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Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 443 - Start of Battle

Author:  Blue-white Sky Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-03-26 11:31:24

Chapter 443: Start of Battle

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Specter College’s “army” flooded out from the main entrance not long after the gamers arrived at the college.

There were countless Skeleton Soldiers emerging from the main entrance. Many Skeletons had the labels, such as Educational Specimen used in Specter College.

It was no problem for the gamers. They treated them as monsters if they had a health bar.

Arthur checked the equipment and items in his backpack.

His main weapon was Caesar’s Blade, and his shield was Caesar’s Shield. He wore a whole set of Caesar’s equipment, including Caesar’s Breastplate, Caesar’s Pauldrons, Caesar’s Plate Legging, and Caesar’s Metal Shoes.

There was even a Caesar’s Cloak.

In Eternal Kingdom, that was the highest level legendary Caesar’s equipment.

There were cumulative effects when the pieces of equipment were used together.

[Caesar’s Equipment (3): Your damage increases by 10%. There’s a small chance of triggering Caesar’s Fury, which increases the attack speed by 5%.]

[Caesar’s Equipment (5): You will obtain the protection of Caesar’s Power. Your defense increases by 10%.]

[Caesar’s Equipment (9): During PVP combat, you have a small chance of causing sudden death to your opponent.]

The first two cumulative effects added 10% to both damage and defense. Though Arthur felt that the effects weren’t obvious in battle, the third cumulative effect was prominent. On average, one to two sudden deaths occurred after 100 attacks.

The effect disregarded the equipment of the opponent and killed them instantly.

However, it was only for PVP, which was when a gamer fought against another gamer.

As Legendary Equipment, some gamers felt that the effects were negligible. Of course, compared to other, lower level, equipment, it was considered quite good.

Other equipment didn’t have effects like an increase in Critical Hits or Mental Focus.

Therefore, Arthur bought his Caesar’s Equipment!

When Arthur was checking his equipment, the Skeleton Soldiers walked out neatly from Specter College. They weren’t in a hurry to attack the warriors of Eternal Kingdom.

Sherlock didn’t order the attack at the Skeletons immediately. He shouted, “Warriors of Eternal Kingdom, these Specters from the Void think they can conquer the world! Use your weapons and give them a good beating!”

Sherlock pointed his finger forward and said, “Charge! Warriors, defeat them!”


When Sherlock gave the order, the gamers obtained a full-service mission:

[Mission Title: Attack Specter College

Mission Description: Lord Sherlock helped Ba.Mannoroth.Con escape the Void army’s control. The evil Void army discovered the incident and sent their latest commander, Professor Cabbage, to imprison the good version of Ba.Mannoroth.Con and the Lich, Brainiac. Specter College accumulated enough power to conquer the world, and they are starting world domination now. You have to stop them!

Mission Objective: Make haste! Prevent them from occupying our Stronghold. We have to hold our line! Only if we protect the Teleport Portal will we have a chance to defeat Specter College!

Mission Reward: During the period of protecting the Stronghold, gamers will receive Reputation Points at fixed intervals. Defeating the Specters will also garner rewards.

Mission Failure Penalty: Eternal Kingdom is destroyed, and the game is shut down.]

“Isn’t it too realistic to shut down the game?”

“Is the game so willful? The game officials are starting to use this to threaten the gamers?”

“It’s scary. The game has only been operating for less than a year, and yet a mission failure will result in shutting down the game. Only ‘Dungeon’ has such a penalty.”

“Shucks! We have to stake our lives! Otherwise, the game will shut down!”

“What about the Magic Cannons? Why didn’t we bring along the cannons?”

“The Magic Cannons are here! Give way! We’ve just removed them from the Airship!”

“Gundam! Bring out the Gundam!”

“The Gundam is unable to go through the Teleport Portal.”

The gamers attacked according to Sherlock’s order. Arthur was in the crowd charging forward.

The strength of the Skeleton Soldiers was about the same level as the Skeleton Soldiers in the Instance Dungeon. However, the number was overwhelming, and there were no safety measures. In the Instance Dungeon, the Skeleton Soldiers could only attack if there was proximity. Now, they attacked at will.

