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His CEO Daddy Is Really a Spoiler Chapter 178 Mommy, would you care about daddy

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Chapter 178 Mommy, do you care about daddy for a moment? What daddy said makes Tang Xiaorui very happy. His two big eyes are smiling into little crescent teeth. He never takes the initiative of his relatives. He lies on daddy's face and kisses: "Daddy, then you can love my mommy quickly."

Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that his son would kiss him. Didn't he always look like he was pulling cool before? Talking to him is a kind of unreasonable look. At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is deeply aware of his son's feelings for himself.

Well, I'm very moved.

"Do you think it's so easy for two people to love each other? When you are young, don't ask me about your mommy, or your mommy will say that I have taught you bad again. " Since Ji Xiaohan has promised Tang Youyou, he doesn't want to talk too much about their affairs in front of the children.

At the moment, he told his son what he liked about Tang youyou. He was a little regretful. In case of unsatisfactory development in the future, how sad and disappointed the little guy should be.

"Well, I don't want to mix your feelings. It's too complicated. My head is hurting. I just can't figure out why Mommy doesn't like you? Alas, it's really hard to understand. My little head doesn't want to think about you. I'm sleeping. Daddy, you should go to bed earlier. It's useless to think about more. You still have some practical actions. Mommy hates people who talk about it without any action. I used to talk about it like this with xiaonai. I don't want to sleep, but I don't want to I want to eat, but I don't want to buy anything. Mommy is angry Tang Xiaorui really broke his heart for his father's pursuit of Mommy. At the moment, he also came up with a lot of reasons to tell him.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan can understand his son's good intentions. He reaches out his hand, touches his little head, and says softly, "Daddy knows what to do, so go to sleep."

The little guy squeezed his side, held his arm, and soon fell asleep.

Ji Xiao cold side eyes, quietly looking at his son's long black curly eyelashes, and then look at his little features, can not help but smile, eyes, are satisfied and spoiled expression.

Others say that the child looks like him, which he didn't realize before, but now he finds that he is really more and more like himself.

Character, brain, and his little face.

Ji Xiaohan sighs. In fact, he feels satisfied, but he is greedy and wants more.

Let's take it slow. Anyway, he's not in a hurry. He's already let the woman know his mind. Next, she won't be surprised by his strange behavior.

He likes her. Of course, he wants to have more intimate actions with her. He wants to kiss her, hug her and sleep her more.

Thinking of the word sleep, Ji Xiaohan feels hot in his body. However, his son is right. It's useless to think more now. He'd better take a rest.

On the other side of the wall, Tang youyou is embracing his daughter's small body, trying to coax her to sleep.

The little guy was also sleepy. She was fighting with beautiful big eyes, but she insisted on not sleeping. The soft and greasy voice began to sound: "Mommy, you never seem to care about daddy. Why?"

Tang youyou couldn't help but froze, then she chuckled: "who said, I sometimes care about him."

"But I didn't listen to you care about him once. Mommy, daddy is really good. You treat him better, OK?" Tang xiaonai has some pitiful looks. She blinks her big eyes, looks at mommy and asks.

Tang youyou knows what her daughter thinks in her heart. She feels her little head and hugs her tighter: "xiaonai, go to sleep quickly, Mommy promised you that she would care about your daddy in the future!"

"Well, let's hook up!" Let small Nai hear Mommy finally agreed, her small face a smile, content to extend a small finger.

Tang youyou is a little speechless. This little guy even plays a careful game with her. OK, since he has promised her, he can't promise nothing.

With his daughter's little finger, the little guy slowly fell asleep with a smile.

Tang youyou kisses his daughter's little head. It's hard to calm his mind for a long time. Her daughter wants her to be better to Ji Xiao, but what should she do?

Do you really want to promise to associate with him for the sake of two children? Is it a little funny? It's a bit of a mess, too?

When he took the child away, she still remembered that she was kneeling on the sand and said she would hate him for life.

Now, her heart is about to fall. That man is really hateful. How can he force her like this?

No, no matter what the child thinks, anyway, she can't be obedient easily. It's not her character, and she can't decide her marriage so hastily.

Even if I feel that I can marry Ji Xiaohan for my children now, but if I find out after I get married that I can't bear many of the other's tempers and shortcomings, and there is a situation of emotional discord, isn't it more harmful to the children?

Thinking of this, Tang youyou decided that she would not think about the relationship and marriage so quickly.

The next morning, Tang youyou led his daughter downstairs and saw that Ji Xiaohan was not leaving, but talking with his son, who laughed like a little fool.

"Brother, what are you talking about with daddy? I'm so happy. Can you tell me about it? " Tang xiaonai immediately rushed to the past, a small face egg is full of curiosity.

"No, it's a topic between our men. It's not convenient for you as a girl!" Tang Xiaorui immediately tugged at her younger sister like 250000, and looked at her with disgust.

As soon as Tang Xiaorui heard that he was despised, his mouth was small again, and his pitiful big eyes looked at Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan is most afraid of his daughter's coming to this move. He hurried to go there and held her on his leg. He said gently, "I'm talking to your brother about the car. You can't understand it."

Tang xiaonai was in a good mood when he heard his father's words.

Tang youyou walked over, pulled out his chair and sat down, touched his son's head. "I didn't make trouble at school yesterday."

"No, I'm good." Tang Xiaorui immediately replied with a smile.

"Where's nane?" Tang youyou looks at his daughter, but he accidentally looks into the deep eyes of a man.

With a sudden leap of heart, Tang youyou hurriedly took his eyes back.

"What can she do besides cry?" Tang Xiaorui continues to talk about his sister.

Tang xiaonai's two calves immediately kicked two times very unhappily, and the aggrieved little poor looked at daddy.

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