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I Snatched Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 16

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At this moment, Qin Huan did not know that his infinite gloves had been missed by more than one group of people.

But he has quit the game and returned to reality.

After all, no matter how good the things in the game are, they are virtual. No matter how much food you eat in the game, you still need to fill your stomach in reality. So after leaving New York City, Qin Huan found an open place to get off the line and quit the game.

At this time, it was more than six o'clock in the evening. After playing all day without eating, Qin Huan was hungry.

After climbing out of the game warehouse, Qin Huan had a deep impression on his previous game experience.

This infinite glove is really cool to use.

No wonder someone will spend a lot of money to buy equipment and become a master in the game. It's really exciting to choose a guild alone.

As he thought about Qin Huan, he opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of coke and poured it down. The cold liquid cheered Qin Huan's spirit, but then he took a puff in his stomach. He put down most of the remaining bottles of coke and rubbed his stomach. He said that it was really cool in the game world. As a hulk, it's OK how to make it. Let alone a bottle of ice coke, it's a barrel of industrial wine Fine drink down nothing, in reality can't.

Maybe he was too tired when he started his business in the past few years. Qin Huan, who had been in sub-health for a long time, was not in good health. Not only that, he also suffered from chronic stomach disease. Now he is rich and dare not eat and drink casually. He doesn't dare to drink too much iced coke at a time.

What's worse is that Qin Huan was so absorbed in his work that he didn't even have a girlfriend. Even though he was worth more than ten million yuan, he often felt that his life was boring, so he was addicted to games.

Alas, if only there were an infinite glove in reality. At that time, you can directly use the soul gem to control the beauty to like you, or you can simply use the reality gem to create a girlfriend, and you can look like anything you want. Of course, you can also turn yourself into a world-class handsome guy, and the beauty can easily get hold of it.

Qin Huan couldn't help but YY got up, and he skillfully made a reservation call.

After ordering a three delicacies wonton and a chicken curry rice, Qin Huan turned on his computer while waiting for lunch and browsed the news on the Internet. Although the holographic virtual game had appeared, the best way to get information was by computer. After a few random glances, a post suddenly stopped Qin Huan.

The title of this post is "shock: holographic gamers are starving to death.". 】At first glance, it is the feeling of the party.

But there was no way. This is what people eat these days. Qin Huan ordered it in the first time.

The post is about a news that happened today. A player who is playing a holographic virtual game suddenly died after playing for more than ten hours, and his death looks terrible.

There was also a photo in the post. Because of the distorted expression and mosaic, he couldn't see his face clearly. But Qin Huan took a look at the dead man's face, but he felt a little familiar.

The official action of the game is fast. The explanation given is that the person himself is relatively weak, and does not eat or drink water after playing for a long time. In addition, the sudden death caused by excessive excitement in the game has nothing to do with the game itself.

Qin Huan was speechless in his heart. His heart said no, you can die even if you play a game?

It's not really starving, is it?

It's easy to ignore the real feeling when playing holographic virtual games. I haven't eaten for a day before, but I can hardly feel hungry in the game. I almost thought I was full after chewing an infinite glove.

It seems that I have to be more careful in the future. I can't die like this. But if you think about the past, there are many cases of sudden death while playing games, you don't need to worry too much.

Just thinking about it, I suddenly thought of a doorbell outside.

Gee, this time the delivery is very fast.

Qin Huan couldn't wait to open the door of the apartment while thinking about it. There were two men in black suits, one with a kind face and a slightly shorter height, the other with a straight face and a slightly higher height.

It's almost dark, but I'm still wearing sunglasses. I look a little like a black super agent.

It obviously doesn't look like a courier.

"Who are you looking for?" Qin Huan asked strangely.

The short man chuckled, "are you Mr. Qin with the game ID of 'Hawker's second uncle'

Qin Huan's heart suddenly fell. He said it was not good. Was it someone from the game company?

"Who are you?"

"We are investigators of eternal online game company. Can we go in?"

"Of course," Qin Huan also knew whether it was a blessing or a disaster, but he let them into the house.

After entering the room, the three sat down on the sofa, but the two did not beat around the bush. They directly asked, "well, has Mr. Qin recently obtained a game equipment called infinite gloves?"Qin Yuxin said that it was really for this reason that he really reported the dog's lawlessness to me.

"Yes, what's the matter?"

"Well, our company has a special treatment plan for some special equipment that affects the balance in the game. According to our investigation, the equipment is obtained through the game bug, so we must ask Mr. Qin to return the equipment to us and recycle it."

Sure enough, although he was ready, Qin Huan was not reconciled.

"Why, I'm playing it by myself, and I don't steal it or rob it. How can I recycle it? What's the game bug? I don't use it at all. Well, it's none of my business that you make bugs by yourself. And isn't eternal technology a perfect game without any game bugs?"

Qin Huan burst into a frenzy. The short man in sunglasses had no excuse for Qin Huan's question, but he just laughed all over his face, but his tall face seemed not worried.

When Qin Huan finished spraying, short guy said apologetically: "we are really sorry for Mr. Qin's experience, but this time it really belongs to a bug event. The equipment should not appear in this way, and it has seriously affected the balance of the game, so please Mr. Qin can understand and cooperate with us to recycle the game props. Of course, we will pay attention to Mr. Qin Make some compensation. "

Qin Huan Xin said that when your company's broken game will be balanced, but he also knows that it's useless to say so. The other party really wants to reclaim itself by force, and it's hard to win even in a lawsuit. The other party just needs to delay. However, since the other party comes to find itself, it means that the other party doesn't want to make a big deal, so it's better to be realistic.

"Well, it's OK to recycle the equipment, but the compensation can't be less than mine. Give me 10 million and I'll hand in the gloves. This thing is worth such a price now."

They looked at each other, but shook their heads together. "I'm sorry, I'm afraid we can't give you so much money. Although this equipment is really valuable, we can only give Mr. Qin limited compensation because it's obtained through game loopholes."

"How much do you give?"

"One million is our upper limit. In addition, we can give Mr. Qin an infinite glove and an infinite gem, which Mr. Qin can choose. This is our biggest concession. Of course, these are non plot props."

Qin Huan almost scolded him. He was joking. What's the point of a million dollars? Inflation is very serious these days. Although there is a lot of one million dollars, it's far from ten million dollars.

Even if you add an infinite gem and a bare infinite glove, it's worth two million at most. It's not as good as a lawless price.

Qin Huan, who had already experienced the power of infinite gloves, could not agree.

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