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Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person Chapter 46

Author:  N/A Genre:  Horror UpdateTime:  2019-07-31 11:49:53

’’The Quibbler’’ sales are even go beyond the ’’Prophet Daily’’, but unfortunately the magazine have very little influence, since most people regard it as a joke or gossip.

Even Charles did not expect that Xenophilius would be the same as the original

dirty old madman from the original plot line. But also thinking about it, back then Luna was taken away by the Death Eaters. The heart's only pillar was taken away, so anyone can not help but sink down into despair. But now, he is at least a handsome, knowledgeable, if not a little neurotic man.

’’There is no lack of beauty in life, but the lack of discovery of the beauty

of the eye, which is what the Muggles said, but that is absolutely the truth.’’

’’You do not need too much gorgeous decoration, do not need too much serious lines, as long as it looks harmonious, people will feel comfortable!’’

’’Your aesthetic point makes me wonder, Charles.’’ Xenophilius was a little excited: ’’Never though that someone like you can perfectly appreciate my art! Those arrogant bastards never know what the United States is.’’ He paused, turned to the twins: ’’Of course, your aesthetic is also good!’’

’’I feel that he is a weirdo!’’ Ron quietly said to Ginny, and Ginny nodded her approval.

But he was caught and Xenophilius said, ’’Of course, I did not expect everyone to accept it.’’

Ginny saw the atmosphere becoming a little embarrassing, so she quickly changed the topic, saying: ’’I came looking for Luna? We have not met for a long time.’’ Meanwhile, Charles saw the twins secretly sent a thumbs up to Ginny. Then they said, ’’We have a little new product, can you help us fine-tune it?’’

Mention his daughter, and Xenophilius did not pursue the topic further. He said, ’’Go out for a while and you will see a creek where she is. You can also take a fishing rod, Fred and George, come with me to the lab.’’

The twins made a gesture of OK.

Although Xenophilius was rather airheaded most of the time, in terms of academics, he is definitely very well known, especially in terms of magic items and ancient words, or else he'd dare not try to copy the Crown of Ravenclaw.

The twins were important, but for now, it was more important to find Luna.

’’Ah yes, Mr. Charles, you can also come visit here at any time.’’ Xenophilius added.

’’Thank you! I'll go fishing, and later, I'll come back to give you a meal.’’ Although

this is a good opportunity to research more about the magic items and the ancient words, Charles' heart was fixated on Luna. He added: ’’If you wish, we can continue to discuss aesthetics and magical issues.’’

’’Okay!’’ Xenophilius looked a bit disappointed, and then he left with the twins.

’’The old madman is finally gone.’’ Ron breathed a sigh of relief.

’’You have to be careful.’’ Ginny looks very dissatisfied. ’’At least do not talk badly the next time.’’

Ron looked at Charles with innocent eyes. Charles nudged his shoulder, ’’I do not recommend you to do it the next time. His magic is enough to turn you into a mouse forever, you want to try it?

Ron shrank his neck back, laughing nervously, ’’Haha, do not be like that, I'm kidding!’’


They walked out of the house, and despite Xenophilius' instructions, it took a while to see a girl sitting at the riverbank, holding a long fishing rod.

Turning around to face Charles and the others, she said: ’’Do not come close here, there are harassment gadfly flying about.’’

’’What is the harassment gadfly?’’ Ron was a bit puzzled,

’’You can not see the creatures with your eyes, but they will float into the ears of the people, making the brain confused.’’ Her eyes were erratic, a bit like how your eyes would be like during sleepwalking.

’’As far as I know, it does not exist,’’ Charles said.

’’Just because you cannot find it, it does not mean that it does not exist, is that not so?’’ The girl replied.

’’They are all crazy,’’ Ron, dissatisfied, and muttered.

’’Shut up!’’ Ginny glared at Ron.

’’Ginny, you always help outsiders, Charles is also like that too!’’ Ron angrily retorted: ’’Obviously they are not normal!

’’You'd better say a few less words!’’ Ginny yelled back.

’’Hush!’’ Charles stretched out his hand to stop the two who would be quarreling and spoke to the girl, ’’or is the fly so careful, if it really exists? You now seem to have

been affected by it.’’

Charles smiled and assembled the fish pole, making a good bait. After that, he sat next to the girl and waited for the fish to come at the pole.

Taking advantage of this time, Charles looked at the profile of the girl. She had dirty blond hair, up to the waist. Two barely there eyebrows, and below it is a pair of beautiful silver-gray eyes that looked like the moon or a pair of glowing prophecy balls. She wore a pair of radish-like earrings and a Butterbeer bottle cork made into a necklace. Her eyes were hazy, as though in a trance, emitting a strange kind of temperament. She always looked at the direction of no one, but seemed to be able to know who is behind her all the time.

In conclusion this is a very strange girl. If you do not pay attention to her, it is easy to subconsciously ignore her existence, as if the timing she appeared in any place was accidental. But if you pay attention to her, it will be noted that she emits a graceful, pure and refined temperament like the wind.

Being so close to such a girl made Charles feel extraordinarily relaxed, he was rare to keep to a strict etiquette, but tilted his head, looked at her and said: ’’Hello, my name is Charles, Charles Gooles, very nice to meet you!’’

’’Well!’’ The girl also tilted her head and stared at him with her silly silver gray pupils, and said, ’’Hello, my name is Luna, Luna Lovegood*!’’

*In case not one understood, she is repeating her name like Charles just did.

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