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Chapter 1858: The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty Three)

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All the parents in the meeting room turned to Beibei before looking at Su Yue.

Su Yue slightly blushed as she gazed at Beibei. After a second, she nodded slowly.

Beibei beamed brightly at her and turned around with a smug grin at his classmates.

He sounded confident. “How could I lie about my mommy?”

He may have admitted that Su Yue was his mother, but his classmates were still rather doubtful. “Are you lying? Your mommy is so pretty.”

Beibei frowned and pointed to his own face. “Am I not good-looking?”

There was silence.

Indeed, Beibei was known for being good-looking and no one could deny it. He may not be the most good-looking one in school, but he was definitely the most handsome among his peers.

He was well-known and popular among his peers because of his outstanding grades and looks.

“I don’t believe she is your mommy. She looks more like your sister.”

Suddenly, someone expressed her doubt. Her voice cut across, bright and sharp. It belonged to the girl who had followed Beibei earlier on.

The girl’s face was perfectly oval-shaped, and she had pretty almond-shaped eyes. She looked exceedingly bright and shrewd.

“My mommy maintains herself well.” Beibei haughtily raised his chin as he sneered at the girl. “Xia Qingluo, your mommy is not as pretty as mine. Are you jealous?”

He surveyed all the mothers and indeed, Su Yue was the prettiest and youngest among them all.

Finally, he could walk with his head held high.

Xia Qingluo retorted, “Who said that! My mommy is beautiful and she is a famous director! What does your mommy work as?”

She snorted coldly and her eyes darted around the meeting room. Her eyes landed on the lady in a white shirt who stood next to Su Yue.

She seemed to be in her late twenties and she looked delicate and refined. Xia Qingluo and the lady looked alike.

Their argument caught the attention of everyone in the meeting room. So everyone averted their gaze to Beibei, Xia Qingluo, Su Yue, and Xia Qingluo’s mother.

Su Yue turned to glance at the lady beside her. She was startled when she saw her face.

The lady turned her face at that moment too and their eyes met. She smiled and said, “She is just spewing nonsense.”

Her voice matched her looks, gentle and soft.

Su Yue pressed her lips and shook her head. “No, you’re indeed very beautiful,” replied Su Yue truthfully with a smile.

The lady smiled and said, “You’re too kind. Any woman would pale in comparison next to you.”

She sounded earnest and honest too.

Su Yue felt awkward, so she changed the topic. “I love the movie ‘Childhood Lovers’ that you directed.”

It startled the woman. “You watched it?”

“You’re the famous director Xia Zimo,” said Su Yue softly. “Other than the movie you adapted based on your mother’s book, I read the book as well.”

Xia Zimo nodded curtly. “It’s my honor.”

Both of them smiled.

Most of the attendees were mothers. Only a handful of the fathers came.

The rest of the women were clad in branded clothing and they carried expensive handbags. But these two mothers sitting in the front row had beat them hands down, based on looks.

After an hour, the parent-teacher conference ended. As all the students were the top scorers, the teachers only focused on their successes and achievements.

After the meeting ended, the parents streamed out of the room one after another. Su Yue trailed behind slowly.

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