people's affairs.

However, Aisha herself was a little puzzled by the fact that she was in such a merry mood. 13

Feeling merry? Me? How stupid!

She desperately denied the words of Berna.

That's right. I'm absolutely not merry.

I was surely just laughing Keith 's poor condition.14

Anyhow, I have complete grasp over Keith's life and death.

I can kill him whenever I feel like it.

In addition, Keith who is visiting my room without knowing it and drowning in my body is laughable and pathetic, and... Adorable...?

Wrong ,wrong,wrong!

Aisha shook her head.

It's wrong. It's not.

Seemingly persuading her own heart, Aisha breathed in before looking forward.

I have to concentrate on my duties.

It is already eight o'clock. That's right, concentrate.

Aisha went to Naiah's room, the maids assembled in front of the door in order to carry out the morning preparations.15

Naiah's schedule for the day was a lesson on etiquette during ceremonies,etc in the morning and a song lesson for the afternoon.

Songs are important when elves use high ranking spirit magic.

Nevertheless, Naiah liked to sing songs.

Therefore, it seemed like today would be fun without Keith 's lesson.

Today, Aisha will watch over Naiah from the beginning of the day until she enters the bed during bedtime. With her head bowed she entered the room and then she heared a voice.



’’Your health has improved.’’

’’Eh?... Ah...’’

Naiah is talking about the time when Aisha was worrying about Keith's matter.

I can never say that I felt sick because I messed up with Keith.

’’Oh, that, er,’’

My eyes swam freely while I thought of what to say.

’’I'm glad that you recovered.’’

Saying so while smiling, Naiah burst into tears.

’’Consulting Keith-sama, it was the ritght thing to do.’’


Consulting with Keith? Why does Keith's name come up here?

My heart beat quickend at the sudden mention of Keith's name.

’’Say, why do you say that...?’’

Aisha asked so.


A stupid person walked in a corridor while humming a song. That person is Keith.

His purpose is of course, to head to Aisha's room.

As expected, after two days in a row my stamina is not the same,16 but today the supplement which I was asking for was completed, so I am absolutely going to use it.

’’I seriously wish i had made a vitality medicine sooner~~~’’

I babbled on about such things while while walking through the corridor with a skip in my step.

The soldiers wouldn't be suspicious of Keith's appearance because he is wearing the [Marichi Heavenly Cloak]17 that he snatched away from Aisha.

Recently I always use it when heading to Aisha's room in the middle of the night.

Then, when he arrived in front of Aisha's room, Keith switched his consciousness to a model character. 18

I knocked on the door gently. But there wass no reply.

The door that usually opens soon is not opening.

I knock once again thinking that it was strange, yet the door still does not open. Is she sleeping? I thought.

She should definitely be back by this time.

Is there a chance that she is sleeping or taking a bath?

The door opened when I was wondering what to do.

’’What, so you woke up, huh?’’

Saying that, Keith looked at Aisha's face and stiffened.

Keith was staring. Staring at something incredible.

’’E, er...’’

If we tried putting into words,

’’What do you want...?’’

The change was to extent that it made me want to ask what's wrong? What happened?

What happened with the feeling from this morning?

Why did my favorability suddenly dropped so far?

I thought about the reason while panicking, but I simply couldn't understand why.

For the time being I should enter the room and then think.

’’I want... er...’’,

’’This morning...’’

’’Ah, but, you see...’’


Aisha left the door open and returned to her room without saying anything.

Apparently as if she was saying ’’Do whatever you want’’. Accordingly, Keith went into the room.

Aisha's homewear19 was a thigh lenght sweater.

I wonder if she is wearing hot pants under that, it is actually sort of erotic as it is hidden behind the sweater's hem and she could be wearing nothing below.

The cream colored sweater made a good match with Aisha's healthy brown skin.

Unintenionally, I forgot about Aisha's bad mood, put the luggage on the bed and I hugged her from behind,

’’That appearance looks good on you. I'ts very cute.’’

