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I Am Overlord Chapter 424: Watch How I Cut You Apart

Author:  我本纯洁 (I Am Pure) Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2020-10-17 18:02:11

Xiang Shaoyun was beaten down by just a few attacks from the devil apeman. The crowd wore a look of regret. They had thought Xiang Shaoyun would be able to at least put up some fight, but his one-sided defeat wasn't what they had expected to see. After all, he had already given them the impression that he was a creator of miracles.

"What a pity. If this Xiang Shaoyun was already a fourth-stage King, he would probably be able to put up a fight against this devil apeman. Too bad he is acting reckless due to his young age. He's going to lose his life now."

"Yeah. This is the consequence of being too rash. How powerful are the devils? A human of the same cultivation level needs to be a Super King to be a devil's match. Although Xiang Shaoyun is a King of Kings, the gap between him and this devil is still too big."

"This devil apeman is only one of the more common devil slaves. If it's one of those rare devils, no human of the same cultivation level would be its match."

"We are lucky we have the surface experts guarding the Bloodsin City. If the devils are let loose on the surface, many lives will be lost."


"A puny third-stage Skysoar Realm kid dares to steal my woman? You think too highly of yourself," said Su Jun gleefully.

Su Jun had barely spoken these words when Xiang Shaoyun suddenly stood up. He quickly pulled a distance from the devil apeman. He wiped the blood dripping out of his lips and smiled in excitement. As he beckoned and provoked the devil apeman, he said, "Very good. The devils are indeed strong. Let's do this again!"

Everyone was dumbstruck. They had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun being beaten up so badly his defensive barrier had crumbled apart. But why was he still looking so lively and energetic?

Xiang Shaoyun had indeed sustained some injuries, but it wasn't as bad as the crowd had thought. After all, his body had gone through the baptism of lightning. His flesh was no weaker than a Demon King's, granting him an astonishing endurance.

If I hadn't ceaselessly tempered my body for half a year, that series of attacks would have killed me, thought Xiang Shaoyun, rejoicing that he had not slacked in his training.

On his way to the Bloodsin City, he had constantly summoned lightning bolts to cultivate his Six Goldplate Manual. Initially, the Six Goldplate Manual was unable to withstand the lightning bombardment and constantly broke. Thus, in a roundabout manner, Xiang Shaoyun had tempered his physical body while cultivating the Six Goldplate Manual.

As for why he had survived all those lightning strikes, it was all thanks to his lightning bone, which had absorbed all the lightning that had struck him. That was how he came to possess such a durable body.

The devil apeman had not expected that Xiang Shaoyun would survive. A sinister glint shone in his eyes as he attacked again. This time, he spat out a bone weapon wrapped with a thick devilish energy. He swung the weapon, sending a corrosive attack toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The exact moment the devil apeman attacked, Xiang Shaoyun activated his gift of instincts. The flow of the devilish energy was laid bare before him, clearly revealing the attack's openings. The gift of instincts had always been able to see the openings of an opponent's attack, but this ability to see the energy flow was something new.

Is my Nether Soul Domain innately sensitive to devilish energy or something? Xiang Shaoyun wondered in excitement as he dodged the swing.

The devil apeman roared and continued swinging his bone weapon as he repeatedly spat up clumps of energy. His unending attacks were something even peak sixth-stage Kings would be hard-pressed to withstand. Xiang Shaoyun moved faster and faster, always one step ahead of the devil apeman.

"You coward! Just you wait until I catch you," howled the devil apeman furiously.

He was sending a concentrated barrage of attacks, one that humans of even higher cultivation levels would find hard to dodge. Yet for some reason, the young man before him was able to move away right before he attacked, causing him to consistently miss. The more he missed, the more agitated he became.

The only reason Xiang Shaoyun kept dodging was because he wanted to properly study the flow of the devilish energy, trying to make sure his hypothesis was correct. It would seem like he had been right. He was able to predict the attack trajectory of the devil apeman through the energy flow, allowing him to move aside before the attack came.

Apart from that, he could also essentially enlarge the attacks' openings by reading their trajectories. If he wanted, he could easily demolish any attack the devil apeman sent. As this realization struck him, he felt himself become much better at predicting moves.

He also discovered that the devil apeman was essentially repeating the same series of attacks. Although his attacks were destructive, they lacked creativity. Eventually, he decided it was time to end this.

"Time to end this," said Xiang Shaoyun as the presence of dragon and tiger suddenly surged out of him. In that moment, he was like the son of heavens, showing his domineering side. "The devilish energy is vast and mighty, but it can't compare to my grand and righteous energy. Die!"

This time, Xiang Shaoyun no longer fought bare-handed. The Purple Lightning Saber appeared in his hand as he summoned three lightning bolts from the sky. Traces of silver could be seen in them. They were silver lightning bolts.

Rumble! Rumble!

The astonishing might of the lightning bolts gave the devil apeman a fright. Even so, he still pressed on and swung his bone weapon forward. Once again, Xiang Shaoyun utilized his ability of prediction and revealed the attack's opening before his eyes. Next, he slashed the Purple Lightning Saber directly at the opening.

Instantly, the devil apeman's attack fell apart. The saber continued on to hack the devil apeman's arm, causing blood to spray out like a fountain. However, the devil apeman had a terrifyingly tough flesh, and the cut was not able to go all the way through.

Even so, silver lightning energy was the bane of devilish energy. A massive amount of silver lightning energy poured into the devil apeman's arm, instantly burning the arm to crisp, causing the devil apeman to wail in pain.

Even in all that pain, the devil apeman still slammed his head down at Xiang Shaoyun's head. It was something Xiang Shaoyun had not expected, and he was hit by a burst of dizziness.

"I am going to tear you apart alive!" roared the devil apeman. He resisted his pain and slammed his other hand down.

Xiang Shaoyun had not recovered from the previous attack and was struck again. The devil apeman was about to press on with more attacks, but Xiang Shaoyun had already recovered from his dizziness. He roared in fury, "You want to tear me apart? You are not enough for that. Watch how I cut you apart!"

Xiang Shaoyun soared to the sky, sending a roaring dragon and a tiger out. Instantly, six silver lightning bolts converged on him, combined with his innate purple lightning, and formed a massive purple saber energy that slashed down at the devil apeman.

First stance of the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique, Lightning Slash From the Clear Sky!

The tyrannical lightning power and the rumbling thunderclaps filled the hearts of the people there with fear. Fear also appeared on the devil apeman's face, but he still stood his ground and made one last struggle. A clump of devilish energy shot out of his mouth toward the incoming saber energy in his attempt to block the fatal attack.

Rumble! Rumble!

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