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Golden Assistant Chapter 29

Author:  非天夜翔 Genre:  Game UpdateTime:  2019-07-31 11:58:17

"Huh?!" Xiaoyi almost dropped his wine, and exclaimed in disbelief. "No way!" Duma said: "He went overseas only after you got a girlfriend. You always treated us both so well that for a period of time, Ah Gou thought we had a thing together. Aren't these things very normal? I thought you wouldn't be surprised." "For me," said Xiaoyi, "You both are like brothers! Other friendships cannot compare to ours, not even love... Ok, I admit our friendship is better than love, but that is still too far fetched ... come back to the topic." Duma laughed happily and said: " Some people attract men, some attract women, you treat your brothers so well that in the past the girls in our class always joked that you were a bottom, because they felt that you somewhat swayed to that direction." Xiaoyi was torn between laughing and crying, and kept using his finger to trace around the rim of the wine glass. Duma said: "For example, you like Luzhou now and is wholeheartedly devoted to him. If it is not him you will not marry and you also want to give him a baby ok? Take these feelings and write a song, i guarantee you will succeed." Xiaoyi placed the wine glass on the table solemnly. Duma said: "Do you feel like you've dived into the river of love? Try to remember?" Xiaoyi just ended a relationship, and did not expect he will have to experience the feeling of love again. What's more it is towards Luzhou. Although this idea was ridiculous, Duma was right. Love, marijuana, sex, and even death were the best inspirations for art. Duma said: " I understand your kind of feelings, worship and admiration. Luzhou has money and status, and treats you especially well... If you were a woman, you'll definitely be madly in love with him." Xiaoyi said: "You don't understand... it's not because he's rich, but... " "Personality." Duma said, "Character, temperament. Quite feasible to substitute with love. When girls like a boy, don't they worship him and wholeheartedly depend on him?" Really? Xiaoyi wondered, and it did indeed seem so. Xiaoyi had a bunch of messy black lines on his head [1] and just then, Duma snapped his fingers. "Love is art's all curing medicine, try it, I believe in you Ah Tu[2]. Duma went for a bath, and Xiaoyi was left quietly sitting at the dining table. At 12am his phone rang, and it was Luzhou who was calling him. Xiaoyi's heart beat like crazy. From the beginning when he was with Luzhou everyday, he was full of ridicule towards him, but afterwards he felt happy when he was by Luzhou's side. Now that they were separated for a short time, Xiaoyi never once thought he would miss him this much, to the point where by just hearing his voice made him full of hope. He wasn't even afraid of getting scolded, even that made Xiaoyi happy. Xiaoyi picked up the call. Luzhou said impolitely: "You did't reply my Wechat, your wings have now hardened and you wanna fly is that right!"[3] "Sorry sorry." Xiaoyi apologized profusely. "Other than apologies, what else can you say!" Luzhou exclaimed angrily, "Where are you now?" "I'm at..." Xiaoyi did not dare to admit he escaped to Duma's house, "At the company." Luzhou was silent for a few seconds, then said: "Why did you not reply me?" Xiaoyi replied: "I was asleep just now, didn't hear my phone ring." Luzhou said grumpily, "Forget it, are you still writing?" Xiaoyi: "No, but i did have some inspiration just now, so I'm preparing to write some." "Then I shall not bother you." Luzhou said, "Well, happy birthday." Luzhou hung up right after that, leaving Xiaoyi with a flabbergasted look on his face as he just realized it was his birthday today, and that Luzhou actually remembered! He didn't think he even mentioned when his birthday was! "Wanna head to the bar for some fun?" Duma had changed and came downstairs after his bath, asking, "I'll help you find a girl or a handsome guy, and open a room for you to release some pressure?" Xiaoyi:d—_—b凸. Duma: "Then I'm leaving, I'll bring dinner back for you." Xiaoyi: "Can I borrow your piano and study room for a while?" Duma: "Of course." Xiaoyi entered Duma's study room. The room was spacious and because Duma loved to read, there was a mat and a bookshelf facing two floor-to-ceiling windows. The scenery outside was the night view from the 36th floor. Today Beijing's weather was windy, the night sky was clear, and the lights from the ground were blinding. Xiaoyi sat in front of the window and for a long time, he watched the colourful, bustling night outside. As time went by, the world gradually fell asleep, the lights went out, shrouding the entire house in loneliness. Just like thunder and lightning, the wind rose, and the sparks of inspiration burst in such a solemn night and ignited an uncontrollable thought. An illusion of the Milky Way and a starry night seemed to appear over the night sky; it was surrounded by the tranquility, and seemed to quietly intertwine with the city. Thousand city lights, the glow from the familiar street lamps and the grassy smell from the transition of spring to summer. Holding a jacket, Xiaoyi strolled in the area with his sleeves all rolled up. Like the flash from the vast sea of music, a humble love, the taste of complexity, and the desire for love and family, they all intertwined with a hazy sense of music. That is the sound of a private car driving past, it is the feeling of someone hoping there will be lights still on at home waiting in the night. It was a bustling world, flowing with a never-ending stream of people, full of hustle and bustle. Life's daily necessities and the livelihoods of the city residents intertwined and manifested into a realistic song. It was the person that passed by countless times, and waited at the end of the confusion. All these different feelings were like whirlpools, coupled with a taste no one could identify. The world has so many variations. In Xiaoyi's mind numerous disorderly, chaotic memories seemed to clear and resurface. In the middle of the night, when the world was asleep, designers, writers, screenwriters, musicians...... all the creators were thinking, they took all their inspiration and allowed their intuition to filter and judge, because this is the most active moment in the dream world, if it appears in the humans it was easy to use. It existed over thousands and thousands of years; it is engraved in the genes of all. The imaginative thoughts, allowing the imagination to take control, this was as if a million stars were lifted by a tide and brought onto the beach. Xiaoyi moved with no purpose, tilting his head, as if listening to the sound of love pulling his heartstrings, but it also seemed to bring about some sorrow. Though in the yearning that appearance had blurred, it turned into a deep feeling of security and gentleness of a male masculine lover. His unique personality and charisma immediately infected Xiaoyi's Luzhou, like a long night filled with stars everywhere. He captured memories of Luzhou and his breath, and he slowly got up to walk to the piano. He pressed a key, no...... it should be another note. At that moment, Xiaoyi caught a fleeting episode ---- Luzhou was holding his hand, staring deeply into his two eyes with affection. He pressed the next key decisively and it made a deafening sound that went straight into the depths of his heart, causing the entire world to tremble for this note. Shortly afterwards, Xiaoyi played a series of notes; be it gentle or cramped, they seemed like a thousand lights in a prosperous night, illuminating the homes of many, and after the first Chinese lantern was lit, there was a moment of silence, and the music accompanied them along the streets of Beijing. Xiaoyi wrote down the score, threw it aside, and shut both eyes. The Luzhou wearing a military uniform and Xu Fengqi merged together. This was his second composition, at the end of the first song, the first note of second song will unexpectedly appear, and the tune that was like the sound of flowing water will surge. Author's Notes: I had a headache translating this, like really there were too many confusing terms used, which were quite irrelevant to the story imo. *shrugs* WHERE IS MY ROMANCE. [1]Xiaoyi had a bunch of messy black lines on his head: meaning he had this expression-_-||||| [2] Ah Tu: Xiaoyi's nickname is apparently rabbit. [3] Your wings have now hardened and you wanna fly is that right: meaning Luzhou thinks Xiaoyi can now do things independently and no longer obeys him This is basically Duma's suggestion to Xiaoyi, to experience a love with Luzhou so he can write his songs! :D

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