The gamers were no longer the combatants in the Instance Dungeon. Without restrictions, gamers could use all sorts of weapons.

Like Ballistas and Magic Cannons.

The combat in the game was ultra-realistic. The gamers couldn’t feel exhaustion, but if they were exhausted, they wouldn’t be able to move their hands or feet.

Arthur was very familiar with the combat system and knew how to conserve his strength.

When the gamers charged, the Skeleton Soldiers also charged at the gamers.

An Orc Skeleton charged at Arthur, and Arthur lifted his Shield to deflect the Axe of the Orc Skeleton.

Another Orc smashed his Hammer on the Orc Skeleton, and the Skeleton frame disintegrated.

Arthur didn’t advance forward. Instead, he braced his Shield and followed the surrounding gamers tightly. The Guild members of the Pioneer Alliance surrounded Arthur. The other big Guilds were using the same tactics. Only a few inexperienced individual gamers were charging around.

The group battle in the game was like a war, so the gamers had to fight like soldiers. Only if they made use of group cooperation would they have the best combat power.

Most of the Guilds realized the importance of this tactic and made use of the Guild structure to apply it.

The lines held by the gamers were continuously challenged by the Skeleton army. Using the proximity of the Revival Point, the lines of the gamers remained intact, and they advanced steadily.

Occasionally, the Magic Cannons fired a volley and vaporized a huge portion of the Skeleton army.

Sherlock wasn’t in a hurry to engage in combat. He was directing the war effort. When a small portion of the Skeleton Soldiers broke through the lines, Sherlock would finish them off.

Professor Cabbage observed the battle clearly in her crystal ball.

Within a short time, the warriors of Eternal Kingdom were unable to enter Specter College. Professor Cabbage’s plan was to drown them in the sea of Skeletons. But now, she was unable to achieve her goal.

Professor Cabbage was indifferent. As long as she could stop them from entering Specter College, she could finish the revival of Frangipani. The process couldn’t be interrupted!

A few Lich students whose eye sockets were lit with gray flames stood before Professor Cabbage. They were outstanding students.

“Go and assist those Skeleton Soldiers and kill the warriors of Eternal Kingdom!” Professor Cabbage ordered them.

Those students nodded like robots. It seemed as though they were being controlled. They then turned and left.

Professor Cabbage held her crystal ball and walked towards the depths of the college.

At the Central Courtyard of Specter College, lines of students stood in the middle, and a huge box made of bones was placed there.

Those bones had quivering flesh stuck to them. Below the box was a large Mana Formation that covered the entirety of Specter College.

With every flash of the Mana Formation, the Mana of the Lich students would be leeched to the ugly and grotesque monster.

All the Lich students were Mana sources for reviving Frangipani, and the huge Mana Formation was the leeching tool.

“The great Frangipani!”

Cabbage walked towards the ugly box. She lifted both of her hands and said excitedly, “The time has come! I’m about to release you!”

When the Mana Formation shimmered, even a portion of Cabbage’s Mana was leeched. However, Cabbage was indifferent.

She looked at the crystal ball. The warriors of Eternal Kingdom were still fighting, and Sherlock was directing them in the middle. Those fools would have a taste of Frangipani’s rage. They had to interrupt the revival process at such a critical moment, but it was too late!

“I see.” a voice came from above her head as Cabbage walked excitedly towards the ugly box.

Cabbage lifted her head in shock and saw Sherlock flapping his healed bat wings while flying in the air.

“I was expecting a more powerful primordial Mana Formation, but it turned out like this. For thousands of years, the students of Specter College have been used as batteries?” Sherlock asked as he hugged his arms and floated in the air.

Cabbage examined her crystal ball in disbelief. Was Sherlock not in the crystal ball?

“Stop looking. I told you about Polio, who escaped from Bankazia. Have you heard of Polio, who was one of the 72 Devils? He doesn’t have a physical body and can transform into any creature,” Sherlock said with a smile.

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