’’...That's enough.’’

I was interrupted when I started calling her cute .

Eh? Aisha separates herself from Keith 's arm while he was thinking,

’’I've had enough of you calling me that ... Mou, fussing about my needs like that.’’ 20

’’Er... what do you mean by that?’’

’’Using such a weird mood on me. You bastard, do not mind such things and just use me as you like. ’’

It took until this morning to be called by name21, but now is back to ’’you bastard’’.

Besides, the story is different from the dislike and contempt at the beginning, but there is still a distance in some respects. 22

When Aisha lied on the bed just like that, without saying another word.

’’... What's the matter? Did I do something?’’

It was baffling, way too unnatural. Keith felt forced to ask.

Aisha, while on the bed, just bit her lips and said:

’’I heard it all from Naiah-sama.’’

Keith 's heart stopped.

She heard it? Everything?

What I did to Naiah's ass??? No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

If so, Aisha would be killing Keith right about now.

Yet it seems that is not the case.

What did she hear? What exactly did she hear?

’’What... did you hear about?’’


Keith inquired with his dried-up mouth.

’’... Was it requested by Naiah-sama? To perform a medical check on me?’’

’’Wha?’’ ’’

I leaked an idiotic voice due to those words that landed in a place far away from my guesses.

’’Enough with your falsehoods. I heard it from Naiah-sama... She requested you to check up on my condition when I was troubled over the matter with you.’’


’’ Then, when you next came, you incidentally became kind to me .... I understand now. Were you so gentle to me because you Naiah-sama requested it? ’’

Keith did not say anything.

Aisha took that as a show of affirmation, laughing with a feeling of self-deprecation.

’’And in addition to that, to allow such a thing without harboring any doubt... How laughable of me.’’

Keith continued to avert his gaze from Aisha.

’’To allow a bastard like you to call me cu-cute... I... I fell for it... Like some sort of fool.’’

Aisha then, while covering her face with her hands, ’’All of it... All of It was because it was ordered by Naiah-sama... Uuu...’’, said so with shoulders beginning to tremble.

I, who acted in order to turn my favorability around, has been completely misunderstood as being under the instructions of someone unrelated.

As a matter of fact, although my thoughts were much more vulgar, but Aisha who does not know about it at all seems to be crying like its the first time in her life.

She is crying as if she were a little girl.

Keith seemed as though he would reflexively laugh thinking about the child-like Aisha, however, he fixed his expression. 23

’’Do you really think that's it?’’ Keith asked while sitting on the bed.

’’Because I was told by the princess... Do you really think that i became gentle with Aisha for that reason?’’

’’... That's practically it... I guess.’’

’’That 's not the reason ... By chance, I became aware that Aisha likes to be treated gently just as the princess made her requet.’’

’’... That's a lie.’’

’’It's not a lie.’’

’’That's absolutely a lie.’’

Keith gently stroked Aisha's head.

’’Can not trust in me?’’

’’...To wait for you to trick me... Tricking me again and again... Making me into a mess like this... I don't have something like trust anymore.’’ 24

Aisha looked away from Keith who stood up without saying anything.

She thought that he could not say anything because it was the truth and she grew more saddened.

I found Keith silent looking down at myself.

But no matter what he said, I already did not feel like trusting him.

My heart is determined.

To such an Aisha,

’’... you still have the ring, eh?’’

With those words, Aisha looked at her right hand's ring finger.

The mythril ring received from Keith. It had already become like a part of Aisha's body,

’’I-I will return this kind of thing!! I guess this was made to mock me as well!’’

I said that and tried to remove the ring.

’’I handed the ring two days after the princess requested me to check up on Aisha, but I couldn'tt have made it in two days.’’

The ring definitely has a design, and it couldn't have been engraved in two days.

However, in regards to that, Aisha said:

’’Well then, It was made to be given onto someone else! In that case, you could give it to me!!’’

