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I Am Overlord Chapter 426: Honest Gentleman

Author:  我本纯洁 (I Am Pure) Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2020-10-18 18:01:50

Ugly Gambler had grabbed Xiang Shaoyun so suddenly nobody had expected it. After all, he had done so out of the blue right after saving Xiang Shaoyun. The three Skeletons wanted to give chase, but they could no longer even see Ugly Gambler anywhere.

"Damn that Ugly Gambler!" cursed the three Skeletons before splitting to search for his trails.

Lady Shura, who had been observing the battles to the side, also panicked. She thought to herself, The sect master had commanded me to protect him well. I can't let anything happen to him. She then released the Ghostface Sect's emergency signal and gathered their members in preparation to look for Ugly Gambler.

Zhang Sheng from the city hall did the same. He quickly gathered some men to look for Xiang Shaoyun. It was as if a storm had abruptly started in the Bloodsin City.


Meanwhile, the only thing Xiang Shaoyun could see was a blur before his eyes. He could not see his surroundings clearly. Not even his Nether Soul Domain worked.

What is this old man thinking? wondered Xiang Shaoyun in confusion.

He knew that at the Bloodsin City, people could act very unreasonably. It was very possible Ugly Gambler had grabbed him just because he felt like it. But he was confused because with his strength, he was too weak to even be worth Ugly Gambler's time. After an unknown amount of time, Ugly Gambler tossed him to the ground.


Ugly Gambler did not bother trying to soften the fall. However, he had not used any force in the throw either. Even so, the drop had still caused Xiang Shaoyun to feel dizzy. Since Xiang Shaoyun had just finished a series of massive battles and hadn't even had the chance to heal up, the toss was enough to make him start coughing blood.

"Cough, cough..." After coughing for a few times, Xiang Shaoyun was finally able to sit up weakly. He looked at Ugly Gambler and asked, "Lord, why did you take this kid here?"

He noiselessly used some spirit crystals in his astral cosmos sea, trying his best to regain some combat prowess. However, he did not dare to use the lightning liquid drops he had, as he did not want to expose them to Ugly Gambler.

But right after he asked that question, Ugly Gambler tossed a pill into his mouth. The instant the pill entered his mouth, he felt a boundless medicinal power flood his body, and his injuries started healing up rapidly.

Xiang Shaoyun immediately understood that it was a top healing pill. Otherwise, it wouldn't have such a massive medicinal prowess. He cleared his mind of all thoughts and sat down cross-legged before circulating his cultivation method to enhance the speed at which his body processed the medicinal power.

The cultivation method guided the medicinal power through his body to his limbs and internal organs, quickly healing him. At the same time, his combat prowess also recovered rapidly. The pill Ugly Gambler had just fed him was no ordinary pill. It could even fully heal an Emperor, let alone a tiny third-stage King like Xiang Shaoyun.

Due to that, the excess medicinal power started rapidly increasing Xiang Shaoyun's strength. His nine stars started absorbing the medicinal power hungrily. Finally, when Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation base went from mid third-stage Skysoar Realm to peak third-stage Skysoar Realm, he forcefully suppressed his growth. Otherwise, he could very well go straight to the fourth stage.

Without the pill, Xiang Shaoyun could only reach late third-stage Skysoar Realm by relying on his gains from the 10 battles he had just experienced. He wouldn't have reached the peak so quickly.

When Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes after he finished meditating, the first thing he saw was Ugly Gambler's face right in front of him. He almost jumped from fright. Nevertheless, he still flinched slightly, and Ugly Gambler immediately said in a displeased manner, "What? You have a problem with me because I'm ugly?"

Xiang Shaoyun knew things were going to turn bad when he saw Ugly Gambler's sinister face. He quickly waved his hand and said, "No, no, of course not. Lord, you are handsome, heroic, loved by all. All flowers will bloom just for you. How are you even ugly?"

"You're lying!" Ugly Gambler snapped, shocking Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly said with a sullen face, "Oh heavens! I, Xiang Shaoyun, have always been known as the Honest Gentleman since young. How can someone like me lie? Lord, although you have a rough look, it only serves to signify how extraordinary you are. Look at this pair of sloping eyebrows, they are filled with vigor and might. Look at this pair of tiny rat-like eyes, if one pays more attention to them, one will be able to see that these are a pair of all-seeing eyes. Look at this slanted nose, not even the Howling Celestial Dog can compare to you. And look at these massive lips that look like they belong to an ape. With one look, one can see that they are actually divine lips that have formed after consuming the peach of immortality..."

Xiang Shaoyun did so well buttering up Ugly Gambler that Ugly Gambler felt like he was bathing in a spring breeze. It was an incredibly wondrous sensation. Ever since he was born, he had never stopped being despised due to his looks. He would never forget the scenes from his past where everyone looked at him with derision. Even his parents had dumped him in a wolf lair because they disliked him for being too ugly.

If it wasn't due to his insane luck that he had gotten a powerful inheritance at the wolf lair, he wouldn't have become so strong. As he started rising with the strength he had gained from the inheritance, his temperament changed as well. He started mercilessly snapping the neck of anyone who dared to call him ugly.

Eventually, he got addicted to gambling and thus came to be known as the Ugly Gambler. Xiang Shaoyun also thought that Ugly Gambler was ugly, but he wouldn't look down on someone so capable just because of his looks.

After all, Ugly Gambler had had his back during all his arena battles. He had also gifted Ugly Gambler a jar of liquor, and that made it clear he did not discriminate against Ugly Gambler due to his looks. He had only flinched instinctively.

When he saw Ugly Gambler's unsightly expression, he instantly understood how Ugly Gambler had come to possess such an odd personality. Inspiration hit him, and he started displaying the prowess of his silver tongue. A wise man once said that anything could fail, but not compliments.

A smile uglier than a crying face appeared on Ugly Gambler's face. He patted Xiang Shaoyun's shoulder and said, "Not bad. Not bad at all. You are worthy of being the kid who has caught my eyes. Your words are both pleasant to the ears and right. I have indeed eaten a saint medicine, the peach of immortality, to get the strength I have today. How would those commoners understand me?"

"Exactly. By the way, I wonder...why have you brought me here, Lord Gambler?" Xiang Shaoyun took the chance to insert his question. He found that he was currently in a crude stone room. He did not know where he was, but it was most likely Ugly Gambler's home.

"I brought you here because I have a massive opportunity for you. If you can grab it, you will be able to rise like a carp transforming into a dragon," said Ugly Gambler seriously. "In three days, a genius maiden from the Yu Clan will be holding a banquet at the Yu Moon Pavilion. Only Kings below 30 years old will be invited. These young Kings will be invited to join her on a trip to the Devil Domain. Her goal is the yin devil wind, which will help her grow even stronger and push her into the Emperor Realm. She will then qualify to be the Yu Clan's next Holy Maiden. If you can help her obtain the yin devil wind, you might be able to earn her love and become the Yu Clan's son-in-law."

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