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Chapter 560: Going to Qingyuan Town again

“What about Xian’er? What about my Xian’er?” Ke Furen cried with reddened eyes and hoarse voice, which was very sad to hear.

Ke Daren hurriedly came forward to support his wife and took her to the chair to sit down: “Furen, don’t worry. Xian’er is not in the capital now. Look at this letter.”

Ke Furen’s hands shook after receiving the letters. After she read it, she both cried and laughed: “My poor Xian’er, this is all my fault for not taking good care of you. Just wait, I will pick you up.”  are all mistresses, all mistresses are not optimistic about you, you wait, the mom will pick you up.” Then, she turned her head and said to the servant: “Hurry up and prepare a carriage. I will pick up Xian’er now.”

Ke Daren anxiously said: “Furen, how can you go out now? If you pick up Xian’er and something happened to you, what will Xian’er do?”

The Old Mama on the side also persuaded: “Yes, Furen. What the master said is true. You are now very weak, you can’t go out like this.”

Ke Daren frowned and said, “I also can’t go now. The emperor gave me some errands, I’ll be able to finish it three days after. Let Xicheng go.

Ke Furen immediately shook her head: “No, Xicheng doesn’t know anything about outside the capital. What will we do if something went wrong again?”

Meng Nan suddenly butted in: “If you believe me, I would like to take this trip on behalf of you.”

Ke Furen only noticed Meng Nan’s existence just now. She looked at her husband with a puzzled look in the face and asked: “Who is he?”

Ke Daren busily replied: “This is Meng Gongzi, he came to show us the letter. The person who saved Xian’er is his friend. This person wrote a letter to search for Xianer’s family.”

When Ke Furen heard those words, she busily tried to pay respect. Meng Nan hurriedly said to her: “Furen, no need to be too polite. I haven’t seen this friend of mine for a long time. It just happened that I wanted to meet her again. This trip is simply killing two birds with one stone.”

With Meng Nan’s words, what else could the husband and wife say? Ke Daren only added to say: “I am very thankful to you, Meng Gongzi. I’ll let Xicheng go with you.”

Meng Nan was overjoyed. He finally had reason to see Bai Zhi. He could finally stand in front of her again. This time, he must bring her to the capital.

When Meng Nan wants to leave the capital, Meng Daren and Xu Furen were reluctant to let him go. However, it is to help Ke Daren to get back his beloved daughter.

Xu Furen was afraid that his son would entangle himself again to the girl named Bai Zhi. So she quietly sent two of their family’s men to escort his son on his way to Qingyuan Town.

Both the Meng family and the Ke family sent many people. When the two teams joined together, the momentum was quite magnificent. They were scared for their sons to encounter bandits on the road, so this was just right.


Along the way, while rushing on the road, Meng Nan was anxious to see Bai Zhi, while Ke Xicheng was anxious to take back his youngest sister. So no matter how tired they were, no one complained. Those who accompanied them were not eligible to complain.

When they reached the border of Qingyuan Town, they didn’t go to the town, they directly went to Huangtuo Village.

The villagers have never seen such a big group of people. Anyone who was at home came out to watch the lively show.

“The young man on that horse, why does he look familiar?”

“Isn’t that Meng Daren? I heard he went back to the capital to become an official. Why did he come back?”

“Do you even need to ask? He must have come to look for Bai Zhi. I’ll go there to see.”

When Meng Nan left, the western-style house wasn’t finished yet. But now, not only it was finished, but also full pack.

Meng Nan dismounted outside the gate of Bai Zhi’s house. The house’s door was closed, and also the gate in the yard. He shouted out loud: “Zhi’er, are you there?”

No one responds, so he shouted again, but there’s still no one respond to him.

At this time, Village Chief Li squeezed himself to the crowd and asked Meng Nan: “Isn’t this Meng Gongzi? Did you come to look for Zhi’er?”

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