’’The size was meant to fit Aisha.’’

That's right, it fits.

The ring fits perfectly as if it was engraved on Aisha's finger.

I can hardly imagine that it was made according to someone else's finger.

’’I made it for Aisha. I made it for Aisha's sake only. At that time, my feelings were not a lie. Because the evidence from that moment remains as a real thing.’’

Aisha looked at her finger. A small and beautiful ring is shining.

’’If you still can not trust in me... I understand ... I will not come here anymore... I can not say any more...’’

Keith made a lonely smile.

’’It's okay. I will keep my promise... About the magical power... I will beg a suitable woman while on kowtowing.’’

Like that, i picked up my luggage to leave the room.

But I stopped for a bit in front of the door.

’’Well then... With this, it is surely the end.’’25

He said so and went out of the room.

’’The... end?’’

Aisha muttered in the room where Keith had dissapeared, while on the bed in which the his scent still remained.


’’Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on ...’’

’’Master, what have you been saying since a while ago nyah?’’

Sitting on a chair, Ruu asked Keith who kept looking intently at the door of his room the whole time.

Keith did not turn away his eyes from the door not even for an instant.

’’Wait a moment! My life hereafter depends on this night!’’


’’I'm prepared...To use all my skills to overcome this difficulty... Come on, come on, come on, come on..’’ 26

’’ I can not believe it at all nya, this man.’’

Ruu said that sort of thing and began to eat the crispy type of cat food.

At that time, the door was knocked with an extremely vague ’’konkon’’ sound.


Ruu lifted its face.

’’Yeaaah! She's here!’’

Keith made a guts pose and stood up.

Then, he switched off the silencing magical tool and headed towards the door.

I smacked my face two or three times and opened the door slowly.

Right there was,

’’... Aisha’’

Keith said that on a seemingly deliberate surprised voice.

Aisha was standing in front of the door.

Aisha's face loosened from crying as she broke down and jumped into Keith's chest.

’’I'm sorry... I am so sorry...’’

Aisha's lips kept apologizing with a voice as if she was scraping it out from the back of her throat.

Keith gently closed her lips. And while wiping her tears with fingers,

’’I trust... I trust you...’’

Keith grinned while Aisha buried her face in his chest tearfully.

While hugging Aisha closely, Keith made a gut pose and had a ’’smug’’27 look rarely seen in recent years.

He was the lowest of the low.


By the way, I was writing a Yandere development until halfway through.

I wrote until Aisha tied Keith to the bed and then, ’’Eh? Keith died? He was supposed to be saved here and die in the distant future, but he died?’’ like that, I decided to rewrite the story.28

TL notes:

1 {check previous TL for accuracy}

2 not sure

3 「降参か?ふん、情けのない。私を虐めるバツ......」

「......何......やってるんですか?」It should be two dialogue lines but I think Keith is saying both.

4 「そうじゃない!悪戯じゃなくて......その、昨日あれだけシタのにまた大きくなっているからな!だから、その


6 それがアイシャの気を高ぶらせるのだ。

7 {check previous TL for accuracy}

8 English check needed

9 may be a word


11 アイシャの中(does that mean insides?)

12 「ある訳ないだろう!!」

13 しかし言われた方のアイシャは、自分が浮かれていたと云う事実を突き付けられて少し戸惑った。




17{check previous TL for accuracy}


19 部屋着


21Aisha never calls him by name, but that is what the raws say. i triple checked.

22 遠い響きがある。possible idiom

23 キリっと表情を作ると、


25「それじゃ......これでオシマイなんですね」Oshimai could be The end or to be done for.

26 「仕込はした......後は上手くかかるかが問題なんだ......こいこいこいこいこい......」He is just saying Koi Koi Koi, Google sensei says it's a phrase from the game Hanafuda, meaning ’’come on’’.

27 google doya face for visual aid

28 これ実は書いている途中まではヤンデレ展開でした。


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